The Twilight Saga

    Renesme Carlie Cullen never expected competition. Not Like this anyways, not from HER. She will not be attacked by some wannabe. Jacob was hers and he always will be. Renesme's Best friend  has been hiding some secrets. Secrets that might just tear them apart. Jacob wont get in the middle of things. But he'll definetly defend the girl he loves.

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Thanx to you all! Im writing right now but I dont think its gonna be posted till tommorow. I really wanna put some time into it :)<3
Good start, please keep me updated !
love it more ASAP
omg ruthanne you are a very talented writter!!!


great keep me posted!!!!!


"I Might Just Go Over" CHAPTER 3




When the sun came up to shine on my porcelain face it also decided to give me all kinds of shades of red. That was due to the fact that Jacob held me all night in his warm arms, that was definetly bound to get my blood pumping. The heat was so pleasurable I nearly fainted. I walked over to the main house and greeted everyone with a smile. Everyone was excellent except for my Uncle Jasper who was sitting in the corner with his arms crossed against his chest. I tried to ask what happened but he wouldn't tell me. Finally Uncle Emmett came up behind me and whispered


'I finally won.' thats when I knew the day had come where Uncle Jasper finally lost in a classy(or somewhat classy) wrestling match. Esme stared at Jasper and then Emmett and then me and smiled


"If they had listened to me, neither of them would of been fighting in the first place." Emmett glanced back at her and chuckled


"But what would be the fun of that." and that was followed by a suddel hit on the back of the head by Rosalie and an evil eye coming from the losing party's wife. None the less, I had missed the action and I was sad about it.


I decided to have Jacob drive me to Serena's but he seemed a little hesitant, Hell I was a little hesitant after Serena drove to my cottage at 3 in the morning and walked barefoot with me through the woods. The clock on Jacob's stereo slowly moved. The moments got silenter. Finally Jacob broke the ice.


" much do you know about this girl..Serena?" was he stupid or was he serious? Serena was my Best Friend since..forever.


"Alot. We tell eachother EVERYTHING." It was the truth, she had told me how her parents had died a while back and that she now lived with her Foster Parents, they were decent people. However the stories Serena told me about werent as nice. I tried to tell Serena as much as possible, all the things that I could tell a human best friend. Sadly, that wasn't much. Most days Serena felt like I was holding back..she was right.


"So she knows alot about you too?" he asked and I nodded. As we came to a stop he said "Okay, Ness..I never want to ruin your hapiness, so Im just asking you to be careful. Okay?"


I nodded and got out of the car, then I turned to Jacob and said,


"Serena's not that person. I don't know who you think she is, but she's not that." Jacob wrapped his arms around his face and whispered,

'I sure hope not.'

I hate secrets...







looove it :)
lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved it


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