The Twilight Saga

Taken from the bit were Bella says-Jacob's family

Edwards’s perfect forehead creased, "Family?" he asked. I nodded, "Yer, Charlie and Billy are cousins. That’s why I always saw him when I stayed with Charlie. Billy's dad was sisters with Charlie's mum-" I cut off at the look on Edwards face. "What?" I asked timidly. "Bella, you are related to Jacob." He asked quietly. "Distantly, yer. Why?" He clenched his fists, "Probably nothing, just going to talk to Carlisle" he murmured. "Are you going to be alright without me, for a few hours?" I nodded slowly and then he ran.

I was getting ready to go to bed when I heard a knock on the window. Thinking it was Edward opened the window. To my surprise a flash of fur bolted in. Jacob sat in wolf form on my carpet. He barked lowly and started shaking. His wolf like body grew smaller and less...furry. I turned my back to him. He quickly pulled on his shorts. "Bella," he grunted. "Jacob, Edward will kill you for being here." I whispered aware of Charlie in the next room. "I know, but I had to come. I wanted to know why Edward wasn't here. Have you two broken up?" he asked early. "No!" I almost shouted. "Has he hurt you?" he growled. "No, Jacob-me and Edward are fine."

He sighed, "I'll ask him." He said with a smirk, "As he’s coming to see you now." My mouth dropped open, what would Edward think if I let a werewolf into my bedroom? “No, Jacob leave before-" Jacob grinned, "Relax, he'll be a whole minute. I can smell him coming closer." I shivered. "Are, you cold?" Jacob asked. "No, I'm fine. Go away Jacob. Leave!" I spat at him. "Here, let me warm you up." He stepped forward. "Leave," I mumbled. "Alright. Goodnight Bells." He extended a hand, I shook it carefully. He pulled me closer into a crushing bear hug. "Can't-breath." I gasped. I felt Jacob being torn away from me.

I stepped back to see a blur of white-Edward and Jacob shaking. His skin became fur and he jumped at Edward. Edward caught him, and threw him backwards. Jacob backed into the wardrobe but then lunged at Edward again biting his hand. Edward growled and wrestled Jacob off his hand. Then they were circling each other; lunging, punching, kicking and well...biting. They moved so fast in my tiny room that soon I was backed against the wall. I was angry, angry at Jacob, angry at Edward, angry at myself. But I was scared. No for me- so, scared of what Edward going to think afterwards. What if he or Jacob got hurt? What if Edward did worse?

I started crying, sobbing and shivering. I heaved my chest up and down, I couldn't get enough air. I was burning hot. And then blackness.

"She's boiling." I heard Edward's voice murmered. "Of course she is; you have no body heat." Jacob's voice growled. A warm hand rested on my cheek. "She's warmer than a human. She's almost as warm as me." Then Edward whispered, "as warm as a werewolf."

Chapter 2

"She'll need help; I'll take her to Carlisle." Edward announced; unaware of me being awake. "No, the leech doesn't know anything about werewolves. I'll take her to Billy." Edward was silent and then I was being picked up. The cold hands ran to the window and then I was falling into the cool night. Thump. We hit ground but we didn't stop, Edward bolted forwards into the woods. I could hear another person running next to us. Jacob. The wind wiped my scorched face.

I opened my eyes. I was on Jacobs’s bed, Edward stood looking out the window and Jacob sat on a chair. I groaned and suddenly they were both next to me. "Bella? Are you alright honey?" Edward asked. I made a face, "What’s wrong?" I looked at him and wrinkled my nose, "no offence but you stink, Edward." Jacob laughed, "Told you so, like rotten cabbage and death." I smiled weakly, Edward wasn't the only thing I could smell, there was Jacob-who smelt delicious and a bit of wet dog. I could smell outside and dirty washing.

"Edward! What are you doing here? You're in La Push, Sam will kill you." I blurted, terrified, we had to leave. "Calm it Bells, I told Sam he's here. He won't attack, though he wants to meet you." I relaxed only for another bad though come to my mind, "Charlie?!" Edward nodded, "Sorted, Jacob went round there earlier with Billy and explained everything." I gulped, "It was fine Bells, he didn't faint but wants you home soon."

Someone knocked at the door, they smelt of rusty metal. Billy wheeled in, "Bella, good to see your awake. And I’m so sorry this happened to you." He came up to the bed. "Poor Charlie, any teenager is hard enough but a werewolf-" What? I was a freaking werewolf and all Billy cared about was Charlie. So, I'm not important- poor Charlie? My blood boiled and my body began to shake. I couldn't stop-I felt angry and strong. The room was getting smaller and then I looked at my hands. They were dark and furry!

I let back my head and howled. Edward gulped; Billy moved to the side off the room and where was Jacob? I looked behind me to see a wolf. Jacob? The wolf's head nodded. Wait, had I said that out loud. No a voice said inside my head. It's me Bella, Jacob he though. I could hear his thoughts! This must be what it was like for Edward. I could hear Jacob without him saying a word. I must say, you’re a very beautiful wolf. Go look in the mirror.

I padded over to his small mirror. There was a giant, chocolate brown wolf. I tipped my head to check it was me. The wolf tipped hers as well. I stuck out my tongue and the wolf's long tongue stuck out. Jacob laughed. Now I had one problem. How did I get back to human? Just think calm thoughts Jacob though. Calm thoughts; right. Me falling asleep in Edwards arms. Wait! What about my clothes? I turned around to the bed, lying in a heap on the floor was a bunch of ripped clothes. Oh no. You're going to have to borrow Rachael’s. and Jacob walked out of the room. Follow me I got up and walked slowly on my four legs.

Four legs were odd, I felt more balanced-natural. Rachael’s clothes were stored in Billy’s closet. She had the same sort of style as me-big comfy jumpers and jeans. I was trying to think calmly when a strange feeling came over me. The air round me...rippled. Jacob? I couldn't hear as if I was on a phone and the other end had just gone dead. The silence kind of scared me. Calm thoughts I told myself. Edward was lying next to me and I was slowly falling asleep as he sang my lullaby. My body shook, I felt colder and colder. I closed my eyes and wiggled my fingers.

I looked at my hands...there had lost there fur. Phew. I slipped on Rachael’s clothes and walked out to Billy's lounge. Edward sat on the worn out sofa but jumped up as I entered. He came over to me and managed to smile. "We should go," he whispered in my ear. He voice was louder than normal. I took his hand and dropped it. He was cold to touch. I smiled weakly..."Come on," I told him. We thanked Billy and left. Edward silently drove me home.

Charlie was out when I got back. He had left a message on the kitchen table. 'Bella, at work...Billy's says you've got a genetic disease and is contagious to people who haven’t had it. Billys had it and so he said he'll look after you. I'm not coming back to late-I've got the night shift. Dinners in the fridge. Get well soon x.' I chucked the note on the floor. "Urr. They haven’t told him anything-he thinks I'm ill. Not a damn werewolf!" I screamed the last bit and sat down. I started to cry. "What am I going to say? Hey Charlie, I'm a freaking werewolf?"

Edward pulled up a chair next to me and put an ice cold arm around me. I shivered. "I have to go now. Will you be alright?" I nodded glumly; Edwards coldness was too much. He got up and then was gone. I sighed and started on dinner. "Edward," I asked nervously. "Yes?" His voice was so serious it scared me. I turned round and sliced my finger with the knife. I cursed and put my finger in my mouth. Edwards’s jaws tighten and he clenched his fists. "Do you want to go outside?" He looked longingly at the window but shook his head. "No," he murmured. I walked away from the kitchen and to the bathroom.

Charlie had brought lots of plasters when I moved in as a precaution. They were next to the mirror. I stopped and stared. My face looked red and tired. But it was my hair that scared me. It stuck up and looked like it had grown an inch or 2. I would have to get it cut. I looked at my finger, the cut had disappeared. Completely. I flatten my hair and went downstairs. Edward was sitting, deep in though, at the table. "Is your finger ok?" he asked without turning round. I walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. He shook it off.

"This isn't your fault." I said soothingly. "Isn't it? If you hadn't met me-you would of..." I looked away. Then a thought crossed my mind. "Are you ashamed of me?" I asked my voice raising. He shook his head, "I have to leave." And then he was gone. I turned back to my dinner and smiled. Edward had finished cutting the onions.

Chapter 3

Slam. The door. Charlie was home. "Bella?" he called putting up his gun. "In the kitchen dad." I called. He walked in. "Are you alright? Billy said you were sick? You do look a bit red." He felt my forehead. "You’re on fire! Should I call the doctor?" I pulled dinner out the oven. "I'm fine. Do you like lasagne?" Charlie smiled, "Oh yer." We started dinner in silence. "So are you better now?" He asked as I took my second helping. "Well, yes." I answered, stuffing my face-I so was hungry. "What did the doctor say?" I swallowed. "What exactly did Billy tell you?" Charlie looked at me suspiciously. "That you were ill. Fever. Family disease. Not much more, kid."

"Then this is going to be hard." I breathed shakily. "You know Billy and Jacob are family." Charlie nodded, "And they live on the reserve." Charlie put his glass down. "Just tell me." I gulped, "Dad, I'm not fully human. When I get angry I change. I turn into a...a werewolf." Charlie face had gone from panic, to shock, to confused. "Dad?" I asked biting my lip. He let out a huge breath. "Are you joking Bella?"

"No. I am truly a werewolf." The words felt odd to say. "I can show you if you want." Charlie gulped, "I may regret this, but yer." I didn't know how, last time I was angry. Now I wasn't. I got up and pulled my hoodie off. "You might want to turn around." I murmured as I took my clothes off, (they were Rachael’s after all.) I let out a growl; I was wearing my favourite t-shirt this morning. Damn, it was ripped beyond repair.

It was enough; I shook and closed my eyes tight shut. A shiver went down my spine. And the fur burst onto my skin. I said down and opened my eyes slowly. Charlie was frozen still. His mouth wide open. A small gasp came from his mouth. "Bella, is t-that you?" He managed to stutter. I nodded my head. "C-can...can you talk?" I shook my head. "Bella!" He called. I cocked my head to one side and looked at him questionly. "Bella, honey come out now." Huh? I was right here. I stood up. "Bella! No joking, get the stupid massive dog out of here now. Stay boy," he stepped back with one hand stopping me coming closer to him.

He backed away slowly out of the kitchen, staring intensely at me the whole time. He headed towards the door. He was going to get his gun. He was going to shoot me! Think calm thoughts, calm thoughts. I could here Charlie taking his gun out of its holster. There was no chance of me being calm. I ran to the back door, it was locked. I scraped at it hopelessly, whining. JACOB! I screamed in my head. HELP ME! Charlie was back in the kitchen. His face was stone hard. Jaw clenched. Gun in hand.

I was sure I was going to die. Killed by my own dad.
Knock, knock! The door. Charlie's head turned quickly. He looked at me and at the door again. Choosing. Kill me first, or answer the door. I held my breath. Charlie tightened his grip on the gun. And aimed. Good bye Edward, Goodbye Jacob. Charlie pulled the trigger. Knock, knock! Bang!

Charlie jumped at the door. The bullet sailed through the air. I forgive you dad, I though. The door burst open. I saw people running through it. And then pain came. I howled. I knew my end was near. My ears stopped hearing, my eyes stopped seeing. The pain dug in so much; every heart beat was so much effort. I closed my eyes.

Chapter 4

I knocked twice on the door. Jacob sat next to me. I didn't want him here. But he was my telephone to Bella's thoughts. Only he could hear them. Finally, the only chance to get into her head. Through the mutt.Good bye Edward, Bella! Good bye Jacob. Why? Why did Bella, my Bella say that to the dog. Jacob let out a sharp whine. I knocked again, with more urgency. And then I switched to Charlie's mind. My eyes widened in shock.

I rammed the door. I forgive you dad. I slammed the door open. And legged it in.Get the gun off Charlie. It was Jacob. I wanted to race to Bella so much. But the gun was still in Charlie’s hand. Charlie was standing completely shocked. I raced towards him. I grabbed the gun out of his hand. Then I turned and saw it. Bella. Lying on the floor. As a wolf. But she was red. Oozing blood every where. And the smell. So sweet. So fresh and tasty. So much blood.

Dude, you love her. The Jacob dog thought staring at my face. I do. I love her so much. My frantic eyes darted from Bella's wolf body to the other wolf. He was by Bella's side. Nudging her with his snout. "Phase back," I muttered darkly as I zipped to her side. "You are useless as a wolf." What do we do about Charlie? I bit my lip and walked over to Charlie. He was shaking his head. "Chief Swan?" I asked, he swirled around.

Oh, what have I done? I've killed Edward's dog. Bella will be disgusted with me. And the dog's probably worth a lot coming from a rich kid like Edward. But it was a wolf. Giant wolf. Stupid prank they pulled on me. Bella knows I hate dogs. Charlie's mind was a jumble. "Please let me be alone with I would like to...clean up for you. You might as well go out. Please, leave." I almost screamed at him. Charlie nodded sympathetically and left.

I could hear Charlie out side starting up his police car, Jacob's feet padding around looking for a blanket and the fast beating of Bella's tiny fragile heart. She was fighting and that gave me hope. I sat by her and held her...paw. Blood was violently oozing out of her side. Charlie had missed her heart but had hit her ribs badly. "Watch over her while I get Carlisle" As Jacob appeared next to me. I grabbed my phone.

"Carlisle," I murmured at lighting speed. "Bella's been shot. She's in wolf form. By Charlie. Accident. Get here now." I could hear Carlisle grab his car keys. "Give me a minute. Don't move her." He replied and hung up. I sat over Bella's body with Jacob on the other side. We did not speak. I wanted to do something. Sitting here just waiting was pain. Jacob's thoughts were similar. I grinded my teeth together. And listened to Bella's heart. It beat like a butterfly so fast a light. "Carlisle is here, I'm going to change. I'll be back in half an hour." Jacob announced as he disappeared through the back door.

Carlisle car pulled up at the drive. I opened the door for him. "Where is she?" He asked. He was wearing a black coat and carrying his doctors bag. He expression was suppressing the dread in him. But I could tell he wasn't hopeful. "In the kitchen," I told him as I led him to the body. He knelt by her and put on some rubber gloves. I waited patiently at the table my eyes never leaving Bella. "Two ribs broken possible shattered third rib. Not hit the heart but has ruptured one of the veins connecting to her heart. Not very good news. She hasn't got much of a chance."

"What should I do?" I asked meekly. "She has a 20% chance of full recovering from this. A 25% chance of recovering with physical difficulties." Carlisle softly whispered. "No. That is over 50% chance of dieing." Carlisle nodded. I bowed my head. "Then it must be done. For Bella" I tried to look strong as I said this but my voice quivered. "I don't like it but it must be done." Carlisle muttered darkly.

So he agreed with this but could I? I already had tasted the sweet blood of Bella and I only just managed that time. What if this time I couldn't stop my self? "Edward, you can do it. You have wanted this for Bella and she wants this as well. She will not live unless. No human will survive this shot." Carlisle was brilliant at saying the right things. I took Bella's paw and raised to my lips kissing it gently. Steadying myself I leaned towards her neck and looked at her face. Her chocolate deep fur was lighter round her eyes and mouth. "Bella. I am going to save you. Forgive me."

I opened my mouth wide and sank my razor sharp teeth into her neck. The sweet warm blood flowed into my mouth. I spat my venom into the wound. I heard Bella cry out in pain. But just a bit more sweet juice, it was animal blood but mixed with human blood, tasting as good as the real thing. I had almost forgotten the delicious taste of human. How it compared with animals. Out the corner of my eye I saw a shape getting larger and closer. I felt a weight go into my side - it sent me flying away from the body and the tasty blood. I growled a fiercely, someone had interrupted my dinner. I was going to first stop them then continue my meal.

I looked at my mouth-watering meal but instead I saw a wolf lying in the kitchen with another wolf by her side and kneeling staring worriedly at me was my father. Carlisle. My meal was Bella. I love Bella. I stood up and bolted out the back door. Just got to get away. Go kill a few deer.

Chapter 5

I was racing home to La Push. I just couldn't stand being around to bloodsuckers for that long. I clenched my jaw tight together but it didn't stop the silent tears flowing out of my eyes down my fur. It was not fair; I had a chance to be with Bella. If only her being a werewolf had put Edward off but no. He loved her still. They should be mortal enemies but they were deeply in love. I used to think Edward held a curse over Bella. When he was gone she was friendly and nice to me. She loved me. But now I know. I was stupid hoping he would go.

I stopped in my tracks. My legs had frozen. They refuse to move an inch. And then I heard it a quiet cry of pain. And then a sound. It was...undesirable, horrible and terrifying. It was a hissing sound like water being poured on a fire. It was the sound of a werewolf's insides burning and dieing. It could only be made by a vampire biting one. Bella! I howled feeling her pain. And soon my howl was joined by Quil and Embry. Until the whole pack was howling. I knew what I had to do to save my Bella.

I ran faster than ever before in my life. Nothing mattered more than getting to Bella. Quil, come to Forks. I called silently. Coming. His reply was instant. I was nearly there and not tired. The adrenaline was fiercely pumping though my body. Bella was hardly conscious. Inside her head was screaming out in pain and the hissing noise getting louder and faster. She hadn't long left.

It was very dark in Bella's house. No one had bothered to turn the lights on. I stopped at the door. And phased into human form. Bella was inside and so was a vampire. My fur stood on it's end. I breathed in sharply and entered. I flicked the light switch in the kitchen. Bella was wriggling in the centre of the floor and Carlisle was packing his small bag up. The floor round Bella was clean. Not one drop of blood was on the floor tiles.

"You monster," I breathed as I gazed at Mr Cullen. "You couldn't resist could you?" He looked up questionly at me. "Whatever do you mean, Jacob?" I gave him an evil look. "You licked up Bella's blood off the floor. You disgusting animal." I spat. I was waiting for him to deny it or have a come back but he ashamedly looked down. "You don't know how hard it is to resist. What was I meant to do? Mop it up and bin it? I haven't drunk human blood in 12 years-"

He cut off as Bella groaned loudly. "I am going to kill Edward." I kneeled by Bella. "You idiot Dr Cullen. A doctor like you should know that Vampire venom is poisonous to werewolves. She is going to die." A tear slide down my cheek. "Bells, I know this is the stupidest thing I am ever going to do. But I realise...I can't live without you. So please just enjoy your life. Be nice to Edward ... he loves you. And don't ever tell him you would of survived this bullet without being bitten."

I picked Bella's arm up and kissed her hand then leaned to her neck and sucked the foul tasting venom out of her neck. There wasn't much. I filled my mouth until I could taste the normal blood. How can vampires like this taste? And then I felt a person behind me. He pushed me gently aside from Bella and hit me in the mouth. I opened my mouth the blood squirting every where. Quil sat grinning. "What was that for?" I yelled at him. "You were going to swallow the venom you idiot. I made you spit it out." He announced proudly.

"Umm...thank you I guess." I told him, mystified at my own stupid decision. "Shall we take her to your house?" I nodded and turned around. Dr Cullen had disappeared. I picked up Bella's werewolf body. I found the key to her Chevy and started it up. Quil sat with Bella on his lap wrapped in a blanket and I drove.

I cursed. "Charlie is round my house with Billy. We can't take Bella there" Quil made a face, "What are we going to do?" I shook my head trying to think of an answer. "The Cullen's." I whispered angrily. "No way mate. Let me out here. I'm not going any where near them." I gritted my teeth but stopped to let Quil out. "Come on Bells. We're going to see the leeches." She had stop twisting and turning in agony but was groaning miserably. The sound made me feel like someone was holding my heart and squeezing it until it felt like it would burst. Bella is going to be ok. I told myself.

It was all my fault. Why had I gone to see Bella? Why did I hug her? Why did I try to fight Edward? If I hadn't Bella would of been human. I tightened my grip on the wheel as I approached the Cullen’s house. They would probably know I was here. I parked outside the impressive modern house. Rosalind was leaning in the door way. "Dog," she said in greeting. "Blonde," I replied, "Look, Bella is not going to survive unless the doctor sees her. Because some idiot bit a werewolf. It's poisonous to them. Thank Edward for me. "


The vampire let me, Quil and Bella into the lounge. By the time I sat down the other bloodsuckers had appeared. "Charlie shot Bells because he's afraid of dogs. Edward tried to save her but because she's a werewolf, it would of killed her. I saved her. I can not take her home, Charlie's there. She needs to recover. Please... this is the last thing I want to do. Can she stay here until she's better? Werewolf's are quick healer's. She will recover quickly, no thanks to Edward."


Alice talked first. "I didn't see this. Now Bella is a werewolf I won't be able to see her future." She shook her head. Esme rushed over to Bella. "We will be delighted to have Bella, Jacob. Her heatbeat is already quite normal. You must inform Charlie of some cover story. He will never forgive himself for shooting his only daughter." Esme voice was strange, it echoed the truth and I felt at peace. I smiled, all I wanted to do was smile. Wait, I was being controlled by the vampire's. Bella mentioned one of the could change your mood. I let out a snarl at the curly haired guy. Said my goodbyes and left.  


Chapter 6


I woke to the smell of rotting fruit, blood and freshly baked cookies. I opened my eyes. I was on a sofa at the Cullen's. Infront of me, on the coffee table was cookies, a pizza, cakes and salad. I began to sit up and found pain in my chest. I winched. Alice popped up next to me. "Bella! You're awake! Thank goddness. I made you some food. Well, I didn't know what you wanted. I don't eat any of it but apparently every one likes cakes. And I ordered pizza and made cookies but then Esme said it was unhealthy so I made salad." It all looked good, so I let Alice continue to talk and ate.


"You have been alseep 13 hours and 41 minutes. We didn't want to move your from the sofa. Jacob delieved you last night. You blacked out after being shot. Your dad shot you... and Edward tried to turn you into a vampire but it ended up nearly killing you. So Jacob 'saved' you and brought you here. Edward went hunting and then was going to come home but read my mind and found out he nearly killed you so he went off hunting again to calm himself down. And he might end up killing a human if he has any more upsets. But we will deal with that if it comes-"


"Alice. Shut up." I told her finishing the last slice of pizza. "Oh sorry, I talk when I'm nervous. Would you like more pizza?" Alice flustered. I felt a strange feeling making my body tremble. "No. Jacob's outside. I can feel him."  Alice looked out the window. "I can smell him." She repiled. I got up slowly with Alice awakedly holding my arm and we walked to the door. I opened it to Jacob. It wasn't just Jacob, it was the whole pack stared at me.


"We have come to take Bella." Sam called. "She's not fully recoved." Alice told him. Sam crossed his arms defiantly. "It is not a request. She is leaving. She is one of ours. You have no right over her, bloodsucker."  Sam spat the words out. The pack stood in a formation, like a 'V' with Sam at the front. Jacob was one side of him, looking concered and Paul was on the other, looking like he wanted to rip Alice apart on the spot. "It is Bella's decission, Samual." Alice voice cut through the air angrily.


"Bella," Alice whispered. "You should go with them, but you belong with us. With Edward." I gulped and began to cry. Silent tears rolled down my face. "Edward will never forgive me for leaving him but I am werewolf. I am bound by this freaking wolf within me. I can't leave my pack. If Sam orders me to go. I have to. He is the leader, I have to follow his rules. I have no choice."


"Then you will just have to go Bella. You can still see Edward at anytime. But the wolfs are your family." Alice ws right, I should go with my family. Wait, they may be family but so was Charlie. He was my dad and probably worried sick. I spoke to everyone, "I am not staying with the Cullen's and I'm not coming with you lot. I'm going home to talk to Charlie. I have to explain this, then I will decide between being friends with the Cullen's and being part of my pack."


I liked being in control. Well it was my own life. I began to walk proudly away from the house. I glanced at Jacob and saw his face. It was full of pain and his eyes were brimming with unshed tears. It was like a punch in stomach. I stopped. My best friend needed me. Alice still stood in door way. "Jacob," my voice wobbled. He looked at me, his stare was half hateful, half hopeing. Hope that I would ditch Edward and join him. It made my heart hurt. I tried walking again.


Slow even steps. Down the Cullen's drive. Slow even steps, round the corner until I couldn't see the house and the pack. My chest ached. I had 2 broken ribs that were only half healed. There was no way I could walk home. Should I go back? No, I wanted to see Charlie; must keep walking. I walked along the road as the was no path. There was no cars either. Just endless trees and grey sky.


Bella. I froze. It's Sam. Come to my house. I turned round and felt myself walking. He was the pack's leader, I had to obey him. I can't! I yelled in my head. I can't walk all that way. It's so painful. I gripped my side but my feet kept walking. Sam didn't reply. So with out much choice I stumbled on. Behind me I heard the pounding of feet. I turned to see Jacob; as a wolf. Climb on my back. I did as he told me. It was like being on a horse as he was so tall. I hugged his neck and he began to run. I dug my head into his neck and closed my eyes. It was kind of peaceful but did smell of wet dog.


Soon we were at Sam's house. Emily was standing in the door way. She took me off Jacob's back and guided me to the table. "Hey Bella, it's been a while. Sam told me everything." I looked at Emily, with her scar running across her face. What if I done that to someone? Like Charlie? Jacob sat next to me. "Thank you." I hugged him. He hugged me back and I looked into his eyes. I was filled with love for him and I smiled. How perfect was Jacob? He saved me. Even with shorter hair he looked like an angel. My angel.


Oh no! I think I just imprinted on my best friend. I couldn't stop looking and grinning. His eyes opened wider. He had released and looked smug. What about Edward? I tried to think about him but Jacob's face filled my head. Beautiful, wonderful Jacob. Then I blinked. Jacob's face was mirroring mine. He had imprinted to. Emily silently as she could left. I stopped hugging him. "Jake. I think I just imprinted on you." I said. "I think I just imprinted on you as well." Jacob took my hand.


"That's so gross." Paul walked in. "But it means you and leech are no more and maybe him the other leeches will leave for good." I gasped. "Paul." Jacob said moodily. Would the Cullen's leave. I would miss them. Especially Edward. But I had Jacob and that was great. "Bella. I can read your thoughts." Paul said making himself a sandwhich. Oh right. That was annoying. "Is there a computer in this house?" Paul nodded and pointed to the desk in the corner.


I emailed Alice. I told her about imprinting on Jacob. I couldn't think about Edward. He was just a memory now. I could just think of him leaving me for all those months. Jacob was there when Edward wasn't. Jacob was here now, and where was Edward? Having a strop in some distant forest. I must be ill. i was thinking so strangley.


Chapter 7


Dear Alice

It's been 3 months since you left. Is Edward still going out with that vampire girl? (It's so good he dealt with me imprinting on Jake.)

Jake and I are going out.

 Sam and Emily got married. I was a bridemaid with Leah.

I moved to the Reservation School. Jessica teased me for going out with a younger guy so I got Jacob to pick me up on the last day at my old school. He was wearing nothing but brown shorts and she like OMG.  She didn't stop talking about for a week and sent Mike to gym to try and get a six pack like Jake's. The Reservation School is great. I have tons of friends. I'm in the same year as Paul. Jake's in year below.

I don't mind being a wolf. Charlie thinks I joined Jacob's 'gang'. Which he is ok with because I have more friends than I used to. I guess I was a bit obessed with Edward. Jake doesn't like me being friends with vampires. Well, we are menat to be enemies. There has been no vampires since you left so hopefully no more kids will change.

Anyway enough about me. How is England? You must send me a postcard! And you must reply to email's quicker. It took you weeks last time.

All my love,

Bella x


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