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I wasn't planing on falling in love with you ( a Edward & Bella story )


ok i had another story but i dont think its very good and i wrote t poorly as well so i desided i would write another story so this story is bout bella......

Bella Swan a sweet 17 year old girl she has the perfect life, perfect family,and perfect boyfriend well what happens when her life gets turned upside down? what happens when her mom  gets killed?her boyfriend cheats on her and leaves her broken hearted? what will happen when she moves to forks and meets Edward Cullen? and find out



please read if somebody tells me to write it ill have a post up in a hour promise

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I would love some help could you message me and mabe give me a few ideas on what i could do, or what could mabe happen? id really love the help emma judith McKeran

this is awesome!!!! :D


more more more more more more more more more more!!!!

do you think you are going to continue!?!




ok guys im so sorry i havent been able to write ive been busy but this weekend im going to be posting for both stories my computers been broke and i just got it fixed again im so aorry but i will have chapters up for both stories by this weekend

hey I'm a new reader I just LOVE you're story it's soooo amazing plz plz plz keep me updated plz .....
i love it soooooo much
post some move i luv it
hey izzy...i absolutely LOVE this story!! u have 2 update really really really soon...pppllleeeaassee!! =)

i loove this soo much(:


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