The Twilight Saga

    Renesme Carlie Cullen never expected competition. Not Like this anyways, not from HER. She will not be attacked by some wannabe. Jacob was hers and he always will be. Renesme's Best friend  has been hiding some secrets. Secrets that might just tear them apart. Jacob wont get in the middle of things. But he'll definetly defend the girl he loves.

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CHAPTER 1 "I Might Just Go Over."

     Its amazing. How the closest people to you can be complete liars.
I DID everything for her. she betrayed me. I sit in the back of the bus and tears fell down my suddenly damp face like rain falling faintly but with extreme force out of a cloud burst. My life has been spiraling down the past couple of weeks. I pulled my boyfriend towards me countless times, but sometimes its too hard to pull him back. I despise betrayal. Especially from some whiny blonde who cant tell her p's from her q's. We were the best friends turned into sour enemies.

     Im getting ahead of myself. SO lets take a few steps back. It was just me and and oversized wolf nestled up in the corner of my room. I had just awoken from my slumber. But I had awoken far TOO early. It was 2 in the morning...and I couldn't sleep.Jacob woke up and stared at me with his big brown eyes. are you okay? Jacob and I had l had learned to communicate through our thoughts. It  was an imprint thing,so said Seth. Yeah im fine. I replied. I just had a bad dream. I had dreamed the same dream I had been dreaming for the past month. I was standing on the edge of a cliff,deciding whether to jump. I had the reflection of a striped tiger in my eyes. My Best friend Serena stands next to me and looks into my soul and says "Its time." Then just as I was about to make my desicion to jump..I wake up. EVERY time.

          SO Jacob with his furry tail and all, jumped up and curled on the bed next to me. Jacob wasn't usually a wolf when he slept in my bedroom, but him and the pack had been tracking down someone, who was apparently the daughter of James and Victoria. Her name was unknown. All we knew is she had curly blonde hair and the definite smell of a vampire. A smell I cant smell cause Im only half vampire. My parents said though when James and Victoria were human they gave birth to a baby girl. HER. whoever she is. She was hidden away when the fight between my family and her family was going on, before I was born. She was turned at the age of sixteen along with her mother and father. She's been trying to finish what her mother started. She was angered at how my family had destroyed what she had left of hers. So she was after my mother...and possibly me. But we werent sure. But,Jacob still slept in my room everynight so he could keep me safe. If I even was in danger. 

      I wonder how that dream ends. I have a strange feeling that one day, I Might Just Go Over.
Thankyou both!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHAPTER 2 "I Might Just Go Over"

The Scarlet moon glisens soflty on my face,there is no diamond light glow just warmth. Then again the warmth was probally coming from Jacob. Sweet smelling Jacob. Its now 3 in the morning and Im still awake. Jacob had fallen asleep in just minutes after curling up next to me in bed. My ADHD overpowered me. I got out of bed, shifting my weight so I wouldn't wake Jacob up. I walked into the hallway of my parents small cottage. My Mom and Dad had usually escaped by the time I go to sleep to there night time seductions. Yuck! its gross even saying it. I paced myself, thinking of what to do and I decided to enter the kitchen. When I decided I wasn't hungry, I started to stare out the window. The lights were still on at the Cullen house. I wondered what everyone was up to so I decided to stop by.

It was about a mile walk from the cottage to the house,which for me would take two seconds. However,I decided to enjoy the night while it still lasted. ...I could here rustling in the trees. I stopped and listened, and suddenly I was being dropped on my back. "Hey Silly!!" Oh My God! it was just Serena..wait Serena. It was uncommon to see my human best friend walking near my house,in the woods, in the middle of the night.

"What are you doing here???" Serena had never met my family or the pack. She didn't know about my family's secret. It was better that way. So how did she even know where I live. I mean she's been to the cottage and stayed with me while my parents were gone. Still. My Family had never met her. They only heard stories. Ive known her since I was fourteen and I was now sixteen and on the vurge of stopping to age...

"OH. ummm. Im here cause I kinda had a fight with my parents." She leaned her chin on my shoulder. We stood up and I started to pull her towards the house, thinking that I should probally ask my parents if she could stay awhile, and I thought it would be a good way for them to meet. But,then she said"NO. How about we just walk around for awhile...If we go to your family's house then they'll probally call my Dad. Seeing how late it is and that is No Bueno."

"Fine. SO lets talk."

we walked into the forest for a good hour until Jacob came up behind me. "Ness, you can't just leave the house without telling me." Jacob sounded worried. Suddenly Serena whispered in my ear.

"I got to go Nessie. My mom just texted me, see ya tommorow." Serena started walking away and Jacob's nose twitched.
"Do you need a ride? I could drive you." I offered.
"No thats not neccecary Nessie. I mean how do you think I got here. ill be fine." and then she dissapeared into the forest,stride after stride.

"Who was that?" Jacob asked.
"Oh. Just Serena."
"You mean that girl your always talking about? Why was she even here at this hour?"
"She got in a fight with her parents again."
"Oh. how did you two meet again?"
"Drama Club. why?"
"Interesting,drama. acting.act.smell." he got quieter and quieter as he said the words. He stared into the distance, grabbed my hand and took me home.
This is really good so far keep writing plz plz plz plz
hmm, good good. interesting
Thanx to both!!
like this more soon!
really likin this story post more soon and keep me updated. Thnx
Oooww Ruthie <3
Love it! Really it's great
it's for me the first time to read one of your story's
but I bet they are all just as great s this one =~]
Can't wait for more keep up with the awsome work

Xoxo Lilly
Thankyou all!
I love this! I love the sort of plot that you have going on. Update me please.

Kayleigh x
love it!!


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