The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward are apart. Edward went to the University of Alaska and Bella went to NYU. Bella is still human. Its been a long time since she's seen Edward. What happens when they reunite? Does Bella want to go back to the sleepy little town of Forks? Will they move? What will happen from here?



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Gonna update in a few days!

Chapter 3: Bella's POV
My head throbbed. My stomach felt like poison. I ran to the bathroom and puked. I walked back into the living room. Light shone through the window brightly.
"Ugh." I groaned as I covered the window with my blinds. I walked into my room, closed the blinds, and laid on the bed. I grabbed my phone and dialed Alice's number.
"Hello sunshine." She chirped happily in the phone.
"You. Suck." I said through clenched teeth. She laughed at me.
"Aww does someone have a hangover?" Alice asked innocently.
"Yes." I moaned. I could HEAR her smiling on the phone.
"Take some aspirin." Alice suggested. I groaned and turned over on my bed.
"Are you gonna tell HIM?" I asked.
"Nah. Even if he finds out I don't think that you getting a hangover is anything major.... but then again it isn't a big deal to ME." she said. I groaned as I sat up on the bed.
"I gotta rest I will call you when I get up or something...." I laid on my back and stared at the ceiling then without thinking I ran to the bathroom. My head throbbed. I grabbed the aspirin out of the cabinet. I swallowed the small pills and looked at the mirror. I looked a mess my hair was messy and tangled and my make up smeared. I sighed and washed my face then brushed my teeth and hair. I walked back into my room. I stripped down to my underwear and fell asleep.
I woke up. I looked at myself. Did I go to sleep dressed? I looked up. My stuff was neat and cleaned. I raised my eyebrow. What the hell? None of my friends would have done this. so who would? I walked into my living room of my small apartment. I thought to myself who would have done this. I could only think of Alice and Renee. Renee was in Florida and Alice was in.. Washington? Or was she here? I walked over to my couch to see a person I didn't think I would see for a long time. I smiled and crossed my arms.
"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked smiling.
love it
who is it is it edward????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it
more please
Is that Edward??? yay!!! He is in NYU..
Never said who it was......
loved it!!! =)
who is it???? !!!!
NEW READER-I LOVVVEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it! keep me posted and update soon!!!
love it


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