The Twilight Saga

A/N The Cullens and the Wolves are invited to the Volturi castle for a ball...


Prologue: What happens when I fall in love with a Volturi Soldier?

Chapter 1 Invite  (Jacob's POV)


"Jacob, this concerns your pack that's why we asked you guys to come... We got a letter from Aro, he wants us to come to a ball in Volterra, and he wants us to bring the La Push wolf pack with the leader Jacob. The ball is in 5 days, so we need your answer if you guys want to go or not." Carlisle said, as I looked at my pack, Leah said no and so did Quil, but Seth, and Embry really wanted to go.


"Okay, Seth, Embry, and myself will go."


"Deal, Alice will be packing out clothes unfortunately, be ready to leave in 4 hours."


"Okay Carlisle, thanks again." He nodded, as I sat down next to Emmett, to watch the football game.



4 Days Later, in Volterra, Italy....


The Cullens, Seth, Embry, and myself arrived to the Volturi castle just in time for the ball to begin; so we sat at a table with the Denali Coven. 5 minutes later Aro came out with his 2 brothers following him, and a person in a dark black cloak.


"Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this very special Ball. Have fun, and just have fun I guess!" Aro then grabbed this person's hand, as they took of it's cloak; I saw it was a girl... A gorgeous girl, (A/N The Girls' Outfit- but what surprised me the most was that once she had her cloak off, Aro put handcuffs on her. I wonder why he did.


"Edward, why did he put handcuffs on that girl?" Esme took the word right out of my mouth.


"She's his most prized possession, once she found out about Carlisle and his diet she told Aro that she wanted to leave, that was almost 100 years ago when she told him that; and she's been starving herself ever since. Aro won't even let her out of the castle..."


"Aro's told me about her, but only a little bit... He said that she's super powerful..."


"She's really hurting right now, like really bad; but I would be too if I have starved myself for 100 years." Jasper said, as the Cullens all agreed; she looked at Edward then, Edward nodded at her; as he got up and went over there to her.


(Edward's POV)


Hey Edward right? My names' Ashley Nova... Can you please help me? I need to get away from Aro, I don't even like him he's a... never mind. But seriously, like ask to dance with me?  I nodded at Ashley, as I got up, as Ashley got back into Aro's arms.


"Aro, may I cut in?"


"Of course my dear Edward." He let me dance with Ashley, as she put her handcuffed arms around my neck, and my hands were at my waist.


"So Ashley, I take it you don't like it here?"


"No one bit... I hate it with a passion, but I have a idea how I'm going to be able to get out of here; I just have to wait a couple more days..." She said with a evil grin on her face. 


"Oh, you mind letting me in on it?" She nodded as she told me her plan.


'Edward why are you dancing with her? Bella's heart broken right now...' Esme said as I looked over to Bella who had a pained expression on her face; Aro looked over at us then. 


"Ashley, why don't you come meet my family?" I winked at her.


"Of course, I'd love to meet them!" She got it then, as I bent down for her to get her handcuffed arms from around my neck; as I led her over to my family.


"Hey guys this is Ashley Nova, Ashley this is my family... That's Bella my mate, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Jacob, Seth, and Embry." Ashley bowed at them, as she sat down in the only open seat, in between Jacob and Carlisle. 


"It's nice to meet you all... Carlisle it's nice to finally meet you."


"Certainly it is Ashley, I've heard a little bit about you from Aro."


"Ew." Ashley said as we all laughed, and the Denali's came back to the table.


"Ashley this is our extended family, the Denali's. That's Tanya, Kate, Garret, Carmen, and Eleazar." Carlisle introduced Ashley as I turned to whisper in my Bella's ear.


"I'm sorry Bells, she asked me to help her, to get her away from Aro, so I did... I'm sorry I didn't ask you if it was okay first." She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and started smiling.


Chapter 2 Evil Plan (Jacob's POV)

"So you guys are the shape-shifters Aro was telling me about?" Ashley turned to me, and she looked me in the eyes, then my whole entire world shifted. All the ties to my pack, my family, my tribe; they were all broke in a millisecond, and they were reattached to Ashley Nova... She wasn't just Ashley anymore, she was my imprint, my soul mate, my world. I was snapped out of my trance by Emmett smacking me upside the head.


"Ow... Yeah Ashley Seth, Embry, and myself are." I smiled, as Bella started giggling at me; but I still think she might be happy because I finally imprinted on somebody.


"Oh crap, Aro's coming, he probably wants to dance aga-" Ashley really must not like Aro. 


"Jake, ask Ashley to dance quick." Alice whispered in my ear getting up to dance with Jasper.


"Ashley would you like to dance with me?"


"I'd love to Jacob." I look her hand, as a new song started from the orchestra; Ashley put her arms around my neck, as my big arms enclosed her tiny body. She started up in my eyes, as I stared down in hers, even though her eyes are black, their still absolutely gorgeous, the black contrasts with her skin perfectly.


(Ashley's POV)


"Aro would like to speak with you." Jane sneered at me, as she basically snubbed Jacob, my mate. I waved at Jacob, as I followed her over to Aro, Caius, and Marcus.


"Goodbye Jane." She was always so noisy. "Okay Ashley, when I passed by you, I touched Jacob; I know he imprinted on you, and by the way you look at him, I can tell you mated with him... So........


A/N Please enjoy! I hope you like it! Please comment!



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post more soon i love it i really want to know if hes letting her go!!!!!!! keep me updated please!!!!!!!!!!!


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will he let her go????????????????

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PS. the name of the story is like i will not in the Breaking Benjamin song?

Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
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FireStar Becky yeah it is... Because Ashley trully will never bow to anyone(: and thanks everyone! I''m going to try to post more in a little bit...

Chapter 3 My Hero (Jake's POV)

When Aro called Ashley over, I went back to sit down with Seth, and Embry; we watched the Cullens dance with their mates; while I couldn't even live with mine.


"ARO! NO!" I saw as 6 guards started dragging Ashley somewhere; I started shaking, the Cullens ran over to me in one instant, as I phased. Blood-suckers ran out of the grand ball room, as I started running towards the guards that were dragging Ashley.


"BELLA, PUT YOUR SHIELD AROUND ASHLEY QUICK!" Edward screamed over the everyone's voice telling me to stop; I didn't listen, as my pack followed me then; the Cullens right after. I was hit with something that made me stop in my tracks, and make me fall into the darkness.


"JAKE!" People screamed, as I fell deeper into the darkness, the only thing I was trying to hold on too was Ashley.


(Ashley's POV)


"Ash, are they okay?" My sister Gabby asked when she was thrown into the dungeon to try to save me; but at least she came prepared, she brought me a extra set of clothes, (A/N Ashley and Gabby's Clothes- and a thing of what smelled like mountain lion blood.


"Yeah, Alec took their senses away, so other then that their fine.. They should be waking up soon." I said, as I looked at my mates face, Jacob is absolutely gorgeous beyond anybody's comparison; I look a LONG swig of the mountain  lion blood, as it cooled the thirst that has been raging in my throat for the past 100 years. Jacob, Seth, and Embry, started coughing, as the Cullens all stood up in a hast, and started growling when they saw Gabby; I stepped in front of my sister, as I growled deeply. "I dare you to hurt my sister." I snarled, as they all looked taken back. 


"Hi guys, I'm Gabby, Ashley's younger blood related sister." Everyone looked shocked, but they waved; I straightened out my crouch, as I listened to see how far a guard was away. One guard was 1,000 yards away from us; so I looked at my hand cuffs they were still around my wrist, and broke them quickly, barely making a sound. They looked surprised at how quickly I broke those hand cuffs; so Emmett tried picking one up, he tried pulling on it, but nothing happened. So he pulled harder, nothing happened, finally he pulled with all his strength, and once again nothing happened.


"Edward, it's time to put that plan to action." I grinned evilly, as he started grinning evilly with me. "Everyone take a couple steps back from me, Bella put the physical shield around everyone but me."


"Why Ashley?"-Jacob.


"Just trust me, I don't want any of you getting hurt."


"Okay Ashley, it's around everyone." I started concentrating, as I closed my eyes, and then the door bursted across the room of the door, with barely more then a little thud; Edward, Jasper, and Carlisle started asking me how I did that when I shushed them.


"Edward, the Cullens, you guys stay here. Gabby and I will take care of everything, she knows my plan; protect yourselves, if the guards start getting too heavy in here, blow on this, and Gabby will come back to help. Bella keep your shield around everyone please, everyone please stay safe, and don't come for me; if I don't come for you guys within the hour, leave me here. I'll probably be dead by then if my plan fails.... Please stay safe, especially you Jacob; please." I said giving a whistle to Jacob.


"ASHLEY DON'T GO!" Jacob almost screamed.


"Jacob I have to, it'll be the only way for me to leave, and for you guys to leave... Please trust Gabby and I." We started giving hugs to everyone; but the last person was Jacob, he looked away from me with tears in his eyes. "Jacob please don't cry, I'll come back for you. I promise." I said, giving him a hug, he hugged me tightly, as he looked me in my black-ish, gold-ish eyes.


"Goodbye." Gabby and I said, as we ran to the grand ball room. I concentrated for a second, and then my wind powers pushed the door down to the floor; as most of the guard was in here, Aro, and Caius looked scared, as I smirked at them.


"Aro be prepared to be taken down..." I snarled, as by instincts I slide into a hunting crouch.


"You will never be able to defeat the Volturi, you haven't fed on anything in over 100 years."


"As far as you know, a**hole."


"Volturi guard, ATTACK!" Gabby and I were then surrounded by guard members......



Chapter 4 YAY! (Edward's POV)


"VOLTURI GUARD ATTACK!" Aro screamed, as we all looked at each other with scared expressions, if Jake looses Ashley he'll be a absolute wreak.


"Oh. My. God. GO ASHLEY AND GABBY!" Alice screamed, as I saw the vision in her head. Gabby and Ashley were ripping apart guard members left and right; but what surprised me most was that Marcus jumped in to help them. I was brought out of the vision, when guard members ran into the room; I pounced on Felix, as we were in a quite a battle... But in the end, I tore him up; as I saw Jacob getting Demetri, we had most of the guard members dead in the next 30 minutes, they were done by the next 10 minutes.


"Holy c**p! Ashley controls the elements, and she can phase into any animal she wants too! Then Gabby is like Alice, she can see the future, but she's also able to only control Earth and Water." We were all surprised, as we heard a pair of foot steps coming down the hall........................


A/N Sorry for another cliffy! Who do you think it is? I hope you like it, and please comment! (:



plz write more this is relly cool :) who was the person walking down the hall :)

awesome chapter!!! love Ashley's powers!!! lol

cant wait to see who walks in!!!


& i love i will not bow ...its one of my favorite breaking Benjamin songs!

Chapter 5 Snuff (Ashley's POV)


Gabby helped me through the corridors, as we turned to go into the dungeon where the Cullens were; we were engulfed by hugs. I winced when Jacob touched a bite mark on my neck, see Jane bit me on the neck, so Gabby got her off of me; as I tore Jane apart. 


"Ashley what's wrong?" I didn't want Jacob noticing that I winced.


"Vampire venom stings, pretty bad..." I said, as I hugged everyone else.


"Ashley why did Marcus jump in to help you?" Carlisle questioned.


"Marcus knew my plan, he's the only one that has sort of a pure heart; so I made him the new leader of the Volturi, and if Aro or anybody else steps out of line, I'll come back and kill them personally." Everyone started laughing. "Come on, let's get out of here." I said as I put my arm over Gabby's shoulders again, as I began limping to the cars; we were only 5 feet from the door when I felt big warm arms pick me up. "Can I help you?" I laughed.


"You were having trouble so I decided to help you." I guess I'll stay here then, besides Jacob's arms are pretty comfy, we walked out to where all the cars were, as Gabby grabbed my keys to my truck of the hook.


"Would you guys mind riding in the bed of the truck? There's not a lot of room in the cab." Gabby asked, as all the Cullens' nodded, Jacob got in the back seat of the cab with me laying my head on his lap; and with Gabby in the front seat with Seth.


"So Gabby, how come Ashley was limping?"


"A coward guard named Alec bit her on her leg; so she can't walk that well..." She explained as we drove to the air port.



Chapter 6 A New Life (Jacob's POV)


We're now on a plane back to the United States, we're in first class, so Ashley had the window seat; while I sat next to her.


"You know, I've never been to the United States before... I was born and raised in early Italian times, almost 300 years ago now, and Aro found me when it was my 17th birthday; he changed me and Gabby... Gabby's only 16 too, I felt so bad that she couldn't live her life as a human."


"So it looks like we'll have a lot to teach you then? Yes Ashley, you are already apart of the Cullen Coven along with Gabby." Alice smiled as she looked over her seat with Jasper, yay! Ashley and I will hopefully be together forever...


"Not Gabby, she grew up in the United States with our dad's side of the family, but she came back to Italy for my 17th birthday party, and then that's when she was changed." Ashley explained, as she took another swig of the mountain lion blood; wow I cannot believe I imprinted on a blood sucker. My dad probably won't be happy about that....


"ALICE! We have to have a party for Ashley, it's her 300th birthday party for her in 2 days..." I heard Gabby whisper to Alice.


"Gabriela Alice Nova, and Alice Cullen, you throw a birthday party for me, I will burn you."


"Ah Ash, so scary." Gabby said sarcastically, as Ashley flipped her off.


"So Ashley, what kind of music do you like?" I questioned turning to her.


"Huh, that's the one thing Aro actually let me do was listen to music... Hm everything pretty much, but I don't like most country, but Punk Rock is my favorite." She smiled at me, I kept staring at her eyes though, they started changing from the black-ish gold, to a bright white color. "Well Gabby, I guess my eyes are back!" Everyone turned to stare at Ashley, as they gasped at her bright white eyes. "To answer your questions about my eyes, I was born with white eyes, I don't know why; but they stayed that way when I was changed. They change color with whatever element I decide to control." She explained.


"Wow that's something....." Everyone said at the same time laughing.


"So what kind of music do you like?" She said as I turned back to her.


"Same as you, but rock is my favorite."


"Cool... So do you like to work on cars?" She asked me as I nodded enthusiastically. "Me too. That truck I had back there, I built it by myself." I gave her a high five, and that's how the whole trip went when I didn't go to sleep; I fully got to know Ashley Nova, and I think I'm falling more in love with her..................................................................



a/n sorry it's so short -.- But I feel liike my stomach's getting squished=/ So please enjoy, and comment! ")

i loves it! especially mahh name! =D lol ♫ ♥. hehe :D


hahaha why? And Gabby Clearwater ♫ ♥ update your freaking stories!


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