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The day we have waited for its finally here, The sequel for Does Love Really Exist, If This Isn't Love is here, Thank you so much for all of my readers for being patient with me! You guys are the best :) If you haven't read Does Love Really Exist, this story won't make much sense so i think you should read it -jAYNEll lOVE


As I looked at the love of my life on the right, and our children on the left, I can’t help but think, how lucky I am to have them in my life. Nothing, not even these idiots in front of us will stand in my way of keeping my family safe. I licked Ali once before turning my attention to the people who tried to tear my life apart. Well now it’s my turn.

Chapter 1 – Remorse

I can hardly believe myself right now. I kissed her and left.

To tell you the truth I had no idea were I was going just wandering hoping I could make sense of the confusion of thoughts in my head. Yet all I could think of was the fact that I left her.

I left her knowing she was pregnant and I didn’t tell her. I left her knowing that it wasn’t a baby she was having, but a pup. Another reason why coming into her life was a mistake, I mean come on how many people go around saying in with puppies instead of I’m with child. It's just wrong.

I was the reason for everything that is going on in her life now, and for once I just couldn’t stand by and let myself think it was okay anymore, I had to separate us no matter how much it hurt.

The blur of trees surprised me I don’t even know when I started running but I knew where I was going for once and it made me smile. It seemed like lately I was going around in no direction just going with the flow of things. But I’m a father now, I have to have a reign on things.

I ran to my father’s grave because one thing was for sure, he warned me this would happen, he was the one person who knew my destiny.

He told me constantly that Leah and I were special. Of course at the time I thought that by special he meant that she’d be the first girl in the pack and I’d be the last one to imprint from our pack.

Now that I think about it different is the word he should have used. I was different and boy did I know it.

I finally made it and I knelt down and cried. I wasn’t even sure what I was crying about anymore, but everything that has happened since Ali moved just crashed on me and now seemed like the perfect time to let it out.

I guess the wolf had other plans. My wolf, who even though he lived inside of me. Felt like a totally different personality to me. It was almost like he was my alter ego.

Right now my alter ego was shouting at me to suck it up and help our mate. He was excited and proud of Ali for being able to carry the pups and thought I was stupid not to feel the same. The problem was I couldn’t shake of the feeling that something bad was going happen and it had to do with Ali and possibly the pups.

I was concerned from the start. When she told me that I was a lone wolf I knew that she had to be pregnant, and I could smell the difference in her blood. Her body was already planning ahead of herself for the pups.

I remembered the day me dad told me the story of the lone wolf.

“Seth, we are the many generations that have the wolf gene, but we are not actually wolves. We could have been eagles or dolphins for that mater. There are people out there Seth, and I’m not talking about the children of the moon, but people who are really descendents from Wolves. They can’t control when the change comes, it’s not when they get angry but when there body feels it’s ready for it when they change.” He said while slipping a fish into the pan.

“They have the personalities of real wolves living inside of them and when they come out it may not be a pretty sight. It all depends on how much the wolf controls them. Eventually the more experience you have the more you and the wolf will fit together like puzzle pieces, perfect matches.”

“The first complete change usually comes when they find their mate. They don’t imprint, but you find things you like about them until your bond with them is as strong as and imprinting bond. Legend says that each generation will have a lone wolf. They come from a special family and are the last to find happiness. They will change and leave the pack to have their own. They don’t patrol or protect the people of the city, but the people in the pack.”

He flipped the fish over. “They almost never have actual wolves in their pack, they have the people they are closest with and care the most about. They will be very important one day and will save many lives. The first day the lone wolf and the mate interacts, well in things you definitely shouldn’t do, the mate gets pregnant, no matter what they try to do to protect themselves. As long as she can carry she will conceive pups.”

He finished the story the same time he finished his fish fry.

Well boy wasn’t I living the dream. The moment I set eyes on Ali I knew we had something special. We never really imprinted, instead we mated and now she was pregnant. She was suppose to go to school, do something with her life, not be secluded to a life confined with secrets. We were suppose to be normal, something I haven’t been for about 17 years.

I guess I still felt like myself, but now that I knew for sure what was going on I could really sense him now. He tells me what I should do, and he feels like I trap him too much. When he thinks he knows what to do he begs me to let him out, just like the day the ghost goddess took over Ali’s body.

It was hard phasing because for once I wasn’t phasing, I was changing into the wolf. I knew I would have to work on that, I if needed to change quickly I wanted to have the confidence to know that I could do it. It was going to take some getting used to but it had to happen if I wanted to protect my family.

I’m not sure how long I was here, but the tears stopped almost as quickly as they had come, now my head was resting on the tombstone. I wondered what I should do now, I wanted some more answers, why would I be important, what was the point of me being a lone wolf.

I was so lost in thought I almost didn’t notice a little person come and sit in my lap. Almost.

My wolf sighed happily that she was in my arms and safe. I wrapped my arms around my mate and absentmindedly rubbed her tummy. I wondered how many pups we were having. I kissed her cheek. “What are you dping here Ali, you should be resting?” I said but not so ready to let go if she decided to go back and rest.

“Well,” she replied as if nothing crazy has happened in the past hour or so. “ I can’t rest when I’m worried about you, or our pups that I have to take care of, or when your crying your eyes out and the only blood source I have on this earth left me in a house of people I met a day ago when he knows I have abandonment issues!” she finished with a giving me a glare.

I couldn’t help the chuckle that left me lips as she was trying so hard to be mad, but looked more like a kitten imitating a lion, she couldn’t pull it off.

Her words actually processed in my brain as I realized what she said. The chuckling stopped and the color drained from my face. My heart was beating out of my chest I was surprised she didn’t hear it. “How did you find out?” I asked. She shrugged again. “I have a little bump in my perfectly toned body and trust that scared the daylight out of me, I thought I was getting fat. Also we didn’t use protection, and well the easiest and most simple way I found out was that you’re dad told me.” She said.

“M-my dad…t-told you?” I stuttered feeling a little scared as to how he managed that. She smiled and taped her head. “Necromancer remember?” I nodded. Dang this is soo, the longest day of my life.

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This is really good,,,update more soon..plz. :)
i will try to but i can't make any promises. thanks for reading =D
hehe tell me in a message why you think so ? thanks for reading
Chapter 6 -

I woke up the next morning to kisses. Ali was in my bed with her arms around my neck and was showering me with kisses. I got up and pushed her off me as gently as I could. I looked at her stomach, which according to the medical books I’ve been reading is a lot bigger than 9 months. I knew that we were probably going to have more than one child because she still hasn’t gone into labor and she was huge.

I kissed my babies and turned around telling Ali to leave, “No Seth we need to work this out.” I took a deep breath. She had no right to be telling me this, I did everything I should have, her acting like I’m being the problem here was upsetting me. I ignored her and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. “Oh wow, not talking to me are you? Well you’re really helping the cause aren’t you,” she said while I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t want to do this but since you’re acting childish I guess I have no choice. I demand you to speak your mind.” Ali said in her freaky mind control voice. The words came pouring out of me before I could stop them.

“I do everything for you Ali, I do. Do you even realize that? I do whatever you ask whether it’s for the babies or you. All I’ve wanted was to have a life with you. I wanted to make you my wife, to have kids and to be happy. I got part of that down, I knocked you up. Part one check. I was happy, so part two done, but you wont marry me. Why? Maybe it’s because you never loved me or wasn’t happy in the first place. I guess you never loved me or wasn’t happy in the first place because you avoid me, you wont talk to me you never tell me anything, you only drink my blood, is that all I mean you, I’m you blood supply that’s it, when the last time you told me you loved me. 2 weeks ago. You wont let me rub your stomach or kiss you, why oh that’s right because that spots reserved for Luther now isn’t it. I propose and you say no. I thought you were happy I thought you wanted to marry me I thought you were done playing, I thought you changed but I guess not. So I’ll be here until my kids come then I will go to court and we’ll see who gets custody, you wanted to know, well now you know that Luther can have you since that’s what you want. Maybe he can get you to stop acting like a hoe! Now get out Ali!”

She stared at me with tears in her eyes, “I don’t know what’s going on Seth, I can’t control it, my body keeps pulling me towards him and it feels wrong when I’m with you. I can’t control it Seth so please stop judging me.” She said.

“Well maybe I could if you would at least try to talk to me about things or maybe this new attraction that you are having with Luther, then I wouldn’t have to judge you because I know what’s going on.” I shouted.

There was a vein on my forehead throbbing, and I knew I had to calm down or I’d loose control and let Papi take over. I was pulled from my thoughts with an ear splitting scream. I opened my eyes to see Ali twisted in the weirdest angle and she was clutching her stomach. “Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it!” I chanted in a low voice. “Seth, the babies, they’re coming.” Ali screamed. “She says it anyway.” I say in a whisper while picking her up and running to my car. I gently put her in the back seat and kissed my babies telling them to wait for a little while. Then I ran to the drivers seat and sped off to the Cullen’s. I called Alice and told her that the babies were coming. She said she was on it.

Ali was panting in the back and crying and telling ghosts to leave her alone and begging sphynx to help her and telling me to go to hell for doing this to her. I laughed at that, “It takes two Ali.” I said to her. I wasn’t exactly happy that my mate was in pain, but the difference with mating and imprinting is that the connection isn’t to that crazy level were I want to cry when she’s not with me. I don’t feel her pain or anything like that. But I still have no choice but to love her.

I threw her a stress ball for her to squeeze on, there was no way I was giving her my hand to squeeze during birth, Luther can do that. I pulled up the driveway and opened the door for Ali, I picked her up and brought her into the house. Alice already got everything ready with Carlisle while we were on our way. Thank goodness he was here this time. I walked across the room to Luther who looked scared. “Here lover boy, she’s all yours, let’s see how good you are at taking care of her now.” I said smirking. No one would die if we took our time. Ali was a vampire, our children probably were immortal too, so it would be fun to watch Luther struggle with this new responsibility.

“Uncle Seth , you know I don’t know what to do?” he said in a little scared voice. I smiled “Well didn’t you think of all the responsibilities that would come with being a parent. If I don’t get custody of the kids then Ali will and guess what she won’t be living with me. You love her at least she thinks you do, I’m not sure if you even love her at all. You haven’t been dealing with all of the stuff with her from the beginning, I have but well what does that matter. Nothing. So good luck with that buddy ol’ pal.”

Emmett laughed and gave me a pat on the back. “Sorry Luther but that’s what’s up Seth. Maybe you’ll think twice before trying to steal your uncle’s girl.” He said with a booming laugh. Ali screamed and Luther clenched his teeth. “Seth get your dumb behind over here so we can deliver our kids. Forget about all the drama that’s going on right now, so what if Luther loves me, so what if he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, its clear that you don’t but right now our child is coming into the world so lets get this show on the road.” She said struggling to keep in control.

“Don’t make me look bad sugar, you’re the one who rejected me when I proposed, I had no problem with being with you forever.” I said with a smug smile.

“Oh my gosh, yeah you’re right I didn’t want to stay with you forever are you happy now let’s go.” She said on the verge of tears.

“Yes, yes I am.” I said grabbing her from Luther and up to the makeshift hospital. Luther changed her into a hospital gown. “Spread your legs.” I said when she returned into the room. She looked at me warily. “I don’t want to do you Ali I need to see how much more we have to wait before you can push. Besides I’ve already seen everything.” I said with a smirk and she returned it with a glare.

We waited through contractions and finally after an hour and a half she was ready to push. Luther and Rose were holding her hands. Carlisle was making sure that her pressure and pulse was good. Edward was reading the minds of the babies. There are three different minds in there. I knew we were having more than one baby. The babies might be pre-mature, I put Ali under a lot of stress so her water broke early.

“Push Ali.” I said in a cheery tone, I was glad that I’d finally have my own children even if their mother was being stupid. Luther yelped as his hand broke and Rose just rolled her eyes at him. She pushed Ali’s hair out of her eyes and placed her free hand on her forehead to cool her down.

“I see the head, Ali push!” I said. She screamed as she pushed and I grabbed the head of my first child. I cut the cord and slapped the butt until its cried a ear splitting wail. “Ha, just like your mother.” I said with a laugh as I passed my first child to Edward. “Come on Ali, two more to go.” I said encouragingly because I wanted to see the rest of my children.

She screamed and pushed once again. I smiled as the second child came out easier than the first. I repeated the actions and passed the second one to Carlisle. Ali was getting tired I knew she would pass out any second. “One more Ali” I shouted as I tried to keep her awake.

“Need blood.” She whispered. Oh great.
Oooohhh...this is keeps getting better and better....I hav a question is she attracted to Luther because one of her babies will be imprinted on him? I wuz just thinking abt it...:) luv more soon!
maybe... hehe i love doing this...leaving you guys guessing... thanks for reading ... =D
maybe... you just have to wait and find out =D thanks for reading =D
OMGee!!!!! Wowwzzz!! OMG she's like in da middle of labor and needs blood. wow. Leave it to Ali! lolz =) I loved it!!! Oh Seth. haha i kept giggling at his parts cuz he's being a dork lol =)
what???!!! y doesnt she wanna b with seth?
I knew that is what was happening becasue the same thing happened to Bella and I had a feeling that it would happen with Luther. But at least Edward didn't over react. sososossosososoososososososososososoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorrry ihavent writen to you sweeetiiiieeee!!!but i love the new chapters but i dont understand thet with ali and Luther:????
this is great!


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