The Twilight Saga

well i have this idear for a fan-fiction.

so in eclipse the film edward talks about what he would have done if he had met bella back then. so this i that kinda.

everyones human. well i might add a vampire im not sure.

so do you think i should do the story, if i get enought people then i'll add the first chapter

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Love it!!!

Love it! Updates please!







g          Update me PLEASE!! Did I mention that I love it and it's AMAZING! ☺

thanks for the comment. i will
wow I really like it .. very good job for ur first chapter and ur first story .. I really feel that u have a talent .. keep me updated I really really liked this chapter !!
you should post it on
thanks for the comment bella and courtny im glad you like it

then./.you should..your great..


You should do it
thanks for all the comment
i love it!! it so good!!!!!!! :) update mee!!!!
yeah u should most definitely do it.
u should so continue. im loving it.


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