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It’s a story about a girl Erisa logan, 16… It happens after Breaking Dawn i.e 17 years later …

she leaves her home and going to forks in search of the cullens … But she was informed that



they moved before before 15 years… while going in search of cullens she meet a guy who offers

her to find the cullens..


who is this gal and Why she is looking for Cullen ? Who s the strange guy? Why he offers her

help ? Should Erisa trust him?


What you all think ? Shall I continue ?


Please comment on this











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IM defenity interrested soo write more and update me.



Sure go for it :)

sounds good and mysterious :) i likke ! <3 xxx

I was lonely until I met you…


It was one of the coolest nights of Christmas. I could see everyone was enjoying with their family and friends. But I was all alone, as nobody wants me. The road was dark; snow had covered the road making it impossible to figure out the way. I don’t know where I was heading and I starving since two day. Soon I heard a voice.

“Excuse me, do you need any help”

 I turned backand saw a man, standing few steps away from me. He was tall, dark n strong. But his intensions were not good.

“NO” I replied sharply and started to walk.

“Oh, c’mon baby we can help. You seem to have lost your way”. Then I noticed that he wasn’t alone. There were two more men with him and both were dark and strong.

I knew I was in trouble. I tried to run as fast as I can. But I failed to elope and they got me.

“Leave me. Let me go, please”. I started pleading but they haven’t listened to me. They were fighting amongst themselves as who would take over me first .

“C’mon, I found her, she belongs to me”, said the first man.

“No she is mine”.

“Let’s enjoy her all together” came another voice.He was the strongest among them all. “Let’s not fight. We can share her”

“No, no please leave me.”

One of them covered my mouth and they took me to some place. It was a small room, with very dim light. There was bonfire on one sideand drinks on the other side of the table.

“Help, someone please help me” I was trying to be as loud as I could, but I know no one would ever trace me here. I fell on my knees, “someone please help me”. I closed my eye, ready to face the end of my life.

“Hello! Everyone, does anyone need help” I heard a soft, smooth and mesmerizing voice. I was so tired that I could hardly see his face.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my property”, one of them replied.

“Help me please” I began crying out for help.

“We don’t need your help; go away I say at once.”

Relax guys, I am here to help that young lady”,again his voice was mesmerizing me. I tired to stand and move towards him, but was got in arms of one of them.

“Leave at once or I shall kill this girl”

“Okay, I m leaving” saying this he disappeared.

“Don’t leave, please don’t leave” I started to cryheavily

 “He won’t come again.”I heard a blow. It was so fast that I couldn’t make out what was happening. Soon, what I saw was all three of them on floor. My head startedspinning, I couldn’t see anything.

“Are you alright, Come with me “said that sweet voice like honey. I tried to drag myself, but was too weak to walk.

Suddenly I felt so light, only to realize that he had lifted me in his arms. “I m fine, please put me down, I can walk”. I don’tremember anything after that as I went unconscious.

“Good Morning, how are you feeling?” asked d same voice that I heard last nite.

 “Fine, how did how did I get here”.

 “On my arms,I mean you went unconscious, and I carried you here”. I quickly examined theroom I was in. It was small but very beautiful room. I was lying on a bed made of wood in the centre of the room. Its windows were closed with curtains opened. The snowfall must have just been over. I was bit warm in that room.

“Would you like to have something?” I tried to find him and there he was sitting just opposite to me near a chimney, warming himself. Just then I saw his face. He was so beautiful. Beautiful was not a rite word to describe him. I met his eyes. They were golden in color sobeautiful. I could hardly stop myself being lost in them. Then I remembered that he was waiting for my answer.

“Yes”, I said. I was very hungry. There were sandwich, fruits, juice and cakes on the beautiful black table near the bed. I quickly got up from bed and went to brush. After refreshing I sat on the bednear table.

 “Wouldn’t youhave something”, I said as I took the first bite of sandwich in my mouth.

“NO, thanks, I just finished before you woke up”. I saw empty plate on the other end of the table. As I was eating he kept staring me.

“So where you from and what were you doing there last night”. I swallowed hard my bite and turn towards him.

“My name is Erisa Logan”



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Awesome :)

Really good but got kindaa confusing .. it all happened so fast!!

this is awesome grl!!!!!!!!!



Chapter 2


“So Erisa, So what were you doing last night? did you get lost” he asked no guessed .

“No, I don’t”

 “Then, what were you doing there waiting for trouble to come?”

“I was finding someone”

“What do you mean by finding someone, aren’t you from ALASKA?”

“No, well, I am new to this place, I live in Seattle”

 “Seattle” he raised his eyebrow with a big question on his face. “Seattle! Then what are you doing here in Alaska”

“I.. I am…” I stammered as I tried to speak, thinking whether or not I should tell him the reason why I m here.

“I am here to find someone.”

“Your relative?”

 “Yes, My aunt”

 “Fine, so where does your aunt live in Alaska. I shall help you find her”

“No, you can’t”

“What do you mean, I can’t. Doesn’t she know you coming to see her?”

 “No, I mean I don’t know where she lives”

 “You don’t know where your aunt lives?”

 “Actually I haven’t met her. She is my mother’s good friend” I said to him. His mouth felt open and he looked at me in horror as if he had seen or heard some shocking news. He murmured “Impossible”…I tried to behave as if nothing has happened.

“So Ms Erissa, You are here in Alaska to find your aunt whom you have never met, either knows where she lives. Amazing! “He went so reckless with my answer, don’t know why but it seem to have bother him.

“So how do you think you are going to find her? Do you have any clue or detail?” he continued.

 “No. all I know is that she lived in Forks, and now has moved to Alaska 15years back.” I said staring the floor.

“15years back? I hope you are not kidding.”

 “That is all what I know about her. I heard a lot about her from my mom” I said remembering my mom saying about her friend.

“Okay, I hope you know her name? “

“Ya, her name is Isabella… Mrs. Isabella Edward Cullen.”

when I told him her name, there was a change in his face. He looked mystified as if he knew her. “Bella?” I heard a quite whisper.

“What did you said?” I asked him not sure about what I heard.

 “No, its nothing. Have you done with your breakfast? I think we have a long way to go.”

“Ya .. I finished. Well thank you so much for all you have done to me, but I think I can find her on my own”

“Do you really think so? I don’t mind helping you.”

 “No, no I can manage” It seems that he was disappointed with my answer of not allowing him to accompany me.

“In that case I shall drop you till the city.”

 “ok, Thanks again.” I said and we started moving.

We walked a long after leaving that place. None of us spoke for a long. We just kept walking. At times I felt as if he was staring at me from corner of his eye. And when I turn to him he would smile. As we walked I tried to look at him in bits n pieces. It was the first time I tried to figure out his beauty. I noticed his eyes, they were different. Light golden like honey in color, deep, very deep and mesmerizing. It felt like they were talking to me. His skin appeared a bit pale like others in that cold place. His face was oval and had light beard which did suit him. Black Hair, he was tall almost 6 and masculine, looked too matured like someone of early 20s but looks like he is not more than 18. I was lost in his beauty, only to realize that we had reached our destiny. He was staring at me without blinking his eyes, it made me to blush.

“So you really don’t want me to come with you?” he asked still staring at me.

I wanted him to come with me, I didn’t want to leave him, but then, “No thanks, I will manage” I said with a smile.

He smiled back and said “okay”. He got me into a local transport.” Take care; hope you met your aunt soon. Bye”

 “Bye”, I raised my hand, and the cab began to move. I tried to look behind but he was already gone. 

Throughout the journey I was only thinking about him. His eyes, his voice, and his smile I wanted him to be with me. No no, stop thinking about him. I shook my head. I am not supposed to be distracted. I had some responsibility to be finished. Don’t forget why you are here my inner voice began telling me. No I can’t allow anything come in between. I have to find ISABELLA EDWARD CULLEN.

I started thinking from where I have come and in search of what. I don’t know if I would be able to find Isabella Cullen. What will I tell her, who am I, what I have come for, will she believe me? There were too many thoughts going in my head.  I felt a sudden jerk, the cab had stop.

“Your stop, would you like to go ahead”. I tried to locate the place.

“No, I think I will get down here.” I paid him and walked ahead. I tried to check with people here and there if I could find any clues for the Cullen’s. No one knew where they lived, do they really live in Alaska or have they moved. I went around here and there, in search of the Cullen’s, but it wouldn’t help. It was already dark and I looked around everyone seem to be happy involved in their own world. How will I find Isabella Cullen. I put my hand in my bag tiring to look out for my diary. Oh no, my diary. Where did it go? I think I forgot it there in that room. How can I be so irresponsible? How can I leave it there? I am just a big dim-witted how am I going to find her, what am I suppose to do now? Oh, God!  Please, please help me.

I wanted to cry, as loud as I could. I sat on the bench staring at the sky aimlessly till it was night. I felt all alone; I kept my head between my knees.  Why am I Living, for whom, why who is there for me, I wish I would die. No one needs me, I am so LONELY.

“Hello, are you fine”, came a voice. It was that same voice I heard last night.

“No, I am not. Leave me Alone, Please leave me alone”. All while I had my head on my knee. I didn’t lift my face up to see who it was.  And then I was lonely again. I lift my head to see, he was gone. Tears began rolling my eyes, as I knew he would never come back.  I kept my head back between my knees.

“Are you alright?” I heard that same voice. It has a dept in it. I lifted my head at once to see. He was sitting just next to me.  “How are you feeling?” I don’t know how or what, but his presence made me feel better. “Can I help you?” I don’t know what to say. I wanted to hug him first, but then.

“I lost my diary.” I said but no sound came out of my mouth. But he heard.


“Yes, it had all details of my aunt. I don’t know how I am going to find her without the proper details” I began wiping.

“Is this what you looking for?” I lifted my face to see he was holding my diary in his hand. “Where did you find it” I took it at once, trying to find the pictures I had kept in it. They all were there, accept for the one I was trying to locate.

“Is everything intact?”

“No I am not able to find one of my pictures.” 

“Is it this?”

 “Yes” I took it at once. Yes, it is the same one.

I was confused and asked him, “Where did you get it from?”

“After, leaving you when I went back, I saw it had fallen beside the bed. I did see what it had and I knew you would be worried once you knew you have lost it”.

“But how did you find me here” I asked still confused.

“It was simple, I had stopped the cab for you, and so I knew you wouldn’t have been far. And so I am here with you for you”

I looked at him with a blank face. He was just staring at me with a smile on his face. It made me feel good. Soon I looked at the diary trying finding the place to put the picture in it. I fixed one of them and look deep into that picture.

“Who is he?”

“He, he is my little angel, Rob, my younger brother” as I said a tear escaped from my eyes.

“Erisss” I looked at him. “What happened to him, is he no….” I haven’t allow him to finish the sentence. “Please don’t say that. He is alright. It’s just that I am missing him a lot.”

“And where is your family. I am sorry I am asking too much.”

“No, my family is in Seattle. I have a small family my dad, who is a shopkeeper, my stepmother Lovina, with her two kids..Rob n Lucy… Lucy is 11 n rob is 7yrs..”

“Step mother? why, what happened to your mother?

“I lost her when I was 7year”

 “Oh I am sorry to hear that”.

“It’s okay. My dad knew, that she won’t survive and so he remarriage Lovina. I was staying with my mother at her parent’s home in Forks. Until one day she left me all alone.” Again a tear escaped.

“So why did you leave forks”

 “My dad brought me back to Seattle. I was brought as a servant to his new family.”


 “Yes, my father does not like me. He thinks I am the one responsible for my mother’s illness. Why, I mean what you have to do with your mother’s death. She was asked to terminate her pregnancy as she was too weak to delivery me. But she didn’t want to do so. She was in immense love from the time she knew she was expecting. And so he hated me from the time I was born.”

 “But that is not your fault”

 “He doesn’t think so. He feels if she had terminated her pregnancy she would have been living”

 “And what about your other stepmother and other members of your family, do they like you or?”

“Just like my father my stepmother Lovina and my sister Lucy don’t like me either. But it’s different with Rob. He is only one who supports me, love me. Perhaps, the reason why I am still alive” I said looking deep in into the picture. ”I am sorry; to bother you. I never spoke to anyone as I always been Lonely”

 “It’s ok and No, you are not alone anymore, do you mind if I come with you”

“Why are you doing this, you hardly know me”

“Just for humanity and I know you won’t be able to trace your aunt all alone. So are we ready to leave my lady” he asked with the smile.

“Are you sure it won’t be a problem for you”

“Not at all, the pleasure is all mines”

I stood up and began to walk, thinking why am I trusting this guy so much. I hardly know him. I quickly looked at him, he smiled back. His face was so peaceful, no worries to bother. He must have been very lucky. “Did you say something?” Oops I think I was loud. “No, I didn’t” I said and shook my head.

“Lucky you don’t know how unlucky I am” He whispered something like this to himself.

“Well, who is that lady in that picture with you? Looks like your mother”

 I smiled and said “Yes, she is my mom, Angela Weber


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lov it

thank you so much for reading..i m glad you liked it..thanks again,,i shall keep you updated..but their is small confusion Erissa is Angela's daughter n not Jack..


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