The Twilight Saga

Description: This takes place in New Moon. It's the night of Bella's birthday party, right before Edward leaves. I hope that everyone, who reads this, enjoys this story.



It was my birthday and I was at the Cullen residence. I felt comfortable and safe here. I knew that if someone was trying to kill me, this wonderful family would save me. Well, except Rosalie. Little did I know that one member of this family would try to kill me tonight.


Chapter One - Birthday


I was standing with Edward waiting anxiously for Alice to start my party. "I can protect you from everyone, except my sister.", he told me. Just then Alice bursted through the door. "It's time.", she chimed as she grabbed my free hand and drug us downstairs. "Happy Birthday, Honey.", Esme said. I could already tell that she considered me a part of her family. "Thank you.", I said while blushing a scarlet red. Emmett laughed. Alice began taking pictures and I stared at her. "I hope that you don't mind. I got it out of your bag.", she said apologetically. I smiled. "It's okay.", I assured her. "Okay. Show the love.", Alice said while making Edward and I stand closer to each other. She snapped the photo. "Now, this one is from Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper.", Alice said while handing me a brightly colored present. I opened it and then opened the box. It was empty. I stared at them with questions written all over my face. "Already installed it in your truck.", Emmett explained. Of course he had. He didn't like my ancient truck. "Thanks.", I whispered. The three of them nodded. "This one is from Carlisle and Esme.", Alice said handing me another wrapped gift. I smiled at them and began to, carefully, remove the wrapping paper. "Ouch.", I said while looking at my finger. Edward looked at me, worriedly, when a couple of drops of blood fell on the floor. I looked up. Edward, who was standing beside me, was now standing in front of me. I tried to grab him, but couldn't because I was flying away from him. I heard glass shatter as I landed on a table. I felt pain in my right arm, so I looked. I was cut, deep by all the glass. "Get Jasper outside!" I heard someone yell. I looked up, in time, to see Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett hauling Jasper out of the back door. Esme apologized and then followed them. I didn't see Edward, so I looked around until I found him. He was standing a few feet away from me, just staring at me. I could tell that he was scared and upset, so stretched, my unharmed, hand out to him. He put his head down as Carlisle came to examine my arm. "Go find Jasper. I'm pretty sure that he is upset with himself. You are the only one that he will listen to.", Carlisle told Edward. He nodded and, the next second, he was gone. "I'll need to take care of this in my office. I'm sure that you don't want to go to the hospital.", Carlisle said. I shook my head. That would be a mistake. I followed Carlisle, up the stairs, to his huge office. He cleared a spot off of his desk for me to sit. I sat down as Carlisle gave me a shot to numb my arm, so that he could get the glass out and stitch up my cut. I watched him carefully. He was quick. After the glass was out and he had the stitches in, he wrapped my arm up. "I'll take you home.", he said. I was just about to say 'okay', when I heard Edward's velvet voice. "No. I'll take her.", he said. I sighed. Edward was still mad, but I didn't know why. Edward carried me downstairs. I held my breath because it smelled strongly of bleach. I felt bad. I was blaming myself. "I'll clean up my mess, Esme.", I said quietly. Edward's arms stiffened. "It's okay Bella, Honey. I'm almost done.", she said smiling. I sighed again. Edward carried me to his silver Volvo and sat me in the passenger seat. He even buckled my seat belt. This wasn't good. I had to get him to talk to me. Edward got in, started the car in one swift movement, and we were racing down the driveway. I could feel tears beginning to fill my eyes. I tried to be quick about wiping them away, but, of course, he noticed. We had just parked outside of Charlie's. Edward turned to look at me and turned my face towards him. He wiped the tears, that had excaped, away. "Go inside, Bella. You need to go to sleep.", he said dryly. "Will you stay with me tonight?", I asked, even though I felt like I already knew the answer. "Not tonight.", he said. I nodded, got out of his car, slammed the door, and ran inside. I heard him drive away. "Bella?", Charlie called. Who else would it be? I thought to myself. "Yeah, dad.", I called back. "How was the party?", he asked still not looking at me. "It was good. I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight.", I said, almost losing it right there. "Goodnight, Bells.", he said, still not looking at the tv. I was glad. I went up the stairs, remembering to drag my feet. I went straight to my room and fell on my bed. I felt cold hands touch me and I jumped up. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.", Edward said quietly. I began to cry again. He grabbed me and pulled me back on to the bed. "I'm sorry.", he whispered again. I took a few breaths to calm myself. "I...I thought you said that you weren't going to stay tonight.", I whispered. "I'm not. I just couldn't stand being away from you while you are hurting.", he explained. I sighed. "Listen, Edward. What happened with Jasper, a few minutes ago, was nothing.", I told him. It was silent for a moment while he gathered his thoughts. "You're right. It was nothing. But what I did was unforgivable. I'm sorry.", he said. After that was said, he was gone. I laid down again and cried into my pillow all night.

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Will do. I do hope that you enjoy the rest of it. I have another fanfic that I finished earlier today if you would like to read it. It's titled Charlie's New Life
keep me updated please. ♥
WOw.. so intense.. love it... update me kay!
very good, keep me updated lol!
Sounds good!! Please write more!
I will have Chapter 2 posted today. thanks for reading
this is great keep me updated
wow great job Summer! i'm happy you started a new story. i love reading your work. can't wait for the next chapter!
Thanks so much. I'm writing the second chapter as we speak
Chapter 2 - Leaving

I didn't really get any sleep last night, from all the crying, but I didn't remember ever falling asleep. I woke up because of the sun shining through the window. I looked at my clock. It was still to early to get to school, but I jumped up, out of bed, anyways. I decided that I would wear a tight pair of jeans and a baby blue tee. I got dressed and ran to the bathroom. I brushed my hair and my teeth. I went back to my room and looked out of the window. Charlie had already left for work. There were a couple of dark grey clouds in the sky and I sighed. By lunch, the sun would be hiding, again, and the sky would be crying, like I had. I turned from the window and went to the kitchen. I put two brown cinnimon pop tarts in the toaster. When they popped up, I jumped. I was lost in thought about what had happened last night and the conversation that Edward and I had. Or better yet, barely had. I ate my breakfast in a hurry, downed a glass of milk, and ran to my truck. I started the truck and it roared to life. It was loud which kept me from thinking. I remembered the cd that Edward had made me, for my birthday, in my bag. I popped it into my new stereo/cd player, that Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie had given me last night. The first song that began to play was the song that Edward had written for me. He kept calling it, Bella's Lullabye. I cried again. I calmed myself as much as I could and then began driving to school. Tears were still falling down my cheeks, when I parked at the school. I knew that, because it was sunny, Edward and his family would not be here today. I still looked around the parking lot for them, before I got out of my truck. I turned the key back to turn off the engine. I grabbed my bag and got out of the truck. I began walking to class. I heard someone say "Hey Bella." I knew the voice. I turned to find Angela walking behind me. "Hey Angela.", I said back. I wiped my eyes, again, before going into my English class. I was suprised when I walked in. I was the first one to class, which was the first. I took my seat and waited, impatiently, for everyone else to show up. Five minutes before class, everyone began filing in. My morning classes went by, like snails, slow. I really wasn't looking forward to lunch, biology, or even gym. I knew that, the person who had stolen my fragile heart, wouldn't be there. At lunch, I sat by myself. Biology and gym went by fast. I managed to not injure myself, or anyone else, during gym. The bell rang and I ran, carefully, to my truck. I hopped in, because of all the rain. I went straight home. When I parked the truck, I realized that there wasn't any music playing. I tried to eject the cd. Nothing. I sighed and looked up. Edward was standing in the yard, by the forest. I smiled, jumped out of the truck, and ran towards him. I stopped about five feet away from him. He didn't look happy. "Take a walk with me Bella.", he said. I nodded and followed him into the forest. I could still see the house when he stopped and turned around. So I knew we weren't far. I stopped, again, about three feet away. "We have to leave.", he said. I thought about this for a minute. "Okay. Let me pack my stuff. What do I tell Charlie?", I asked. He sighed. "Not us, Bella. My family and I. We are moving. Carlisle is pushing his age at the hospital. I don't want you to come with us.", he said bluntly. Tears began to fill my eyes again. They weren't just tears of sadness, but tears of rage. How could he tell me that he loved me and then tell me that he doesn't want me? I wondered to myself. "You...don'", I asked, trying to understand what he was trying to tell me. "No.", he said. I looked down at the ground and then back at him. "If you don't want to love me, then I'll find somebody else who will. I'll find another kind of thrill and find another way to fill this loneliness.", I told him. He stared at me. "Just promise me one thing?", he asked. I nodded. "Don't do anything dangerous or stupid. For Charlie's sake. And I will promise you something in return. I will not come back into your life. It will be as if I never existed.", he plainly stated. I nodded and walked away, leaving him standing there, staring at me. I stormed to the house and went straight to my room. All of my presents were gone and, when I looked at my camera, the pictures from last night, had been erased. I sighed and tossed the camera across the room. I, then, went to my truck. I climbed in with a flat head screwdriver and began to, violently, rip the stereo out. When I had gotten the stereo out, my fingers were bleeding, and the stereo was mangled. Serves them right. They shouldn't have installed the damn thing in my truck in the first place. I thought while feeling very satisfied. I took the stereo inside and threw it into my closet. I went downstairs and began to cook supper. I knew Charlie would be home soon. I made chicken enchaladas. They smelt great. I heard Charlie's cruiser pull into the driveway, so I set the table. He walked into the house. "Bells?", he called. I sighed. "In the kitchen.", I answered. Charlie walked into the room and sat down. I put some of the enchaladas on our plates and poured us both a glass of sweet tea. Charlie dug in and, after a few bites, cleared his throat. "Did you hear that Dr. Cullen and his family moved?", he asked while studying my face. I glared at him. "Yes. Edward came over and said good-bye.", I told him. After that, we ate in silence. Charlie put his dishes in the sink and then went to the living room. I washed everything and then went upstairs to do my homework. I promised myself that I would not think, nor cry, over Edward Cullen again. And tonight I had managed to keep that promise.
keep writing! I really enjoying this!
I will. I'm glad that you enjoy this story. I'm having fun writing it. There is a song titled 'If You Don't Want To Love Me'. It's sung by Cowboy Troy. It's a good song and it gave me the idea to write this story


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