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I wasn't planing on falling in love with you ( a Edward & Bella story )


ok i had another story but i dont think its very good and i wrote t poorly as well so i desided i would write another story so this story is bout bella......

Bella Swan a sweet 17 year old girl she has the perfect life, perfect family,and perfect boyfriend well what happens when her life gets turned upside down? what happens when her mom  gets killed?her boyfriend cheats on her and leaves her broken hearted? what will happen when she moves to forks and meets Edward Cullen? and find out



please read if somebody tells me to write it ill have a post up in a hour promise

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THIS IS GOOD. I wanna read more. *puppy eyes* Please post more. Please.
ok thanks i promise ill post some in a couple hours :)
this sounds good! please post soon
It sounds likw it would be a good story. Plz keep me updated.
chapter 1 Bpov

I woke up to sound of my alarm clock blasting tick-tock. I got up and walked to the window to see, and feel the sun warmng my skin. I loved the heat i loved Phoniex, Arziona, i loved my life. I could hear my mom trying to cook i decided to dress in some faded blue jeans and a light blue shirt i looked at myself in the mirror i was paler then most people who live in Arizona.

I had shoulder length brown hair that in the sun looked like i had red highlights, i had choclate brown eyes.I wouldnt say i was ugly but i wouldnt say i was pretty either. I walked down to the kitchen and smelled burnt pop tarts how you could burn them i dont know i walked in to see black smoke coming from the toaster and mom with a bowl of water about to pour it on the toaster thats still pluged in.

"MOM!" i scream! running at her and tripping a long the way. She puts the bowl down and watches me fix the mess she's caused "what?" i roll my eyes at her and ask "are you trying to kill us or just burn the house down" i say sarcasticlly she washes the bowl in the sink and looks at me "neither i was tryng to keep us alive."

my mom was just like a teenager and i was the parent but i oved her to death. I rolled my eyes "well if you dont mind im gonna go hang with jake try not to burn the house down till i get back please" i laughed this should be the other ay round. She joined me and waved me off "don't worry i'll just read a good book and order some food if i get hungry tell jake i said hi" she smiled.

I will i said walking to my moms brand new ocean blue bug an drove to jake's house.~~~~ After about 30 minutes i was knocking on his door he answered after a couple seconds as soon as he seen it was me he pulled me to him a kissed me so sweetly i pulled away. "Its nice to see you to" he was the best boyfriend ever. he pulled me into the house "Mom says hey" he smiles at me and nods "i havent seen her in a couple days."

i laugh remembering todays events "shes the same as ever trust me don't even ask" i said as i seen the look he gave me he laughed. we spent the whole day toghther. After a while i left i kept having this feeling that something was wrong and i needed to get home so i left him with a good-bye kiss.

as soon as i got home i stomach was in knots. I couldnt help but feel like something was wrong like a part of me had died. as soon as i parked the car i ran to the door and i suddenly had the feeling i wasnt gonna lke what i was about to seei stopped "mom" i called. i walked to the den in the house to see somethin that made my stomah hit the floor.

"MOM!!" i screamed holding onto my heart as if it was about to explode i ran over to her feeling my salty teers run down my cheeks i felt like someone just knocked the breath out of me i seen my mom on the floor laying in blood her throart still bleeding i feel to my knees in front of me "MOM" i screamed she wasnt breathing I knew that much. "Mom please....dont leave me please....dont" i was the one saying it and i barley understanding myself.

I called the police and told them something happened my mom was dead they were here after a couple minutes but to me it felt like a lifetime and i layed there next to her i refused to leave her side but i was forced i fought to stay screaming, kicking, anythnig i thought would work but they still got me away from her i cried so much i was suprized i still had tears i felt like my heart had been ripped out and stomped on then put back in the floor below me had collapsed.

I didn't know what was going on arund me anymore its been 3 weeks since my mom was killed i was livng wth my aunt rose i was getting ready for skool putting on the first thing my hands touched. and go in my mom's old bug and went to school. Today ws going to be a long day

what do you think should i continue or stop????
did you like it ?????
do you want anything happen ith the breakup????
i hope you enjoyed it i tried to make i long.....:)
I LUVE IT!!!!!!!!
thanks ill have more up tonight and if not i will have more up tommrow :)
Continue and update me please!
I think u should continue
luv it
that was great
want more
then what happens?
chapter 2 Bpov

I pulled into the schools parking lot beside jacob he was talking to my best friend lizzie we've known each other since 5th grade when we had to be partners on a project and we have been best frends ever since. She was a dirty blonde a happy personality she could make you laugh at anything.Just as I got out of the car they stoped talking and she said "hey how are you doing" i looked at her

i've got this down i might be smileing on the outside but I'm crying on the inside and nobody knows it but me.So i smile the biggest fake smile and say "I'm fine getting better with each passing day" she smiles so does jake they both believe me. how could they believe te biggest lie. Sometimes all want is for someone to hug me and see through all this. All these lie's ....but then again i dont even want the attention i have now.

The bell rings "we better get to class" i leave them behind like i've been doing for the past 3 weeks. i go to class to class intill lunch i see jacob and lizzie like they were this morning close but tring to keep a distance were they couldnt be jake wouldn't cheat on me he's not that type. I walk over to them acting fake again "hey guys whats up" i ask sitting down infront of jake.

"lizzie looks at me nothing me and jacob were just talking about this party tonight you coming?" she asked
i acted like i thought about it when even i knew the answer as soon as it was ut of her mouth. "No i cant i have to study for some tests" i said as if i was sad "that sucks" lizzie said but she sounded....happy? why

She always beged me to go to partys. Did sh know i was actually sad? Did she think it was to soon for makeing me do things like party? That must be it she thinks its to soon. Before i knew it lunch was over and off to class i went the day passed in a blur. The next thing i knew i was home and in my room. My aunt was asleep in her room.

I was getting ready for the party i don't know why but i felt like i had to go lie someting would answer my questions. so i put on a midnight knee length strapless dress it hugged my body it made me look almost beautiful.i sneaked out of the house and drve off nto the night to tanya's house party.

I walked through the door and walked around looking for jake or lzzie after a couple trips aroud the house i seen trevor he was lizzie's ex-boyfriend i walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder he looked suprized to see me "Have you seen lizzie!!!" i screamed at the top of my lungs.

he thouht for a minute "yea i seen her go up stairs with jacob why?" i looked around "I was just wondering thanks trevor" he nodded. i was walkin up the stairs openng every door calling both their names. There was only one door i haven't opened yet and i was about to jst walk off decidng they went back downstaires. when i walked besde it heard something wish i didnt i heard lzzie moaning jakes name.

i opened the door to see jake and lzzie makeing love..i gasped "how could you" he jumped off the bed grabbing at is clothes on the floor "It's not what it looks like Bella" i was getting angry "nothing is ever good enough for you." i was crying now "I'm sorry i'm not pretty enough for you!!" i ran out of the room hearing jacob screaming at me to stop. But i still ran. Ran to my car and drove home.

my aunt was up an watching tv. she looked back at me "were have you been?" I kept walking "somewhere... um im gonna move to forks to live with charlie we've been talking here lately and he said he wants to see me" she turned back to the tv."Go ahead im sure it would be good for you" yea i thought weather that shows how i feel here lately the sun just doesnt have the same feeling anymore.

So i packed i had the tickets ready i called charlie telling him i was coming he was happy. Already getting me inrolled in Forks high and a car to drive i was on my way to the airport leaving my old life behind.

What do you think do you like or hate??
i know it's short but they'll start getting longer trust me
i just want to make sure people really like it
i hope you enjoyed it!!!!
;love it and could u plz update me when u posr more?!!!!!!!!!!!!?
thanks guys this means so much to me just check everyday im sure there will be a chapter or 2 im a quick writer i hope i dont bore any of you


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