The Twilight Saga

I make awesome Banners! So give me info like:

1. Title

2. Author

3. Any pics u want

4. sayings, quotes

5. Any additional requests


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Hi! Can you pleeeeease make me a banner :D
1.- Lie, Live & Love

2.- Connie Bustos

3.- I found a couple of pics to try to make my own banner, but they weren't good. I would like some pics of Bella with Rose and Jasper frome one side and Edward, Alice and Emmett from the other with a Cool Background.

4.- "Sometimes you can run but you can't hide, no matter how hard you may try."
"Bella moved to Forks for a new start, everything was great until her worst nightmare, Edward Cullen, came to town to remind her she can't run from her past."

Thank you so much! You are the best!!!!!! :D
Ok :) but for the quotes do u want bothhh ??
um ?


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