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Another story!!! I just thought of it and wanted to write it!!!!



Preface: Have you ever felt like your the only one who is here? All alone, no one to turn to, no one who can help you? And the worst part is looking in the eyes of my little siblings and only seeing fear. I hope everyday some one will come, someone who we can trust, someone who is not one of...Them. I worry that help might just be a little too late...for us, I mean. The survivors. This world is not our home anymore, but our hell.


Summary: Scientist have made a new vaccine, one that if you get it you will never be sick again. Well, thats what they say. Untill, one day...something seems wrong with the neighbors dog...





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please continue and keep me updated
yup there is also another movie mixed in...but i forget the name of it.
plz tell me when u post
Chapter 1- ( Summers POV) okay…so the beginning on each chapter will sound like the beginning of a journal entry, sort of.
*Family’s names:
~oldest Brother- Dan
~ Second to oldest Brother- John
~ Me- Summer (it will all be in Summers POV, sometimes it might be one of the siblings)
~ Little Sister- Kathaleen (Kat)
~ Little Brother- Matthew (Matt)

Today, everyone is excited. The government just sent out the first packages of the new vaccine, to the schools and important buildings. Luckily my little siblings’ schools are not giving it to them. I don’t trust it at all…

“Good morning, Summer.” my mother said to me as I walked into the kitchen. She was making breakfast. My little brother, Matt, was already at the table, half asleep, with a glass of milk. I chuckle and walk to sit next to him.

“Good morning, Matt.” I tell him, he doesn’t say anything. “Matt.” He looks up and smiles.

“Hi, sissy.” he says and father walks in.

“Morning family.” He says as he messes Matt’s hair and sits down in front of the morning news paper. Of course the head line reads: NO MORE SICKNESS.

“Morning Honey,” my mom says setting Dad, mine, and Matt plate’s on the table, “are they giving the new vaccine at work today?” she asks, I groan. They all know how I hate it.

“Yes, and summer you should get it. Don’t you not want to get sick anymore?” he asks me. We already had this discussion. They keep trying.

“I rather be sick, than take something that we have no information on and might kill me.” When the government first released news about it, people instantly wanted it. They didn’t even tell us anything except what it dose and when it will be released.

“Summer…” My father starts to say but I interrupt him, “look I got to go to school or else I will be late.” They nods and I get up, put my plate in the sink and walk out. Throwing my bag in the back, I get in and start my car. I really don’t want to go to school, but I don’t want to talk about the vaccine anymore. They know what I think and there is no way my mind will change. I sigh and back out to the street and then head towards the school. This is going to be a long day.

~~~~~~~~~Later that day~~~~~~~~

Desh, Sabina, Lilly, Bell and I where outside. It was lunch and the day was nice to eat outside. My mind was drifting off; I wasn’t even listing to the conversation until I felt Lilly shaking me.

“Summer, Summer.” she was saying. Hmm…wonder how long I did not respond.

“What, what Lilly?” I looked at her. She was a small girl, not even 5 feet yet. Her hair was a cool blond and brown color and she had wide blue eyes.

“I asked if you are getting the vaccine today.” she said. I looked next to her and the rest of my friends where also listing, but when she said the word ‘vaccine’ I groaned. They should know my ideas on the subject. I kind of forgot that the school was giving it today. Only a few students, like me, dose not trust it.

“Lilly, I told you before, I don’t trust that thing.” Lilly was one of the many people who are getting it. She tells us even thought she never got sick, she doesn’t want to experience it.

“Right, I forgot. Sorry.” Lilly said.

“It is okay.” I said and smiled at her and she smiles back. I am worried about my friends that are taking it….something is wrong…very wrong with it.
I am so interested in this. It sparks my curiosity! Cant wait for more!
omg awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay im desh!
yup....i couldn't forget u in the story!!! lol
thanks to all who read my story!! new chapter up soon!!!
really good
hey guys....i won't be able to post for awhile....i got i hope i can get on long enough so i can post a new chapter...but thats looking not i am sorry i hope i won;t lose any of my readers.


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