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I wouldn't consider my life perfect but i wouldn't say it was life was in the middle i got everything i wanted the cutest clothes the newest cars but i didnt have one Every since i was 5 i've been on my own mommy and daddy were never around and the only friends i had were the ones i bought. Anyway im moving to Forks because my parents are going on a "vacation" so im going to live with my Uncle Charlie.
"Hey Bells." Charlie said
"Hey Charlie." i said walking inside the house
'So how have you been?" He asked
"Fine and you?" i asked
"Im good." he said
"Charlie where am i going to sleep?" i asked
"Um i have four guest rooms so anyone of those you can have." he said
"Ok." i said walking upstairs to the first room i came across
I start school tomorrow it should be fun......for me at least the rest of forks should prepare its self because Isabella Marie Swan is wild and wants to have fun.

Charlies house
Bellas guestroom
Second guestroom
third guestroom
fourth guestroom
living room
Bellas ride

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OKOKOK I know I havent updated in what about a year but im going to continue this story and my new one but these are the only ones until further notice
update soon!!!

Hey Hey everyone lols guess what im updating woop woop happy dance :). I know its been like fooooorever and im sorry. But before we get in to the story lets see how my talk with Alice went it started off like this....

Alice: Brionna im mad at you

Me: What did I do?

Alice: You haven't been very nice to the people of tts lately 

Me: I know and I've already told them sorry

Alice: Its not good enough but I know how to make it ok

Me: No no no no!!!!!!

Alice: Emmett!!!

Me: Whats he gonna do?

Emmett: Purple

Me: huh?

Emmett: Nock nock

Me: Who's..... there?

Emmett: I dont know I thought you did

Me: Im going home 

Edward: May the force be with you

Me: What??



"Thanks Alice you are a total life saver!" I screamed pulling her in to a hug that would kill the strongest of humans. Alice giggled at my actions but hugged me back anyway.

"Your welcome Bella." She said 

We went ahead and started walking to our second period since we only had three minutes left until the next bell and saw no point in going back to class. I was so happy to find out Alice had the same class as me because I had someone to talk to that didnt go on and on about how "super hot mike was" ugh.

"Alice how old are you?" I was curious because daddy was 70 but mommy was 37 and Ive met other vamps but they weren't much older.

"Im 102 I think I don't really know when I was born or when I was changed but I know it was in the 1800's." She confessed. I couldn't help but notice how sad she look when she said she didn't know when she was born or changed and I felt really bad.

"Im sorry Ali Cat dont be sad." I threw my arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to me as we walked into our class.

~Somewhere in Chicago ?pov~

"Come here!' Dad screamed now I was a lot of things but I wasn't stupid and going to him would be the dumbest thing ever. Instead of coming to him I to a chance and dashed around him and to the front door. I hurried up and unlocked it and ran outside. It was dark and the only thing here for miles was trees but I didnt care I had to get out  of here Tonight. 

I raced in to the trees -branches slapping me in the face and all- ignoring the sound of my father screaming my name. The moon gave me just enough light so I could see where I was going,but it didn't matter because I could here someone behind me. I was sure it wasn't my father because even though he was a strong man he could never catch up to me -after all I was on the track team- so it had to be someone else. I looked behind me and saw a pair of glowing red eyes coming after me.

"AAAAIEEEE!" I screamed bloody murder and feel down. 

"sssh im not going to hurt you." The person said I realized it was a girl that was probably only a year older than me. She was extremely beautiful might I add now I wasn't a lesbian but I was a little bi ( Sorry if anyone doesn't like bis or gays of any form dont read the story if it makes you feel weird).

"Wh-what do you want?" I asked 

"You... silly billy. I want you." she said matter-of-factly.

"Err...thats not weird at all." I whispered mostly to myself but im guessing she heard because she instantly stopped being so cheery.

"Look im a vampire bla bla bla Im going to change you into one bla bla bla its going to hurt for 3 days bla bla bla you wont remember some things bla bla bla scream now..."

"WHAT!!!!!!!" I screamed....again what the heck was going on. First this chick chases me through the woods then she tells me shes a vampire now she wants to make me one to. What brand of drugs was she doing cuz I would love to know. Shes crazy thats it I mean vampires aren't real.

"Yes we are." She said...did I say that out loud?

"Yes you did." She answered the thought that I didn't know I said out loud. She smiled at me and that was the last thing I saw before everything went black.

Love it
Thank you!

One word....bhgbuticwhat?!?!?!?!?!?

I demand more now plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!

haha tonight i promise
new reader love it cant wait to read more

love it

keep me update

Hey hey heres another convo this time its me and Bella....i think i'll do this before every chapter lol

Me: Hello

Bella: Hey Bri how r u

Me: Im fine..ooh whats that?

Bella: what

Me: That thing that just flashed by

Bella: I dont know wha- AHHHHHHH

~Bella disapears~

Me: Bella come back thats not funny

Unkown person: When will you tell everyone my name

Me: What the hello are you talking about?

Unknown: The story you didnt tell anyone my name and its not fair

Me: I'll tell them when im ready now wheres bella

Unknown: Bellas not here right now

Me: well duh I knew that

~ I walk away muttering ways to kill this unknown person~


I woke up in a very bright room happy that the fire had finally stopped. I looked across the room and noticed a full length mirror and went over to it, so fast that I scarred myself. The girl standing before me couldn't be me. Her shouldar lengthDark brown hair was fuller and shiney. Her milk chocolate brown skin was smooth without a flaw and she was even curvier than before. Her legs and arms were toned,but the thing that really caught my attention where her bright red eyes that were once a dark brown. I instantly brought my hand to my face, and cupped my cheek. The girl in the mirror did too.

"Oh good your up!" A girl yelled from behind my. I spun around and smacked right into her making us both fall to the ground with me on top of her. I remembered her and what she said to me and what I was but surprisingly I wasn't worried.

"If your done just sitting on me I would appreciate being able to use my legs again." She joked.  I quickly got off of her and applogized but she waved me off saying it was ok.

"Who are you?" Was the first question that popped into my head.

"Im Marianne." She told me.Marianne was about an inch taller than me but then again who wasn't? Im not sure but I think shes cuban idk. She had she had long brown hair that went past her shoulders and a killer smile. Instant attraction.

"Im Br-" She cut me off " I know who you are your Brionna my new girlfriend." She said matter of factly

"Ans what makes you think I'd want to be your girlfriend or that im even attracted to girls?" I challenged

"Well first off everyone wants to be my girlfriend.' I rolled my eyes" And I know your attracted to girls because I saw you looking at a play boy magazine f-'

"Ok I get it geese woman." I laughed but deep dpwn I was so not cool with her knowing that and if I were human I probably would have passed out.


SORRY its short Ive got school in a couple of hrs and I haven finished my science report


love it

keep me update


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