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Hey this is about Jake & Nessie & their life together . Also it's about Nessie's relationship with a half - human & half - vampire , like herself . Will she be with Jacob her imprint love or Ian her other love ? Which love is stronger ?

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Because you're sweeter than ice cream

Prettier than red roses

And better than the stars when their twinkle is the brightest 

I love you Nessie Cullen

Will you marry me ?


Is what he said on May 23 such a beautiful day.

I wanted so badly to say yes but something was stopping me.

Maybe it was Ian who was so much like me in many ways.

I mean we were both half-human and half-vampire.


Should I continue?

Chapters :

Chapter 1 Part 1 - Page 1

Chapter 1 Part 2- Page 3

Chapter 2 - Page 4

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Oooohhhh...sooo good. Hurry and post more.
thanks so much !
i will write soon i think. it will be a very good chapter. =]
I'm not finsihed I will continue soon . :)
Chapter 1
Nessie's POV

Me and Jake were always together . For as long as I could remember . He was my best friend and something was growing inside me, like I needed him . I thought this as we were at La Push . He was trying to teach me how to surf . I was trying ... but it wasn't working for me . All the sudden I felt a wave come I closed my eyes and, lost my balance . Lucky Jake caught me . I smiled down at him and he did the same .

"Be careful Nessie , " he said as he kept his strong arms around my unsteady legs . I know I should be with better balance since I'm half vampire but sometimes my human part comes out . My dad says I get my clumsiness from my mom, he chuckled as he said this while my mom gave him a frown and squinted her eyes .

Another wave was coming I concentrated hard on this one waiting to take the wave's force when it came I took a deep breath. The wave came and I was still on the surf board .

" Yay ! Jake I did it ! " I said jumping but of course I couldn't jump then land on a surf board I wasn't that good at balancing . I fell in the water then I felt warm muscles wrap around my neck and legs . Jake was holding me I looked deep in his eyes they were so beautiful if you really looked at them . He moved his face closer to mine . I closed my eyes and went the other half of the way to the kiss . He pressed his lips on mine . It felt like all those things you're supposed to feel . Then Jake started to get more into the kiss . He wrapped his lips on mine it felt so good but then I realized I wasn't ready to kiss Jake like that . This was our first kiss . I pushed his chest away and pulled back . He look at me confused .

" Jake I'm only 14 I'm not ready to kiss you like that . You're a lot older than me . " with that he released me and put me down from his arms .

"Come on Jake it's fine let's just go back to my house ," trying to lighten the mood I added with a smile, " by the way that kiss was amazing . " He smiled at me sideways .

We started to walk to my house I was holding my purple heels in my hand . It was so hot I wish we didn't have to walk back . It was almost like Jake could read my mind because at that moment he picked me up on his back . I was about to argue because I felt bad but instead I simply rested my head on his shoulder .

As we were walking through the woods we heard something . Jake's muscle's tensed up and he looked around .

"I can smell vampire's . " he said aware now . All of the sudden the bushes in front of us moved we could hear something . A hint of black flashed through the bushes Jake breathed a sigh of relief . It was Sam in wolf form . Jake put me down and then went into his wolf form . It was sometimes hard to get used to Jake being a wolf I only found out a year ago . They were having a conversation I could tell . So I played with Jake's soft fur to try and calm him down . He went over behind a bush and phased back to human . He was wearing only shorts that were an olive green . He had a nice six pack I tried not to stare but it was difficult .

"I'm staying with you because there are some vampires in town . Ones that we don't recognize their scent . Lets go back to your place and keep your family from worrying . " Jake told me very alert . I nodded .

We got back to my house and my mom and dad were on the porch . Mom sighed in relief and dad didn't do anything because he knew from our thoughts that we were safe . I went inside to see everyone scattered around but Aunt Alice position caught my attention because she was having a vision . She was starring straight ahead then she came out of her vision . I went over to her interested to hear what it was about .

"What did you see Aunt Alice ? " she didn't reply . She starred at my dad then they both looked at me . Obviously this vision had something to do with me .

"The new vampire's . One of them is like you . Half-human and half-vampire . " my heart beat quickened . I always wanted to meet someone like me . I felt a warm anxious hand wrap around my waist I looked it was Jake . He looked worried ? I wonder why . I doubt these vampires will change anything . At least I don't think they will .
I like it :)
love itt ! thanks so much ! :)
I'm not going to be able to post it on the home page of the fanfic because my computer won't let me . I'm not sure why . But thanks so much it's great !
Hurry up and post the next chapter! I loved it.
Ill try glad you loved itt ! =]
Me, too!!!
Incase anyone was wondering Nessie is really around 9 but looks like shes 15 so she calls herself 15 . ;)
luv it!


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