The Twilight Saga

I will reead fan fictions I only neeed








it dosen't matter what it's about and it may take me some time to rad it but  i will read all of them and tell you guys what I think

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Diary of A Newborn Vampire:
Memory Forever:
Seventh Grade Drama:

I have a couple more, but I don't want to overwhelm you! Please comment on their pages! THANX!
All of your stories are great
Hi can you actaully read 3 for me . It would be great ! Thanks .
Beautiful Monster
Ice Cream ( A Jacob & Nessie Story )
Desperate for You
Thanks so much ! Hope you like them all ! :)
Powerful in Love- This is my first fanfiction! :
Hey the link isn't working
this isn't my fan fiction but its 1 that i like 2 read its called friendly desires

heres the link-
MIDNIGHT STARSHINE- This is my first fanfiction,please leave a comment on the page!
Hey and if you can read me it would be greeat
thanks a lot


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