The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward are apart. Edward went to the University of Alaska and Bella went to NYU. Bella is still human. Its been a long time since she's seen Edward. What happens when they reunite? Does Bella want to go back to the sleepy little town of Forks? Will they move? What will happen from here?



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sweet...... bella needs to let go every now and again.....
hahahha thts funny :))
i like it
Thx i will:)
like it update soon plzz and can u pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep me updated on when you post more!!!!!!!

This is AWESOME!
lovee it please update me(:
love it, plz keep me updated
ohh bella she was drinking that hard stuff woo we lol edward an bella should skype soon
love this, keep me updated
I like it!!! Please keep me updated... I will send a request please confirm it,,


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