The Twilight Saga

I wouldn't consider my life perfect but i wouldn't say it was life was in the middle i got everything i wanted the cutest clothes the newest cars but i didnt have one Every since i was 5 i've been on my own mommy and daddy were never around and the only friends i had were the ones i bought. Anyway im moving to Forks because my parents are going on a "vacation" so im going to live with my Uncle Charlie.
"Hey Bells." Charlie said
"Hey Charlie." i said walking inside the house
'So how have you been?" He asked
"Fine and you?" i asked
"Im good." he said
"Charlie where am i going to sleep?" i asked
"Um i have four guest rooms so anyone of those you can have." he said
"Ok." i said walking upstairs to the first room i came across
I start school tomorrow it should be fun......for me at least the rest of forks should prepare its self because Isabella Marie Swan is wild and wants to have fun.

Charlies house
Bellas guestroom
Second guestroom
third guestroom
fourth guestroom
living room
Bellas ride

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I got to my first class just before the bell rang there's only one seat open and thats by Jessica i dont really wanna sit by her but i guess i have to.
"Hi Bella i see you met the Cullens."She said
'Yeah they're alright." i said
"Really." was all she said and im grate full at least i was until she started talking again.
"Have you seen how hot Mike is..I think he likes me but he wont tell me and-" i cut her off
"JESSICA! I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PROBLEMS OK SO SHUT UP!" i yelled then i got up and stormed outside i needed to calm down because im known for me temper and its not a pretty thing.
"Bella are you ok?" Someone asked
"Yeah im fine..whos there?" i asked
"Its me Bella i saw what happened." Alice said
"What do you mean you saw?" i asked
"I mean i had a vision." she said
"Oh..who else have gifts in you family?" i asked
"Edward reads minds..but he cant read yours...and Jasper can control emotions."she said
"You wanna know why Edward cant read me?"I asked
"I already know and i also know that other little gift of yours." she said
"Dont tell the others.' I begged
'Dont worry your secrets safe with me." she said
Awesome continue plz
Okay, so I made you two banners.
Firstly because I wasn't satisfied with the first one (it turned out very small) and secondly I just wanted to say that I didn't add the quote to the second banner. Hope it's okay. It just wouldn't fit into the banner asa whole.

The first banner with the quote

The second one without a quote

Hope you still like them :)

Peace out
what is her secret poewer?
you'll fine out soon enough
loved it!!!!!
Absolutely love it!!
Please update soon!!
love it but i wanna no the secret to!!!!!
I love it!
Keep going, i want to know her secret!
omg post more now!!!
this is really good i love it plz keep going its awesome wonder what her other power is anyway plz keep me updated[;
IF YOU DONT WRITE SOON IM GOING TO FIND WHERE YOU LIVE AND KILL YOU!!!!!!jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk pllllzzzzz keep writing


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