The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 -Now edward was perfectly happy he was going to be a soldier until the influenza came and he got sick...


I lay in my bed thinking about how i had got to be a vampire and it was a pretty devious story...

(Flashback) i was in so much pain my head hurt, my muscles ached, my throat hurt from coughing so much. I was tired and was weak. I had begged my mother to help but she kept saying "We'll get help as soon as we can." Then she came to me with a visitor "His name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen hes a physician he is going to fix you but you need to listen to him and go where he tells you to go... and i love you, so get better." my mother said the last word with a quivering lip. But i listened to him none the less he led me to a very strange house. he opened the door for me and i went inside. I looked around it was quaint with a fire burning in the corner it was warm and inviting but had a strange feeling about it. "You can go sit on that couch over there while i get ready." he said gesturing to the couch on which i went and sat down on. It was only a few minutes later when he called "Im ready for you." i walked into the room and he told me to lie down on the table, i did as he told just like my mother had asked. he put on rubber gloves "Close your eyes thats the only way i can do this" he said looking like he was going to cry, but i closed my eyes anyway. As soon as i closed my eyes i felt a pain in my wrist like a warm fireplace then in my neck and and in my legs, then it was all over my body. The heat then changed from warm to hot like putting your hand in the warm fireplace but this isnt warm it was burning then it turned even hotter i screamed for it to stop but Carlisle just stood there saying hes sorry every time i screamed. and even when i thought it couldn't get any hotter... it did. Carlisle told me what i was becoming, i didn't believe him at first but theer was something about the way he told me and the emotions that flew off him like raindrops, a few days later i knew i had changed because i was deathly pale and my eyes were bright red.


I decided to take a walk i needed away from my memories, i went down the stairs and shouted to alice "Im going for a walk!" "I know you'll have the best time" she said smugly, i was confused i tried to read her thoughts to see what she was talking about but she was going through the latin dictionary in her head. "Whats that supposed to mean" i said confused. "You'll find out soon enough!" she said excited. "Im leaving now" i said tyring to figure out what she means. I went outside and ran to the sidewalk and walked down it and finally knew what Alice had meant she meant i was going to see the love of my life.I knew that i was in love because for the first time in a century i am speechless and embarrassed because i am wearing my sweatpants and a muscle shirt, she sat down on a bench i hid behind the nearest tree i could fit behind. I got calmed down and worked up enough courage to go and talk to her i walked up casually and Said "Hi Im edward, Whats your name?" when she talked my heart fluttered and i thought i was hearing an angel talk "Hi there, Im Mya!"






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that was great

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Why dont you update more?  It was really interesting.... I really want to read on :)

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reaaalllly good though bella doesnt exsit !! :( but its still aswome plz update soon Mya sounds interesting .....


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