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Hey this is about Jake & Nessie & their life together . Also it's about Nessie's relationship with a half - human & half - vampire , like herself . Will she be with Jacob her imprint love or Ian her other love ? Which love is stronger ?

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Because you're sweeter than ice cream

Prettier than red roses

And better than the stars when their twinkle is the brightest 

I love you Nessie Cullen

Will you marry me ?


Is what he said on May 23 such a beautiful day.

I wanted so badly to say yes but something was stopping me.

Maybe it was Ian who was so much like me in many ways.

I mean we were both half-human and half-vampire.


Should I continue?

Chapters :

Chapter 1 Part 1 - Page 1

Chapter 1 Part 2- Page 3

Chapter 2 - Page 4

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write more please!
Chapter 3
Nessie's POV

I woke up with gold eyes starring down in to mine . I kept hearing my name but it didn't come out right . Then everything cleared up . Next to the glowing vampire it seemed , was a tan muscular guy . I realized who they were quickly . Ian and Jake .

I sat up feeling the sand under me . Suddenly I felt a slightly cold arm wrap around my right side while a warm hand wrapped around my left side . I looked at both of them and chuckled .

Jake gave Ian a glare that looked like it could kill . Ian backed away looking a little ashamed . He really shouldn't be he didn't do anything wrong . Ian put his head down looking at the ground . I wanted to reach out and put my hand under his chin because I felt bad for him . I always felt bad sometimes for people I cared about , I did care about Ian . He was like me unique , as everyone put it . I wondered who his parents were did he have the same up bringing as me ? I shifted my focus to the present .

Jake was scooping me in his arms protectively . I sighed to myself . I loved Jake but sometimes he could be a little much , with making sure everyone knows that I'm his or something . I played with my hair while we walked back to the road were Jake parked his motorcycle .

" You almost gave me a heart attack Nessie , " Jake said smiling down at me .

I took a glance at Ian , leaning so I could look past Jake's arm . I was hoping he didn't notice . I smiled at Ian he gave a half hearted one back , at least it was something . I made a silly face at him he laughed . I turned back to Jake proud because I was making people happy .

" Here we are , " Jake said and put me down next to his motorcycle . I nodded . Trying to make this a little less akward I decided I would engage them both in conversation .

" So Ian what were you doing here ? I mean by La Push didn't you hear the treaty we had with the werewolves ? You could have gotten hurt , " I explained .

" Well Alice told me to check on you . She said the werewolves shouldn't be too curious of me because I'm half human and half vampire , " he replied .

" Oh well thanks for uhh...saving me I guess don't know what I would have done without you , " I said as the corners of my mouth turned into a smile . Jake growled .

" You know she doesn't belong to you , " Ian told Jacob . Starring him down . All the sudden Jake stopped moving . I frowned what was he doing . I shook him gently .

" Jake ? " my voice with a hint of worry in it . What happened to him . I turned to Ian making sure he wasn't the same way .

" Aww damn , " he mumbled , " Listen I might as well tell you now , I have the ability to freeze anything around me . Not in the sense of cold but to stop them .Sometimes my power comes on when I'm angry , without me doing it and sometimes it's hard for me to undo the person . " He looked embaressed . He shifted his focus hard on Jacob all the sudden . Jake came out of his frozen mode and looked around .

" What the hell did you do to me ! " he yelled , frusterated at Ian now . Ian backed away because Jake was shaking .

" Jake calm down ! " I told him clinging on to him . He wasn't stopping . I ran back in to Ian . He put his arms around me .

Jake phased and was about to jump for Ian . Quickly Ian threw me on to the motorcycle . It hurt pretty bad but I'd rather that than get attacked by a werewolf who is my best friend or more . I watched the fight I had no idea what to do . I had to distract them before things went too far . They could really hurt each other .

I knew both of their weaknesses was me so I had to do something for them to save me . I couldn't think everything was happening to fast . All the sudden I felt something hit me I fell to the ground . Everything fading...again .

I put my hand to my knee and felt liquid . I brought my hand to my eyes it was red . I was bleeding .
OMG you have to write more what happened to her!!?
love it!!!! but what hitted Nessie on the head ?????
OMG write more write more!
Love it
But not that nessie got hurt


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