The Twilight Saga

Chapter Four:

Lauren's POV


Why are this boy's eyes so familiar? I asked myself as he walked closer. Is he going to talk to me? What should I say if he does? My heart picked up speed as he approached, then he walked right by me. He was starting to tease me.

"Whew, he's hot. No! Not hot. He's McSteamy." Katy fanned her face with her right hand.

"Who is he?" I whispered.

He turned around and I was immediately lost in his pale blue eyes. "It's Collin!" He called. Then he turned and continued walking to where ever he was headed.

"Dude! He heard you!" Katy whispered feverently.

"I know," I whispered.

"Who was that guy?" Kevin, my twin brother, asked me.

"Collin," I whispered his name. Even though I whispered his name, you could still hear the longing in my voice. I barely even know the guy for crying out loud! What the HELL!? "I'll be right back," I whispered. Then I headed to where Collin had disappeared to. I didn't know why I was going or what I was going to say. But I kept going, despite the complaints of my friends.

As I passed what appeared to be a grocery store, I saw him. He seemed very confused with a mixture of embarassment. Then I realized that he was in the isle that only girls go into and no man will ever dare to. He turned from the shelves in front of him to the ones behind him. I think I'll help him. That'll give me a good excuse to introduce myself and talk to him.

I walked in and the little bell over the door chimed. I walked straight to him. How was I going to start this?

As he looked down at me, he visably relaxed and smiled.

"Need help?" I asked.

"Um, yeah. I've never done this before."

"Yeah the first gift is always the hardest," I laughed nervously.

He chuckled.

I grabbed a box of Always and handed it to him.

"I'm Lauren, by the way."

"Collin, but you already knew that."

"Yeah, I did actually."

"You here for a science project or somethin'?"

I chuckled. "No, I, um, I'm here with that group," I shoved my thumb to the front windows where I could tell that my friends were staring at us.

"Ah. They don't really leave you alone, do they?"

"Well, I am pretty hard to get over," I laughed, "But, no. I'm actually their ride back to Forks."


Then the bell above the door chimmed, and Collin stiffened.

"Hey- what is that God awful smell?" It was Johnathan.

"Did Eddy fart again?" I asked.

"No. Well, something is wrong with Eddy. He's sick. I guess he got his nasty little paws on something that had gone bad. Says he's gonna throw up."

"Oh, well we need to get him back to the Inn, then. I'll, um, see ya 'round, Collin." I weakly waved to him. I saw that his nose was crinkled up, like he smelled something bad. He was staring hostily at Johnathan and his lips were pulled over his teeth. He looked really mean. I didn't like that look on him. "You OK?" I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Yeah," he said stiffly.

"All right, then."

I turned to leave. I looked behind me once I reached the door. Collin said something to Johnathan and it didn't look too friendly, whatever he said. I ignored it and went out side.




Collin's POV


"Stay away from her, you filthy leech," I said in a low, menacing voice.

"Dude, what's your problem, and that smell?" He crinckled his nose.

Then I remembered the letter:

He was changed. He doesn't know it, but he kills people in is sleep.

He doesn't know. I watched as he followed behind Lauren. That's when i realized, I imprinted on her! The rest of my shopping went by in a wonderful bliss.




Sorry it's short. i started earlier and forgot about it. I'm tired and it's now 2:29 am. I'll write more l8r! COMMENT PLZ!! 


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i really like it
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WAFFLES!!!!!! good storeh :D


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