The Twilight Saga



Chapter 1


  Walking home was one of the things I hate most now that we moved away from Washington. In the summer it starts to feel like you are in a hot tub; and in the winter its like you are going to get frostbite on your butt.


   My new friend Carlee said that it wasnt always like this. Unlike me she lived here her whole entire life. I have been going to Fairmont for about 1 week and I have about 25 friends. Amy said it was because I am hot (Amy is gay). She told me so on the first day of school. She kept saying stuff like how we would make the cutest couple in the yearbook. She was almost in tears when I told her that I wasnt gay or bi.


  "Hey, Rose. What are you doing?" Michael said. Michael Peters, my new stalker. He IS really cute but I alreay told him that I had a boyfriend. Me and Ben have been dating for the last 2 and a half years and have been happy until my parents got a divorce and I had to move out of the state.


  "Hey Michael, you know I'm just daydreaming again." I mimiked Mr. Carson's voice. In class I started to think about my old life and well I got caught.


  "Yeah. Haha. I remember that."


  "Yeah. Well so what are you going to do this weekend?"


  "I dont know. Maybe we can hang out? My parents wouldn't mind you coming over; and I remember you said that your mom wont really care."


  "Yeah but I am going to go to the movies with Carlee." I really wasn't but I was planning on asking her if she wanted to go now.


  "Oh okay. Maybe next weekend." He looked over my shoulder and looked back at me saying, "I think that Dylan likes you. He wont stop staring at you." His voice made it clear that he did not like that one bit.


  I looked in Dylan's direction just in time to see him turn away. He probably does like me but I don't usually go for his type. You know the "Bad Boy" in school. He isnt passing any one of his classes and he always back talks to the teachers all of the time. But somehow I could see myself in him. He looks kind of depressed sometimes. Just how I feel all of the time but I dont let anyone see it. You can kinda see it in his eyes.


  I start to walk over to him but Michael grabs my arm and pulls me back.


  "Um... What are you doing?"


  "Going to talk to Dylan. Why?"


  "I... I don't think thats a good idea."


  I was about to explode with anger. I hate it when people do that!


  "Let go of me Michael."


  He let go of me like I stung him. I just hate being treated like a little kid.



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