The Twilight Saga

Bella and Paul have been friends since they were little kids and as she grows up she falls for Edward, no years later she think she's still with Edward but is having dreams about being with Paul. But when she wakes up in hospital she realises her memory is gone, she's married to Paul with 2 kids who are 5 and 6, its up to Paul to jog her memory back


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Chapter 1-Dream           Chapter 2-Kiss

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Awww write more!!!

postt more soon

Awesome!!! Please update soon!!!

Looks awesome! I hope you'll write it very soon. I think that every couple on the Twilight Saga is better then Edward&Bella.

Chapter 1-Dream


Bella was sitting beside Edward on the chair, he looked at her as he brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear “You okay my love?” he asked her softly as he kissed her forehead


Bella nodded “Yeah I am fine” she said but it was a lie, she was thinking about Paul, he seemed to be on her mind a lot these days and there was nothing she could do and she could not push him out of her mind, it was intoxicating, new and exciting, it made her wonder if she had feelings for him or not.


“You sure you okay?” Edward asked, and Bella could detect an edge in his voice, like he was jealous or something.


She pushed his hand away from her getting up “I am fine!” she snapped at him annoyed and then felt dizzy and fell back falling into one of her dream that seemed like a fantasy, yet so real, so vivid.



Bella was still asleep, she was snuggled into her pillow, the sun hit her face making her groan annoyed so she hid her face under the pillow


Paul chuckled and kissed her cheek which was not covered up “Wake up my sunshine” he said and tickled her.


Bella giggled and wiggled in his arms “Paul stop it!” she said and hit him with a pillow on the arm making him laugh, he pulled her to him kissing her and chuckled kissing her nose.


Bella giggled as he kissed her nose and she smiled as their two daughters, Amelia aged 6 and Rachel aged 5 ran into the bedroom saying “Mommy, Mommy, Daddy, Daddy!” they jumped on the bed


Paul chuckled and grabbed them both letting them fall on the bed making them laugh as he tickled them, they were very ticklish.


Amelia giggled and Rachel tried to get away from him but Paul pulled them back to him grinning “My baby girls” he said and hugged them


They both giggled and hugged both Bella and Paul “We love you”


Bella kissed their head’s and smiled “We love you too sweeties” she smiled and saw it was snowing outside “Winter wonderland” she said and smiled


Amelia saw it and smiled “Can we go and Play outside?” she asked as she and he sister both looked up at their parents


Paul chuckled and smiled “We need to have breakfast first and get changed but we can go” he said as he got up holding them in his arms and set them on the floor again.


Bella smiled watching her two girls and her husband, she loved them so much and could not imagine her life without them, they were the best things in her life and the only people keeping her whole like her brother in law Jacob who is Paul’s Brother and their crazy cousin Ian.


Bella walked to the bathroom and took her morning shower and washed her hair after she dried her self off she blow dried her hair so it was dry faster and made it into two long plaits and left it tight, she got dressed into warm clothes and looked at her self and put her hand to her stomach, she smiled remembering when the girls were born, and now she was pregnant with their 3rd child, only a few weeks along.


Mean while in the kitchen Paul made some pancakes and the girls helped put different toppings on it like maple cyrup, chocolate and some fruits, he also made them hot chocolate and milkshakes for breakfast, The girls set the table up and sat down as Paul put everything on the table just as Bella entered into the Kitchen smiling. “Yummy it smells so good in here” she said as she sat down beside Paul.


Paul chuckled and smiled “I know it does” he said and kissed her cheek before her served her up some pancakes and she took a milkshake and drank it as she was rather thirsty.


After they finished eating they put the dirsty dishes into the sink and Bella started to do the girls hair, she finished Amelia’s first but when she started to do Rachel’s, Rachel ran off giggling.


Paul chuckled and caught Rachel and lifted her up and finished her hair and she let him “There” he said kissing her cheek and set her down on the floor so he would let her go and change.


Bella giggled and smiled, Paul wrapped his arm round her kissing her hair softly and smiled as he went upstairs to change, after a while he came back down ready and changed, they waited for the girls and helped them do up their boots.


The girls smiled and ran outside into the snow first and made snowballs and threw them at their dad and mom.


“Ahh snowball attack” Bella said as she hid behind Paul as shield laughing and threw some snow at them all.


Paul chuckled picking up his daughters and  span them both around and set them back in the snow, they were both dizzy and fell back into the soft white snow like it was a blanket giggling.


Bella fell back onto the snow and moved her arms and legs making a snow angel on the floor, after she was done Paul helped her up gently lifting her up so she would not step up all over it and he kissed her as the snow started to pour down.

Awww it's so sweet! I love it!

I am glad you do


It's sweet and the snow in this chapter gives me the feeling that Christmas is near... I like it! I would love to know how everything turns out. :D

Yeah I liked writing this chapter as christmas is coming lol :) few of the chapters will be flashbacks but it will be clear once I post them

Awww that's super sweet!!! Can't wait for more!!!


Keep me updated


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