The Twilight Saga

What would've happend if Bella didn't survive the birth of Renesmee ? How will Edward deal ? . Suddenly,As soon as life gets bad, He starts getting contacted.. By....  A ghost ?

Should I write it ?
Comment pleasee !

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Anther Chappie ?
I think so ;]



I ran into the house. Trying to see what made Rose scream. Trust me, It's not hard to make her scream.

When I went in Emmett was o the ground.

"Emmett !? " I yelled.

I looked up at Rose. What happend ?!"

"I d-don't know" I mummbled.
"He was standing here talking to me about my new shoes. There Fab-u-Lous !" She said smiling.

"Rose! Not the subject here. Then what happend ?"
I demanded her.

"Well, He just make a really akward noise, Like a grunt. Then fell" She shrugged. ButI could tell it was killing her inside.

"Get Carslile." I sad calmly.

"Already did, Idiot. He's on hs way home from the hospital." She Spat at me.

Whoa You'd think you'd get used to her mood swings by now.

"Jeez Rose, Calm down!" I yelled at her.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN !? ow the He** Can I calm down ?! My husband That I'm truly in love with is on the ground maybe dead ! Is that even POSSIBLE ?! .Not to mention I can't find my new shoes which were very exensive and If I could cry, I'd be crying right now!" She yelled.

"Rose, Babe, Calm down. I'm alright. It'll all be fine, And I'll but you new shoes New ANYTHING I promise. Just stop yelling at Eddie over there." He mummbled.

She automatically knelt down by him.

Then Carslile walked into the house.

"Clear the way" He said and knelt next to Emmett as Rosalie did.

Sorry, Short chapter ! But I got lots of homeworkk !

Like it ?
Comment :D
I love this chapter!! Why the cliffie!? Is that your favorite thing in the world to do? Leave us on humugeous cliffhangers? What happened to Emmett? Oh,I really can't wait for the next chapter! Anyway,this is too awesome to wait for. Please write more ASAP.Please,I'm begging you.If you value my sanity,you will write more. :)
right more eright now!!
aswome chappys post more asap
Thank you ! . I Love that You Love the story !
I'll write more soon I PROMISE ! I'm writing it noww, So it'll be up soon :D

Thank you all SOOOO muchh !


-Dawn <3
yea hurry !!!!

New Reader

Tis story is awesome .. i luv it .. post soon nd keep me updated :)

new raeder and im liking it heyy can u keep me updated?


Really gudd


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