The Twilight Saga

Chapter Five
Lauren's POV

I was about to reach my group of friends when I heard my name called.
"Lauren?" I can't believe that his voice is already so familiar.
I turned around. "Yeah?" I wasn't expecting him to be right behind me. How can he walk so silently? 
"Um, my friends are having a party later tonight. I was wondering, would you and your friends want to come?"
"Here on La Push?"
I turned to my friends.
"Are your friends as hot as you?" Katy asked.
He laughed nervously. "I guess? I don't know. Um, but most of them are already taken."
"Oh. Well, I'm game."
"Of course you are. Guys?"
They all nodded their agreements.
I turned back to Collin. "Yeah, we're game."
"Cool," he breathed.
"Where is it?"
"Up on the cliff... over there." He pointed to a huge cliff that hung over the water. "Be there at around nine-ish."
"Cool," he sighed.
"YO, COLLIN!" Someone bellowed.
He turned to look at who had called his name. It was a boy that looked similar to Collin. Short, cropped, black hair, tall, very muscular and was looking over at me weirdly. Collin must've noticed, too. He stood straighter.
Who is this boy? And what is up with most of the boys I've seen being freakishly bigger then the rest?


Brady's POV

"YO, COLLIN!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. Jacob sent me to find him. I didn't get why it had to be me. When i asked, this is the answer I got: " 'Cause some of us are busy." Then he looked down at Renesmee and smiled.I almost threw up.
As I looked at him, I noticed a smaller girl standing in front of him. She had light brown hair that was extremely short and she had bangs that swung to the right. Her hazel eyes were breath-taking. I stared. I couldn't help it. I had to stare. I had a feeling that if I blinked, she would disappear. That's how beautiful she was. Almost fairy tale beautiful.
"What?!" Collin called, a little angry sounding. He snapped me out of my staring.
"Um." I jogged over to them. "Jacob wants to talk to you." I looked at the girl again.
"Oh? Why?"
"I think it was about that... thing?"
"That thing?" Why was he confused?
I gave him an annoyed look. What other thing could I possibly be talking about?
"Oh! That thing."
He looked at the girl, with a glint in his eye. I wanted to tear him apart. "Um, so I'll see you tonight, right?" I was angrier then before. He had a date with her already?! A date with my imprint?
"Um, yeah."
I guess she could feel the tension between me and Collin as much i could. She turned to what I guessed were her friends and walked away. Collin and I walked toward the woods, as calmly as we could. I could already tell that something was going to go down between both of us. I just didn't know what.
We were in the cover of the trees and far enough away from people that they wouldn't hear us, when Collin blew up.
"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?" He screamed right in my face. We were both shaking and I knew I was going to shift.
Collin barked a few cuss words at me and I at him. Then we both exploded. He came at me, snapping. I met him half way and sunk my teeth into his flank. I bit and he bit me back. I could feel the pain and the blood as he bit and scratched me. But before I could register the real pain, it was already healing itself.
WHAT THE HELL!? It was Jacob.
What are y'all doin'? Embry was there too. So was Leah and Seth.
I'm gonna tear you limb for limb. Collin growled. 
Same to you. I said.
We're coming there. Jacob said. He knew we were to lost in furry to be talked out of killing each other.
We're not killing each other. I'm gonna kill you, then I'm gonna go see Lauren.
The way he said her name made me very angry. My anger was renewed. With a snarl, I lunged and my teeth sunk into his flank and I threw him to a tree. Then I heard a small gasp and looked to see Lauren. I was distracted, so I didn't see Collin get up and lunge for me.


Lauren's POV

We walked up a small hill when we heard it. A snarling and growling. It was frightening. It was bouncing off all the trees, so we couldn't tell where it was coming from. We kept walking, closer together and trekked on.
To our right was an opening, and in that opening were two huge wolfs. I recognized the grey and black one, but the silver one was new. They were fighting. It looked as though the grey and black one was winning, when the silver one did something amazing. He bit the other and threw him to the trees.
That's when I gasped. I didn't want the grey one to get hurt. I felt a strange pull to him. I wanted to stroke his fur and curl up in his side. I hated seeing him hurt. The silver one heard me and stopped in his tracks. The grey and black one lunged and tackled the other one to the ground.
From behind us came a loud thumping noise. My friends screamed as four other insanely huge wolves came out to the clearing. I was the only one who didn't scream. I watched, horrified as the two kept fighting.
The other four tried to break them apart to no avail. Finally, they had them broken up. They looked really pissed, though. They glared as best a dog could. I was the only one who had stayed. My friends had all ran. I was rooted in place.
All six of them looked at me at the same time. It was really creepy. It scared my, having six huge, stalky wolves stare at you wasn't a very comfortable thing.
I screamed and the world faded to black. 

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wow that was really good
You have another fan!!!!! *laughs*
Love your story so far, please post more soon!!
I think she imprinted with Collin not Brady I think Brady is just in love with her cause she felt a pull to Collin not Brady.


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