The Twilight Saga

 Okay so I really wanted to write this. Its about the Cullens one day finding Twilight and reading the entire saga. The first chapter will be from Renesmee's POV, but will shift to Bella's after the first chapter.
 Please Enjoy!

 Chapter One:
  Renesmee's Perspective

 Jacob and I strode into the mall. He held my hand, interlocking our fingers. I blushed ten different shades of red. A lot of people stared. Something that was happening a lot lately. And I couldn't conger up a good enough reason. It was mostly girls, acknowledging Jacob, irritating me to no end.

 I quickly scanned the transparent windows of several shops. Not seeing any good enough for my mom. It was her birthday next week (she was now technically 26, but only appeared to be a teenager).

 We looked for a little bit, through glances and occasionally walking into the stores. I was mystified, people gawked in disbelief at us.
 I skidded to a stop in front of the bookstore. My sneakers scraped against the pale tiles. Reading was a something my mother and I loved, a common bond for us.

 Jake halted as soon as I did. "Listen, why don't you go in, find something for Bella." He suggested. I noticed how he didn't say he was coming. I turned to look at him.

 "Your not coming?" I asked, disappointment colored my tone.
   He patted a strand of my bronze hair, which was freely flowing over my shoulders, back into place. (To be honest, I loved my hair, I shared the shade with my dad. And it was curled delicately and flawlessly, it was never frizzy, but always outrageously smooth and vibrant. It had straight hair qualities; it was lengthy and didn't poof out, stayed flat yet hung with perfect ringlets. It was weird cause I wasn't much for how I looked, but it was still something I admired about myself.)

 My cheeks burned. "I just need to check on a thing." He explained it sounded rehearsed, which didn't quite make sense to me. I raised an eyebrow. He grinned.
 "Love you." He said, and kissed me swiftly.
 He stalked off in the opposite direction before I could object.

 I grumbled to myself about unreliable dogs as I strolled inside the bookstore. It was pretty large and had furnishings that book-worms  lounged on, reading intently. I figured I should bring Bella here, she would like it. I wasn't as obsessive as she was when it came to books.

 I paused immediately, halting my hushed complaining. Something caught my attention. My eyes locked on a girl she looked fifteen, maybe sixteen. She was at the register, standing with another girl. But that's not what distracted me away from my childish mumbles.
 It was the girl's clothing. She was wearing a black T-shirt that said 'Team Edward'. I stiffed a giggle at seeing my dad's name.
 I wondered curiously what it was for. I headed in her direction.
 She had long and deep red hair and excited rich, blue eyes. She looked perky. Looking downward, I saw her clutch a thin book in one hand.
 I clearly read 'The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner'.
   "Hi!" I exclaimed, sorta giddy.
  "I love the shirt, but what does Team Edward mean?" The phrase sounded strange on my tongue. She stared at me as if I was mentally impaired.

 "You never heard of Twilight?" She was astonished. I shook my head; I never had.

 "Come here," she gestured for me to follow her. Abounding her brunette friend. She didn't lead me far. We stopped in front of a shelf, near the entry.

 "Its whole series." She said, waving at four books, titled; Twilight (the first one), New moon (second), Eclipse (third) and Breaking Dawn being the last. They were foreign to me.

 "Its just so weird, someone who doesn't even know about Twilight, or Edward!" She seemed horrified at the last statement.
 I lifted the first of the thick books up. It was sturdy in my palm. I didn't bother to see if there was a summary on the back cover. It just killed the suspense for me.

 "Thanks. For showing me these." Though I was a little shocked by her reaction.
  She nodded, thoughtful.

 I began to stack the novels in order. "Is this all of them?" I asked conversationally.
  She shook her head 'no'. "There was another one, recently published. She grasped my wrist, jumping slightly at the warm temperature, and towed my to the front of the store. She pointed. At a display of books. I recognized it as the slender story she was purchasing.

 Then it occurred to me, I didn't even know her name. "So whats your name?" I asked, piling the last book.

 "Casey." She shot back instantly.
 "Renesmee." I introduced myself. She looked at me in awe, her jaw dropping.
  "What?" I suddenly felt insecure. My name wasn't weird!

 She composed herself quickly. "Nothing." She murmured.

 Once the books were payed for , I had to use a heaping amount of cash, and I had said farewell to Casey, I plopped down on one of the charcoal black, elongated chairs.
 I pitied the girl when I was finished with the preface. But I couldn't help but wonder if it were about vampires...

 My eyes grew wide with horror as I read on. This. Could. Not. Be. Happening. I forced myself to continue on. This was about my mom, my mom's life. I couldn't comprehend, I just read.

 I was extremely mad at my father when I read the second book, and I felt so sorry for my mother. I cried for Jacob is Eclipse, but it was weird reading that he kissed my mother. Breaking Dawn was extremely awkward, I also cried for Jake. I     wanted to scream when I read what I had already memorized of the Volturi. I shudder just thinking of them.
 It was truly magical to feel what Jake felt the moment he first saw me, as a newborn.

 But this was awful. Truly awful. My family would be exposed, we would be killed by the Volturi-who we had been on good terms with.
 My whole body froze right there. I knew my eyes were bugged out. I sprang up, gathered the books and ran.

 I rushed through the mall, a little too fast for an average human. My hair swirling around my face, I stumbled slightly. I spotted Jake in the food-court.  He was holding two large fries and two sodas. Eww, I sniffed the air. Human food.
 I slammed right into him, dizzy, I stepped back. "Nessie? Whats wrong?" He asked eagerly.
 "We need to go home. Now." I said strctly. I could sense the eyes bore into me when we colided. I could care less.
  He nodded, conerned. He threw a twenty dollar bill to the kid at the counter. I yanked his hand.
   "Now." I hissed. I ignored the people as pushed my way to the parking lot.

  I hopped swiftly into the driver's seat of my mom's car. "Ness, I don't think your in any condition to drive-" he began to warn.

 I cut him off, throwing the novels at him. "What the he-"
 "Read." Insructed, interrupting again. He opened Twilight relucanatantly. The car accelerated, I needed to share with my family devasting news.

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