The Twilight Saga

I will read your storys, I love to read stories!!!! just give me a link and see the rest below

but I dont read:
Imprint stories, A.k.a Renesmee/Jacob, Leah/Jacob, Etc.
jacob stories
any seth stories
or Sam
Or leah
or Quil
or Embry
Or Jared
Not Just Charlie stories

I will read:
As long as it's not on the not reading list

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Hey! I have a story for you plz read 'Help! Please! I'm alive!' my newest story and I hope you like it!

((No imprints! promise! Vampires though!))
that isn't very polite, maybe she just dont want to read those
Can you read mine? Though you might not like it cause the wolves are going to come in later but theres going to be new ones and Ness and Jake will most likely not be in it at all. It has the Cullens and Vampires of course but please give it a shot. 80 years after breaking dawn its about twin half vampires with powers

Rising Horizon is from Bella's point of view, though I might attempt doing some chapters from others' POV. this story continues after breaking dawn, where new vampires with special abilities will emerge as the story goes on. will Bella's family be threatened? Read on to find out!!

Enjoy! :)
your link isn't working!! how will I read your story??
I'lll Strart reading them, It may be a day or 2 because I have yearbook after school 2day
A new Beginning

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
Life is seemingly perfect for best friends Peter Caborn and Nicole Brown but when friendship turns to into so much more for these two teens, they are faced with indescribable obstacles that try to tear them down. Between lies, betrayals, two deaths, one mysterious murder, and so much more, these two will never be the same, but when push comes to shove and their entire world comes crashing down on them, can their love survive, or will these hurtles rip them apart, taking away the only people they could truly trust, forever?

not twilight related


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