The Twilight Saga

well i have this idear for a fan-fiction.

so in eclipse the film edward talks about what he would have done if he had met bella back then. so this i that kinda.

everyones human. well i might add a vampire im not sure.

so do you think i should do the story, if i get enought people then i'll add the first chapter

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yes i think this'll b pretty awesome! sounds cool
thx gabby
ow yeh i need a banner so if anyones good at making them that would help a lot
I like the idea!

Write it!! Please, please! I'll even crawl on the snow - even though theres no snow!

Very intresting ^.^


- LoveCookkies

sound good you should write it

u should so write the story


u shld write tis:)
u should write it bella I think it'll be amazing ..
im just writing the first chapter now should be on no later than friday

here is the first chapter. it might not be very good but i hope you like it.

Chapter 1

My war

I was listening to another lecture from my mother about how she didn’t like the fact that I wanted to be a soldier. Since that was all I could think about the glory of going to war fighting for the good of the country I really couldn’t see what my mother was so bothered about but as usual I just sat there and listened. ‘why Edward would you want to go and risk your life going fighting in a war it’s just plain stupid to want to go and die and waste your life’ she ranted I was getting really bored of the same old thing I was barley paying attention ‘EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME’ she yelled she stood only a few inches away from me with her arms on her hips ‘yes I am mother but nothing is going to make me change my mind, I’m sorry I know you don’t want me to go but it’s what I want to do’ I explained getting up and walking over to the door ‘where do you think you’re going’ she said grabbing my arm. I turned around ‘up stairs to practise on the piano’ I said as I turned back around heading down the hall up the stairs. Our house was quite large compared to some the reason for that is that my father who is also called Edward works as a very successful lawyer so he can afford a lot of thing for us. Like he paid for my music lessons and also for me to go to privet school. But his job meant that he was hardly ever around so it was just me and my mother in the house. I did feel really horrible about me leaving my mother to go to war were I wouldn’t be able to write very often and when I was able to it would take a long time for the letter to reach my mother. I opened the door to my room and walked in. My room was one of the largest in the house with a large bed towards the very back of the room next to the window. Then towards the corner opposite to the window was the chest of draws which I kept my clothes and books in. The draws were wooden and glossy looking. And right next to the window was my favourite thing in my room my piano. I loved to play it was one of the things that made me feel at piece with the world. It was simple and black it looked kind of warn from the amount of use. I went and sat down on the bench and began to slid my fingers along it then started to play a song I had written. Then I saw a young woman with creamy pale skin and dark brown hair walk down the street I was sure I had never seen her before she must have just moved. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. My life which had never felt incomplete was suddenly whole with just one look at this girl. I new I had to talk to her before I turned 18.

I love it. Please keep going. Please keep me updated.


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