The Twilight Saga

What would've happend if Bella didn't survive the birth of Renesmee ? How will Edward deal ? . Suddenly,As soon as life gets bad, He starts getting contacted.. By....  A ghost ?

Should I write it ?
Comment pleasee !

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Please don't leave us hanging! When are you going to update?
love it
what did alice see
post more soon please
write more please
then what happens?
luv it
hey im a new reader and i love it please keep me updated:))
Thank you all sooo much, I'll update when I can !
Post it! Post it! lolz..
Haha, Thankss Guys !

More will probably be sometime tomorrow.. I hope !
Oooo... come on i love your writing plz write more
I'm leaving to go to school now. And I get home aroung 4ish, So i'll udpate 4:30.. (I live in Canada) <-- Just so you know xP
loved the story post more really soon
I'm such A liar.. I havn't updated in how long .. ?
SO, Here is chapter 3 !
I apoligize for my fail [:

Chapter 3.

Renesmee" it whispered in my ear.
"W-who are you?" I whispered.


"B...B..." It whipered.
"What ?" I whispered.

"Renesmee, Who are you talking to ?" My father came in saying.
"No one" I said, Jumping up onto my bed.
"Daddy..I have an important question.." I started.
"What is it hunny ?" He said
"Alice is having a vision, Everyone into the living room !" Jasper came in yelling.
My dad looked frustrated.
We ran down stairs.
I could tell daddy was seeing what she was seeing. Cause he was very focused.
Daddy gasped.
"What is it ?" I asked curiously.
He held his hand up, Gesturing me to wait.
I waited impatienly.
I looked over at alice, Confusion&Shock Covering her face.
There was a loud sigh & A loud noise.
"Carslie ! Get Carslie !" daddy yelled, Running over to Alice.
I heard them mumble. "She's a vampire, She can't faint !"
I was confused.
"Renesmee, Go upstairs !" Daddy yelled, I ran upstais, Utterly confused.


I zoned out into a vision.
It was Bella, Dancing around a big field With Edward, Very happy.. And very.. Diffrent.
I seen Bella As a Vampire tons of times, but in this, She Deffinetly wasn't Vampire or human.
She was dancing around, And, Kind of Poofing From one place to another.
But then, She stopped dancing, And it seemed the world had stoppd everything it was doing.
"Ed..." She mumbled, But she started fading.
"Bella, No !" Edward yelled Running for her, But by then, She was gone.
There was a bright light, Then the scene changed.
I was Renesmee, Running an playing with Edward.
And she (As in Bella) Was watching them. Standing staring.
Eyes Blood red. Bella screamed. But no one heard.
"Ali.." The vision mumbled..

That's when my head begain to pound. And everything turned black.


I was watching Alice's vision confused.. I knew felt something that day.. But it was distant..
I sent Renesmee up to her room, Not knowing what was going to happen next.
Rose was on the phone with Carslie. Mummbling stuff to quickly for me to hear.
"Edward.." Alice said sitting up.
"Yes, Alice ?" I said quickly .
He eyes fluttered open, Them bright red, As Bella's had been in the vision.
"Save me, Save her, Save yourself, but only I can help." Alice said, But , It wasn't alice in that body at the moment.
I gasped.
This is gonna be a Long Day.

Kayso. Did you like itt ? [:
Comments pleeassee ! :D


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