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Another story!!! I just thought of it and wanted to write it!!!!



Preface: Have you ever felt like your the only one who is here? All alone, no one to turn to, no one who can help you? And the worst part is looking in the eyes of my little siblings and only seeing fear. I hope everyday some one will come, someone who we can trust, someone who is not one of...Them. I worry that help might just be a little too late...for us, I mean. The survivors. This world is not our home anymore, but our hell.


Summary: Scientist have made a new vaccine, one that if you get it you will never be sick again. Well, thats what they say. Untill, one day...something seems wrong with the neighbors dog...





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Chapter 9 - (summer)

Out, but John was in…dying. Save him. It seemed logical in my mind, but it wasn't.

A flash light; the light was a flash light and it was on me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. They looked shocked to find me up and walking. For some reason I couldn’t move. Frozen, frozen in place.

“It’s her…the one who escaped!” The man said and took a step forward. That all it took, I turned around and ran. The bulky men tried to keep up with me, but I was too fast for them. They gave up after a while of chasing me. Thank god no one else was in the hallway. I heard them behind me stop and started to talk to someone.

“Call in reinforcement! You, take a group and surr-” His voice trailed off as I ran. Great, they are going to try and surround me. Probably call in some form of the government SWAT team! Lights were flashing and a siren went off; that can’t be good. Especially since I am hopelessly lost.

I turned right down a hall and, not noticing the glass doors, I slammed into them. My body first hit before my head collided with the metal frame. I was sure a mark was left on my forehead, but I didn’t even mind that. It was the splitting head ache that came right after the impact. It killed and I lost all reason why I was running for my life. Opening my eyes, my vision was blurry. This can’t be good, at all. The head ache wouldn’t quite and my memory was slipping. I could feel myself losing; images of my family flashed before my eyes, images of my two little siblings with the scared looks on their faces whenever we had to keep moving, my dog, Sliver, and the only person I love…Seth.

But that all snapped back and my mind got clearer. The reason; I was blocked. In front of me was a large group of people dressed is suits, most likely body armor is on them. With helmets and bullet proof glass. Their guns long, scary and black. They had laser targeting and thousands of little red dots were pointed at me. I just stared at them, head ache gone, and reasoning coming back to me…it shouted run. So I did.

Turning around, I ran back down the hallway just as gun shot were heard. Turning the corner I slammed into someone. Thank god his arms automatically grabbed my arms or else I would’ve fallen down. I screamed but his hand covered my mouth. It was then I noticed that he wasn’t trying to capture me, but he was also escaping. He had on medical pants, ones similar to mine, but he had no shirt. His tan skin stood out in contrast from the blue cloth, cut-off pants. He was built up, a little more that Seth was. Then I realized he looked similar to Seth. Almost like he was his brother…

Behind us I heard the noise of the SWAT team catching up. Their shouts and banging of the metal weapons was heard as they ran. Quickly, the man in front of me grabbed my hand, turned around and ran. He stopped in front of a door opening it and pulling me in it. The little room was crowded and dark, very dark. Trying to slow my breathing, the men out side passed the door without any second glances. I sighed in relief and turned to face the man. I could tell he wasn’t facing me, but we were very, very close. I could feel the heat radiating off his body and again I couldn’t help compare him to Seth.

“Okay, I think the cost is clear,” He said in his husky voice all I could do was nod, but some how he saw that, even in the darkness, “Stay near me and don’t wander off,” again all I could was nod.

He grabbed my hand and opened the door, just enough so he could see and hear. Once he felt it was safe, we turned right and ran down the hallway…the same hallway with the glass doors. Instead of them being intact, jagged edges stuck out and glass spilled everywhere. Little metal objects lay mixed in with the glass; the bullets.

Quickly, I jumped over the glass pile and trying to miss the jagged edges, but I was not so lucky. With out watching my right arm, I accidentally clipped a piece of glass. I felt the pain; I just ignored it and waited for my savor to jump through. Of course he did it perfectly and ran. I followed.

“Where are we going?” I asked him a little breathless from all the running.

“Out. I know a way,” That’s all I needed to hear and picked up my pace. Sure my muscles screamed at me to stop, but this was nothing compared to what my former army sergeant, not kidding he really was, did to us every morning.

After a few minuets of twisting and taking turns, I saw the doors and we ran out into the world and into the woods. We were free, we were out….but John wasn’t. Pain twisted in my stomach and I fell to the ground. My savor noticed this and stopped; he came back to me and knelt down at my side.

“What happened? Are you okay?” He asked.

“Ya…it’s just…,” I couldn’t tell him. I had to accept that John was dying and never coming back, “It’s just probably the medicine they gave me. I’ve been struggling with staying awake,” which was true. I did have a hard time now that the adrenalin from what happened wore off.

“You should probably eat something,” he grabbed my arm and helped me up, “and clean that cut,” he said looking at my arm and then turned his head towards me, “It looks like glass is in it,” I just nodded. He turned around and started to walk back towards that place.

“Hey! Where are you going?!” I yelled catching up to his fast pace and long strides.

“To steal a car…hopefully one with a First Aid kit,” I smiled at that.

“Like grad theft auto?!”

“Yup,” he said nodding and that’s what we did. We stole a car. I was starting to like this guy.

“I never caught your name,” I said while sitting in the passenger seat as he looks through for keys.

“Nathan, but Nat is fine. Ah ha!!” He pulled out a set of keys from the dashboard. Idiots, why leave your car keys in the car, but right now I was just happy they were here.

“So first name bases?” I said teasingly as he started the car. It purred to life and he got in.

“Don’t have one,” He slammed the door shut and backed out of the parking spot.

“No last name?” How odd. He shook his head no.

“When I woke up in that place more than half of my memory was gone, last name included. How I remembered my first name was the chart next to the bed,” we were out of the parking lot and on the road; there was no one around for miles. All forest. What a perfect place for a death trap. The car was silent for a few moments.

“What is your name?” He asked keeping his eyes on the road.

“Summer Brooke,” I heard him chuckled, “Go on make fun of it…my nickname is Sum. That’s what my siblings called me ever since they were little…only because they couldn’t say Summer,” I felt his eyes on me.

“You love your siblings,” He said and then turned his head back towards the road.

“Yes, they are still alive…the younger ones I mean. At least…At least I think they are,” I whispered. Of course they are alive you idiot! They are with Seth and he would never let anything happen to them!!!

“Before they captured you, who was with you?” He questioned.

“My younger siblings, Matt and Kat, and Seth. A guy I meet up with when I was out on a raid,” I told him. He nodded.

“Who was with you?” I asked and I saw a slight hint of hesitation in his eyes.

“My best friends. Two girls, Amber and Emma and two guys, John and Ryan,” the name John made me wince, “What?” He asked watching me.

“Nothing, I had an older brother named John and I found him in the hospital…dying,” I whispered the last word.

“I am sorry,” Nat said.

“Hey what is the date today?” I suddenly asked.

“The 24th,” I did the math in my head…it’s been a week…a week since I was captured.
That was amazing! I loved it so intense and emotional and ful of life. I cant wait till you post more!
Cool story! There actually is an "official" name for the "author's POV". It's called "3rd person" or "omniscient". Summer's POV is called "1st person" and there's actually something called 2nd person, but it's usually used in advertisements, because it says stuff like "You walked down the street and saw a dog. You decided to pet the dog. The dog growled at you."

Anyway, after that little Language Arts lesson, I would like to say that I love your story! It's really good!
I like it
it kinda reminds me of that one movie where this girl goes with a group of people and her group goes in this room and she stays out to watch incase something came and her group got sliced into pieces by the laser thing and she escaped but she woke up in a white room she was the last person alive except for the scientist people and she died at the end but came back in the last movie
I think it was resident evil or something like that but this is way better
i loved it
loved it
Chapter 10 - (summer)

Blood dripped off my arm and onto the floor of the jeep. A clear, jagged edge, piece stuck near the edge on the cut; glass from the doors that were broken by bullets. Those same bullets that would’ve killed me if I didn’t run. Hell I don’t know what would’ve happened if I stayed knocked out longer!! I sighed, lucky to be at least out of that horrible place, and carefully cleaned the dripping blood off my arm with a napkin I found while searching for a map or a GPS in the back.

Laying my head back on the head rest I closed my eyes. God I was so tired. It was day time but that dark ally made it almost night. Nat is in the store just next to the jeep he is getting some things like medical supplies to fix and close up my wound. We, or I, don’t know where do go next…well I could go back to Seth and my siblings but they could of moved away and I don’t know where Nat will be going, probably back to wherever his friends are.

Because I had my eyes closed, I didn’t see or hear Nat come near the car until the door to the drivers’ side opened up and I screamed. But before I could draw any attention, Nat covered my mouth.

“Shhhh….man, you are really jumpy!” He uncovered my mouth and started to shuffle through the stuff on his seat.

“Well, in this world you sort of need to be jumpy,” I snapped back at him, Nat smirked and said, “Here give me your arm,” gently I moved in my seat so I could hold out my right arm for him to clean and fix. I tried to not focus on what he was doing.

“Don’t like blood?” Nat asked me after a few minutes. I could feel him trying to get the glass out on my arm.

“Sort of…I can stand it with other people, but things like this…that is on me, I don’t,” I told him and he chuckled.

“What are you going to do after this?” I suddenly asked him once the glass was out.

He shrugged and said, “Go back to my group. You should do the same,” we looked at each other for a few minuets and then he went back to closing up the wound.

“I have no clue where that is. Well I do, but I’ve been gone a week. Seth promised me if I was gone for more than one day he would take my siblings and leave,” I made him promise. Only because if I ever got hurt or captured. Those things would know we were there and come after my siblings and Seth.

“That name; Seth. It sounds familiar…what is his last name?” That’s when I hit a wall; a wall in my head. I couldn’t remember that, I couldn’t even remember my friend’s names.

“I…I can’t remember…it’s…like I hit a wall and can’t get around it,” I could remember what Seth’s face looked like, I can remember my siblings, I remember how I got captured and Silver…she…she ran away from the scene. Yes, she went back to my siblings. But I can’t remember much.

“Hmm…seems you got the same thing I got. But yours was probably weaker…there,” he said and I looked down at my arm. He had it wrapped up in a white wrap. I cleaned up the dried blood on my arm, as he cleaned up the medical equipment.

“Thank you,” I said and he stopped to look at me.

“It’s nothing,” he said and through away something in a trashcan near the jeep.

“Not jus this, but saving me from back there,” I was watching him and the look he had on his face was as if he was trying to figure out something, “You okay? You look…I don’t know…confused,”

“Look, there is a camp, a camp for any humans that are still living. That is where my group and many others are safe. It’s out in Colorado. I can bring you safely there….and on the way, we can try to look for your group. Are you with me?” He said and I just stared at him. He couldn’t be saying this…this can’t be really. I must be dreaming this all. But I wasn’t; he really was asking me this and offering to find my siblings….to find my Seth!!!

“Of course…yes!” I told him. Nat nodded, got in the car and shut his door while starting the car. Then something popped up in my head.

“Um…where are we?” I asked Nat and shook his head.

“You aren’t going to believe this…we are in New York,” Nat said while pointing at the window, “Look,” I did as he said and turned my head. In front of us was the outline of tall buildings, buildings of New York City. I was four states away from Seth and my siblings.


Driving through the city was scary, very creepy. It was quiet and cars sit alone, untouched, and abandoned. Buildings, which should have been busy with people going in and out of the doors on their cell phones, now sit tall and still with doors unmoving. New York looked like a ghost town and the silence was unbearable and unheard of in a city like this and we were the only thing moving, besides the wind rustling the tree leaves.

“It looks as if time has stopped itself,” Nat whispered looking around.

“ Yes, I never been to New York, but this…this is just plain creepy,” Nat nodded as we passed stop lights that still work, but they were messed up and out of tune with the stop lights around it.

We drove for a while, only because we were going slow and careful to get around the stationary cars on the road. Passing buildings with signs still flashing and moving around. Stop lights going off and more cars just sitting, I realized we made it to Times Square. What should a bustling part of the city, was an abandoned desert with only the remains of what was left of human civilization. A few signs have gone out, but some still showed advertisements for TV shows and any business trying to still catch customers’ eyes. It was odd, but what made it scary was that the sun was starting to set.

“Soon it would be dark and I don’t think we will make it out before night,” Nat said with his eyes darting around, scanning for danger. I did the same, but out of habit.

“I think we should keep going. Stopping for a place to stay and be safe would take longer than trying to get out of this city,” I said and I knew he agreed when Nat started to drive the car faster.


Night has fallen and the road we were on was pitch black. We didn‘t turn on the lights in fear of being an easier spot for those things to see. I was starting to fall asleep. My eyes were getting heavier.

“You can sleep. We’ll be fine,” Nat said quietly.

“I know, but I can’t. Not without Silver. Without her I just don’t feel safe,” I said.


“My dog; she can sense or smell those things and warns me,” I said while yawning. Nat nodded. It was then we heard a sickening screech and it didn’t sound like a human. I only heard this noise once before…it was the scream of the hunt. They found us and now they are going to attack. I turned my head towards Nat and I knew right then and there that both of us were dead…for real this time.

Nat flicked on the lights and our car was surrounded. All around us were 20 or so pale, human bodies. With little hair, mouths open and drooling. Their clothing was ripped here and there, but the scariest thing about them was their blood shot, red eyes.
Wow that is wicked! I loved it and I cant wait till you write more! I am stoked to find out whats going to happen!
i will! defently before my class trip next week!!
this sounds just like I am Legend
i like it
hey guys!! i know i promised u a new chapter....well planning got in my way....tomorrow morning (at like 3 am) i and leaving with my class for D.C. 180 kids will be on a plain....and well packing and planning has got in my way! i am sooo sorry i would have to update when i get back!!!!!! hope u guys can wait!!!

♥ Crystal_Alice Clearwater


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