The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward are apart. Edward went to the University of Alaska and Bella went to NYU. Bella is still human. Its been a long time since she's seen Edward. What happens when they reunite? Does Bella want to go back to the sleepy little town of Forks? Will they move? What will happen from here?



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Chapter 2: Bella's POV

Nilu didn't wake me up the next morning. For that I was grateful. I called Alice. She was actually surprised.

"Bella whats up?" she asked curiously into the phone.

" I have two questions for you and they are about my future." I said. She laughed.

"Okay ask away." She laughed . I rolled my eyes.

"Question one:What am I going to do today? And question two: When am I gonna see Edward again?" I asked. All of the sudden she burst into giggles.

"Um at the begining of the day you are going to watch tv and take a walk in the park I'm not telling you what your doing at the end of the day. And Edward is coming in November." Alice answered quickly.

"Why won't you tell me what I'm doing tonight?" I asked confused.

"Because I just can't!"she yelled laughing.

"Whats so funny?"Rosalie asked into the phone.

"Good question." I mumbled.

"I'm glad Edward isn't here to read my mind!" I heard Alice say laughing.

"Alice what are you seeing?" Rosalie demanded.

"You gotta hang up on her first!" I heard Alice say.

"Bella we gotta go." Rose said quickly. I heard a click then the dial tone. What the heck? i thought to myself. I decided to cook myslef breakfast. I made some scrambled eggs smiling to myself. I walked to my couch. I looked through my choices for movies. I grabbed a random movie and ate as I watched. I peeked at the clock it was three. I sighed and decided to go out for a walk. On my way back to my house I stopped at the grocery store and bought myself some food. I out my stuff away and sat on my coucch again. It was seven. I was wondering why Alice was laughing so much. The doorbell rang. I took a quick glance at the clock. It was ten. Huh? I thought to myself. I answered the door to find Camille and Nilu there smiling at me with a few more of our friends. Everyone was dressed up.

"Am I missing something?" I asked.

"Come on Bella we are going out." Camille said.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"We. Are. Going. Out." Nilu said. I needed a quick excuse.

"I'm not dressed for it." I thre w in quickly. Our friend Angel held out a bag. I looked at her puzzled. i opened it. Inside was a navy dress and and black heels.

"We are going to dress you up." She said smiling.

"I don't know guys." I replied uncomfortbly.

"To bad your coming whether you feel like it or not. We'll have a good time don't worry Bella."Camille assured me. Since I didn't want to argue I sheepishly agreed and they dressed me up. They had a taxi waiting in front of the house. We than pulled up in front of a club.

"All of the sudden I don't want to go." I persisted.

"Omigod Bella relax! Let loose have some fun!" Nilu said.

"Oh God please." I whispered under my breath. We walked over to where the bouncer was standing. He instantly let us in no questions asked. We walked in to bright lights. Everything pulsing to the beat of the music. We sat by the bar.

"Can I have two cosmos?" Camille shouted over the music. The bartender nodded and twisted open a bottle of gin. My stomach turned. I watched as he made the drinks. When he was done he slid the two glasses on the bar. Camille grabbed both. She handed one to me. I shook my head. "Just try it!" she yelled. I sighed and grabbed it. At first it tasted sweet. Then as i kept drinking the back of my throat began to burn. I shut my eyes. I ignored the burn and finished the drink.

"There! I drank it happy?" I yelled at her. She nodded her head.

"Bella order whatever you want on the menu. Just experiment try whatever drink you want. Drinks on me!" Nilu screamed grabbing her gin and tonic. I bit my lip. Should I? I shrugged.

"Can I have a shot of tequila?" I asked the bartender. He nodded and grabbed a shot glass filling it with the amber liquid. I grabbed it and looked at Nilu.

"Your brave!" she shouted."The strong stuff?" she asked.

"You said experiment!" I yelled tipping my head back and swallowing the hateful tasting drink. It felt warm and bitter. We began ordering shots and laughing. This was fun. We then called a taxi. we all went back to my house laying on my couch laughing hard and yelling random things at each other. Then I blacked out.
Bella's Club Outfit:
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