The Twilight Saga

Brooke Calvin is a complete twihard and has been every since she has read the first book. When she wishes on her new present, a "magical necklace", to be in the Twilight saga, she doesn't expect it to come true. But that all changes when she wakes up in Twilight the next morning. With knowing everything about everything and what is going to happen next, she changes things. But, what will she change?




I have given much thought to how I would die

before, but I never imagined it like this.

     I starred across the long room, into the dark eyes

 of the hunter as he looked pleasantly back to me.

     I knew what was going to happen next. He would

kill the hunter and we would all me safe, including

me. But I had the feeling that I really was going to

die, right there.

     Though it was a good way to die, in the place of

someone else, someone I cared about deeply. That

has to count for something.

     I knew that if I never accepted that gift, I wouldn’t

 be facing death now. But, as scared as I was, I could

not myself to regret my choice. When life offers you

 a dream so far beyond your expectations, it’s not

reasonable to sorrow when it comes to an end.

     The hunter smiled in a friendly way as he walked

forward to kill me, I think.

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Date: May 20th, 2012
“Happy Birthday, Brooke!” my best friend said coming at me with a hug.
“Umm...thanks?” while with a huge grin on my face.
It was May 20th, my 17th birthday; 17 is my lucky number actually. At 17 months old, my mom asked me what scratch ticket to get and the one I picked, or pointed to, was a 500,000 dollar winner. When I auditioned for the school plays, I found out at the 17th hour of the day (or 5 pm) that I got the lead. I got my first boyfriend from advice from Seventeen magazines! So, I was excited about this one.
“I got you a gift, but you will have to wait til your birthday party.” My best friend, Chloe, cheered as we walked to homeroom.
The day was actually great. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, said happy birthday to me. I wasn’t popular, so it was a surprise to me. I even blushed big time when the handsomest guy in the entire school welcomed me about my special day. I had no idea of why this was happening though I liked it. When I walked back home with Chloe, I saw that my house had no lights on. Either the power went off or...
“Is this party a surprise party?” I asked turning to Chloe.
“Yes,” she said smiling guiltily, “Please act like you’re surprised.”
“Ok, but you have to give me an iTunes card as soon as you can.” I love music., it helps me through anything.
“Fine,” Chloe said as we walked to the front door.
I opened the door and turned on the lights.
“SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!” all my friends and family yelled.
“Oh my god! Thank you!” Even though I was in plays, I still wasn’t a great actor and every there could see that. I all toke a glare at each other to see who told me about this. My mother looked around uncomfortable and decided to change the subject.
“Ok, Everybody in the kitchen for the cake and ice cream!” My mom told everyone.
Almost everyone ran to the kitchen in a hurry so much that they couldn’t go through the door. I laughed and then started to walk towards the kitchen. The party was very enjoyable and fun. Everyone that I wanted there was; family, friends, and everyone else that was important to me included.
“Thanks for coming,” I said to everyone, while they walked to the door.
It was only 7pm, but it was a school night. I can’t argue with that. I took all my gifts upstairs to my room while the rest of my family left. I walked in the door and saw my great grandma looking around in my room.
“Great grandma, were you in here the whole time?” I asked a little creped out. I was sure that I locked the door.
“Well I was waiting until everyone left to give you my present.” She answered very calmly.
I put my gifts in the corner of my room and sat down on my bed with her. She handed me a little black box with a white ribbon on it. I toke off the ribbon and opened to find something that stunned my eyes. A beautiful necklace that had a large oval emerald gemstone with a silver edge around the end of the silver chain.
“It’s a family tradition to pass down this necklace to the youngest daughter.” By grandma spoke, “Your grandmother passed away before I was able to,” her face frowned and I did as well as I remembered the day I found that out. She continued, “Your father was an only child and I couldn’t pass it down to him, of course. I asked your mother on her first birthday your parents married. But she declined.” Why the hell would she NOT want this?!?!
“Well, I love it. Thank you.” I thanked giving her a hug.
“Now, remember. You have to wear it every day. If there is a full moon out, you can make a wish. But you can only do this once.” She said when putting it around my neck. I nodded.
“Why don’t you visit more often? We only see you like one time every few years.”
“It’s...complicated. I’ll tell you why one day.”
“Alright.” I settled bitterly.
She nodded her head and looked around the room for a few split seconds for her eyes to land on my many twilight posters, Bella and Edward’s from the first one to be specific.
“When is that last Twilight movie coming out?”
“Next month. I can’t believe this is the last movie.” I signed in sadness, “I wish I just experience the story. That would be amazing.”
“Well, you could.”
“What do you mean?”
“I have to go. There is going to be traffic and airplane tickets are not refundable.” She said as she started to walk out my bedroom door.
“Ok. Bye grandma! Thank you for the wonderful gift!” I called as she walked out the door.
I shut my door and got out my homework, stupid homework.
10:24 pm...
"And he leaned down to press his cold lips once more to my throat"

It never gets old, I thought as I put the book away.
This was the 6th time I have read the first Twilight book and I still love reading what happens. I placed the book back in its slot on my shelf and walked in the bathroom to do my usual routine: take a shower, dry off and put on my pajamas… and so on and so on. I still can't believe, after reading them so many times, of what has happened in this series. Edward is a vegetarian vampire, Jacob is a Werewolf, Bella gets pregnant, how Alice loves to dress Bella up; that part always amuses me. Before I left the bathroom, I took a look at myself in the mirror. My necklace actually looks great with my light brown hair, I’m a little surprised. The necklace is so unbelievably beautiful and it looks good with like me, an average girl? After I finished in the bathroom, I walked to my room quietly. I didn’t want to wake my parents up. I looked outside my window; I noticed there was full moon and looked at my necklace. Wouldn't it be cool if I lived in that world? Live in Forks...See the Cullens with my eyes...Meet Edward.
I wish I could live in the world of Twilight, I thought to myself. But I know that is never going to happen. No matter how many times I wish for it to happen. I tucked myself in bed and turned the lights out. I closed my eyes to drift to sleep minutes later.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 1 - Awakened

Ok, ok, ch-ch-check it out!
I woke up to the sound of my radio alarm, which was playing “Run it” by Chris Brown. This song is soo old, why would they be playing this? I signed. I sat up on my bed and opened my eyes to find something that scared me to death. This wasn’t my room, everything is different. The color, the placement, it’s all different! All my stuff was there, but it was like I was in a different house. My mouth dropped at the thought of it and I let out a scream. I heard someone running up the stairs and I held my breath. My dad kicked the door open, with a bat in his hands looking like he was going to kill someone. I started breathing again knowing it was just my dad.
“Brooke? Was that you? What’s wrong?” asking as the words rushed from his mouth.
Before I said what I was going to say, I realized that my alarm was still going on. I turned the radio off and realized something else; this kind of looks likes Bella’s room in the movie, weird.
“Where are we? Why aren’t we in Springfield? What’s going on? ” I said eagerly.
“You should tell me, you’re the one that screamed.”
“Please answer the questions.” He put the bat down and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Ok… We are in Forks, Washington and your starting your first day of Forks High School today.”
“Were in Forks?”
“Yes…..did you use too much hair dye last night? Cause that stuff makes you weird sometimes.”
“What? No!” I said angrily. “Where’s mom?”
“She’s in Springfield, with John.”
I was in shock. John? Who the hell is John?!
“Yeah, your step-father?”
Step-father? That means divorce. I can’t believe this. Last Night my parents were so in love. Now, their divorced and my mom is already married? God, this is messed up.
“Wait, you guys got a divorce?” I said hardly.
“Maybe I should call a doctor…”
Oh Crap, I need to shut up! Ok… if I ask any more “stupid” questions, he is going to think I lost my memory, or something, and send me to a doctor.
“No,” I took a deep breath to think of what I could say, “I screamed because I had a bad dream. I was asking those questions because I’m tired, I forget some things until I’m fully awake.”
“Oh,” my dad understood my lies, I could tell.
“Well,” he continued after a sign, “Get ready, you don’t want to be late for your first day of school.”
“Ok, I’ll be down in 20 minutes.”
My dad shut the door and I was immediately flipping out. I didn’t make any noise, just freaking out in my head. I then got my phone out. Actually, it wasn’t even my phone; it looks like 7 years old. I flipped it open to look for the date. I finally found it and it said: January 18th2005, 6:03 am. I sat there still in my bed, in shock. Am I really in Twilight? Did my wish actually come true? The necklace was magical? I looked down to see my necklace was still on my neck. I didn’t want to look at it and tugged it to come off. But it wouldn’t. I pulled really tight and it still wouldn’t come off. What was wrong with this thing?! I looked at my cell number and it was 6:14 am. I then rushed to the bathroom with my clothes to get ready fast.
10 minutes later, I came out all ready, nothing that special on. If I was going to live in Twilight, I couldn’t do anything to cause attention. I don’t want to do anything that might change the story. I ran downstairs and grabbed my bag.
“Brooke, relax. Eat something at least.” My dad convinced me and I sat down. I need to eat something to help me through the day.
My dad placed a bowl of coco pebbles on the table and I ate some. What? I like the cereal.
I asked questions, not stupid ones. Ones about why were are living in Forks and stuff like that. Just in cause, I told him that I don’t listen to him sometimes. This was a lie, because I have perfect hearing. He told me that he is old friends with Charlie Swan, the chief of police here. He got my dad a really great job in Forks as a cop, since my dad used to be a cop. He found a good new nice house here. I moved here with him because I wasn’t getting anywhere in my town and felt that maybe a new place will do me better.
“Sooo, dad? Does Charlie have any children?”
“I knew that I forgot to tell you something! Yes, her name’s Bella and actually she’s the same age as you. In fact, she is starting school today too! Isn’t that just amazing?” My dad’s face was smiling the whole time as his face lit up in glee.
“Yea…” I said with less enthusiasm than I should have had. I continued eating my cereal.
I should have been happy because I was probably going to meet the real Bella Swan and people don’t get this chance like I do. But, what if I mess things up? I could never live with myself if I messed up a world-wide cultural phenomenon.
“I have to go dad. I don’t want to be late,” I yelled as I walked outside with my bag, car keys and phone.
I walked outside and saw a police car and black motorcycle? The motorcycle was in great shape, it looked brand new. With how perfect it looks, you could tell. The cop car would obviously be my dad’s, so that would probably mean that the motorcycle is mine. But, I don’t ride a motorcycle.
“Do you like it?” My dad asked from behind me, “Charlie knows some people that can get cheap vehicles. But I thought the motorcycle was more like you compared to the cars.”
Wow? That was all I could come up with?
“Thanks, dad. I love it.”
“I had a feeling you would.”
I putted out the directions for the school my dad gave me this morning. It wasn’t hard to get to the high school, it actually only toke 5 minutes. The school was exactly like it was in the movie, ok. Since it took me so quick to get here, I was pretty early. I parked in front of another building, far away from the front office. Walking far from the office kills time better than sitting on my motorcycle. I walked through the halls and fell upon the main office. I walked inside and stood at the counter.
A red haired woman turned around, “Hello, are you new here?” she asked.
“Yea, how did you know?” I asked, wondering why for some reason.
She raised a smile on her face.
“Dear, I have never seen you here or in town and besides, you don’t look like someone’s parent” she replied, along with a laugh; I smiled in return.
“Now are you Brooke or Isabella?” she said while looking for something through a stack of papers.
“Brooke”, I answered calmly.
Bella must not be here yet, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked if I were Bella or Brooke. Besides, I barley saw anyone’s car. The one’s I saw were probably the teacher’s. The woman pulled out a bunch of papers and gave them to me. She showed me what papers were what and where each class was. The door let out a small screech; I looked to see who it was. It was Bella Swan.
“I’ll be with you in a minute, dear” the woman said, looking in the direction of Bella’s.
Bella and I took a quick glance at each other. Knowing that she just wants to be invisible (like she said in the book), I looked away. I knew every single thing about her, yet she has never even seen me in her entire life.
She continued with the papers, “Get this slip signed by your teachers and come back here at the end of the day.” She explained, still with the smile on her face.
I nodded, toke my papers and started to walk to the door. I took a hard look of Bella, as her back facing me, waiting at the counter.
“I’m Bella Swan,” she said as I walked out the door.
I pulled out a piece of paper that had my locker combination and started to search for my locker. People started to show up in the hallways and I felt slightly uncomfortable. First of all, I was in a new school. Second of all, I was in the in Twilight, I think. Third, I was a shy person, so I’m not really a people person. I finally found my locker after 10 minutes. I did the combinations to open it, put my backpack and other stuff in. I stood at my locker and looked at my schedule…
English – Mr. Mason
Government – Mr. Jefferson
Trigonometry – Mr. Varner
Spanish – Ms. Palmer
Biology 2 – Mr. Banner
P.E. – Mr. Clapp
Wait, isn’t this Bella’s schedule? I promised myself that I wouldn’t interfere with the story and I’m keeping that promise. But by the time I get to the main office and back to the class, 1st period will be half over and I will get in trouble. Ok, at the end of the day I will tell the woman at the office that I got the wrong one and problem will be solved. This means, for today, I will have classes with Jessica, Mike, Eric, Angela, and………Edward.
I have nothing against Edward. It’s just…what if I end up sitting next to him? Or I end up having a conversation with him? Oh my god, what would I say?! Edward is actually my favorite character. So, technically I’m on Team Edward; which makes it worse.
I need to calm down. I take a deep breath and started to walk to English. On my way to class, I bumped into someone by accident and fell.
“Sorry, need a hand?” said a very familiar voice.
I looked up and I was in shock, a little. Holding out their hand, the very own, Mike Newton.
What do I do?! What do I do?! What do I do?! I can’t interfere, but I can’t just walk away and be a jerk. I have to live in this town. I toke a risk and did what I probably had to do.
“Are you new here?” he asked me with a puzzled look on his face. I put myself together and looked at him. He looks exactly like he does in the movie. But it was still Mike.
“Umm, yea. It’s my first day,” trying to sound calm.
Mike looked down to see my schedule in my hand.
“Can I see?” He asked looking at my schedule.
I gave him my schedule. He looked them for a minute and then his face fell a little. Probably because we only have one class together, thank god for that. He gave me my schedule back and put his away.
“We only have gym together, but at least we will see each other a few times a day.” Mike said.
“A few times?”
“Yeah, Gym and Lunch, Right?”
I was frozen for a second, but I shook my head yes. Mike let out a small smile.
“Can I walk you to English?”
“Sure...” I trailed off.
My classes were….well… uncomfortable. Well, would you feel that way if you met people that you didn’t think that existed? I met Eric and Jessica and all those other people. Jessica is actually nicer than Bella says in the book…
Throughout the classes, I tried to concentrate, but I just...couldn’t! I had too many questions in my head. Why am I in Forks? Why couldn’t I find any of my Twilight stuff? Why do I have classes with fictional characters? But I knew that I was going to get my classes change at the end of the day. This was the only thing that got me through the classes. But that was not going to help me why I’m here.
It was lunch time and I knew I had to sit with Mike and everyone else, I said I would. Besides, who else am I going to sit with? Everyone was there that I knew was there….including Bella. I saw her at the table. Maybe I should sit somewhere else….no, I can’t be a chicken. I walked to the table, with some confidence, and sat across from Bella. Why? I don’t know why.
“Hey, Brooke’s here!” Eric basically announced, to the whole cafeteria.
People looked our way and I laughed a little. I ignored everyone, except Bella. I needed to know if me being here has changed anything.
“Hi, you’re Bella, right? I never got your name. I’m kind of new.” I said, eagerly for her reaction.
“Um, yes. Your new here?” She looked puzzled and slightly uncomfortable.
“Yea, are you?”
“That is good actually, at least I know someone here that’s like me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well… one, we are both new. Two, we are both females. And three, are dads know each other.” I said looking down and then back up.
Bella’s attention was grabbed on from the last one I was guessing. She looked confused for a minute.
“You’re Brooke?”
“Yeah, but we don’t have to hang out because our dads know each other…” I smiled and looked down.

“No,” shaking her head, “It would be nice know someone out of school.” She said and turned back to her food.
Bella seems the same as she does in I toke a reality check to realize of what I just did. I just had a conversation Bella Swan, Wow. I picked up an apple and started to eat it. Before I took a bite of my apple, I saw Bella looking at something and looked to see what it was. I put the apple down and stared of what I just saw. The Cullens.
They all looked like they did in the movie (of course) but there was something different about them; probably because I was looking at them with my own eyes for the first time in my life. I toke a glance of Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and my eyes fell on Edward.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 2 - Dream

Edward was more like the book’s version than what they passed in the movie. There were no words to really describe Edward, his features were perfect. His hair was a bronze like color and his eyes were a deep golden color. His body was slender, slightly muscular, and the color of his skin was very pale, vampire expected skin color. I a certain, he did look a little like Robert Pattinson. Nevertheless, this was the real Edward. Bella turned away to Jessica and I knew what they were talking about; everything about the Cullens that Jessica knew about them. I didn’t really care though; I just wanted to look at Edward as long as I could, since I have never of have the chance to look at the real him. Edward then turned to me and saw me staring at him. I stared at him still. He looked at me and I’m guessing that he’s reading my mind.
Wait… Can he read my mind? He probably could. I hope he didn’t hear what I said about his skin…
He sat there staring back at me for a few minutes and then got up from his chair to leave. I realized after that the cafeteria was almost empty and I threw away my lunch to rush to biology. Because I have Bella’s classes, I was going to be in the same class as Edward, sitting next to him. I walked in class right before the bell rang. I automatically saw Edward sitting in his seat, with his eyes as black as they could get to my surprise. Then I saw the seat next to it, empty. I got nervous, although I was able to mange to walk to the teacher and gave him the slip to sign. Edward immediately covered his mouth like he smelled something disgusting. I looked behind me and saw the heater blowing my scent in Edward’s direction.
I had two words: Oh God. I knew exactly what this meant.
“Brooke,” the teacher said, “I have a seat right here,” showing with his hand the seat next to Edward.
I placed my books on the desk and sat in my seat. Edward moved his position to the very edge of the chair with his hands clenched into fists. To make matters better, I tried to put my hair in a ponytail to that make the class easier for him. But when I finally put my hair up, he flinched and started to slightly look away. That was a sign, I’m guessing, that it would only make it worse; so I left my hair down. For the entire class, he never moved from his stiff position. I knew he wasn’t breathing; He was trying to not smell me. He had hatred in his eyes, still ever so black. I felt so bad, but not pity, the entire class. If I was him, I wouldn’t have wanted someone that smells like me sitting to them. I also felt worried, because sitting next to Edward and smelling like Bella is definitely a bad thing.
I sat here for the whole class trying to pay attention. But instead of rumbling a million questions in my head, I was thinking of Edward. I just wanted to go away and not put him through this, dealing with someone you want kill so badly. The only question I had in my head was….why do I smell like Bella?
The bell rang and I relaxed in relief knowing the class was over. Edward swiftly left from his seat before anyone else could. I closed my books and left class as well. That was the worst class of my life; it was horrible. I was going to wait until the end of the day to which my schedule. But after that… I have to do it now.
“Hey, Brooke!” Mike called walking behind me. I turned around to face him.
“Hi Mike.” I really don’t have time for this.
“Isn’t this great? It turns out we have more classes than I thought.
“Yea, it is.”
“So, do you want me to walk you to P.E?” Mike asked hopeful.
“I would, but I have to go the office to fix something,” saying as I started to walk away.
“I could walk you…”
“No,” I interrupted, “I will only take 5 minutes. Anyway, you would be late to class.”
He looked sad for a moment, “Alright. Well, I’ll see you in Gym.”
“Ok,” I called as I quickly walked towards to the front office. When I arrived to the office, I went directly to the woman at the desk.
“Hello, dear, weren’t you supposed to come here at the end of the day? She said lost.
“I was but I need to change my schedule.”
“Oh, why?”
“These classes,” I said as I pulled out my schedule out, “aren’t working out for me. Could you switch them with the other new girl, Isabella?” That was the only way to put everything on track again.
“I’m sorry but you will have to ask her.” My face fell; Bella will probably wonder why and I would need to try to come up with something. I’ll try convincing her change it later.
“Well, could you put me in a different biology class at least?”
“I will check, dear.” She said as she looked through the computer.
I turned around to wait and froze as I saw the presence of Edward. He was standing against the wall, with hatred still in his eyes. How long was he here? I thought thinking about the situation.
“I’m sorry,” I turned back to her alert, “all our classes are full. If you tell us why you want to change your schedule, we’ll be happy to…”
“No.” I interrupted her. I didn’t have enough time to argue with her, especially with Edward behind me.
“I will just deal with it. Thank you for your help.”
I took my stuff and turned around. He was still there, in the exact same position as before. I walked to the door but stopped there; our eyes meet. We were a good, or should I say bad, four inches away from each other. We took a quick glance at each other and then I ran out the door and rushed to not be late to my last class. I got there just in time and Mr. Clapp handed me my uniform. He said I didn’t have to play, but I wanted to. They were playing volleyball and I was good at it. I would also take my mind off of things.
It wasn’t my best game. Like all my other classes, my mind was still distracted. I was thinking about if Edward was there the whole time, listening of what I was asking of. The final bell rang and I changed, got my books, and walked to my locker. I walked outside with all my belonging quickly. There was a cold breeze outside, which I expected. I got on my motorcycle and rode to where the front office is. When walking to the office, I noticed Edward’s car wasn’t in its place. I know for a fact that Edward would still be here. I shook my head; I had to meet up with Bella in time before it was too late. I saw Bella about to walk through the front office door, while I was 6 feet from her.
“Bella!” I called, walking to her. She turned her head and stopped in front of the door to wait for me. I eventually got their and thought of how to convince her to change her schedule.
“I need to switch my schedule with you.” Wow, that’s really convincing.
Bella stood there for a second in thought.
“Sure, why?” Bella answered and asked.
I was happy, shocked, and worried. Happy, because there was hope to fix everything. Shocked, because I thought I would take a while for her to say yes. Worried, because I didn’t know how to answer her question.
“Umm,” I quickly thought for a second,”I think that I got your schedule because all my teachers I have had today called me Bella. So I think that we got the wrong ones by accident.”
“Oh, that’s fine then. No problem”
I can’t believe she is ok with this; I would be asking a million questions by now and still be going on.
“Really?” I asked in disbelief
She nodded her head and we walked through the doors. I’m expecting Edward to be there and basically doing what I was doing earlier. But he wasn’t even there. He must have left already; that would explain why his car was not there. We walked to the desk at the same time.
“Hello, ladies. How was your first day?” The woman asked. I really should get her name.
Fine,” Bella responded with a neutral expression.
“It was interesting,” I answered thinking about the day. “I’m sorry; I never got your name.”
“It’s Mrs. Silverstone, dear. Did you girls make it to your classes, alright?” Bella nodded.
“Bella agreed to switch schedules with me, if I can still do that.” I said with satisfaction.
“Are you alright with this?” Mrs. Silverstone asked turning to Bella; she nodded once more.
“Alright,” she breathed, still talking to Bella, “You can go if you wish.”
Bella gave Mrs. Silverstone her slips and schedule; she started heading for the door. But I interrupted her with a call of her name. She stood at the door and looked back to me.
“Thank you; you won’t regret it.” I promised with a warm smile. Bella took a glance with a small smile in return and out the door she was. I turned back to Mrs. Silverstone, who was scanning through the computer for something.
“Well, this is going to be complicated,” she spoke to herself.
”Brooke, I will see what I can do. I just need your slips and schedule and you are free to go.” I pulled them out and placed them on the desk. I gave her a smile and left as she continued on the computer. I got outside and noticed I was the last person here. Wow, people must really want to get out this place. The cold air picked up since I have been outside. So, I ran to my bike; nobody was here to notice. I got on quickly and roared it to life. I drove away, away from this disaster of a day.
My dad’s police car wasn’t home yet. So, I had some time to collect some information. The first thing I did was research Twilight on the internet. Usually if you typed Twilight on Google, you would usually find more than a trillion subjects on the topic. It would take you weeks, maybe months, to find something not about Twilight. But there was not one thing about it. I searched for books, movies, pictures, posters, magazines, anything you can think of really. I searched for about 3 hours and found nothing still.
“Brooke, Supper’s ready!” My dad called from downstairs.
When did he get home? I checked my clock and it was 6:43. I have been on my laptop longer than I thought. I turned off the computer and walked to the kitchen. I found my dad cooking my favorite, white Mac n’ cheese in bread crumbs.
“Hi, Dad. Sorry, I was on the computer researching something.” I apologized.
“It’s ok; it gives me chance to use my cooking skills.” He said, flipping a spatula in the air. Unfortunately, he dropped it on the ground. I giggled to myself and took a seat at the table. He placed a bowl of it on the table for me; he took a bowl for himself and sat with me. I took a bite of it and it good, really good actually.
“Oh my god, dad. When did you learn how to cook like a gourmet’ chef?!?” I was astonished.
He chuckled to himself. “Have always cooked like this. Why do you think I stopped being a cop?”
That explains some things.
”So, how was your first day of school?” My dad asked curious.
“Well. I met Bella and-“
“You did? What do you think of her?” He sounded like he wants me to say something positive about her.
“She is cool. We don’t have any classes together actually. But I sit with her at lunch”
“That’s good,” his face lite up, “I’m sorry, continue.” He toke a sip of his coke and I ate some of my food.
“Well, everyone is very welcoming and polite. I have some classes with a girl named Jessica. A bunch with a boy named Mike. There is also this one class with, um, Edward. All of them seem nice.”
“I don’t really know a lot about the people here. But I haven’t heard of them on our criminal records. So they must be good kids.” He laughed with amusement; I smiled.
We continued our supper in silence. I didn’t have anything to talk about really nor did my dad. We only talk if one of use brings a topic up.
“Have you ever heard of the book series Twilight?” I asked out of the blue. I talked about the topic almost every day when everything is normal. Maybe it will ring a bell to him.
“Never heard of it. Was that what you were researching?” I he got up and put his bowl in the sink. I followed as well.
“Yea, they just started reading it.” I have been lying a lot today. “It’s a like a big cultural phenomenon and supposed to be really popular. But I can’t find anything on the web.”
“That’s weird. If it was that big, you think you find something on it.” He walked in the living room and turned on the TV. He flipped the channel to sports.
“I’m going to do homework then go to bed, Alright?” I said as walking to the stairs.
He didn’t respond. He was too occupied with the game; Typical males.
My feelings for homework were probably the only thing that didn’t change. I hated it with all my soul. But it was easier than usual. There was a lot of information there that I learned in 7th grade. I only toke me a half an hour compared to two hours. Normally I would go to bed at like 11 at night. I liked to stay up late. But I felt tired all of a sudden. So I was probably going to bed in an hour.
I got some PJs out of the closet and I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I toke a shower to calm myself down and relieve some of my stress. I dried off with a towel, put my pajamas on, brushed my teeth and walked casually to my room. I stood near my bed to notice that my necklace was still on me. Maybe this had to do with me being here. I knew by now that I wasn’t on some lame TV show. You never find anyone as beautiful as the Edward I saw today. That and find the actors looking exactly like they did 5 years ago, Every single detail being so accurate, and my dad is not a good actor. That theory was out of the question. I sat on my bed for the hour thinking of what could have happened. I had a lot of theories in mind, and the necklace always came back to me. I signed as I started to feel tired; it was an hour later. I was right surprisingly. I tucked myself in bed at turned out the lights. I fell to sleep instantly.
Brooke’s Dream…
I was in the meadow, Edward and Bella’s meadow in the woods, and I saw my grandmother across the field.
“Brooke…” she talked, fading in sound.
“Grandma? What’s going on?” I said softly.
“Brooke...” she spoke in the same voice. “This is only the beginning.”
“What is Grandma?”
She repeated her words and I started to walk to her. I noticed she was fading away. So I started running to her; I ran as fast as I could. It felt like I was running in place, though. Like I was not moving from the place I was standing.
“Stop.” My grandmother commanded. I stop in an instant.
She pulled out here hand like she was showing me something. I then saw what she was trying to show me. It was me and Edward staring into each other’s eyes across the lovely flowers.
My eyes flashed open. What was that all about? I shook my head and got up to get ready for school.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 3 - Memory

I parked outside of the front office early the next morning. I walked straight to the office with no hesitation. I needed to get the schedule changed. I knew Edward wasn’t going to be in school for a few days, until next Monday actually. I knew by now that I was in Twilight. From what has happened yesterday and the facts from the book, which I knew very well, there was no question about it. So, I didn’t have to worry about him for a while. I walked in the office, up to Mrs. Silverstone; expecting to get a new schedule but…
“I’m sorry; I can’t give you Isabella’s or a new schedule.” She said with pity to me.
My face fell and I didn’t know how to respond.
“Are you sure you can’t-“
“Ms. Calvin,” she interrupted me in a harsh tone,”I have tried very hard to change your schedule because you are new here. I have even talked to the principal about it. So if you want to change it so badly, go to the principal’s office and talk to him.”
She turned away from me and went to another room in frustration. What was her problem? Is she having her period or something? I couldn’t try any longer. First off, I would get in trouble and get called to the principal’s office. Then they would call my dad and I would get grounded. It’s only my second day here; I don’t need to get in trouble now. And I would still not get my schedule changed. I walked out the door to English, with a little of regret in me.
I got to my locker and did the combination to open it. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to find Bella standing in front of me. I was confused.
“Hi, umm, Brooke right?” Bella said.
“I was wondering if I have a new schedule? ‘Cause if I do I need it.”
“Nope. You have the same schedule.” I signed.
“Oh, ok.” Bella walked away.
I shut my locker door and rushed to catch up with Bella.
We walked and talked on the way to my next class; Bella’s class was near mine and that worked out well for me at least. Bella’s schedule was totally different than mine, except for lunch
Biology 2
God that would have been perfect for me.
I only asked basic questions during our walk. She was new like me (sort of) and it would be weird if someone you have just met knew a lot of personal information about yourself. I got to my next class and we went our separate ways. I sat in my seat and class began. I knew I was probably never going to change my schedule. So, I was going to get used to it, whether I liked it or not; But I didn’t like it at all. Edward was going to be gone the rest of the week and I took advantage of this situation.
The rest of the week I decided to live like a normal person. I actually started to pay attention in my classes and I’m doing my homework (which I hate), getting good “B+” averages. Jessica seems friendly, but she annoys me at times. Angela is a cool, very pleasant person to be with, from my perspective. Eric and Tyler are funny, nice buddies and I always end up smiling with them. Bella and I are getting along very well, actually. We have a bunch in common and I have a good feeling about us being friends. It was obvious that Mike had a crush on me. He walked me to class every day during the week and talked to me whenever he got the chance to. I never really got any attention from boys in Springfield. I was very dorky in middle school; glasses, braces, the usual stuff. All those problems were fixed over the summer before freshmen year, but still got no attention from guys. Jessica and Angela were pretty shocked when I told them I never had a boyfriend. I didn’t realize this before, but Bella and I are getting A LOT of attention from the males here. I dropped my books one day and five boys came over. They were picking up all my books, asking if they can walk me to class; it was embarrassing and wicked annoying. Edward was right, the boys here are the children and I’m the shiny new toy. All week, I have been having the same dream I had on my first night in Forks; it’s so bizarre. Is it supposed to mean something or am I just having crazy dreams?
During the weekend, I gathered information about, what is supposed to be, my life. I called my mom to ask for some pictures and my medical records, she answered very upset. She said I was supposed call her when I got home from my first day of school, opps. After I calmed her down and told her everything about Forks, I asked her about the papers and pictures. Immediately, they came in from the fax. All my medical records are no different, except for my birthday: 09/13/86. Wait, that’s Bella’s birthday though. I ignored the strange fact to continue with my research. There was several pictures coming in at once, there was about 200 pictures total! God, when I ask for some pictures, my mom goes on full overboard. But they were helpful. My step-father, John, is a minor football player. He is the same age as my mom; he looks slightly more mature for his age though. I never thought of my mother being with anyone but my dad, especially with an athlete. Despite my thoughts, one picture caught my eye. I was 13, by the look of it, and I was sitting next to a boy that had russet skin and longish hair on a patch of sand. I had no idea of who this was. I walked downstairs and found my dad watching sports. Luckily for me, it just turned to break. I sat next to him on the sofa and showed him the picture.
“What’s this picture about?” I asked, looking at his face.
He toke the picture from my hand and stared at it with a smile across his face.
“You don’t remember?” He asked surprised. I shook my head once.
“When you were 13, me and you went down to Forks to visit Bella’s dad, Charlie. Bella was with her mom during that time and you never got to meet her. We were going to go back home, but then we met Charlie’s friend Billy Black and his children: Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob.”
I was speechless. I already met Jacob?
“So, is that Jacob?” pointing to him, still not clear on the whole thing, I was lying to myself. When he said Jacob, I already knew he was the boy in the picture and what was going on.
“Yes, you guys used to play with each other every day,” My dad continued with a sign following,” Billy is a great guy. I got a chance to see him with Charlie before you came down.”
My mind then flooded with a memory…
”Jacob! Stop!” I shouted, trying to escape from him.
I ran through the ocean waters in laughter. I looked back and saw Jacob running towards me with a huge grin on his face. He finally caught up to me and tackled me to the ground, splashing myself into the water, almost crushing my glasses.
“Jacob, I’m a girl! I don’t wrestle!” laughing while covered in salt water.
Jacob chuckled under his breath, “Sorry.”
He helped me get up. But I tackled him to the ground by surprise. We both fell in the water again and laughed of amusement.
“I thought you don’t wrestle?” Jacob asked getting sand out of his hair.
I laughed “Well, I lied!”I splashed water in his face and ran to the shore.
“Race you back to your place!” I said running to Billy’s.
We finally got back to Billy’s and we sat at the table to eat dinner. After dinner, it was getting dark and we had to leave. It was my last day here and I wish we really could stay longer.
“Well, bye Jacob.” I smiled and held out my hand. Jacob smiled in return.
“Come on, Brooke.” He said holding out his hands like he wanted a hug.
I smiled again and gave him a big hug.
“Bye, Brooke. Your always welcome back here.”
“Alright, bye Jacob.”
I got in my dad’s car. I put my seat beat on as we drove away. I waved to Jacob thru the window and he returned the favor.
My memory ended from there. That was just…wow. How do I remember something like that instantly? I signed and walked upstairs to my room.
I woke up the next morning, after my dream as usual, with a different kind of mood today. It wasn’t a good one or a bad one; it was sort of in between. I checked my calendar and it was January 24th, which is the Monday Edward comes back to school. I didn’t know what I was going to do about this day, not a clue. After I got ready for school, I walked downstairs. I got a piece of toast and walked outside in a hurry.
“Brooke, you really have to slow down more often,” my dad suggested as he walked outside,”Your wheels were getting bald. So I got up early to go get them replaced for you.”
“Oh,” I walked to it and noticed the new tires, “Thanks.” I got on my motorcycle and drove away.
The day pasted by quickly, too quickly actually. It felt like I was only in each class for 10 minutes. I had a quiz on a book that was pretty easy in English and the rest of the day I spent taking notes. After class, we all walked outside to find snow falling from the sky. I wasn’t that happy about this. I don’t really like snow. I could deal with rain, but snow is too much for me. Everyone’s face lighted up with excitement, except for me and Bella. We looked at each other in horror.
“Wow,” Mike said, “It’s snowing.”
“Yeah.” You could tell by my tone that I wasn’t excited like everyone else.
“You don’t like snow?” Mike asked with a surprised look.
“It’s ok. But, I prefer the sun rather than the snow. ”
Mike laughed a quiet laugh. Instantly, he was cut off by a snowball hitting his head. We both turned around. Apparently, it came from Eric. His back faced us as he walked to his wrong class. Mike gathered some snow together and prepared to throw it at Eric. I watched him throw and it hit Eric’s shoulder. Eric turned around with revenge across his face, in a friendly way.
“I will go before I get pummeled with ice,” I said walking to my next class.
At lunch, everyone was playing with the melting snow in their hands. I didn’t see Edward at lunch, sitting with his family. Actually, I didn’t see Edward at lunch period. After lunch, everyone groaned, except Bella and me, when the doors were opened to find the rain melting away all traces of the snow. I pulled my hood over my head, secretly very happy. On the way to biology, Mike was complaining about the snow going away. I, on the other hand, was very satisfied with it. I walked in class and immediately saw Edward sitting in his normal seat again. I stood frozen against the door very nervously for a few short seconds. Like I said this morning, I didn’t know what I was going to do about today, including this class. I walked hastily to the desk, putting my books on the table. I made no eye contact with him, trying to make no conversation.
“Hello,” said a soft musical voice. I raised my head to realize that it came from Edward. He was still far away from my seat, but angled towards me.
“I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself last week. I’m Edward Cullen. You’re Brooke?”
I really didn’t want to start anything, talking to him and getting involved. But there was something about his voice that made me have the urge to reply to his question.
“Yes, that’s my name.”I stated as I turned my head away.
Mr. Banner luckily started the class in time. The slides, which were onion root tip cells, were in the box out of order. We had to identify the phases of mitosis from the microscope. With our partners, we had to separate and label them accordingly to the process. We had 20 minutes to complete it. I have down this lab a ton of times. It would be easy to me.
“Ladies first?” Edward suggested, pushing the microscope with his fist.
“Sure.” I took the microscope to identify the first slide.
“Prophase,” I said with a neutral response.
“Do you mind if I check?” he began to move the microscope, I nodded my head no.
”So, why were you trying to exchange your schedule?” He asked before checking the slide.
I was entirely stuck. I had to make up something; he was waiting for a response.
“Um, I thought I had the wrong classes. But apparently, I was wrong.”
He looked at me, not entirely convinced, “Prophase.”
“Right.” I agreed. Why was I talking to him? I guess my promise of not interfering is going very badly.
He toke out the slide and examined the next one very carefully, “Anaphase,” he said casually.
“May I look?” I asked.
“Sure.” He pushed it towards me again, cautiously not trying to touch my hand.
I look in it to find his guess correct, “Anaphase.”
He wrote the previous slides on the paper and turned to me.
“Did you enjoy the snow while it lasted?” He asked with an enchanted smirk on his face. If I wasn’t trying to act normal, I would have had the biggest smile on my face.
“No,” I answered straight forward, “I don’t like the snow at all. I can deal with rain, but… no. Not the snow, too cold for me.”
I put in the third slide and looked through it, “Metaphase.”
He took it once more and looked through it. He wrote the answer down on the paper.
“Then why did you move here?” Looking back into my direction.
“It’s difficult to explain.”
“I’m sure it isn’t that hard to comprehend,” he pressed.
Well, technically, Edward, I didn’t move here. I wished on a necklace to come here and now I’m talking to you, a vampire! I thought sarcastically.
“My mom remarried and I came to live here with my dad.” That’s all I could really give him.
“You don’t like then guy?” he asked with a kind tone.
“No, there is nothing wrong with John. A little too mature, but nothing so bad that would make me leave.”
Mr. Banner came over to see us finished with the lab, “Edward, did you let Brooke try to indentify some the slides?”
Edward raised his head, “Actually, Mr. Banner, Brooke identified most of the phases on her own.”
Mr. Banner then turned to me, “Were you in the advanced program in Springfield?”
“No, I’ve just token this lab a lot.” I responded in a professional way.
“Well, it’s a good thing you two are lab partners,” he then turned to the other students to help them.
“Why didn’t you stay with your mother, and John?” came the musical voice again. I felt like he was forcing himself to talk to me.
“John is a minor league football player and we were constantly moving, which I didn’t like. I wasn’t getting better in school and I felt that until they settled down somewhere, I could stay with my dad. Besides, I thought it would be nice to spend some more time with him for a change.” I was just making this up as I go along.
“And you’re unhappy.” It wasn’t a question.
“No, that’s not it.”
“I’m sorry,” he paused for a short second,” I’m just trying to figure you out. You’re very difficult for me to read.”
This was too much for me to handle. Now he couldn’t read my mind? Maybe I was thinking about it the wrong way; yeah, that was probably it. I looked at his face to notice something different.
“Your eyes…” I said clearly, “The last time I saw you they were black, and now their golden brownish…” I trailed off in fascination of knowing that the color was real.
He shrugged and looked away. The bell rang and Edward effortlessly left his seat. I watched as he left, amazed by his motion. I grabbed my books and I left the classroom as well. The class, compared to last class with Edward, was better… much better.
What HAVE I done?

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 4 - Attention

I woke up this morning and I sat up in my bed immediately searching through my head of what is going to happen today.
Wake up, go to school, see Edward, Get almost hit by a van, go to the hospital, confront Edward, and dream about him.
This was going to happen to Bella one way or another. I knew I should let faith take its course and not interfere. But I just need to confirm this event; I was determined. Because Edward saved Bella from the van, she became curious of him and found out what he is. Which leads to Bella and Edward falling in love and starting the Twilight Series. If this never happens, Bella would move back with her mother and Edward would be all alone in a moonless night for the rest of his life.
To make sure this is going to happen, I was going to call Bella and Tyler to make sure they were going to be in school today. I can’t call Edward, so if I see him or his car in the parking lot, I will know he is here. If not, I will have to call Tyler and tell him to be very cautious of his driving today. If he does not listen to me, I will have no choice but to get to school early and literally drag Bella away from her truck. I wasn’t going to let anybody die. I could figure out another way to get them together.
After I showered and got dressed, I turned on my phone to call Bella and Tyler. They both answered their phones and said that they were definitely going to be at school today. I was very happy about that. I walked outside with my bag and keys to see my dad on the phone with someone in front of his police car. While walking, I accidently slip on some of the ice and fell on by butt.
“Brooke” my dad called while rushing over to help me up, “you really need to be more careful.”
“Not really.” I said disagreeing with him while getting up on my feet.
He huffed quietly. “Are you sure you’re going to be fine with your motorcycle today? It’s icy out.”
I looked around me to see mounds of ice across the yard. “I think I’ve noticed.”
“Seriously, Brooke. Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off?”
“No. I’ll be fine.” I walked over to my motorcycle and got on it.
“Well, just be careful.”
“You too.”
“Always Am.”
I huffed under my breathe. “Yeah, Right.” I called sarcastically.
I arrived to school early that morning, incase Edward wasn’t here today; But he was, to my satisfaction. I parked far away from Edward and Bella, but far enough to see them both. I looked over to them and my eyes locked on with Edward’s. We stood in that position for a few minutes until I looked away. I searched around for Tyler, but he was nowhere in sight. I got out my phone to call Tyler; he said he was going to be here today, I expect him to. The phone rang for a second and someone picked up.
“Hi Brooke,” Tyler answered very casual.
“You said you were going to school today,” I stated.
“I am. Actually, I’m pulling into the parking lot now,” I relaxed knowing everything was in place.
“Hey Brooke,”Tyler continued to talk thru the phone,” I wanted to as-“I heard tires screeching thru the phone and automatically turned to where Bella was standing. In my shock though, nothing was going on. But I still heard the same sound on the phone though; I was sure they were tires. I looked in the other direction for Tyler’s van and I dropped my phone in fear.
Tyler’s van was out of control, slipping thru the ice as it moved towards my direction. The car moved incredibly fast towards me, making me have no chance to save my life. I didn’t know if Edward was going to safe me or not and my hope of him saving me was very little. It was possible that I was going to die here, in Twilight. I closed my eyes, waiting death to hit me.
All of a sudden, I was swiftly dragged to the ground and pulled tightly to a cold body. The tires screeched louder as the van approached us. The metal of the van crushed abruptly, it hurt my ears to hear the sound of the metal pop. Tiny piece of glass hit my legs as I held my breath.
I didn’t need to open my eyes to know the Edward was the one who saved me. But I opened them anyways. He was leaning over me with one of his hands under me and the other placed on the dented part of the van. He moved his eyes from the van to me with his golden eyes for one long second. With no words, he stood up and left in a blink of an eye.
Everyone in the parking lot rushed over to my side of me in an instant. There were tears in people’s eyes, people shouting to each other and some of them were on the phone with 911. I picked up my cell phone and stood up, being careful of the tiny pieces of glass around me. Tyler kept repeating the same words the whole time.
“Brooke, I’m so sorry. Brooke, I’m so sorry. Brooke, I’m so sorry…”
I got very annoying after the first three times.
Uncaring of myself, I looked around for Edward, but there wasn’t any site of him. Edward’s family had anger and betrayal across their faces as they got into their cars. Edward was going to be in a lot of trouble when they get a hold of him.
A few ambulance and police cars showed up in the parking lot 10 minutes later. They pulled out stretchers and forced me to lay on it; plus I had to wear a stupid neck brace. My head hurt a little, but that was not a good enough reason for me to take a ride in the ambulance truck and where some stupid brace. It was understandable for Tyler to be wearing a brace and lying on a stretcher since he was bleeding in some puts of his upper body, including his forehead.
After arriving to the hospital embarrassingly, several X-rays, and finally able to take the neck brace off, I was able to settle in a room and escape all the mayhem for a while.
“Brooke, I’m so sorry. I will make it up to you.” Tyler said in the same annoying tone. Tyler was still lying in a stretcher, a few feet away from me. He still had guilt in his eyes as he looked as his cuts and the gauss on his head.
“It’s fine,” saying the words like I was pissed, because I was. Tyler wasn’t supposed to hit me; he was supposed to hit Bella. But, maybe I wasn’t really mad at him. Maybe I was mad at the FACT that he didn’t hit Bella. And it doesn’t make sense of how it came to this. I even planned for it.
“How did you get out of the way so fast? You were there, and then you were gone…” fading his words into thought.
“Edward Cullen pulled me out of the way,” trying to sound convincing.
“Cullen? Really? I didn’t see him… It all happened so fast. Is he okay?” He sounded confused as he spoke.
“He must be. He didn’t have to go on a stretcher.”
What else could go wrong?
“Oh my god, Brooke,” My dad said fast walking to me. I just had to ask.
“Dad, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”
“You could have died today.” He stated firmly.
“Yes, but I wasn’t.” I stated firmly.
“Oh, and you will have to call your mom when we get home.”
“You told her,” It wasn’t a question.
He raised his eyebrows. I signed, “She’s probably freaking out.”
“Probably,” he said with a slight smile.
He looked over to Tyler like he was going to murder him.”You and I are going to talk.”
Doctor Carlisle Cullen, looking as beautiful as he does in the movie, walked in the room very professional. Shockingly, Edward followed seconds after.
“Mr. Calvin,” Carlisle said turning to my father, “If you could just go to the front desk, you need to sign some release forms.”
He nodded and left the room; leaving me alone with Tyler, Carlisle and Edward. I turned to Edward, who was standing at the foot of my bed, smirking.
“What are you doing here?” asking in a curious and mad tone to my surprise.
“I came to spring you.” He answered with his same musical voice.
“Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry-“Tyler apologized, intruding our conversation.
Edward raised a hand out to stop Tyler’s apology.
“No blood, no foul,” he said flashing his brilliant smile. I smiled slightly.
“Well, Miss Calvin,” Carlisle said walking to me, “How are you feeling?”
“Fine,” I said straight forward. Hopefully this will be the last time I answer this question.
“Look here,” He put one of his fingers up and flashed I light in my eyes; I looked at it, “You might experience some disorientation or stress. Your vitas look good. You’ll be fine and able to go home to go home.”
“I can’t go back to school?” I asked neutrally.
“Someone has to spread the good news that we survived,” He said arrogantly. I ignored him.
“You are, but most of the school seems to be in the waiting room.” He pointed out uncomfortably.
“Great,” I said sarcastically. Edward chuckled under his breath; I scowled at him in return.
“Do you want to stay?”He raised his eyebrows.
“No, I‘ll be fine,” rushing the words from my mouth.
“Well, like I said before, you are free to go home. But if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight, come back.” I nodded my head once.
“”I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here a little bit longer, “he told Tyler, checking his cuts.
Normally this would be the part where Bella confronts Edward, demanding a reason for how he saved her from the van. But unlike Bella, I wasn’t going to do that. Even though I had a conversation with him in biology and he saved my life, those are not good enough reasons for me to start being intrusive.
Confront him, Demand an explanation. My grandma’s voice suddenly said in my head. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought…
No! I yelled in my head.
You don’t want to interfere right? You want everything back to normal? She asked thru my head again.
Yes, but how can I not interfere with the story when I am in fact interfering? I was confused.
Trust me… her voice faded away.
“I thought you were leaving?” Edward asked calmly and curious. I then realized I was still sitting on the bed. What I was about to do was risky but I would to try anything to get everything back on track again.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” I said under my breath as I moved to Edward’s side. I glanced quickly at Tyler and Carlisle.”Alone.”
He turned his back and strode across the room. He stopped when we hit the corner of a small hallway.
“What?” you could tell he was annoyed by the tone of his voice.
“How did you get to me so fast?” I practically forced the words out of my mouth.
“I was standing right next to you Brooke,” trying to convince me. It didn’t work.
“No you were at your car across the lot,” I pressed.
“Brooke, you hit your head,” flashing his dazzling smile.
“Your father said I will be fine, and I know what I saw.” I stated, loud and clearly.
“And what was that exactly?” Now I was getting mad.
“You weren’t near me and Tyler didn’t see you so I didn’t hit my head too hard. You stopped the van; you pushed it away with your hand and…” I fumed the words out, waiting for a response.
“Nobody will believe that you know.”
“I’m not going to tell anybody. I just want to know.”
“Can’t you just thank me and get over it.” He scowled through his teeth.
“No,” I challenged him.
“In that case then, I hope you enjoy disappointment.” He walked away, like he was in a hurry to be somewhere.
I shook my head, unbelievable.
I walked into the waiting room and it seemed like everyone in Forks was in there. My dad clung to my side immediately.
“Doctor Cullen said I was fine and I was able to go home.” I took a quick glance at Mike and Jessica, “Let’s go.”
I walked rapidly to the police car and got I as fast as I can. I didn’t want any attention on me at this moment. The car ride was surprisingly quiet and short. I walked in the house and automatically walked in the house to grab the phone, remembering that I had to let my mother know I was alright. She answered the phone as hysteric as I thought she would be. I probably told her about twenty times that there was nothing wrong with me. She constantly kept asking me if I wanted to come home, forgetting the fact that there was no home right now. I was able to ignore most of her words by playing a game on the computer. I signed; the only good part about this day is that I missed school.
For the rest of the day, I was in my room lying on my bed, thinking about this morning. Why could I hear my grandma’s voice? And why did she want me to confront Edward like Bella did? It was obvious she had something to do with this. I mean, she gave me the necklace, she’s my dreams, and today I heard her voice; and the dream…. I spent a lot of time thinking about that. I think it might be telling me something, something important. I had this theory, but it was only a theory. I think if I get to that point in the story, where I’m in the meadow staring into Edward’s eyes, that everything will go back to normal. It was worth a try.
I decided to go to bed early that night; I really had nothing better to do. I changed into some pajamas and took some Tylenol to ease some of my pain. I tucked myself in bed and turned off my lights to drift to sleep. In a different way, that was the first night I dreamt of Edward.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 5 - Friends

The dream was… well, what do you expect? It was like Bella’s of course. But there was something different about it; something I did actually. As he was walking away in my dream, I shouted something I will probably never able to say out loud in this lifetime.
“Edward I know everything about you! I know your past, what’s going to happen now, and even your future!” I yelled to him in agony. Other than those, it was no different.
Three weeks have passed since the accident and they were unpleasant ones.
Every person I saw or talked to was concerned about by well being or about the accident. A lot of people were asking the same question about the accident though: How did you survive? I kept telling everyone the same thing, that someone pulled me out of the way. I didn’t tell anybody it was Edward; there was no point of it. But since I opened my mouth at the hospital to Tyler that Edward saved me, his big mouth went to work; telling everyone that he saved me from the van. Rumors were starting though the school, such as “Edward and I are going out now because he is my knight in shining armor.” So one even claimed that I said that. I laughed at it at first, but thinking about it, I was getting pissed.
Over time, people got over it and the rumors stopped; people were moving on with their lives like I wanted. But it was still bad because Tyler was still not leaving me alone. Ever since that day, he hasn’t stopped the constant apologizes and promises. In between classes, before and after school, at lunch; it’s like I’m getting stalked. The Wednesday of the 2nd week he pushed past my breaking point. In the middle of the hallway after 1st period, I told him off.
“Tyler, Stop! I can’t take it anymore! You need to leave me alone! You keep apologizing and making promises every time you see me, you’re acting a stalker! Can you please forget what happen and move on with your life like everyone else?” I yelled at him in anger.
He stood there, frozen in shock, for a few seconds and then left, speechless. Everyone stared at us as we went our separate ways. He hasn’t talked to me since.
I’ve tried to attempt my theory during the time. But Edward isn’t making contact with me. Throughout the weeks, Edward hasn’t spoken a word to me, acting like I don’t exist. During biology, he sits far away from me, unaware of my presence most of the time. He never looks in my direction at lunch anymore. But I expected that to happen. In the book, it wasn’t until after a month Edward finally talked to Bella. I changed the story though, anything could change. I decided that I’m going to not try until an event that happened in the book or the movie happens. No far, nothing.
On February 22nd, Jessica called reminding me of an ‘important’ event coming up.
“I think I’m going to ask Mike to the spring dance, unless you were planning to,” saying the last part bitterly.
“No, you should definitely ask him,” convincing her that I’m not interested in Mike.
“Cool, are you going to ask anybody?”
“No, I’m not going.” Normally if someone told me there was a party or dance, I would already be picking out my outfit. But I want to do some research on my necklace; I need to know how this thing works.
“Are you sure? It will be really fun,” Jessica cheered.
“No, I’m sure.” rushing the words out of my mouth.
“Well, alright. You excited about our field trip tomorrow? I’m not.”
I was confused, “What field trip?”
“The field trip to the greenhouse? I thought you would know by now.”
“Jessica, I’ll talk to tomorrow.” I hung up before she could respond to me.
I started to pace around my room. There’s a field trip in the movie and that was the first time Edward spoke to her since they were in the hospital. So there’s a possibility that I’m going be talking to Edward tomorrow. I signed; it couldn’t be that bad, could it? As I was waiting for the buses like everyone else the next morning, I noticed that Jessica wasn’t like her cheery, social able self. She was quiet and avoided attention. I guess Mike turned her down.
“Hey,” said a soft voice. I turned around to find Angela,” The buses are here.”
I toke a quick glance to see the buses parked in the lot. But my eyes were instantly hooked on to Edward’s as I realized that he was staring at me the whole time. His features were as perfect as ever, but there was something different about him that I couldn’t figure out.
“Um, Brooke?” Angela said while moving her hand back and forth across my face. I stopped to comprehend that I was essentially staring at him. How pathetic.
When we got to the greenhouse we were split into groups and sent in various directions. Mike, Angela, and…Edward are in my group. Edward strode in front of me and Angela walked beside me being as quiet as I was. As we were walking around in the greenhouse, Mike met my pace and walked beside me. Angela walked off to look at some of the plants.
“So, Jessica asked me to the spring dance,” he stated.
“That’s great, what did you say?”
“I told her I’ll think about it,” He said slightly guilty.
“Why would you do that?” I surprised that the tone of my voice sounded curious.
“I’m hoping someone else will ask me,” looking at me for a long second. I understood what he was trying to tell me.
“Oh, no Mike. I’m not going actually,” Edward’s eyes winced to the corner of them to me and look back quickly.
“Why not?” Mike demanded.
“I’m going out of town to do some book research.” I stated
“Where?” Mike said still demanding. I was stuck; so I said the first town that popped in my mind.
“Seattle.” I said calmly.
“You can’t go another weekend?”
“Sorry, the books there are hard to get. You should go with Jessica; she really wants to go with you.” I smiled.
Mike showed a slight smile and nodded his head. He moved away from the group to find Jessica.
Edward stopped his swift walking to meet my pace. “Brooke?” said the musical voice.
“You’re talking to me again?” I said sourly.
“Not really,” he spoke under his breath.
“Then, what?”
“I wanted to say sorry, for being rude to you.”
“Sure, Whatever.” My tone was harsh.
“Is there a problem?” I asked more curiously than mad.
“Why didn’t you just let the van crush me?” I snapped.
He stopped and pulled me with him. “Did you want to die?”
I hesitated “No. I just don’t understand why though.”
“What do you think?”
“I think there is something about me or you that might be the reason of it.”
“What might be the problem with me?” I shrugged in return, unknowing of what to say. He suddenly got angry, “You don’t know anything about me.”
“More than you think.” Saying as I looked him in the eye.
“Ok, everyone, back to the buses!” Mr. Banner shouted to our group.
Edward walked away impatient to his bus as well as mine.
I got on the bus into an empty seat and waited for the bus to go. I didn’t know what I could’ve said that would made sense without revealing my secret.
“Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!” Jessica loudly cheered as she rushed over to sit next to me, “Mike said yes!”
“Congrats, you guys are going to have a lot of fun,” I tried to sound happy for her, but I wasn’t.
For the whole bus ride, Jessica talked about the dance. What she is going to wear, how she’s going to do her hair, and various other things I didn’t pay attention to. I didn’t really care to listen since I’m not going anyways.
When we arrived at school, Mr. Banner said that school was going to be over in a minute anyways. So, we were allowed to go home. I said goodbye to Eric and everyone else as I walked to my motorcycle relieved that the day is over. While taking my keys out of my pocket, I tripped on a crack and fell on my stomach, making my keys fall in a puddle. I reached for my keys, but a pale hand grabbed them before me; Edward, of course.
“You need to be more careful of wear you walk.” He held out his hand with my keys in them.
I stood up and toke them quietly,” Well, you need to stop appearing out of thin air.”
“It’s not my fault that you are exceptionally unobservant.” He said with a velvet muted tone.
“I thought you were supposed to be pretending I don’t exist.”
“I’m not pretending you don’t exist.” He recited. I continued walking to my motorcycle, angry. When I got there, Edward was in front of it, waiting for me casually.
“Do you want something?”
“I actually wanted to ask you something, if you don’t mind.” He was dead serious. I have a funny feeling that I know exactly what he’s going to ask me. I crossed my arms and waited patiently.
“I was wondering if on the day of the spring dance that I could-”
“-give me a ride to Seattle?” I said intelligently.
“How did you know I was going to ask you that?” He was very curious by the look of it.
I immediately started to panic in my head. I wasn’t supposed to say that. I should change the subject, “Lucky Guess; you were actually going to ask me that?”
“Yes, I was planning to go there in a few weeks and I don’t think that little thing is going to make it there in one tank of gas, honestly.” He glared to my motorcycle and back to me, I was insulted.
“My motorcycle works fine and I don’t need your critic about that subject.” I got on my motorcycle and put the keys in. “I don’t even see how it’s any of your business.”
“The way you use your finite resources is everyone’s business.”
“Correct, but I thought you didn’t want to be my friend?” I pointed out.
“I said it would be better if weren’t, not that I didn’t want to be.”
“So…you want to be friends?”
He ignored me, “It would be better for us to not friends. But I’m sick of trying to stay away from you any longer.” That is the sweetest thing he has said since I have been here.
“Well…Are you going to answer my question?” He asked forceful.
“And what is that exactly?” I said under my breath.
“Will you go to Seattle with me?” His voice was intense. I bit my lip, deep in thought to look for the answer to his answer.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 6 - The Game

“Well…Are you going to answer my question?” He asked forceful.
“And what is that exactly?” I said under my breath.
“Will you go to Seattle with me?” His voice was intense. I bit my lip, deep in thought to look for the answer to his answer.
“S-Sure,” I stuttered. I had to stick with my theory.
He nodded, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” showing a slight smile as he walked away to his Volvo.
A rush of guilt came through me as drove away. Is my theory even right? Am I making the right choice to go with my gut and do this? I mean, I’m ruining people’s lives in the process and they don’t even know it. Bella’s, Edward’s, and soon probably Jacob’s.
I walked in my house, exhausted from the day, ready to go to bed already.
"Hey, Brooke,” my dad greeted from the couch as he watched an old football game.
“Hi, aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I said tiredly.
“Well, the station didn’t need me today. So I got to take the day off. Hey, are you doing anything today?” he asked questionably.
“Nothing important, I was just going to take a nap. Why?” placing my coat and bag on one of the kitchen chairs.
“I invited Charlie and Billy to come over to watch the game today and they’re bringing Bella and Jacob.”
I wasn’t tired anymore, “When are they coming?”
“About 5 pm, they’re also going to stay for supper; we’re ordering a pizza.”
“Oh, I’m just going to take a nap before they get here.” I hurried to my room. I really wasn’t going to take one.
“Alright, do you want me to wake you up?”
I stopped at the middle of the stairs, “No, I’ll set an alarm.”
Before I could hear if he replied, I shut my door quickly and sat on my bed. I’m meeting Jacob today for the first time, also his father. This wasn’t the way book nor the movie of how Bella met Jacob, therefore I didn’t prepare for this. Should I interfere with him? My theory doesn’t involve him, Just Edward. Nevertheless, my dad is friends with Billy and I guess I could try. Besides Jacob is not at all a bad person. And maybe being friends with him (again apparently) will help me get to that place faster. As a result of me processing less guilt than I feel that I’m going to get.
“Brooke!” my dad called from the stairs. I looked at the clock and it read 4:47. I stepped downstairs to find my dad with his coat and shoes on about to walk out the door.
“I need to go pick up the pizzas. Will you stay downstairs incase I’m not back when everyone gets here?”
“Sure, not a problem.” He left out in a hurry and sped off in a flash.
A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. At the rate my dad was going, it was probably him. But it stunned my eyes to see Billy instead of my dad. Billy in still in the wheel car and he looks like he does in the movie, of course. I opened the door wide enough.
He showed me a smile, “You must be Brooke,” He pulled out his hand I shook it pleasantly.
“I haven’t seen you in years,” he continued, “You remember me, right?”
“Of course I do” I trailed off in my words as Jacob appeared next to him; our eyes locked instantly. He looks more like Bella described him than what they passed for in the movies.
“You have to remember me.” Jacob said in a very friendly way.
“Yes, I remember you Jacob.” I answered in the same way. “Well, come in.”
“Charlie and Bella should be here in about ten minutes. Charlie got held up at the station,” Billy said as he wheeled himself into the house with Jacob by his side, “Where’s Ryan?” Ryan is my dad’s name. I could call him by his first name, but I feel awkward every time I do.
“He went to go pick up the pizza. He’ll be back in five minutes.”
I heard a cell phone ring and Billy pulled out from his front jean’s pocket a small silver phone with a name flashing on top of the screen that I couldn’t read, “Excuse me a minute,” Billy said. He left the room to take the call, leaving me alone with Jacob in the kitchen.
“So,” Jacob spoke clearly from behind me, “Do you like it here so far?”
“Too much rain and snow. Other than that, it’s pretty decent.”
“I saw a motorcycle outside. Is that yours?” I nodded my head. “Really?”
I shortly laughed, “Yes. I wasn’t going to get a pink Beatle anytime soon.”
He smiled, “No, you we never that girly.” He toke a thoughtful look at me, “You seem more…umm…”
“Grown up,” I suggested. He nodded.
“Then the last time we saw each other.” Finishing his sentence. He seemed sad about what he said.
“Do I need to tackle you to the ground, Jacob Black?” I joked in a seriously funny way.
The smile he showed…. It was similar to the one in the memory I had about a month ago; I loved it, “There’s the Brooke I know.”
I smiled in return; I think Jacob and I are going to get along just fine.
Charlie and Bella appeared 10 minutes later with my dad like Billy said before. Charlie looks more grown up than I thought he would be.
“Brooke?” Charlie said to me as he walked in the door with Bella.
“That’s my name.” I said welcoming while shaking his hand.
“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve seen pictures of you, but it’s great to see you in person.”
“It’s great to see you too.”
My dad opened the pizza boxes and the boys attacked it, grabbing 3 each. Bell, Jacob and I sat at the table while our dads sat on the couch to watch the game.
“Have you guys already met before?” I asked as I sat at the kitchen table with a couple slices of pizza and a cup of ginger ale. Jacob and Bella looked at one another.
“We met the day Bella came down to Forks.” Jacob answered taking a glance to Bella. She nodded he head in agreement. At least I didn’t change that.
For most of the game, we talked about general things people would about. Jacob seems the same as he is suppose to. The only different thing about him is that he knows me. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Jacob saw something on the game and moved from us to watch of what was going on. Their wasn’t really anything to talk about, so I decided to bring up something I thought I wouldn’t talk about.
“Are you going to the spring dance?”
“No.” she simply answered.
“Me neither. I have to do some research on a specific item.” I took a glance at my necklace.
“I’m going to Seattle to get some books, maybe some clothes.”
Bella is going to Seattle the day of the dance and I’m going to Seattle with Edward the day of the dance. I think I have I have an idea.
“I’m actually going to Seattle with someone. Do you want to come with us?”
“Who’s the someone?” she noticed the emphasized on the someone part.
“Edward Cullen.” I said quietly looking at the table.
“How did you manage to do that?”I thought she was kidding, but she was actually just curious.
“I honestly don’t know,” I really don’t, “He asked me and I said it was fine with me.”
“Maybe he was just trying to be nice.”
“Nice? He basically called my motorcycle a piece of junk,” I was still a little ticked off about that.
She scuffled under her breath, “Is it alright, with him?”
I haven’t thought about that, “I’ll have to ask him tomorrow, I suppose”
Bella then looked down to see my necklace, “Where did you get that?”
“I got it as a present from a relative.” I replied as I held the gem in my hand.
She stared at it for a minute and then came back to face me, “I’m sorry. Your necklace, it reminds me of something. I can’t figure out what though, huh.” I wonder what that means…
Bella and I jumped from our seats as we heard the cheers of the guys cheering. I hate it when guys do that. Charlie turned off the TV and all of them came into the kitchen.
“Did the Mariners’ win?” I asked sounding interesting, which I wasn’t at all.
“Nope,” Billy answered.
“Then, why did you guys cheer at the end?” Why would they be happy if they lost?
“They finally got a touchdown,” they all smirked at Billy’s response.
“Come on, Bella. It’s a school night and we have to get going.” Charlie told, Bella signaling with his hands to the door.
“Bye, see you at school.” I exclaimed to Bella.
“Bye.” Bella waved to me. She put her coat on and went out the door.
“Yeah, we have to be leaving too. Come on Jake.” Billy pointed out rolling to the door.
Jacob casually walked over to me, “Well, I hope we see other again.” He pulled out his hand. I scuffled; I stood up from my car and opened my arms.
“Come on Jacob.” He understood what I meant and gave me a hug. We let go of each other after a few seconds later. “Yes, we will definitely see each other soon. Bye Jacob.”
“Bye Brooke.” He walked to the door, helping Billy along the way. I walked to the window and peeked out of it. They all got in their cars and slowly drove away.
“Dad, I’m going to do my homework and then go to bed.” I called, striding to my room as he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. I shut my door and went to my bag to get out my homework.
I shouldn’t of have asked Bella to come with me and Edward to Seattle. However if Edward and Bella start talking and interacting, maybe they will begin to hang out more and everything will be normal again. The only problem is that I don’t know if Edward will be ok with Bella going with us. I will have to ask him some point during school tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that conversation I’m going to have with him. I should just strike with the theory and just take Edward to Seattle. Although this is a great opportunity ti get them backtogether. I signed, I hate being a teenager; I can never make up my mind.
I then remembered that I never told my dad about my plans for Seattle. I strode downstairs to find dad wiping down the table with a wet cloth. “Hey, dad.” I calmly spoke.
“HI, I thought you were going to crash for the night?” saying as he continued wiping down the table.
“Next Saturday, I’m going to go to Seattle for the day if that’s alright.”
“You’re not going to the dance?” he asked surprised.
“I didn’t say I was going.” I cleared for him.
“I just assumed because you always go to school dances. Why you going to Seattle?”
“I have to do some research on something and there are barely any books at the libraries that are helpful.”
“Are you going with anyone?” He looked up from the table. I can’t say I’m going with Edward; my dad doesn’t handle boys very well when it comes to me dating them.
“I might go with Bella. If not, I’ll just go alone.”
“I don’t think you should go alone. Seattle is a big city” From the sound of his voice, he didn’t want me to go alone.
“Dad, I will have my phone, fully charged, and there are police officers in Seattle.” I convinced, “If Bella comes, and I will have her with me.”
“Are you going to take your motorcycle?” No one is having faith in my motorcycle.
“If I’m going with Bella, I’ll just go in her truck. If not, I will just pull into a motel on my way there.” Edward will probably force me to go in his Volvo. But that depends what he says about Bella.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?” I was embarrassed at the thought of going to Seattle with my dad, riding in a police car.
“I’m 17, dad, I’m perfectly capable of going somewhere without you.”
He didn’t like the sound of that. But he let it go, “Well alright. Now go to bed. It’s a school night.” I then felt the drowsy feeling I had when I came home today.
“Ok, goodnight.” I said, sauntering to my room.
“Night.” Saying as he strolled to the fridge to get a drink.
I closed my door and went to my closet to take some sweats out to wear. Once I had them on, I crawled into my bed, too tired to do anything else. I shut my light off to depart into sleep minutes later.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 7 - Conversation

I woke up the next morning, feeling good about today. I feel like something good is going to happen. But I'm not sure what though.

I stood at my motorcycle in the parking lot at school, to wait for Edward to arrive. I decided that I'm going to ask him as soon as he gets here. I should just do it and get it over with already than wait and be in fear in the time passing by. The reflection of a light caught my eye as I saw the silver Volvo pull into the empty parking space. Edward climbed out of his car while his relatives got out of theirs. I strode across the lot, but was cut off when Tyler stepped in front of me.

“Tyler, I thought I made it obvious that we should return to our normal lives like everyone else.” Saying slightly irritated.

“Yes, Brooke, I understood you the first time. I was just wondering if you want to go to the dance with me.” Edward's head then moved to my direction as he stood there from his Volvo. I shot him a quick glance and then came back to Tyler.

“I’m not going to the dance, Tyler; I'm going to Seattle that day. I have already told Mike and several others." moving forward, away from him.

“I know, but,” I turned around to face him once again, “I thought you l were just letting him down easy.” This is unbelievable.
“Tyler,” I forcefully said, “I’m not g-”
“She’s not attending the dance, Tyler,” said a velvet voice. I turned around to see Edward right behind me, “She can’t go, so she is unable to accompany you.” He stared into his eyes the whole time.
He caught the message, “I will see you around, Brooke.” Tyler left with nothing more to say.
I turned to Edward, “I can fight my own battle, you know.” I wittedly spoke.
“I beg to differ.” His tone was humorous yet serious. I then remembered the reason why I wanted to talk to him.
“About our trip to Seattle, what would you say if…someone else came with us?” I asked content.
“Who would the person be?” His face was hard.
“Bella Swan.” I quietly answered. His face became hard while deep in thought.
“She is also going to Seattle the same day we are. So I thought maybe she could just come with us instead of going alone. Although I had to make sure it was acceptable with you since you are also going.” trying to convince him.
He nodded as I said my words, “I don’t think that would be a smart idea.”
“Why not?” I demanded curiously.
“It wouldn’t be appropriate.”
“She’s not a bad person, Edward. She’s not rude, not mean…Why not?” I repeated.
He smiled, “Why do care so much?”
“Because I want a logical explanation, like the car crash.” I stipulated.
He was mad by the look of his face, “Brooke, your obscured.” I waited impatiently for a response.
He signed, “I’ll explain at lunch.” He left without hesitation. I took a deep breath and walked to homeroom.
The agony of waiting for lunch came over me throughout my classes. There is nothing wrong with Bella; she isn’t mean, selfish, annoying, hasn’t done anything wrong that I’ve know of. Why doesn’t he want Bella to come? I have thought hard of an explanation he would give. But I couldn’t think of a logical one that he would make up.
It was a relief when the bell rang for lunch. The lunch had a new chicken noodle soup recipe. So, I thought I could try it for a change. I grabbed a bowl of it with Angela and Mike and sat down at our usual table like any normal day. I looked at the Cullens’ table and noticed that he wasn’t there. I searched around for him, but still not here. After ten minutes, I started to actually start eating some of my soup. I stopped eating as I heard some very familiar words.
“La Push?” Lauren questioned.
"Yeah, La Push beach, down in Quileute reservation." Eric answered.

"What about La Push?" I questioned.

"We're going this weekend," Mike replied with a smile on his face, "You want to come?"

"umm... sure." sounding less excited then I should have been. I was too eager to see Edward than to think about anything else. Ugh, I really sound pathetic now.

"Edward is looking at you," Jessica giggled to me. I looked up from my lunch to see Edward glaring at me from the salad bar.

"I'll be back." I said while I stood up and walked to him. I knew they were staring at me, I don't blame them.
“You’re going to tell me why?” I asked.
He looked around to see people staring at us, “Why don’t we talk about this somewhere more private?” It sounded more of a statement than a question.
I took a quick glance at my table to see them as well staring at Edward and I. They looked away, “Will your friends mind?” Edward asked in one breathe.
“It won’t kill them.” I whispered. Edward motioned head that which meant for me to follow him; I followed. He headed to the outside exit of the cafeteria and walked through it with no problem. I was cloudy outside so I didn’t mind. It’s actually a good place to talk; no one could hear us unless you wanted to put your ear up against the glass. He leaned against the window ceil a few feet away from the door. He looked out the window to Bella and turned to me hurriedly, “I want to spend more time with you.”
I was in utter shock; I never thought he would say something like that, “What?”
“I wouldn’t appreciate if Bella came because I would like to get to know you better.” He stated again more detailed and clearly.
I was totally confused, “Why?”
“If we’re going to be friends, I should get to know more information about you.”
“What does that have to do with Bella?” asking Edward. Getting to know more about me doesn’t have anything to do with Bella…
He gave me an impatient look, “Brooke, all I’m asking of you is to go to Seattle with you and only you.”
I didn’t want to admit it but that sounded actually sort of nice to hear. I knew that I kept arguing any longer, I was just going to end up losing, “Alright,” I breathed. I’m not going to let this go though.
“You don’t sound very enthusiastic,” he joked.
“It’s not that, I’m just a little surprised of your reason why.” I wasn’t lying.
“What did you think I was going to say?” It sounded like he was really concerned of what I thought.
“Honestly I don’t really know.”
He nodded his head once. I then remembered what he said earlier.
“Wait,” I said as he became suddenly alert, “you want to get to know me as a friend?” putting emphasis on the friend part.
“We might as well be since I’m going to hell anyways.” I huffed at his words as a smile spread across my face.
“I don’t believe that, Edward. You could never go to hell.”
“It’s possible.” I didn’t know whether he was talking to me or himself, I nodded in case he was.
“We could try.” I said in a calm tone.
“We could try.” He copied along with a dazzling smile, I fought back to smile.
“I think your boyfriend is getting mad because I’ve kept you for so long.” He smirked while saying.
I looked in the window to see Mike look away as soon as I saw his bitter face. He must have been viewing our conversation the whole time, “He won’t do anything.”
“Probably not.” We stood there for a few minutes, not speaking a word to each other.
“Are you going to class or am I going alone?” I asked breaking the silence between us.
“No, it’s healthy to ditch once in a while.” He said in a sort of a relieved sound.
“Do you want to ditch with me?” he said welcoming.
“I would if I could, but I need to unless I want to get in trouble by my dad,” I looked around to see people starting to leave the cafeteria, “I have get to class, see you around.”
I walked away from Edward in a bit of a hurry. I can’t see why he wants to spend time with me. I mean, their needs to be more than ‘I want to get to know you better’, there needs to be a better reason why. I arrived in class right before Mr. Banner came. I sat in my seat like any normal day. Out of nowhere, my stomach started to ache and I felt slightly queasy. My stomach was turning and I felt like I could die right there. I laid both of my hands across my stomach. I should have known that I would of gotten sick like Bella.
“Mr. Banner?” I called sickly.
“Are you feeling alright, Ms. Calvin?” Mr. Banner asked concerned.
“Actually, I’m not. May I go to the nurse?” I whispered.
“Do you need someone to go with you?”
“No, I’ll be fine enough.”
“Alright, then. Go ahead, your excused.” He motioned his hand to the door as he talked.
I got up from my seat slowly and left the room, not trying to attract some awareness from my classmates. I held my stomach tightly as I started to moan loudly while walking away from the room. As soon as I was out of Mr. Banner’s sight, I rushed to the nearest bench to lie down. I felt so miserable; I assume it was probably that new soup recipe. I laid there for a few minutes as I felt my body get weaker to drift my eyes to close minutes later.
“Brooke!” I knew it was Edward’s musical voice.
I heard steps come closer and I opened my eyes slightly to see Edward’s flawless face just a few inches from mine, “What’s wrong?” saying in the same tone, worried.
I struggled to get myself off of the bench which I managed to do. I started walking with my arms across my stomach, “I’m fine, go away.” I cracked my voice in the process.
He met my slow pace, “Brooke, what’s wrong?” he repeated.
“My stomach hurts because I ate that stupid chicken soup.” I confessed.
I suddenly felt cold skin come across me; I was swept from the ground abruptly as Edward started to carry me to the Nurse.
“Let me down!” I tried to yell at him, but I failed sadly.
I could see the smile rise on his face. I wanted him to let me go, slaughter myself to the nurse like the sick person I am. That wasn't going to happen though; I was barely trying to just keep my eyes open. I felt my stomach come over me and I eventually drifted to sleep.
“Brooke, can you hear me?” Edward asked me.
I opened my eyes to see myself lying on a bed of what seems in the Nurse’s office. Edward was leaning over me, a foot away from my face.
“What happened?” I asked, sitting up. He pulled me back into my lying position by my shoulders with his hands.
“Are you feeling any better? The nurse said that some sleep would help you.” He questioned with some concern.
I actually felt a little better than before, “A little better. How long was I asleep?” I asked looking for a clock.
“About fifteen minutes, I would of let to rest longer, but I’m not sure exactly how long that would be.” He answered, trying to fight back a smile, “I’m going to take you home when you’re ready.” He said while leaned against the wall. I thought about going on the day half sick.
“I’m ready.” I spoke more clearly.
“You’re not going to fight with me on this?” a mysterious smile spread across his face.
“I’m too sick to really do anything.”
“Sit there and look ill.” Mission accomplished. He walked over to the counter to a blonde, woman in her early 30’s, who I think is the nurse.
“Excuse me?” I heard him say. She looked up to him, “Brooke isn’t feeling too well, I’m going to take to take her home, if I may have your permission.”
She simply nodded her head and he walked over to me, “Do you want me to carry you?”
“I can walk.” I said as I stood up from the bed.
“I thought you were too sick to do anything.” He mocked in a joking way.
“Well, I think I’m perfectly capable of walking by myself.”
We walked silently to his Volvo the whole time, not even one word. When we both reached, I saw my motorcycle sitting there all alone.
“My sister, Alice, will bring it home for you.” Edward told me as we approached his car. I was alright with that, I trust Alice. Also, the thought of riding it vastly while the wind blowing in my sick face makes me feel sicker. He opened the side door for me and I climbed in; I put my seat belt on as I waited for him to start the car. When he turned the keys to start the engine, a recognizable song started to play.
“Clair de Lune…” I said quietly under my breath. The song was on the Twilight soundtrack, I would know it anywhere.
Edward’s head shot up as he pulled out of the parking space, “You know Debussy?” asked a little shocked.
“No, just this song.” I answered.
“It’s one of my favorites actually.” He verified. I just nodded, I already knew that.
As the music played, it reminded me of the other songs from Twilight: Muse, Linkin Park, Paramore. My personal favorite though was Bella’s Lullaby; it was so calm and peaceful that I could feel good every time I hear it. After we were halfway to my house, Edward broke the silence.
“So, your going to La Push?” saying ever so casual.
“Yea, I have nothing better to do with my weekend.” I scuffled at how I never had anything to do with my weekends.
“Well you should be careful around their, there are a lot of rocks at that beach.” He pointed out.
“I have been down there before, I’ve known that.”
He then became interested, “When we you there last?”
“The last time I remember is when I was about thirteen. I came down there almost every day that summer to visit my old friend, Jacob Black. But I had to go back home sadly.” Remembering that one memory of Jacob that happened about five years ago.”
“Have you seen him since?” Edward asked me.
“Once, yesterday in fact. He seems the same. The difference is that he’s taller now.” I joked.
“People grow, it’s the way of life.”
I unbuckled my seat beat while he pulled in front of my house. I got out of his car, but he pulled me by the wrist.
“Get some sleep, My sister will bring your motorcycle today.” He confirmed.
I gave him my motorcycle keys and I shut the door to walk to my house door. Why did I have a good feeling today?

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 8 - Opinion

My eyes blinked wide open as I heard a motorcycle running outside. I sprang from my bed to the window to see Alice parking my motorcycle. She left the keys in the slot and left something on the seat. I looked closely to see what it was, but I had no luck. In a blink of an eye, she was gone out of sight. I looked to my clock to see that was only a couple of minutes after school ended. I saw that my dad wasn’t home yet, which was a good thing. My dad doesn’t like it when I a miss school. I walked down stairs, slightly still sick from earlier, and grabbed my jacket to see what was outside. I stepped outside a cool breeze of wind rushed through of me, making me shiver. As I got closer to my motorcycle I came to make out that it was a folded piece of paper. I opened it to read what it said:
I would have told Alice to give your keys to you directly, since you said that you want your father unaware of your ‘ditching’ of school. However, you need your sleep thus Alice left the keys in the slot.
The wind became faster and colder. As a reaction I ran to the door and into my house. I reread the note a more few times while leaning over the kitchen counter. A part of me wanted to throw away that letter out of frustration; I want Edward and Bella to be together. Yet there was another part of me that wanted to keep to the note with the thought that he cares about how I feel. I was disgusted with my thought. He should be caring about Bella! He should be ignoring me like any other person. I should be like a pesky fly to him; you know it's there and if you leave it alone long enough, it will go away. Unknowing of what to do with the note I stuffed it in the back of my jeans pocket. I walked upstairs to go back to sleep, but I wasn't tired and felt much better. So I just went on the computer.
With Edward going with me to Seattle with me, I might not have the chance to. In the book, Bella and Edward ended up going to the meadow to confess their lobe for each other instead of going to Seattle liked planned. So there is a chance it might not happen. I looked up books about magic jewelry and various other things like that on Google. I probably looked for over hundreds of books on the subject until I landed on one called 'Mystical Jewels and Gems of History.' It said that it contained every magical jewel and gem that has been encountered or told from past life and everything you need to know about it. It sounded decent enough; I bought it from an old book store for about twenty dollars and it said it will be here in between one to two weeks. I'm hoping that I'm going to get it in a week. I shut the computer off and went downstairs to the kitchen to make supper out of boredom. Neither did my dad or I take anything out to cook this morning. Besides, I wasn’t really in the mood to make a big meal anyways. So I decided on grilled cheese, it didn’t take that long to make and it was decent enough. As I finish the first grilled cheese, I heard the door open.
“Brooke! I’m home!” my dad yelled near the door.
“In the kitchen.” I called while placing a grilled cheese on a plate.
He walked in the kitchen door with heavy bags under his eyes.
“Dad, you look beat, long day?”
“Yeah, but I’m alright,” he spoke as he sat at the table. I walked over to him with the first grilled cheese and walked back to the stove to make one for myself, “You’re making supper?”
“I was bored and you were coming home soon.” I explained.
“Oh”, was all he said. I finished my grilled cheese. When I just started to walk to the table to eat with my dad, he was already finished.
“Hungry much?” I asked with a smile rising on my face.
“Well, I was hungry. You do stuff like this when you haven’t had food in over 5 hours.” Clarifying as he threw away his paper plate. He then slaughtered himself up the stairs. I guessed that he was going to bed.
After my supper, I took my backpack from one of the kitchen chairs and went to the couch to do my stupid homework. While doing it, my mind kept coming back to either Edward or Bella. I continuously thought about their moments in the movies, what I read in the book, and the various pictures that I visioned in my head. I must have still been more tired than I thought; because after finishing my homework, I tried to lie down on the couch and I ended up falling asleep.
Brooke’s dream…
I stood in the middle of, what it seems to be, the meadow and looking up at the sky.
“Brooke?” I heard a caring fluid voice ask me. I turned around to see Edward and his perfect self, “What did you want to tell me?”
“Uh?” I was confused.
“You were talking about how you’re unsure of how you feel about me,” He started to walk towards me, stopping just inches away from each other’s faces, “How do you feel about me?”
I bit my lip in thought, “I think your-”
Ring! Ring! My alarm went off, ruining my dream. I tried to close my eyes, to attempt to see what I was going to say; because I sure didn’t know. After many frustrating tries, I gave up and sat up on the couch to get myself fully awake. What is it with me and having bizarre dream including Edward?! I realized that I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday and immediately went to my room to change into some clothes for school. I threw my clothes from last night into the hamper and left a note saying to wash them. I knew my dad was not going into the station until ten this morning; he could do one small thing for me.
I knew that Bella had dreams about Edward and I already had that kind of dream. So what was the point of that one? It made no sense of why I would dream of that. I was in the meadow with Edward, he asked me how I felt about him and then I woke up right as I was going to answer. I was probably going to say that I think of him as a friend. But you never know what you’re going to do in a dream. I could have said I hated him with a passion, or worse….say I was in love with him. I couldn’t be in love with Edward. He belongs with Bella and I belong with whoever I fall in love with in the future. That is the way it is going to end up, one way or another.
I arrived at school, fully awake to start the day, to find Mike running up to me.
“Brooke! Are you better?” Mike asked curiously.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I answered simply.
“Well, is it true?”
“What’s true?”
“That you’re going to Seattle with Edward.” WHO TOLD HIM?!
“No,” I didn’t want gossip about this now, “Who told you that?”
“Well I was talking to everyone at the table about you and Edward outside yesterday,” great, people were already talking about us, “and Bella mentioned that you were going to Seattle with him instead of going to the spring dance.”
After he said Bella, I got mad, “how many people think that?”
He shrugged, “I’m not sure. Bella just told our table, no one else I think.” Oh god, Jessica is going to tell EVERYONE. And I mean it, everyone.
“Ugh, thanks for telling me Mike. Can you spread the word that I’m going to Seattle with Edward for me?”
“Gladly.” I believed him.
Throughout my classes I kept on getting these looks. Looks meaning 'how did she manage to get with him' to my guess anyways. I couldn't believe that Bella told them that, in a shocking way. Bella is always quiet and reserved; she usually doesn't say a word. When lunch came around, I grabbed a bag of chips and walked immediately to where Bella was sitting at the table.

"I need to talk to you alone if I may." It was more of a command than a request. She slowly nodded her head while some fear toke place in her eyes. I walked to an empty table and sat at it; she did the same as well.

“Why did you tell them?" I asked less angrier, but still pretty mad.
“I didn’t think you would mind.” I answered a little worried.
Thinking about it, I never actually told her to not say it to anybody. Still, there needs to be an explanation of why she would tell people about my life, “I still want to know why.”
“Ok yesterday, after you stepped outside, everyone started to talk about you. Lauren wondered if you too were secretly going out or something of the sort and Mike hoped not; it almost sounded like he didn’t want to guys to be dating. I didn’t think you guys were and I told them at the table that you were just talking to Edward about you guys going to Seattle.”
That somehow made sense. I took a deep breath, “Can you please just tell however ask about it that they’re wrong?”
“Sure. At least I don’t have to explain anything to the Cullen.”
My attention was grabbed, “Wait, what do you mean by ‘at least I don’t have to explain anything to the Cullen’?”
“It’s kind of clear that they are not very sociable, they don’t talk to anybody except to each other…” she shrugged having nothing else.
“Is that what you think of them?” I asked astonished.
“That and I don’t want to admit it but, they are attractive,” looking from me to where the Cullens were sitting back and forth.
“What about Edward?”
“Cullen?” She signed before answering, “He is the most beautiful but maybe the most negative of them all.”
“Why do you say that?” I asked with some concern.
“The looks are obvious. However, whenever I would or someone else I see approaches him he gets suddenly angry or intolerant with the person. But I never really see it often because neither I nor no one else talks to him besides his family.”
I was horrified of what I was hearing from her. I can’t believe that she feels this way about Edward. Of all the things I have screwed up (so far) this is by far the worst. I didn’t really want to hear any more of this. Although, I then remembered that I needed to tell her something.
“You can’t go to Seattle with use.” I said quietly to her.
“Edward said no?” I nodded my head “Did he say why?”
“No,” At that moment, people were starting to leave from the cafeteria, “We should get to class. Are you going to La push tomorrow?” I started to get up from my seat.
“Yes, are you?” she said while getting up from her chair.
“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” I waved to her and we went our separate way.
The rest of the day went bumpy for me. I was too concentrated of what Bella said at lunch than anything else. I changed how Bella thinks about Edward and the Cullens now? I still can’t believe it.
After the school day ended, I walked to my motorcycle. As I got on it, I took a look at Bella at her motorcycle and then at the Cullens. I glanced back and forth at them a few more times and then to ride home. I arrived at my house, calm as usual, and unlocked my house door to here a sound.

I Woke Up in Twilight? ~ Chapter 9 - Hope
I recognized the voice who yelled my name and I ran in a hurry to get to room to see what was wrong; who knows what happened this time. As I opened my bedroom door, I saw my dad standing very madly near my bed where a pile of clothes were scattered. His arms were crossed in fury and I saw from the corner of my eye that he was holding something white in his hands.

"Brooke," he said in a calm though angry tone, "would you care to explain to explain this?" He held out a folded piece of paper. I took it to open to see it was the not Alice left me from Edward yesterday.

"Dad, there is no reason for you to get mad ov-"

"Not get mad?! You ditched school, especially with a boy." He yelled this time.

"First, I didn't skip school, I got sick. Second, my friend dropped me off because I was that ill." I tried clearing it up for him.

"Edward, your friend? I'm sure you mean boyfriend, am I not correct?"

I was outraged, "Let's get something straight, dad! Edward Cullen and I have absolutely no romantic chemistry with each other at all. And even if we did, he is too much of a gentlemen to let me skip school
when he knows that it would upset you. All that happened was that I got sick in class, Edward walked me to the nurse safely, he drove me home WITH PERMISSION FROM THE NURSE, dropped me off at home, and his sister dropped off my motorcycle while I was in my room ALONE trying to sleep off my sickness!"

He looked at me very serious for a while, "That does sound like something that would happen. From what I've heard, Edward Cullen is very well behaved as you are too," He took a deep breath, "Sorry for
jumping to conclusion. I should think about the situation more."

I calmed down a bit, "It's ok, no damage done." We stood there for a very awkward for a minute.

"So, how did you get sick?" he asked in his fatherly instincts.

"There was a new soup recipe for lunch yesterday and I ate some; I'm guessing that it was that. I'm fine now though."

He nodded his head, taking in the information, "I'm going to have to do something about that when I get back to the station tomorrow." He said while starting to walk out the door.

"Dad," he stopped at the door to look back at me, "I'm not dead or seriously sick. There no need to get the law involved."

"Alright, I'll let it go this time. But next time something like this happens to you or somebody else, I will do something about it." He smirked although he was being serious.

"That's fine with me," I looked over to the bed to see the pile of clothes, "are they clean?"

"Yeah, just took them out. I'm going to go make supper. You in the mood for anything?"

"Not really, whatever you make will be fine with me." He slightly smiled before he left downstairs. That note was the last thing on my mind.

The rest of the night went better than I expected. My dad made an amazing meal, roasted chicken with baked mash potatoes and crème bru la to be specific. Ha said it was to make up for the note incident. Maybe him finding about it was a good thing.

I finished my homework pretty early, so I had the chance to relax for once. I went to bed around eleven after being on the Internet for two hours doing pointless stuff.

My dream I had was exactly the same as the night before; me about to reply to answer a question Edward asked me while we were alone in the meadow. I really do want to know how I was going to respond to that.

I got up in the morning around nine for my trip to La Push. I didn't want to go the beach when the weather was bad. Then again I didn't want to sit in the house all day. I didn't pack a whole lot for the day, just a towel and a swimsuit in case the weather gets better, which I doubt. I was planning on going down there with Mike and meet with everyone. But instead, I just decided to take my motorcycle instead. Right before I left, I gave my dad a message on his cell phone's voicemail saying that I was leaving now and I wouldn't be home until tonight. My dad was out of town doing an investigation and he wouldn't be home until very late tonight, probably about eleven-thirty tonight.

It felt different, if you could put it that way, driving down to La Push for the first time. Even though my family and mind claims I have been there more than once before, I know that I have never been there in my life. When I arrived there, I was in awe of how La push looked. It was the perfect mixture of what they showed in the movie and what Stephanie described in the book. The way everything appeared seemed to be similar to the movie. However, the sound and feel of La Push could only be described in a book.
I took a parking space right near the edge of the beach and got off of my motorcycle. There weren’t many cars in there, but still a decent amount. I pulled out my cell phone to see that I was earlier than I thought it was. It wasn’t raining, so I thought I could take a damp walk until it was the time to go back. I took off my sneakers and slipped on a pair of flip flops I brought and started my walk. I studied the beach as I strolled along it; it was mostly gloomy over the sky yet there was a bit of sunshine somewhere in there. The waves were lightly crashing against the shore as they pulled back so quickly from the damp sand. Bunches of seagulls were flying through the air and at sometimes they landed near the wet sand. At times, the wind would pick up when it would only be a light breeze. At others, there would be nothing at all. After about 15 minutes of walking, I took of my flip flops and sat on an area of cool sand. Even though I love the warmth, it felt sort of nice for me to be in something cool for once.
"Brooke? Is that you?" I turned my head to see Jacob standing near me a couple feet away.

"Hey Jake," I patted the layer of sand next to me, motioning for him to sit next to me. He understood my meaning, "What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd take a walk around the beach. The real question is what are you doing here?" He asked with a grin as he lay on the sand next to me.

"Well, if you must know, I'm meeting some friends here, but I came a little early."
“How Early?”
“About an hour,” I answered casually.
“Mhm,” was all he said. We sat there in relaxation for who long, just viewing over the beach in pleasure. It became a little too quiet so I decided to break the silence.
“I had a feeling that I would meet you here for some reason.”
He then became curious, by the look of his face, “Why?”
“I don’t think I should tell you…” answering a little uncomfortably, even though I was slightly smiling.
“Oh, come on, please?” He asked child like.
I thought about for a second of how I could answer his question without telling him everything.
“Brooke!” Jacob and I turned our head to Mike jogging over here, “where the heck were you? We’ve been looking for you.
“Who that?” Jacob asked quietly looking over to him.
“That’s my friend, Mike. I need to go; I’ll see you around Jacob.” I waved while getting up to go meet up with Mike.
“Wait,” I looked over to Jacob for I met up with Mike, “Aren’t you going to answer my question?”
“I’ll say a couple of things: I know everything and it’s all because of one item.” I said in a jokingly way before leaving. But even thought I was joking, I was very serious inside.
I jogged a few yards towards him, “Sorry, I got here early and I thought-”
“You know what, its fine. Let’s go, everyone’s worried about you.”
“Alright…” I said sort of skeptical of if he really thought it was fine.
When I got back to where everyone was they were all relieved to see me. Some of them said that they thought I got kidnapped or some screwed up stuff like that. Everyone I thought that would come did actually come; Jessica, Mike (of course), Eric, Angela, Bella, and all the others. We all started to just walk around the beach and go whale watching since the weather was so crummy. But, the weather started to clear up and the sun came out; it felt weird having the sun out, given that I have only seen dark clouds, down pour rain, and some snow in the past weeks. Ever since the arrival of the sun, more of use went in the water and changed into more summery clothes. Most girls changed into shorts, tanks, and the occasional swimsuit when they went into the water. However the guys just slipped on some shorts and a tee. For most of the day, I lay in the sand with Bella, Angela or Jessica; the sun made the sand warmer and smoother therefore it felt more comfortable to be in. At times, I went in the water and just swam in it. On the other hand, Most of the boys were playing football or some sport in the water near the shore that I was afraid that I would get in the way of someone and they would fall on me. When it started to get a little darker and a bit colder, we all pitched in to make a bon fire. It took a while, but at the end it paid off nicely. As we all gather around the fire, a few very recognizable people showed up: Sam, Embry, and Jacob.
“Hey Bella, Brooke.” Jacob use while he sat next to Bella. Sam and Embry blended in with the others. Embry and Sam look the same as in the movie, except that it seems that Sam looks more strong willed in a way.
“You know him?” Jessica asked next to me.
“Yeah, old family friend; like Bella.”
Jessica nodded her head while taking a wince at Bella.
After we all socialized for a while with everybody around the bon fire, people went their separate ways. Some went to go near the rocks, some went in the water for some reason, and others just sat around to relax with other people. I check the time off from someone and found out that it was in fact almost six-thirty. I watched Jacob and Bella for a minute to see that they were going to take a walk on around the beach. This was a great opportunity for Bella to think better of the Cullens, including Edward. Just as they were about to leave, I rushed to Bella side.
“Can you excuse use for a second Jacob?” he shrugged saying it was alright. I moved Bella about a few yards away from where Jacob was standing.
“What’s wrong?” Bella asked a little harsh, since I did forcefully pull her away.
“While you’re talking with Jacob, ask him about the tale of the cold ones.” I instructed her quietly.
“It’s a story about the Cullens and I think-”
“What are you trying to do?” she asked a little uncertain by her tone.
“Nothing; I just thought you would like to her a tale about Jacob’s ancestors, which does contain something about the Cullens.” I tried saying to clear some things up.
She was in thought for a minute, “Alright. I hope it’s a good story.” She said showing a smile.
“I think you like this very much.”
“Why don’t you come with use?” she offered.
“No, I’m going to go home. That’s why I drove myself here.”
“Oh, ok. I’ll see you in school on Monday.” She waved a little before meeting back up with Jake.
I waved back before leaving. After about a mile of walking, I collected my belongings, slipped on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and hopped on the motorcycle with my stuff. I checked again the time and it was a little over seven; I put in the keys to start my motorcycle to drive away a minute later.
I told her to tell her about to the story because in the book, the story actually told her that Edward was a vampire. Since that part was so important for Bella to experience, it might get her more interested in them and she doesn’t have to think that way about the Cullens. Ugh, I hate it that she thinks that way!
When I got home, I looked over to see that the mailbox flag was sticking up. I took the keys out and took my bag to walk over the mailbox. I opened the lid to see some bills and a huge wrapped mailed box. I grabbed what was in there and went to the front door to open it. As soon as I got into the house, I threw everything on the counter to only take the wrapped box to my room. I got into my room and started to rip off the wrapping paper to see it was only see that it was a promotional box for some work out program. I threw the box on my bed in frustration. I really thought it was that magical book of items I order. When I was ripping the paper off, I had some hope that this will fix everything. I signed taking away some of my stress;
“It only a few more day of waiting for it, Brooke. Only a few more days.” I thought to myself, repeating to words over and over in my head.
I spent the rest of the night just taking some of my own down time. I called my dad and leaved him a message saying that I was home. After that I had nothing left to do, so I flickered through the TV mainly until I landed on the movie “Forest Gump.” I have always come to love that movie, though I’m unsure why exactly. After a long three hours, I decided to go to bed seeing as it’s almost eleven and my dad would be home in a half-an-hour. After that, I went upstairs and changed and did all my usual stuff before going to bed. Before I turned out my lights to go to sleep, I thought about the day I had to day and what will the next week bring for me. I’ll tell you, a whole lot of chaos.
Love it, keep writing! I didn't get to finish it, actually - it's so long, and I have so much to do! Add me please!
Love it as always can't wait to see what happens next!! :) Please keep me posted.


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