The Twilight Saga

First part of this is by I_LOVE_EDWARD_CULLEN!!!, & i will tell you once my writing begins.
the ** means she wrote it.

**This is if Edward had met Bella in 1918 and they where both human, before the Spanish influenza epidemic hit.
As I walked to the grocery store I over herd some ladies in front of me gossiping about Chief Swans seventeen year old daughter Isabella moving to Chicago. Chief swan was the police chief for the town of Chicago. Isabella was supposed to arrive here in three days and she was all Chief Swan talked about.
I rolled my eyes at the gossipers.
I went in the store and got the things that my mother wanted that where on the list she gave me. We were having friends over to night because my father got a promotion.
When I got home I helped mother make the food and helped st up the backyard.
All she could talk about was the new girl that was coming in three days.
The guests started to arrive at about five o'clock PM. My friends, josh, Kassi, Lela, mark, and Shelly got there around six and we went up to my bedroom so we didn't have to listen to the 'adult conversations' that they where having.
We all sat on my sofa and bed and talked abut random things.
I was technically the leader of the 'exclusive' group that we had at our school we were considered popular and we rarely invited other people into our group. And the final decision was up to me always.
“so Edward.....” Kassi started
“what is it Kass?” I asked politely
“well I was thinking about that new girl coming, Isabella Swan, and I wondered if we could maybe ask her to join our group. Since shes new and all and she is in an unfamiliar place she needs a few friends.” she said hesitantly
they all stared at me waiting for me to decide.
“we'll see Kass we don't know anything about her for all we know she ma be goth or something.”i said
“okay. And oh I herd that she is coming tomorrow, I herd that her moms flight got rescheduled so shes coming early.” she said enthusiastically
“okay then if she doesn't turn out to be a freak then I'll consider it and if I like her then we'll vote on it.” I said
“yay!!!” she yelled
everyone went home at about ten PM. Once everyone was gone my mother told me to go too bed so I could wake up early.
I sighed and did as I was told. I was surprised at how tired I was and I fell into a dreamless sleep.
The next day I went to pick up my friends at their houses and drove to school.
“so the new girl is coming today.” Kassi said
“yeah I wonder what she looks like.” I said
we where in the High school parking lot now. I looked around at all the familiar cars when I spotted a new one at the far end of the row I was parked on it was a simple black and silver car, and I guessed that it belonged to the new girl.
I said goodbye to my friends and went to my first class. Calculus. I loathed this class the most, it wasn't my greatest subject in the world.
I sighed when I walked in the door.
I went to my desk and put my things away. It was a few minutes till class started so I sketched in my note book absentmindedly
“Um are you Mr. Banner?” an unfamiliar beautiful voice asked from the front of the room.
“yes I am you must be Isabella Swan. Welcome to Chicago High school.” Mr. Banner said
when I herd that the new voice was Isabella's I looked up.
“please call me Bella Mr. Banner.” she said
“well Bella the only open seat left is by Edward so you can take you seat there.” he said
the girl nodded and went to sit in the open space next to me.
She was tall, with brown hair that flowed down to her waist, and milk chocolate brow eyes, she was slim and slightly pale.
She was wearing a skin tight deep blue blouse and a khaki colored skirt and deep blue knee-high boots.
She was stunning, she was beautiful and she was sittings next to me.
When she sat down she looked at me slightly then looked towards the teacher who had started the lesson.
Our desk was in the middle-second to the front row, and all the boys where starring at her. Including me.
When class ended all-to soon I said, “hello I'm Edward Mason. Your name is Isabella right?”
“hello Edward. And please call me Bella.”she said with a smile on her lips.
“okay Bella.” I smiled back
“do you know where Mr. Markus's history class is?” she asked
“thats my next class I can walk you there.”i said enthusiastically
as I walked her to our next class I noticed five boys walking behind us starring at both of us but mostly her.
“ you like Chicago?” I asked
“yes and no. I like the sun and the town but I miss my mom and step-dad.” she explained
“oh well okay, I would miss my mom too.” I said
she smiled a dazzling smile at me, and I smiled back automatically.
We sat by each other in history and in Spanish. It was weird how she had all my classes ant the same times.
“do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch?”i asked her.
“sure I would love to.”she said sweetly with a smile on her face.
We got our food and went to sit at my regular table with the others.
Josh, and Mark starred at Bella open-mouthed. The others starred at me.
“guys this is Bella Swan shes new here.” I said “Bella this is josh, Kassi, Lela, mark, and Shelly.” I introduced them
“hi Bella.” everyone said still surprised. Probably because of her beauty.
“hi.” she said and sat in the chair next to me.
“do you like Chicago?”Kassi asked her.
“yes...and no. I like the sun and the town but I miss my mom and step-dad.” she explained again
“well I hope you stay for a while.”Kassi said
“I'm going to finish High School here so I'll be here for two more years then I'm off to college.” she said
“cool.” Kassi said
“hey Edward are we coming over tonight or what?” Josh whispered In my ear too low for Bella to hear.
“yea come on over I think I'll invite Bella too.” I said a grin spreading across my face
“okay I'll tell the others you ask Bella.” he said then he wrote a note saying that they where coming over to my house after school.
“hey Bella everyone is coming over to my house today after school to hang out. Do you want to join us?” I asked
“Umm sure I guess so. I don't have any other plans, so okay.” she said with a slight smile on her face.
In the rest of our classes she sat by me. I couldn't keep my eyes of her face, her hair, her perfect body. She didn't seem to notice me starring at her, she looked like she was deep in thought all day.
“follow me to my house if you still want to come and hang out.” I said as I walked her to her black and silver car.
“okay I will meet you there,” she said
I ran to my car where everyone was waiting for me.
“so Bella's in the group?” Kassi asked me.
I smiled and said “yes if she wants to. I like her she'll fit in nicely.” a smile on my face
“okay. Are you going to ask her or do want one of us too?” she asked
“i think I'll ask her since she met me first.” I chuckled
“okay.” she said
we were at my house now waiting for Bella to pull up. She smiled and waved at us.
She when she walked over to us I noticed just how GRACEFUL she was. How had I not noticed THAT! She was perfect.
This was new to me because I never really noticed girls before I was too focused on joining the war, I don't know why I was noticing Bella now but I didn't really care rite now.
“hi.” she said
“hi Bella.” Mark said. He was starring open-mouthed at her. And so was Josh. I glared at them but they didn't seem to notice.
She noticed, and then she blushed. The faint pink in her cheek was a perfect accent to her beauty
I led them all up to my room. I said a quick hello to mother and told her that the new girl Bella Swan was over.
She was happy that I was making the Swan girl feel welcome in our town.
I went back up to my room with the others. Bella was sitting on my long couch with mark and Josh on either side of her. Great they took the best spots.
But luckily I had a bean-bag chair rite by her feet so I took my seat there.
We talked about our classes and homework, how Bella was liking Chicago. Then Kassi slid me a not that no one else saw.
Ask her if she wants to be in the group Edward I don't know why you haven't brought it up yet.
PS: stop starring at her you look like you are about to start DROOLING!!!
I sighed found a pen and said:
Okay okay stop badgering me I'll ask her!!!
PS:I'm not going to drool!!
she let out a small giggle then threw the note away.
“so Bella. You see we have a sorta 'group' and we rarely invite people to be a part of it. So I was wondering if you wanted to be in it. Our 'group' I mean.” and smiled at her
she thought for a minute with a surprised look on her face.
“Umm sure I guess. I've never really had real friends, so I guess I could be in your group.”she said
'I've never really had real friends' what was that supposed to mean. Who wouldn't be friends with her?
“what do you mean you haven't had any real friends?” Kassi asked concerned
“well the last town I lived in was Houston Texas and I did have a lot of friends but they just hung out with me because they ether thought I was beautiful and rich or for my popularity. It got pretty messed up I didn't have friends that liked me for me not because of those meaningless things.” she sighed
“oh well I didn't know that. I promise you that thats not why we asked you to be in our group.” she said then smiled at her reassuringly.
“thanks Kassi that means a lot to me.” she said
“any time Bella.” she said
“Edward son can you please come down here right now?!” My mother yelled at the foot of the stairs.
“coming mother! I'll be rite back.” and I ran out the door.
“Edward why don't you ask your friends to stay for dinner I would love to meet Miss. Swan.” she said
“i will ask them mother.” I replied and ran back up the stairs and into my room.
“ Hey my mother wants to know if you guys wanted to stay for dinner?” I asked
“ I can stay.” Kassi said
“so can I.” Josh said
“ I know I can.” said Mark still starring at Bella. He had a bit of drool in the corner of his mouth.
I laughed at him.
“ I can stay too.” Lela said.
“same here.” Shelly said
“what about you Bella?” I asked her.
“Umm I guess I can stay. Just let me go tell my dad that I'm eating over here, so he can get some take-out.” she said
“okay we'll wait till you get back. I'll go tell my Mother that all of you are staying.” I said and I walked downstairs Bella following close behind.
“ I'll be back in a little while.” she said
“okay.” and she walked out the door.
When she got back we all sat at the table, and mother said some new prayers:
“Father god, thank you for this meal, thank you for allowing us to be surrounded by friends. And thank you for having Bella come into our lives. AMEN.”
“amen.” we all said. Then we started eating. My mother was mainly talking to Bella, asking her how she liked Chicago, how long she was staying, where she lived before she came here exc... mostly the same questions that we had asked her.
“So Bella how old are you?” My mother asked. I starred at her in shock, she had NEVER asked ANY of my friends that this was weird.
“I'm 17. why?” she asked.
“oh no reason. I thought you where older, you are so mature.” she said
Bella laughed, it sounded like shimmering bells, it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever herd.
“what?” my mother asked.
“oh its that my mom says that I was born 35 and that I get more middle-aged every year.” she laughed again.
We all chuckled along with her.
When we were done eating they all had to go home. Bella was the last to leave my mother was still talking to her.
Then she came around the corner and said “I'd better get home my Father is waiting for me.” she walked up to me and did something surprising. She kissed me on the cheek.
“wh-what was that f-for?” I stammered
“for acting like a REAL friend to me. Thank you SO much!” then she hugged me.
“anytime.” I said
then she let go and walked towards the door.
“i loved dinner Mrs. Mason. See you tomorrow Edward.” she said and she walked out the door.
“shes a nice girl.” my mother said
“yes she is.” I agreed with her.
“shes pretty too.” she hinted
“yes she is.” I repeated without thinking. Then blushed and ran up to my room.
The next morning I hurried off to school. I wanted to see Bella again. She was the star of my dreams last night and it was hard not to go over the speed limit.
I was one of the first ones to school. And to my surprise Bella was already here. She was leaning against the hood of her car with a book in her hands.
I killed the engine got out of my car and walked over to her.
“hey!” I called
“oh hey Edward I didn't know you got here this early?” she said questioningly
“well... I don't usually. My mother woke me up early because she had to go somewhere. Do you get here early every day?” I asked
“yes I'm an early riser and I tend to get up very early, and its quiet here so I read till its time for class,” she explained
“cool.” was all I said.
She smiled her dazzling smile at me.
“when do the others usually get here?” she asked
“about 15 minutes before the first bell.” I said
“okay then we have about 30 minutes.” she said
“yeah I guess.” I replied
“your mother is very nice.” she said.
“yeah shes the best.” I agreed
“and she is an AMAZING cook.” she said
“yeah, but sometimes she can get a little bit TOO creative.” I chuckled
“my mother is the same way.” she sighed
I laughed again.
We talked, and joked and laughed some more. I didn't notice that people were starting to arrive until I heard mine and Bella's name being called.
“Edward! Bella!” Kassi called waving at us.
We walked over to where the five of them stood.
“SO, whats up?” she said
“oh nothing we both got here a little early and started talking, and lost track of time.” I said with a smile.
“thats cool. Well its time for class see you at lunch!” she said as she ran towards her first class. Then the others went to their classes.
“want to walk to class with me?” I asked Bella.
“sure.” she said.
Then we walked together to our next class. Today was just like yesterday I walked with her to our classes and sat by her at lunch, then walked her to our final classes.
“are you coming over today?” I asked her hopefully.
“No, sorry when I got up this morning Charlie was a little sick and we have a doctors appointment today. They hired an excellent doctor that we are going to see.” she said
“oh well I hope you father gets better. I've herd that the Spanish Influenza has reached Chicago and I hope you father doesn't have it.” I said, without thinking about what I was doing I kissed her on the cheek.
We both blushed.
“what was that for?” she asked surprised
“for g*** luck.” I said.
“ oh well...thanks.” she said and smiled a dazzling smile then walked away.
As I walked over to my car I saw that my friends where there waiting on me.
“is Bella coming over today?” Josh asked
“no her dad is sick and she had to take him to the doctor” I explained.
“oh well I hope he gets better.” he said.
“yeah me too. Did you hear that the Spanish Influenza has spread to Chicago?” I asked them.
“yeah my mother told me that one of her friends here just died from it.” Shelly said.
“huh. Well I hope that Chief Swan doesn't have it.” I said then got in my car and drove home.
The next day Bella wasn't at school. I was worried so when the day ended I went over to her house. She was home but her father wasn't.
I knocked on her door twice.
After two minutes she opened the door. She had red circles under her eyes like she had been crying.
“Bella? What happened? Is Charlie okay?” I asked her.
“No Charlie is not okay.” she sobbed “he has The Spanish Influenza!” she said sobbing more.
I wrapped my arms around her, and she started sobbing in my chest.
“I'm so sorry Bella, is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.
“no I'm okay I just hope that he doesn't die!” she said letting a big sob out.
I walked her over to the couch and we both sat down. She was still sobbing uncontrollably.
“shh Bella shh.”i said trying to soothe her.
She still didn't stop.
“Bella I have to go now my mother will be worried.” I said after a few hours of her sobbing.
“o-o-okay.” she stuttered between sobs.
Tomorrow was Saturday and I promised her that I would come over first-thing in the morning.
She nodded and walked me to the door, still sniffing.
“thank you for coming Edward.”she said in a shaky voice then she kissed me on the cheek.
“no problem Bella.” I said “I'll be back tomorrow.” I said then I went back home fighting back tears. Seeing Bella like that was painful she looked so... so vulnerable. I didn't like it. I hope her father gets better.
When I got home my mother was waiting in the hallway.
“EDWARD ANTHONY MASSON! Where were you?! I was worried sick!” she yelled.
“Bella wasn't at school today so I went to check on her at her house. When I got there she said that her father had the Spanish Influenza and she started crying so I stayed with hr till she calmed down a bit and I came home,” I said “i am sorry that I made you worried mother I should have come home and told you before I went to Bella's house.” I said
“oh Edward thats horrible I hope he gets better.”she said then came and hugged me.
“mother I promised her that I would go back tomorrow is that okay?” I asked her.
“of course Edward.” she said.
“thank you mother. I am going to bed now it's been a long day and I am exhausted.” I said with a yawn.

“okay dear goodnight,” she said. And I went up to bed.
“mother I am going to Bella's now!” I called to her in the kitchen.
“okay son don't be out too late!” she called back.
I walked out to my car and drove to Bella's house.
As soon as I knocked on the door she opened it. She didn't have red circles under her eyes instead they were purplish, like she didn't get enough sleep.
“Bella did you sleep well?” I asked worriedly.
“no not really, after you left I got a call from the hospital they said that I could visit my father, so I went and stayed there most of the night, I didn't get back till four o'clock this morning.” she explained.
“oh well when did you get to sleep?” I asked
“at about five thirty AM.” she said then she yawned.
“you need more sleep. I could come back later if you want.” I offered.
“no I'm fine.” she said with another yawn. “come in. come in its freezing outside.” she said
then she pulled me over to the couch.
“is your father any better?” I asked her.
“yes he doesn't look as bad as last time.” she said with a small on her lips.
“thats good maybe he will recover.” I said
“hopefully.” she sighed.
“are you sure that you don't want to take a nap?” I asked.
“I'm sure.” she said.
Then the phone rang.
“hello?” Bella said when she answered.
The person on the other line said something and Bella smiled.
“thank you doctor!” she said then hung the phone up.
“the doctor says that my Father will be fine.” she said with a bright smile.
“thats great!” I said and I threw my arms around her.
She hugged me back and said. “ they said I could come to see him again do you want to come with me?” she asked.
“sure sounds great.” I said smiling.
“okay do you want to take my car or yours?” she asked.
“why don't we take my car?” I suggested.
“okay then you can drive.” she said grinning.
“lets go.” I said then walked out to my car with Bella beside me.
When we got to the Hospital I was shocked to see that it was filled with Influenza patents. There were hundreds in the lobby and In the halls.
“right through here.” the receptionist said and we followed her down the tightly packed hallways.
“here we are.” she said and left us in an all but empty room.
“hello father.” Bella said.
“Bells how are you?” Chief Swan asked eying me warily.
“good. What about you?” she said.
“better than I felt yesterday.” he said.
“that good.” she said
“hello Chief Swan. My name is Edward Mason.” I introduced myself.
“hello Edward it a pleasure to meet you.” he said in a weird tone.
Bella rolled her eyes and said “he's a friend from school dad. And hes JUST a FRIEND” she said putting emphasis on 'just' and 'friend'.
“oh okay.” he said grinning.
She rolled her eyes again and sighed.
We stayed and talked for a while then I mentioned to Bella that my mother would be worried and we left.
I dropped Bella off at her house and promised to come back the next day then I went home.
I went to bed early that night absolutely exhausted.
My good dream about Bella turned into a total nightmare.
We where walking down the hall in the hospital that was filled with Influenza patients, only now as I walked by the sick people I saw that on my right side all the patients looked like Bella, and on my left they all looked like me. Then I woke up sweating and coughing erratically. This was not a good sign.
I went back to sleep but still saw the same pictures in my head. Then finely the sun came up. I was too stiff to get out of bed so I just laid there till my Mother came in to see why I was still in bed.
“ I'm too stiff to get up and I have a terrible cough.” I managed to choke out, my throat hurt like heak.
“I already called a doctor your father said he felt the exact same way.” she said
“okay.” I said then I leaned my head against the bed post.
I didn't notice that I was asleep until I felt my mother shaking me and telling me to wake up.
I opened my eyes to see a pale blond man sitting next to me.
His hair was light blond and his eyes were a soft gold with light purple bruises under them . He was as pale as a sheet. And he was very very beautiful. He was touching my wrist to check my pulse and I noticed that his fingers where like ice.
I shuttered at his cool touch.
“sorry.” he said “my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen.” he said.
“nice to meet you.” I choked out.
He turned to my mother and said. “ I'm sorry Mrs. Mason but both your son and your husband have the Spanish Influenza.” he stated.
She started to cry we all knew that the chance of recovering where 1 in 10000. and I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be the 1 I was going to be part of the 10000. and so was my father.
“Mrs. Mason I called the hospital and they are sending an escort so you can get them there quick. I have to go to Chief Swans house.” Dr. Cullen said.
“wait what happened to Bella?” I said sitting up.
“on the report they said she felt the same way that you and your father do now.” he said.
Then tears left my eyes and I put my head in my hands. “she might have the Influenza.” I said between sobs.
“you know her?” he asked
“yes we're friends I was just at her house yesterday after going with her to visit her father. He has th Influenza but he seems to be getting better.” I explained wiping the tears from my eyes.
“well we don't know for sure yet.” he said
then my mother let out a raspy cough like that sounded like the ones that I had.
"Mother, maybe you should let Dr. Cullen check you.” I said
“no I'm fine son it's just a cold.” she said with another cough.
“okay mother.” I said.
I went to sleep again and had the same dream as last night all patients waiting to die on ether side of me with mine and Bella's face.
I woke up in the hospital sweating. I felt horrible.
I herd a small moan to the right of my bed. I turned my aching head towards the sound. And I was shocked beyond belief!
It was Bella.
She looked so pale paler then she used to be and she had dark circles under her chocolate brown eyes that where so dark that you barley see her pupils. Her face was twisted in pain as she breathed.
“Bella?” I choked out.
She slowly turned her head in my direction. Her beautiful face twisted in pain.
“Edward?” she gasped in horror.
“Bella what happened?” I asked in a strained voice.
“two days ago I had a bad cough then it went away for a few hours then it started up again and it got worse thats when I phoned the doctor. When he arrived he instantly said that I had the influenza.” she said then started coughing erratically. Her nose started to bleed.
When the coughing slowed down she said in a whisper “I'm gonna die from this I know I am.” she said it with acceptance no fear in her voice from this conclusion that she had drawn.
“ I think I am too” I said with a sigh.
“no I don't THINK I'm going to die I KNOW that I'm going to die” she stated.
Then I fell asleep once again.
And I had the same dream once again.
I woke up and I ached worse than before and when I looked to my right my mother was on the bed next to me. Pale and taking short shallow breaths.
Then I looked over to Bella who was asleep.
“No. No. Edward don't leave me.” she said
I was confused her eyes were shut and she looked asleep. Then I realized, she talks in her sleep. I laughed a hard shaky laugh.
“Edward, I love you.” she said sleepily.
A jolt of pleasure went through my sore body. She said she loved me and that she didn't want me to leave.
Her bed was so close to mine that I could easily grab her left hand and keep it securely in my right.
I listened to her talk in her sleep for hours then finally I slipped into a dreamless sleep the first I'd had in days, it was very peaceful.
When I woke up I saw that Bella was still asleep but my mother was awake.
Then Dr. Cullen walked in the room with a worried expression.
My mothers breathing was very shallow as she glared at him and yelled “Save him!” in a hoarse voice.
“ I'll do everything in my power.” he promised taking her hand.
“You must.” she insisted “you must do everything in YOUR power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward.”
I didn't know what she was talking about but, suddenly her breathing became fast and then finally stopped all together.
A tear made it's way out of my eye as I watched Dr. Cullen wheel her to the morgue then he returned to me.
He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “ I am going to save you Edward and by doing that I have to make you like me.” he said as he started to unhook me from all the tubes.
“NO! You need to save Bella! She doesn't deserve to die!” I rasped
“Edward I will try to save the both of you.” he promised unhooking Bella from her tubes.
Then suddenly he picked her up and slung her across his back then picking me up and jumping out the window.
I waited for the impact that would surly kill us but it never came instead in its place was a soft thump.
Then we were flying. Or at least it felt like it.
We came up to a big stone house with a stair case that went to the second floor to a balcony, and plants all around it.
He dashed up the steps and through the door. then I was on a large bed with Bella beside me she was still asleep.
“this will hurt a bit but I promise it will stop.” he said then something sharp plunged into my neck then it felt like I was burning. I screamed and thrashed and I saw Dr. Cullen lean next to Bella's sleeping form bite down the release after a few seconds. She tensed up, her fists clenched as tight as her jaw put she didn't utter a sound, while I was screaming and thrashing around she just stayed tensed, still, and quiet.
Then I blacked out. The sensation that I was burning never went away and I was still screaming and thrashing and asking for someone to kill me.
The last thing I remember from before I went into a deep sleep my dreams where of Edward. This was strange I had never dreamed of him before.
He was walking away from me and I ran after him but I couldn't catch up I called out to him telling him to come back but he never turned then finally as he neared the end of the hall I stopped and said “Edward, I love you.” he tuned around, but then the dream shifted I was reading a note.
I read it over and over then out of nowhere I felt a pain like fire in my neck.
I shut down all my muscles, ground my teeth together and clenched both my jaw and fists. I suddenly understood what the mysterious note from my dream.
Beside me I heard someone screaming for someone to kill them and I felt the bed shake from the thrashing beside me.
If they where experiencing the same burning that I was then I could understand the screaming and the thrashing. But I absolutely HAD to keep still. Along with the screaming I herd a small voice beside me and I felt someone holding my hand. The person was saying something that sounded like apology's directed mainly towards the person screaming in pain.
I didn't know how long the pain lasted it could have been, hours, days or even years but eventually, time began to mean something again.
I noticed that I could think AROUND the pain. I herd soft breaths on my left and the screaming continued on my right. I noticed that the one screaming was male.
I counted the soft breaths of the person beside me.
Four thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven breathes later, the fire in my finger tips and toes began to fade but it just added to the fire in my heart.
It picked up a couple beats and so did the heart-beat on my right. The fire was totally gone in up to my knees and elbows. But the fire just went to my already fast beating heart.
Then suddenly the fire was totally gone except for in my chest then it seemed to burn out and my heart beat once, stuttered twice and beat its last beat.
At first the only thing I could comprehend was that the fire was GONE actually gone. I was relieved. Then I opened my eyes and gasped.
I could see EVERYTHING every pigment in the paint on the ceiling, I could see the light spectrum where the lamp's light shown on the wall, I could see an odd eight colored rainbow in the light from the lamp.
Then I looked to my left and I saw Dr. Carlisle Cullen sitting beside me looking surprised. I smiled warmly at him, and he smiled slightly in return.
I looked to my right and was shocked to see Edward starring up with his blood red eyes instead of the beautiful emerald green that I loved.
Then feeling my gaze he shifted his gaze towards me.
He gasped and twisted off the bed In a move that was so swift and so fast it didn't exist, he landed in a defensive crouch against the wall and let out a small low growl.
I gasped, jumped up and got into a protective crouch in front of Dr. Cullen so that if Edward attacked I would be the one to get hurt and not him.
I let out a warning snarl and he looked taken aback.
He straitened out of his crouch but I kept my protective stance in front of Dr. Cullen.
“Bella Is that you?” he asked surprised
“yes its me, Edward who else could it be?” I said
“you look different.” he said
“i could say the same for you.” I stated looking him over. He was pale as a sheet and all his features where perfected all over. And the biggest difference was that he had blood red eyes.
Dr. Cullen cleared his throat and stood up, after making sure that Edward was not a threat I straitened up and flipped off the bed and landed beside Dr. Cullen.
He looked at me in alarm and took a step back. I starred at him confused. “ Is something wrong?” I asked in a voice that sounded like bells.
“you aren't going to attack me?” he said
“No of course not Dr. Cullen why would I you didn't do anything to me.” I said
he just starred at me in amazement.
“what happened to us?” Edward suddenly asked.
“yes what DID happen to us I just remember being asleep then a sharp pain in my neck then burning for who knows how long.” I stated.
He waved us over to a couch in the corner and sat on the end and gestured for us to sit with him.
I flashed over to the couch and sat down next to him before Edward could so I could protect him better if Edward decided to attack.
“we are vampires?” he asked suddenly.
What? Wat led him there? Vampires are myths!
“how did you know?” Dr. Cullen asked surprised.
“you just said it.” he said
“No I didn't.” he said
“Edward he didn't say anything I would have herd it.” I said.
“well thats what I just herd Dr. Cullen say.” he said.
“please call me Carlisle. And I didn't say that out loud.” he said then he looked like he was concentrating very hard on Edward.
“yes I can here you just fine.” he suddenly said.
“well I guess you have the gift of MINDREADING young Edward. You see some vampires have special powers beyond the norm of our kind. Edward can you read Bella's mind?”he asked
“No I cant I only hear you.” he said
“well Bella you might be a shield.” he stated
“a shield?” I asked confused
“yes that means you can block other vampires gifts that take place in the mind and some times outside if you have a physical shield. But you only have on gift mainly.” he explained.
Then suddenly something flashed in my mind. I saw me, Edward, and Carlisle in the woods running. I gasped and fell over.
“Bella?!”Edward shouted.
I breathed heavily. “ I think I just saw something. Something thats going to happen. We were all in the woods running.” I gasped
“well Bella it seems you have an extra gift.” Carlisle said appalled.
“um oh my.” I stuttered. I could see the future!
Edward shifted uncomfortably.
“oh you two must be very uncomfortable with your thirst.” he said and he stood up in a flash. I stood with him and said “ I'm not thirsty.” I stated
“What?”he asked appalled
“ I'm not thirsty.” I repeated.
“theres no burn in your throat?” he asked
“no not at all.” I said
“well I know I'm thirsty lets go.”
unthinkingly I grabbed Edwards hand.
A feeling like electricity coursed through my body. It was not an unpleasant feeling.
Once I grabbed his hand he dropped it like I had shocked him. He let out a low menacing hiss.
“What did I do?” I asked him.
The hiss stopped as he said “What was THAT?” he asked.
“you felt it too?” I asked surprised.
“you mean the electricity?” he asked.
“yeah I felt it. Why did you react like that?” I asked
“i don't know, It just surprised me I guess.” he shrugged.
“Umm Bella. You seem quite controlled for a newborn.” Carlisle stated.
“what do you mean?” I asked
“well as you saw with Edward newborns will try to attack even if nothing is threatening them. Most of the time they try to destroy everything in their way.” he explained “ this is very strange that you are not thirsty, and that you protected me from Edward instead of attacking me.” he said.
“well I guess I'm just different.” I shrugged.
“okay tell me do you want to stay with me and be 'vegetarian' as in drink only animal blood or do you want to go off on your own and drink human blood?” he asked hesitantly.
“i will stay with you Carlisle. I do not relish the thought of taking a human life for my own desires.” I stated. Then I looked over to Edward waiting for his answer, I did not want him to leave I wanted him to stay here with me.
He sighed and said “ if Bella stays then I will stay. And I also don't relish the thought of taking a humans life.”
a smile flashed across my face then I threw my arms around him. He hugged me back then said “Umm Bella could you please loosen your grip you might crush me if you hug any tighter.” he said with a hard chuckle.
I dropped my arms quickly and put them behind my back and said “oops sorry.”
“Bella don't be upset newborns are always very very strong.” Carlisle explained.
I chuckled.
“can we PLEASE go hunting I am parched.” Edward said.
“okay lets go follow me.” he said then he dashed at inhuman speed down the stairs and into the forest.
I held out my hand for Edward to take, then hand-in-hand we dashed out the door following Carslile's scent through the woods.
When we found him he was sitting on a log waiting for us.
I dropped Edward's hand as Carlisle walked over to us. When I was holding his hand desire riped through me, I wanted him and I wanted him now. But we were on a hunting trip and I didn't want to postpone it for my pleasure.
“okay you two, close your eyes and listen.” we closed our eyes and ranged our hearing out away from us. “ know what do you hear?” he asked us. I heard seven large heartbeats to the west, “ I hear seven strong heartbeats to the west.” I said.
“i only hear one to the west.” Edward said confused.
“well I hear seven clear as day.” I countered.
“okay you two smell the air. What do you smell?” he asked.
I directed my senses to the west and I smelled a delicious with a small edge to it. My eyes flashed open and I dashed toward it as fast a could, I was there within seconds. I felt Edward behind me as I slid into my hunting crouch. I was right there were seven mountain lions here one in the clearing and six about seventy feet into the woods.
Edward lunged for the one in the clearing. And I went past them and went for the biggest one in the other clearing that was seventy feet back. I was done with three before Edward came into the clearing lunging at one.
I took note of his ripped bloodstained shirt and pants, and his blood smeared face.
I looked down at my clothes they where spotless and I didn't even have a hair out of place. I wiped my mouth and licked the blood off my hand and I made my way back to Carlisle.
He looked at me with a shocked expression. “what?” I asked looking down.
“did you not hunt?” he asked
“i did hunt I had three mountain lions.” I said. I herd Edward running towards us.
“but your hair isn't even messed up how did you hunt so fast and neat?” he asked me
“i don't know. I asked that same question in my head when I saw Edwards hair, face and clothes.” I looked at him again. “hey Edward how many did you get?” I asked him
“well I got about two and I'm full. How many did you get?”he asked me
“three. See I TOLD you there where seven.” I said
“where where they?” Carlisle asked me.
“well first one that Edward said he smelled was about four miles out and then the other six where about seventy feet back.” I said.
“well Edward I can explain why you could only hear and smell one. You see vampires can only hear and smell about four miles all around them. But I don't understand how YOU could hear them Bella.” he said.
huh maybe I have super-super hearing” I said with a chuckle.
“well it is possible.” he said
suddenly a picture filled my mind, Edward in his hunting crouch lunging at two stray hikers and killing both of them within seconds. I gasped.
I could not let this happen, he would never forgive himself. Too fast for them to follow I dashed behind Edward and pinned him to the forest floor by his arms and legs.
He thrashed under my grip. Then suddenly a light breeze entered the clearing we were in and I smelled the most revolting scent. It was human.
Edward's red eyes suddenly looked crazed and hungry. He thrashed harder under my grip, but I was stronger than him somehow and I didn't even budge.
“Carlisle!” I screamed “help me. Cover his mouth and nose !” I yelled. He just stood there frozen.
“ugh” I grunted. Then I did the only thing I could think of. I leaned my head down and kissed him with enough force to crush a humans head.
He stopped thrashing once my lips met his and kissed me back.
I broke the kiss and jumped up pulling him with me when I couldn't smell the hikers any more, so I knew Edward couldn't ether.
He looked at me shocked.
“your welcome” I said breathless from the kiss.
“Bella how did you DO that!” Carlisle exclaimed.
“what?” I asked
“pin Edward down like that with the scent of humans in the air.” he said
“it was easy. I had a vision of Edward killing the two hikers and I couldn't let him do that, he would never forgive himself if he did. I don't even know HOW he could want to follow that REVOLTING scent yuck!” I made a sour face.
“REVOLTING? That was the most DELICIOUS scent I have ever smelled!” he yelled appaled. **

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******“lets discuss this at the house before the hikers come back.” Carlisle suggested.
“wait let me try something!” I urged.
“okay what is it?” he asked
“ I'm going to TRY to see into our future and if I can then I want to see if EDWARD will be tempted to kill someone AGAIN.” I explained. “Edward just in case hold your breath.” I added.
I closed my eyes and concentrated very hard on the future, then suddenly a picture filled my mind: me, Edward and Carlisle coming home safe with no dead humans.
“we will be okay, there will be no humans on the path that we will take follow me.” I said and dashed into the woods.
The run was short and as I said there where no humans in the area.


As Bella predicted the path home was human free.
I would be eternally grateful to Bella for restraining me back there.
“Thank you Bella, for restraining me back there.” I said when we were alone, Carlisle had to go back to the hospital.
“no problem. I wouldn't be able to stand seeing you in pain after that. it was my pleasure” she said with a smile.
I smiled when she said 'my pleasure' and I thought about HOW she had stopped me from biting her head off. That kiss.
It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced. Her lips where so warm and soft. when our lips met a small shock went through my body. I had completely forgotten the humans, all my focus was on her. Her body pressed against mine, fitting together like two corresponding puzzle pieces made to match up.
“so ummm what happened with you during the ummm I guess it's called 'transformation'?” I asked partly curious and partly because I wanted to hear her wind chime voice again.
“i don't know really. When I was asleep I kept seeing something like a note that told me not to scream or move no matter how much pain I was in. it said that I would hurt the people around me. So I did what It said. And I'm sorry that you had to go through that pain too.” she said and she leaned her head on my shoulder.
“it was worth it.” I said simply.
“what do you mean?” she asked looking at me.
“if I hadn't been through that pain I would never have gotten to have my first kiss, even if it was to restrain me.” I said simply.
She laughed. “that was your first kiss?” she asked between giggles.
“yes it was and why are you laughing at me?” I asked.
“ I was laughing because it was my first kiss too.” she said.
“i would never have guessed that, you are a very good kisser.” I chuckled.
“your not so bad yourself.” she said.
“why thank you.” I said and I grinned.
Then she did the unexpected. She turned my face to hers and pressed her lips softly to mine. a shock went through my body and I kissed her back. She sighed and her lips parted. Her tung traced my bottom lip begging for entrance. I let her through and our tongues intertwined like they where meant to match up perfectly. We where soul mates, that was the perfect explanation for what was going on between us. We were meant to be together.
She broke away to breath but my lips just moved to her neck. She moaned in pleasure and I smiled.
Then I herd Carlisle approach and I heard his thoughts directed at me.
I sighed. “Carlisle needs to talk to us lets go and see what it is.”
she pouted “oh all right.”
she got up and so did I and we walked into the living room hand-in-hand.
Carlisle eyed our interlocked hands as we sat on the love seat (by chance I assure you).
“what is this about Carlisle?” Bella asked sweetly.
“well Bella I think we have to move.” Carlisle said.
“why didn't you just move here?” she asked.
“yes but if we stay you too would have to stay inside everyday.” he explained.
“whys that?” she asked confused.
“well when we go out into the sunlight we sparkle like diamonds plus I don't think Edward could handle it if you went out to the town.” he explained.
“but what about my Father? And my Mother? They would be devastated if they think that I have died.” she said pleadingly.
“did your Father know you had the Spanish Influenza?” he asked her.
“i don't think so. He was just recovering from it himself.” she said.
“well you could say goodbye to him if you wished.” he suggested.
“ I would like that thank you.” she said.
“then you can go visit him to …” he looked at the clock “ today at about 9:00am.” he said cheerily.
I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:00 am now so she would be able to see her Father in an hours time.
She smiled and hugged Carlisle.******
********Bella was anxious through the hour to see her father but also a little sad about having to say goodbye for forever to him.
Carlisle said that I should stay here while Bella visits her father because if not I might accidentally kill some pedestrians.
I agreed reluctantly. I wanted to stay with Bella more than ever but I didn't want to put innocent lives in danger.
The hour passed quickly and before the clock chimed nine o'clock she was running out the door towards the hospital.
I was sad to see her go but I knew for a fact that even if I held my breath I probably wouldn't be able to control myself if I was around humans.
Carlisle had many books so I decided to distract myself from the fact that Bella was away.
If only it were that easy.
I had so much room in my mind, I found that I could think about several things at a time, so that meant that I could read. Think about Bella. Think about all the deaths that I could cause if I even put one foot outside this house with humans near. And I could think about all the weird stuff thats happened in the past few days, like the connection that I have with Bella, me now being a vampire, both my parents deaths, and of course the mind reading thing too.
The hours went by and Bella still hadn't come back. I was getting impatient.
Carlisle had already gone to the hospital so I was here alone .

I decided to go find Bella. She shouldn't have been gone this long.
I held my breath and walked out the door.
It was raining and I didn't see many people on the streets, so I took a small breath through my teeth and instantly my throat felt like it was an fire. My nostrils flared as I ran toward the delicious smell.
It was a woman. In ether her early 30's or late 20's. She was walking down an alley way and she was alone.
No witnesses.
I pounced on the woman and sank my teeth into her neck.
It was amazing! It was like sucking down my favorite drink!
She only screamed for the first minute or so then she stopped, she wasn't dead yet, her heart was still beating rapidly but that soon stopped as I sucked her dry.
Her last thoughts where – I hope my baby will be okay – then she was dead.
I dropped to my knees in anguish. She had a baby, a husband, a LIFE! And I took it away from her!
I felt a hand on my back and I looked up to see the most beautiful girl in my world.
She wouldn't want to be with a monster like me. Surely she hates me now. How could she not? I killed and innocent woman!
“shh. It's okay. Shh.” trying to sooth me. I was sobbing uncontrollably.
“N-n-no i-it's n-not! I k-k-killed h-h-her!” I sobbed .
She pulled me into her lap and started rocking me.
“she didn't feel pain in the end.” she said
“H-how?” I asked her. How could she not feel the burning that the venom made?
“because I took it away” she said starring into my now bright blood red eyes.
“how?” I asked wore steadily
“i guess its a new gift.” she shrugged.
“oh” I said still sobbing quietly.
“come on lets go back to the house.”
“okay” I said.
And we started running back to our new home.
“you must hate me now.” I said.
She grabbed my hand and jerked me to a stop.
“Edward Anthony Mason! Don't you EVER say that! I could never HATE YOU! I-I-I Love you!”
I love you.
She loves me! She really loves me!
The woman forgotten, I pulled Bella into my arms and kissed her full on the lips.
She was still for a moment but then she was kissing me back!*************

This is the end of I_LOVE_EDWARD_CULLEN!!!'s writing and from the next post on will be my writing. :)
The Move: EPOV

As Bella and I dashed back to Carlisle’s house we held each other’s hands. I would rub circles on the back of my love’s hand and she, in turn, would gently squeeze mine. Even such a small gesture from her could send tremors up and down my spine. If my dead heart could beat it would have pounded its way out of my chest, I had never felt this way before. It was as if my life, well existence, is now complete. As if Bella, my sweet dear Bella, is the only thing holding me down on this planet. As if the both of us ‘dying’ together was meant to be, so we could have each other to hold for eternity, as if- I was wrenched from my contemplation as we arrived at the house.

Carlisle hadn’t returned from the hospital yet so I swept Bella off of her feet and carried her bridal style up to our room. She struggled for me to put her down but I just chuckled and a second later set her down on the bed. I went to sit at her side and pull her onto my lap. I bent down to give my love a kiss but, before I could fulfill my intentions I felt Bella twist out of my grasp and faster than I though possible, I was on my back and Bella was hovering me. I could fell her breath on my neck as she almost purred, “I love you.” I couldn’t restrain myself any longer; who knew those three words could do so much? I needed her! My hands flew up to her face and pulled her lips down so they were meshing with mine.

She responded just the way I wanted, her arms wrapped around my neck while her fingers tangled themselves in my hair. I flipped us over to where I was lying on top of her when my hands decided to have minds of their own. They moved to Bella’s waist and bring her closer, she responded with a sigh. I then whispered, “I love you,” against her lips. I never wanted this moment to end and I had no doubt Bella did either. But suddenly Bella froze. I was about to ask what was wrong when I heard it, Carlisle was on his way down the drive, CRAP! Bella shifted underneath me and she looked like she was trying to move into an upright position.

I allowed her to do so by moving myself up and off of her. Bella looked that if she was human she would’ve been blushing a deep crimson red, oh how I missed that beautiful blush. Carlisle was parking when I heard his thoughts. Edward, Edward! Can you and Bella come here please? I took Bella’s hand in mine and we made out descent down the stairs. When we stepped onto the porch I realize that Carlisle didn’t look right. His thoughts were all jumbled up and the few things I could make out of them were Leave…Ohio…Now. I was utterly confused; why was he thinking about Ohio. Then it hit me as soon as he began to speak.

“Bella, Edward, we are moving. We must leave now; Bella you have already said your goodbyes to Charlie right?”Carlisle asked with a little tension.

“Yes sir,” Bella replied respectfully.

“Okay, well is there anything else you two needed to do before we leave Chicago; any things to get from your houses, hunting, silent goodbyes?”

Bella and I both shook our heads. We had nobody to say goodbye to and nothing worth taking with us. We had everything we needed, except photos, which Bella had snatched a few from her and my houses on her way back from the hospital, causing her to be late. I should’ve waited for her instead of running of and hurting that woman. Her last thoughts refused to leave me be, they were haunting me, terrorizing me. Bella realized I was in pain and rubbed my back soothingly. I relaxed a little; Bella’s touch always made me feel better. I then swore to myself that I would never again drink human blood, never again, for my Bella.

Carlisle spoke again,”Alright then, go pack and meet me down here please. We will depart as soon as possible.”

I started to turn around when my angel spoke up, “But Dr. Cull- I mean Carlisle, if you don’t mind me
asking, where do you plan on us moving to?”

I had been thinking this through and was about to answer my Bella when Carlisle spoke up, once again. “No, no not at all, I do not mind and we are moving to Columbus, Ohio. If you don’t have a reason to object that is.”

“None at all, none at all and Edward will say he doesn’t either in a few seconds,” she smiled, knowing she was right. She had seen another vision; hmmm it will be hard as hell to surprise her. I flashed her my crooked grin that I knew she adored. She just giggled in response.

“So it’s settled then, we are moving to Columbus, Ohio,” Carlisle exclaimed before we all turned to go pack for the beginning of our never ending journey.
Forever :BPOV

We had packed our things and were on our way to Columbus, Ohio. It’s not supposed to be real sunny there but there still is some sun. Carlisle said he had never been to Columbus and said it should be fun, Edward and I agreed on going anywhere considering we haven’t been anywhere but Chicago in our lifespan. I was reading my old beaten and battered copy of Wuthering Heights while Carlisle drove his car and Edward held me tight to his chest in the back seat. The only reason we brought the car was that we needed to take Carlisle’s possessions with us.

I couldn’t wait to start our new life; it was going to be fun, Carlisle said that after a while you get bored with moving from place to place, that it is more of a chore than it is fun. I don’t care, I still can’t wait. I dog-eared my page, out of habit, and turned to Edward. He looked deep in thought but as soon as I moved his gaze was fixed on me. I leaned in to peck him on the lips at the exact moment he did, when our lips met it was like an electric current was transferred from him to me, it went from my head to my toes and all around again.

It must’ve done the same to him because when I pulled away he had a look of sheer shock on his face. I giggled at the sight of it and then I went into what I like to call “vision mode”. The vision was of our new house; it was beautiful, there was a little porch with a wooden swing and flower boxes underneath each window sill. It was a chocolate brown colored brick with a slanted roof and a chimney sticking out from the far back. There was a small drive to the back and it had a basement and a loft upstairs with windows on each side of the room. It was in the middle of the woods(great for hunting) and it was abandoned. I could fix it up easy.

I loved it; I already knew which room I wanted…the loft of course. I could watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday. Plus it looked nice and cozy up there. I doubt either of the guys had an inkling of where we were going to move so I decided that when the time is right I will reveal the surprise. Edward notice that I had enter “vision mode” and looked at
me puzzlingly. I just shook my head willing him to get that I would tell him in time.


Hours past and soon we were thirty minutes away from Columbus so I decided to tell them. “Hey guys when we get to Columbus I want to take you both somewhere.”

Edward looked at me knowingly, he knew this was my vision. “Bella I thought you said you had never been out of

Chicago before, much less in Ohio. So how do you know a place to take us already?” Carlisle asked, full of curiosity.
“I had a vision, that’s all, but I’m not telling you guys what it is just yet. But I know you will love it,” I replied with a huge grin.

“I bet we will,” Edward whispered into my ear. The feeling of his cold breath on my neck felt so extraordinary. Oh, how I wished Carlisle wasn’t here right now so I could jus- we passed the sign saying “Welcome to the city of Columbus” and I started giving directions to Carlisle, he followed them trustingly. Finally, after a lot of “turn left” and “turn right we pulled up to a long, narrow, gravel drive. I knew this was the road that would take us to our new home, I just knew it. Carlisle looked at me in a way that was asking “are you serious” I just nodded and he drove on down.

When we were close enough to see the house I heard both the guys let out little gasps. I just giggled and told them the information on the house. “No owners, abandoned, upstairs there is a loft, and there is also a basement. I call the loft and redecorating, if that’s ok with you two,” I looked at them with my best puppy dog eyes and they both laughed then agreed.

I practically took off the door to Carlisle’s car in the process of getting out(thank goodness I didn’t). Edward was right behind me and he wrapped his arms around my waist while setting his chin atop my head. “Dou you want to go inside?” he asked not needing to read my mind to know the answer.

“Yes,” I exclaimed and, with Edward in tow, set off to the front door. We entered the house ever so slowly making sure not to break anything. Soon I spotted the stairs and headed towards them when Edward, unexpectedly, swooped me off of my feet and carried me bridal style up the stairs to our loft. He sat me down on my feet once again and I gazed at the room in wonder, it was perfect.

I knew where all the furniture would be placed and everything. Edward bent down and whispered, “Good choice,” in my ear. I swiftly turned around and kissed him full-on the lips. He kissed me back passionately. I pulled away remembering that we left Carlisle all alone and sped down the stairs to see Carlisle standing there in the soon to be living room.
He had a smile on his face as he said, “Bella, it’s wonderful and I believe you will do a good job decorating it. I can’t believe I doubted you for a second.”

I grinned and said, “Thanks, you can pick which room is which though. I will try my best to make this house a home.”

“Well, I’m going to go get a job and enroll you two into school.”

“No!” Edward shrieked then composed himself, “I will not put an innocent human life in danger by attending a school that I don’t really need to go to. Please give me at least one year to get my thirst more under control. Please Carlisle.”

Carlisle looked at him and replied with,” Oh, I’m so sorry I completely forgot. Forgive me Edward and don’t plead, of course you may have a year to control your thirst. Heck, you can have forever if you want but I tried not doing anything, it isn’t fun. I’m just telling you that much. And Bella I won’t enroll you because I know you won’t go without Edward, plus it would help him more if you were here. Well I need to go now. Will you two be okay alone for now?”

“Yes,” Edward and I both answered.

“Good, I’ll see you soon,” were the last words Carlisle said to us before leaving to town in his car.

“So…what do you want to-“ I didn’t allow Edward to finish. I dragged him outside to the backyard. It was beautiful, there was even a small pond back here. We went to sit under a willow tree near the pond and watch the fish swim laps as if they were racing each other. Edward pulled me down to the ground and onto his lap. He held me close and we just stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity. I missed his emerald green eyes, I tried to see them clearly in my head but the human memories I had were so foggy. But what surprised me was that his crimson eyes no longer scared me, they were magnificent and striking, and I loved them.

We just sat there for ages, staring a the sunset, the pond, and each other. This moment was perfect in everyway. I heard Carlisle come home and I saw him peek out the kitchen window but otherwise he left us alone and I was as if he wasn’t even home. Edward kissed the top of my head and laid his cheek on the crown of my head. I sighed, I won’t mind eternity as long eternity meant this, he and I, loving each other, forever.

A/N: again sorry for mistakes, if there are any. :) oh and this is the house from the front. ignore the other houses, hahaha. :) i know Bella is acting a lot like Alice but it must be something with the psychic power. :)

pmg this is really good and im the first one to read oh yea well let me know wen u post more plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Familiar: CPOV

Almost three years have passed since Edward, Bella and I moved here in early October of 1918. Once again I have gotten a job as a doctor at the local hospital, St. Ann’s Hospital of Columbus. Edward and Bella attend Northland High School here. The first year we were here Edward refused to come because he thought he would take a humans life, and of course if Edward didn’t come, neither did Bella. The story is Edward is my little brother and Bella is his girlfriend and both of whom live with me. Edward and Bella are in their junior year of high school here. They are so deeply in love that you can feel it radiating off of each other. You could walk in on them sitting on the couch staring into each other’s eyes and feel like you have interrupted a special moment and have the need to walk right out.

We have had a happy time together as a family. There are no secrets in our family, there can’t be with Edward’s mind reading and Bella’s future seeing. Speaking of Bella’s powers she has developed a few new ones. She can be a mental shield, she can see the future, she has a super strong resistance to human blood, and she can also speak to you in your mind. Unlike Edward who can read your thoughts Bella can make her thoughts your own.

She has trained her powers and can now lift her shield so Edward can hear her thoughts. I remember the day she first did so, Edward was ecstatic. They had another one of those moments and I just backed away and went to the hospital. Now they have their own silent conversations which must come handy in school but it gets kind of annoying not knowing what they talk about but I don’t push it. Anyways, as I was saying it has been almost three years since the move and we are all getting along great.


Today is April 14th, 1921. I have to work double shift at the hospital tonight. Bella and Edward are going to have the house alone, great, I hope they don’t wreck their bedroom, again. That was a horrible day for me and I will not be going to go back to that memory…lets just say, Edward and Bella had to completely redecorated and replace all their furniture. Just then Nurse Greene walked up to me pulling from my troubling thoughts. She said that she new it was almost the end of my shift but there was a patient going into cardiac arrest and they needed help. She led me to the room where he was kept, his name was Andrew Stryder. He was in his mid to late thirties with red hair and blue eyes.
There was a nurse giving him CPR and another trying to shock his heart back to the normal rate. I came in and did my best; I did everything. The last thing I saw was him look at me with terror filled eyes and then nothing. His eyes rolled back in his head and his heart thrummed its last beat. I unhooked him from the machines full of sorrow as I always was when I fail to save a humans life. The nurse who was supplying him with CPR, whom I now recognized as Nurse Previn, tried to wheel him away to the morgue but I said no. I decided to wheel him down there myself, as a final gesture to Andrew. As I turned to leave the morgue after saying goodbye to Mr. Stryder, I heard a faint heart beat.

I followed the sound to a female body; she looked as if she was in her middle twenties with caramel colored hair and a heart shaped face. She looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it seeing as she was beaten and battered. I went and checked for her file with her face permanently etched into my mind. I found and retrieved her file with nobody catching me. I ran back to the morgue and read she had no family. That she was all alone and that she was an attempted suicide. That’s strange, what was so horrible about life that chased her to do so, but was even stranger was that there was no name on the file, none what so ever.

“Interesting,” I mumbled aloud.

What could make this woman want to kill herself? What could’ve been so horrible in her shortly lived life? I decided right then and there that I would change her. Something about her familiarity and story made me want to take her. Even with all the bruises and cuts and scars she was still beautiful and I had this weird draw to her. So I picked her up and carried her out the back door and ran at top speed back home.

When I arrived at home Bella was reading her favorite book , Wuthering Heights(again I might add), and Edward was playing his piano he had bought last year. They both looked at me shocked as I blurred up the stairs to the “guest room” and laid the beautiful lady on the bed. They both flew up the stairs and were behind me in less than a second. Bella was mentally asking me what happened and what was going on. Edward was reading my thoughts and started to understand. He looked over at Bella and said, “He is going to change her, she has no family and something about her feels familiar to him. He is drawn to her and he wants to change her. Let’s go before the screaming love.”

Bella replied with an, “I see. Okay,” and they headed off to God knows where, but I didn’t have time to think about that
right now, I had to focus on the task I had.

I turned to glance at the pure beauty behind me, she still hadn’t moved an inch the whole time I had been with her. I bent down close to her neck and whispered, “I know you are hurting inside and I know that what I’m about to do will cause a lot of physical pain and turmoil but please listen to me. It’ll all get better in a few days. Don’t worry, I wont let anything happen to you.” And with those last words I sunk my razor sharp teeth into her neck for only a moment just to make sure there was enough venom to spread.

Instantly she started writhing in pain, though no shouts escaped her mouth I heard a few whimpers. I felt so horrible; what was I doing?!?!? She wanted her life to end and now I made it last forever. But I just couldn’t bring myself to fully regret my decision, there was something about her, something that was so wonderful. What was it?!?!?!


I sat there with her, day and night, not moving just holding her hand in-between both of mine. The writhing and thrashing was ever so slowly dying down. Her heart was pumping faster and faster by the minute. I noticed that the bruises, scars and cuts were gradually healing so well that I could almost see her face clearly now and it was beautiful. Edward and Bella came back and tried to talk to me, I obliged but the majority of my attention was on this magnificent woman whose hand I was holding as if it were my lifeline.

Finally Bella ran up the stairs and said, “Carlisle! Carlisle! She will be up in ten minutes! Oh, I can’t wait to meet her!”
My cold dead heart seemed to restart and my thoughts became even more circled around her. I couldn’t wait till the ten minutes were up. They lasted for what seemed like forever and then her heart sped up to about as fast as Edward could run then it stopped all together. She just lay there, unmoving. I was scared to death(if that is possible for a vampire), had I done something wrong?!?! No I couldn’t have, she should be getting up now, was Bella wro-

The caramel-haired beauty had flashed her eyes open and sat up right in no less than a millisecond. Her blood red eyes darting every which way until they landed on me. She stopped moving and looked down at our intertwined fingers. She, surprisingly, didn’t pull back, she just looked up at me and smiled. I loved that smile, it was so sweet and friendly.
I then noticed that we weren’t alone at the precise moment she did. She shot up and went into a defensive crouch in front of me, blocking me from Bella and Edward. Edward mirrored her motions but did so in front of Bella. Bella just rolled her eyes and walked around him towards her. I was about to warn Bella when she put up a hand to stop me, already foreseeing what I was about to say. She outstretched her right hand so she could reach it. Once Bella did so the woman eased out of her crouch and took her hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward edge closer to Bella, for precautionary reasons of course, “the overprotective fool” as Bella would say.

Edward looked at me and growled. Fine, fine, sorry Edward. He simply just nodded his head and returned to watching closely over the two girls. I followed and I was shocked, they were hugging. I had ever seen a newborn vampire so in control, except Bella that is. They stopped hugging and Edward and I walked over to where they stood. Bella went back to Edward and embraced him muttering, “See, I know what I’m doing.”

I chuckled and went over to talk to the woman. She then turned to me and smiled. I looked at her and said, “I will explain everything to you but first I’d like to know your name, if that is ok. My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is Edward and Bella Cullen.”

The stunning woman said back, “Nice to meet you all, my name is Esme, Esme Anne Evenson. But you might know me as Esme Anne Platt, Carlisle.”

That was it! That’s how I knew her!

A/N: Hope you liked it. Remember Ideas are appreciated and so is constructive criticism. I’ll add you as friend if you want updates. :) might not post for a while, soooooo sorry guys. i will make it up to you though. :)

Life was great; I had been almost three years since we moved here to Columbus. Carlisle had a job at St. Ann’s Hospital of Columbus and my dear, sweet Bella and I were attending Northland High School in our junior year. Everything was moving along as smoothly as ever. Tonight Carlisle had to work a double shift leaving me and my love home alone. Last time we were home alone Carlisle came home and, well, let’s just say that the whole loft needed new furniture and redecoration, if you catch my drift. Ha.

Anyways, Bella and I have decided that we weren’t going to ruin the house again(at least not anytime in the near future, Bella just doesn’t see it happening, yet.Haha) so we went out back to enjoy the calming scene before us. This is where we would always go just to leave the peculiar human world and escape for a while. We sat there, under our big willow, just gazing incredulously into each others eyes. She was so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect, so mine. I still can’t believe that this amazing goddess has stuck with me through-out all this time.

I was as sure as hell she would’ve left me at first chance; I mean I don’t deserve such a outrageous woman to have and to hold, much less spend every waking moment of eternity with. She deserves better than me and still, she never leaves; I’m a monster, I’m not worthy of her presence. I have stolen innocent and young lives, lives that still had much to fulfill that are now gone, poof, taken away in less than an instant. I feel so ashamed; Stop it Edward! I screamed internally to myself, Stop it! Stop wallowing in self pity, enjoy every single one of these moments with Bella while you can for they might also be gone, poof, taken away in an instant!

I was right, I needed to stop; I was already on the brink of insanity, and I don’t need to be pushed any farther. I wouldn’t be able to survive the fall into the black abyss if insanity, I wouldn’t be able to survive anything without my Bella. Thinking of Bella made me look down only to see her staring at me as if she could sense the way i was feeling t the moment. I shook that off and chose to take her in my arms and kiss her.

In my hasty decision Bella had no chance to see it coming, but she accepted my gesture happily. This wouldn’t be over yet, without a doubt she would be asking me about how I was feeling and what made me look that way. I bet my emotions had slipped out to show on my face earlier. Crap! Oh well I was holding the woman of my dreams(even though I can’t dream now) and I was thinking of things that were completely irrelevant. I decided to enjoy the moment. All too soon Bella broke away gasping for unneeded air.

I moved down to her neck and she let out a small but content sigh. The sigh sounded a lot like the three words, “I love you” but I couldn’t quite be sure. She pulled my face back to hers and crashed her lips down on hers. Our lips moved in perfect sync; they molded together like they were made for each other(maybe they were). We both pulled away to catch our breath once again and decided that that was far enough to push it tonight. Bella clasped her hand with mine and dragged me into the house.

After carrying Bella through the threshold(with heaps of struggle from her) I laid her on the loft bed upstairs. I was going to play my piano and let her do what ever she was going to do, which was probably read. Sure enough, as soon as I sat down and played the first few notes of her lullaby that I had made for her last “birthday” she was sitting on the couch behind me with Wuthering Heights clutched tight in her hands. That has always been her favorite book, for some strange reason. I have never been really fond of the book but Bella is entitled to her own opinion so if she likes it she likes it.


I had run through her lullaby three times when Bella gasped. I immediately ceased my playing and ran to her side. She was in what she liked to call her “vision mode”, I thought it was silly how she named it that but it was also very cute. Anyways, she was in “vision mode”, I wrapped my arms around her after snatching a spare sheet of paper and a pencil so she could draw it out. After the pencil was placed in her had she started to draw and in that same instant she came back to the present and was what seemed to be speechless. I was about to ask her what she saw when she shook her head and motioned for me to go play my piano once again. Very reluctantly I headed back and started playing another song I had composed. Bella seemed to be putting on a show of reading even though it was obvious that she wasn’t doing just that. I also noticed that she had her shield up good and firm, not letting one tiny piece of anything slip. What could be happening?


I can’t believe I just saw Carlisle carrying a horridly bruised and scarred woman back here to change her. It just didn’t seem right; he would confront us first right? Maybe there was something going on with my visions, yeah that was it, something was wrong with my visions, there just had to be. But what if there wasn’t anything wrong? What if Carlisle was indeed bringing this mystery woman home? I made sure my shield was up ad secure, Edward didn’t need to worry, he always worried too much as it is. And anyways it was probably just some sort of misunderstanding or a glitch that had to be it, a glitch. My head is really messed up so a glitch would fit as the piece to the puzzle perfectly.

Edward was about to ask what was up and I just shook my head and waved him off to his piano. He seemed reluctant to leave but listened and went back to playing. I grabbed my book and pretended to read but my mid was elsewhere. I still couldn’t believe it, not one bit. I could tell was about to ask what was up so I started preparing a lie so he wouldn’t worry about me or Carlisle.


I turned around deciding I was going to demand what she saw. As I was starting to ask her what was going to happen Carlisle burst in through the door, holding an almost lifeless woman in his arms. I was shocked and I could tell Bella was too, even though this is probably what she saw. Bella quickly and firmly grasped my hand and pulled me along with her to end up right behind Carlisle.

I immediately focused in on his thoughts. What could make this woman want to kill herself? What could’ve been so horrible in her shortly lived life? I decided right then and there that I would change her. Something about her familiarity and story made me want to take her. Even with all the bruises and cuts and scars she was still beautiful and I had this weird draw to her. So that was it; he had a draw to her, he wanted to save her. I would allow him do so in peace. I turned to Bella, noticing that she was pushing her questioning thoughts out to Carlisle.

“He is going to change her, she has no family and something about her feels familiar to him. He is drawn to her and he wants to change her. Let’s go before the screaming love,” I uttered to her helping her understand. I could see it all click together when I looked at her face.

She just murmured, “I see. Okay.” And we both ran out of the house, out in the middle of the woods. Hunting might take our minds off of this situation. I closed my eyes and listened, I heard two elk(meh), four lynx, and three mountain lion. Mountain lion was my favorite so I went after them and sucked all of them dry. Once I was done I scanned the clearing I
was in and I didn’t find Bella. I knew her favorite was lynx so I sniffed them out only to find her sucking her third dry.

She was so graceful and predatory like a lioness going after her kill, which in this case was a lynx. I just perched myself up in the high tops of the trees. I looked back down at the ground to only find no Bella, once again. So I started to climb back down and when my toes hit the ground all was silent. Even the birds had hushed to intensify the moment. A few seconds later something jumped on my back and knocked me to the ground.

I turned my head to see my Bella perched upon my back. She leaned in as if to bite my neck but instead whispered, “Caught ya,” as she kissed my neck. I turned around so I could kiss her back. She responded by kissing me back fiercely. We were like that for a long while when we remembered Carlisle and sped towards the house and up the stairs.


We had been gone for two days, amazingly. When we reached Carlisle we tried to comfort him and ask him questions about what had happened and what was going to happen but I could tell his mind was elsewhere. He looked like he had been here the whole time since we left, not moving one bit, which was probably exactly what he did. Apparently you didn’t have to be a mind reader to see all of that because Bella lifted her shield and asked, Is he okay? He doesn’t look well. I tilted my head slightly to the right then slightly to the left, knowing only she would see it. She sighed and asked, Should we go? Let him have his time with her?

This time I lifted my chin slightly then dropped it just a bit. We excused ourselves and went down stairs. I headed towards my piano as I did in all stressful situations. A new piece of music just flowed from underneath my fingertips and out of the corner of my eye I witnessed Bella gawk for a minute then composed herself. I chuckled at the sight and she came over to sit beside me on the bench.

I hugged her tightly to my chest and then heard her gasp. She returned to the present in a matter of seconds and blurred up the stairs. I heard her walk towards Carlisle and say, “Carlisle! Carlisle! She will be up in ten minutes! Oh, I can’t wait to meet her!” chuckled then I heard Carlisle’s thoughts flow into my head, I couldn’t wait till the ten minutes were up. They lasted for what seemed like forever and then her heart sped up to about as fast as Edward could run then it stopped all together. The thought made me smile; I had always been the fastest runner in the family, it was just one of my talents.
Carlisle started to panic and I walked at human pace up the stairs, had I done something wrong?!?! No I couldn’t have, she should be getting up now, was Bella wro- . They cut off right there and I reached the top stair and walked in the “guest room”. There was the woman Carlisle had brought in three days ago but she was so different. Her scars, bruises, and cuts had all healed and cleared up, her heart was no longer slightly fluttering, and she was beautiful, nowhere near as beautiful as my Bella, of course.

Carlisle’s thoughts were swimming. He and the lady were still holding hands and having a peaceful moment. Then, at the same exact moment they noticed Bella and I were here with them, if Carlisle cold blush I know he would’ve been right then and there. The woman protectively crouched in front of Carlisle(Whoa, déjà vu!). I mirrored her actions but in front of my dearest Bella. I saw through Carlisle and the woman’s minds that Bella had just rolled her eyes at me at was walking around me.

Carlisle and I were about to stop and warn her but she just put up a hand and to stop us, mainly to Carlisle though, already foreseeing what he would say. She didn’t have to see the future to know what I was going to say. Bella just walked forward towards the woman that Carlisle’s thoughts were circled around. She out-stretched her hand so the woman could take it. I was so close to having a heart attack, and that’s a hard thing to do to a vampire. If anything happens I swear to god- my thoughts ended there I couldn’t think anymore.

Unconsciously, I edged closer and closer to Bella stopping only when I hear some one think the words “”the overprotective fool” as Bella would say. I growled noticing who thought those words, Carlisle of course. Fine, fine, sorry Edward. He thought, I simply nodded my head accepting his apology. We returned our attention back to the girls. The strangest thing was happening….they were hugging! Carlisle was just as surprised as I was. When the girls released each other I ran over to Bella and she came and embraced me while muttering, “See I know what I’m doing.”

Carlisle walked over to the caramel-haired woman and started talking but not before chuckling at Bella’s comment. She turned towards him and smiled a motherly and warm smile. He looked at her and said, “I will explain everything to you but first I’d like to know your name, if that is ok. My name is Carlisle Cullen and this is Edward and Bella Cullen,” while
gesturing to us.

The woman said back, “Nice to meet you all, my name is Esme, Esme Anne Evenson. But you might know me as Esme Anne Platt, Carlisle.”

That was it! That’s how I knew her! Was all I heard in Carlisle’s mind before he spoke again.

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