The Twilight Saga

well i have this idear for a fan-fiction.

so in eclipse the film edward talks about what he would have done if he had met bella back then. so this i that kinda.

everyones human. well i might add a vampire im not sure.

so do you think i should do the story, if i get enought people then i'll add the first chapter

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i think that 1st chapter was amazing u should write more! :-D
im just writing now just thinking of where i want the story to go

i love more soon plzzzzzzzzz

can u kkep me updated? :)

Chapter 2



I continued to watch the girl until she was out of site. How long had this girl been here, I had never seen her before and I knew all of the people who lived around here. She must have just moved here I was sure I would have noticed someone so beautiful. ‘Edward come down here dinners ready.’ She called up the stairs

‘Ok mother I’m coming now’ I yelled down

I stood up from my piano and headed towards the door, I walked down the stairs and in to the kitchen.

‘Would you set the table please Edward’ my mother asked

‘Of course I will’ I replied, picking up the knives and forks from the wooden draw. I walked to the table and placed them down were my mother and I sat which was across from each other. She walked to the table and laid out the plates with are dinner on. Today she had made chicken and potatoes. She sat down in her chair; I could see that she was still unhappy with me. I took my seat across from her.

‘Let’s pray before we eat, dear lord thank you for the food we are about to eat and please end this horrible war soon, amen’ she prayed, she opened her eyes and began to get. I rolled my eyes she said that every meal time it was getting old. Just as I was about to begin eating, I heard a knock at the door.

‘I’ll get it’ I said as a walked towards the door. I reached for the handle and opened the door, standing there in the door way was the girl I had saw walking down the street before. Up close I could see she had deep chocolate brown eyes that were now boring into mine, the blush that colored her cheeks only added to her beauty.

‘Hello I’m Isabella Swan, I’ve just moved here with my family and they would like to invite you to our house tomorrow night’ she said whilst handing me an envelope. I was standing there like an idiot in front of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Speak you fool.

‘Erm, I erm, would love to come. I’m Edward Masen by the way.  It’s lovely to meet you Miss Swan’ I stuttered, even in my own ears I sounded like a complete fool. I wondered what Isabella thought of me.

‘It’s very nice to meet you to Edward, i do hope you can come’ she mumbled. The bush on her cheeks was very evident

‘I have to be on my way, goodnight’ she said.

‘Goodnight miss swan’ I whispered she walked away from my house and down the road I gently shoot the door behind me.

‘Who was that Edward’ my mother called

‘Um a girl who has just moved in down the street she came to invite us to a party that her and her parents are hosting’ I called back staring at the envelope. I was most defiantly going to that party there was no doubt that I was going to turn down an opportunity to get to know Miss Swan.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! its SO good!

MORE! please :)


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ CONTINUE AND UPDATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXO FROM ARGETINA


Awesome chapter! Can't wait for more.

thanks for the lovly comments ill update asap
wow I really like this chapter .. keep going ..
sorry ive not updated i have writers block
What, is it about what happens at the party or something else?


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