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My life was perfect. Until the Cullens moved in. Everything was wonderful in Forks washington. I lived in the biggest house,had the coolest clothes the nicest car lets face it i was popular. I live with my twin brother, Emmett and my dad Charlie. Forks used to be sunny but when the cullens came everything went dark. No more pep rallys. No more football games, no more cheer squads and most importantly no more Jacob. It rained all the time. but when the slightest hint of sun came the cullens didnt come to school.

OK people i will post more in comments when i get 5 comments please please read the story i co write with ☮Arica♥Bieber☺Black♫Shan:). if you want super quick updates add both of us we both will update btw my name is ☮Carly♥Bieber☺Black♫Shan:)


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more please
Hey everyone thanks for reading our story!!! i will post more of chap 1 in the next comment!!!

chap 1:

Pov: Bella

The 3 last months of school was supposed to be great. The jounior prom, dating, surfing on la push first beach but all of it is gone. no more sunshine no more friends no more Jake. The cullens took over everything they dont talk eat or come on the days with the slightest hint of sun. At lunch jake said he would sit by me jessica and mike and angela and ben.

"Hey bells" Jacob said
"Hey jake. So you here about those new kids that are coming?" I asked
"Yeah I did they are like all adopted to mr. and mrs cullen theres like 3 cullens and then 2 hale twins. Weird huh?"
"Yeah. Hey guys i think that since its sunny we should go surfing down on first beach in la push!"
"Dude great idea!" Ben said

i went to math class and there was the most beautiful girl there sitting next to my seat. she looked at least my age so i went over and asked her name.

"My name is Rosalie Hale. My twin brother is Jasper hale. i am new here. Who are you?"
"Im Bella swan My twin brother is Emment Swan. You should like it here its always sunny!" just then she pointed outside and the sun was gone. everyone was getting wet. it was...RAINING?? Mr Vaun came in and we learined math for another day. Things were gloomy all day i saw emmett flirting with rosalie and rosalies sister alice and jasper and edward in the parking lot by a silver volvo. today just wasnt my day. i got into my jet black BMW and rode home.
"What Bella?"
"ITs not sunny anymore! When did the news say it was ever gonna rain in forks?"
"I dont know bells but whoever or whatever did it at least the rain is cold."
"Dad!!" ugghh my dad loves cold things. i hate it. I like hot things like sun and....OH MY GOSH jacob! i was supposed to meet him
at the movies with mike jessica angela and ben!!! crap i better go!

thanks everyone for reading the story!!

this is the last sentence srry i had to write it on here it wouldnt let me write it on the one above
i like it and i will write later
ok um arica u write chap 2 ok? we will take turns writing chapters and make chap 2 longer than chap 1 please thanks ari

HEY EVERYONE! this is the girl i co write with!!!


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