The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward are apart. Edward went to the University of Alaska and Bella went to NYU. Bella is still human. Its been a long time since she's seen Edward. What happens when they reunite? Does Bella want to go back to the sleepy little town of Forks? Will they move? What will happen from here?



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I need at least between three-five comments in order to post my first chapter
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Please write this and keep me updated! This sounds really good.
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Chapter 1: Bella's POV
Edward was in Alaska. I am in New York City by myself. I rented an apartment close to my school. I met a few people. One girl was named Nilu. She was very outgoing and bright. I also met Camille. Camille was very caring and conservative. It was nice to meet other people. I missed Edward. We skyped every night that I WASN'T cramming for a big test which was maybe monthly. We called each other evry night. Edward and I were already married. I couldn't wait to see him again. It had been three months since I'd last seen him. Riiiiiiing Riiiiiing. I grabbed my phone.
"Hello." I said into the phone.
"Hello how are you Mrs. Cullen?" Edward's velvet voice purred on the other line. I sighed.
"I'm okay.." I said in an unsure voice.
"Is everything okay love?" He asked concerned.
"I just miss you alot." I sighed into the other end of the phone. I heard him sigh. "Can't you come here for a weekend or something?" I asked sounding hopeful.
"Maybe I will... I love you." he said softly. I blushed.
"Love you to." I said grabbing the ingredients for my dinner. "What have YOU been up to?"
"Me? Nothing realy. Just thinking about you alot." He said. I heard my front door open. Great Nilu is here.
"Edward I'm sorry i have to go." I apologized into the phone.
"Okay.. Bye." he said sounding a little bit sad. I sighed and hung up the phone.
"Nilu what is wrong? You only come over when you need help with something or when you are wasted." I said crossing my arms. She walked over to me. Her walking was a bit off. "Lemme guess your wasted?" She nodded and collapsed on my couch. I walked to the medicine cabinet, grabbed the asprin, and a glass of water. I handed them to her. She sat up and took the asprin.
"Thanks. Sorry I came on such short notice." she apologized.
"Want to eat?" I asked.
"Nah my crashing on your couch is enough." Nilu said. He reyes were bloodshot.
"So how much did you drink?"I asked. Nilu smiled.
"Ah you know me a little bit of this, a little bit of that." she said rubbing her head. I rolled my eyes. Of course.
"Try not to wake me up in the morning when you get up and leave." i said walking towards the kitchen and finishing my dinner. I ate in silence Nilu was already snoring. I went into my room and got changed in my pajamas. I looked at the picture of Edward and I on my nightstand. I sighed and shut my eyes thinking of him as I slipped into unconsiousness.


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