The Twilight Saga

What would've happend if Bella didn't survive the birth of Renesmee ? How will Edward deal ? . Suddenly,As soon as life gets bad, He starts getting contacted.. By....  A ghost ?

Should I write it ?
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write more soon
I will :]
update soon!!!
I like it please
Sounds Interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woww this story is so interesting !!! cant wait to read more
Ch. 8


Something was deffinetly wrong with Renesmee.
She doesn't shine like she used to.. She doesn't smile.
She seem's distant.. And afraid.

I sighed.

What could be wrong with my little girl ?

I walked up to what used to be mine&Bella's room. Since she didn't survive te birth, We just.. Didn't use the cottage.

As I walked into the room,
It was THAT sent again... Lately, Everytime I enter the room, I smell... Bella.

I shivered.. Wait.. Shivered ?


It sounded like a plead for help.

"Wha-What is it?"

"Renes- Trouble-Help - *Hiiiissssss*"

"What ? Where ?! Who are you ?!"


It shrieked. Then everything went silent.

I didn't know what to do next... I jumped out the window and ran for the woods.

I didn'It know where I was going.. But what I did know, Whatever that thing was.. New something was gonna happen to Renesmee.

I ran until I heard the quick beating heart of my Daughter. I rounded the last tree when I seen her. Standing completly still Starring at something behind a tree.

"Renesmee !" I yelled.

As she turned to seewho called her. Whatever she was looking at attacked.

In seconds. It was on top of her. & In seconds I was over there plying whatever it was off of her.

It growled & struggled against me.

'Let GO of me you stickin' leech !" It spat in my face.

I pushed her to the ground.

"Who are you & what do you want !? " I demanded of her.

"My name is Xiomara. I am a new member of the 'wolf pack'" She said making quotation marks in the air.

"Then you would know, We have a treaty, & you just broke it !" I yelled at her.

I hauled Nessie up off the ground&Started to drag her away.

"Ha, That's right, Run away !" She yelled.

I just laughed. Noob tryna get some fightin' in.. Ha.

We walked back home.

"How'd you know where to find me ?" Renesmee said looking up at me.

" Really wanna know ?" I questioned her.
She just nodded.

"I'm pretty sure you-"I coudln't finish the sentence. No, Not that I didn't wanna say it.. The words just wouldn't come out.

She looked up at me.. Waiting.

"Never mind. I just knew.. Because I'm your father." Or because I think your mother has been contacting me for help.. The words rang in my head.. But I couldn't say them...

We continued back to the house..

As we walked through the door. I heard Rose scream.

Hehe ANOTHER cliffy :3
I'm mean >:]

Anywayss ;

Like itt ?
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this is amazing keep me updated!
new reader I

wow that was so good. keep going! update it soon ;)
Thank you
Thank YOU

I'm SOOO glad you like the story !

More either later tonight or tomorrow ;]

Hehe :3


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