The Twilight Saga

Chapter Six

Collin's POV

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?" Jacob yelled at us. We were now back at my house and Lauren was inside, sleeping. "YOU COULD HAVE EXPOSED US!"

"Jake," I said in a calm voice, "surely you can understand our side of this whole thing?"

"Collin," he took a deep breathe, "I'm sure you can understand that both of you put the whole pack in danger because of this silly argument? I know you guys are young, but seriously?!"

"It's not silly," Brady spoke up, "He's thinking of my imprint as if they were already going out."

"Your imprint? To hell with that! She's mine." I got real close in his face and he got close in mine.

"Oh? She's yours? Maybe I should back down now. NOT! Are you crazy?! I'm not goin' anywhere."

"I didn't ask you to. I like a little competition."

"Good, 'cause you're gonna lose."

"Will you two just STOP IT!" Jake was getting mad, so his voice was coated with authority. He was in Alpha mode.

Brady and I couldn't do anything but oblige. He took a step back and so did I.

"So, what story are we going to tell her and her friends when they try to find her?" Jake thought out loud as he began to pace.

"JAKE!?" Leah called.

"Not now, Leah!" He called back.

He continued to pace as he thought of a solution.


"I said not now, Leah!"

"Are you trying to come up with something to say to this girl?" Leah asked as she came around the corner.

"Yeah, why?"

"You might want to hurry. She's awake."

Brady and I looked at each other, then we shoved past both Jacob and Leah to get to her. We both walked through the door at the same time, which was pretty hard considering our size.

As we walked in, we saw her sitting up on the couch. Or, trying, that is.  She tried to sit up and held her head and fell back on the couch when the spinning became too much to handle. My heart wrenched when I knew she was in pain. I wanted to hold her and tell her that everything is going to be OK, because I loved her and I wouldn't let anything hurt her. Not even my pack brother.

I looked at Brady to see he was going to make a move toward her. I thought quickly and moved to the couch.

"Hey," I said as I sat on the edge of the couch. "How you feelin'?"

"My head's spinning. Where am I?"

"My place."

Her eyes grew wide and I saw what she was thinking. It made me laugh out loud.

"Not like that." I choked out between laughs. "My friends are here, we aren't alone. Trust me, Brady here would have torn me apart if I had tried anything." I shoved my thumb to where Brady was standing in the doorway.

"Oh," she sighed.

When she sighed, she blew her scent to me. It smelled fantastic. Like strawberrys and chocolate. I took a big wiff and closed my eyes.

"What are you doin'?" She asked.

My eyes flew open. "What?"

"Were you smellin'-"

"Do you need water?" She was cut off by Jacob.

"Uh, no. I just want to go back to the Inn. My friends are probably worried by now." At that exact moment, her cell phone vibrated. She dug it out of her back pocket and looked at who was calling. She sighed and put the phone to her ear as she sat up without difficulty. "Yes, Kevin?"

On the other end there was a lot of yelling. I couldn't decifer the words, it just came out as a light buzz.

"Yes, Kev- no, Kev- WOULD YOU LET ME TALK?" She yelled into the phone.

We were all surprised by her sudden hostility. It made us all jump. The buzz quieted down some and I could pick out a couple words, like: your, and medicine.

Then, she was franticly searching her pockets. She didn't find what she was looking for and her hands came up empty.

"No." She was frightened. It was obvious in her voice and on her face.

On the other end, the buzz started. But this time, it was concerned.

Her face suddenly became slack, the phone dropped to the floor, and she slumped toward the floor. I caught her before she could fall face first. Then, she did something weird. She started acting like she was trying to wiggle out of my grasp. So I let her down gently, on her back. Her eyes were closed and she countinued to thrash about.

"What the...?" I couldn't even finish my thought. I picked up the phone and brought it to my ear.

"LAUREN?! LAUREN?!" Kevin, her brother, kept yelling.

"Hello?" I said.

"Where's Lauren?"

"She's acting... kinda weird."

"Is she, like, I don't know, moving alot?"


"Oh, no. She was doing so well. Hold her arms and legs and tell me where she is and I'll be right there." 

"Ok?" I held her arms and motioned for Brady to hold her legs. I gave Kevin directions and then he hung up.

Ten minutes later, a car pulls into my drive. He opened the door without knocking and came right to her.

"That was kind of rude," Leah mumbled.

"Have you ever delt with seizures? Don't complain." Go dude! It's about time someone stuck it to her.

He lifted her head and put it in his lap.

"C'mon, L. I know it hurts, but you have to stop. I have to give you your medicine. I can't do that when you are moving," he cooed. "C'mon, sis. Do this for me, please." He was whispering now. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. I NEED WATER!" he shouted.

Jacob disappeared behind the corner and came back with a glass of water.

Kevin tried to open her mouth, but she was clenching it tight.

"C'mon, I have to do this. So, let me." He finally got her mouth open. "Hold her arms tight. I've found that if we lift her up, she shakes more."

"Good thing we aren't."

"We have to, so she can take her medicine. Just do it." He pushed her up by the head and I held tightly. She did shake more. He stuck two pills in her mouth and poured some water in it. Before it could dribble down her chin, he tilted her head back and made her swallow. Her moving slowed. "Good girl." he patted her back. "Mom would be proud." He layed her down on the floor again.

I just stared. "What was that?" I asked slowly.

"Sorry I just barged in like that, I had to take care of her. She has seizures. Sometimes she doesn't remember what happened, but sometimes she does, so just a fair warning. She freaks out." He looked at Leah. "Sorry, I'm just really scared for my sister." Leah just stared with a glint in her eye.

"Wh-" It was Lauren.

"Hey, sis," He said spinning around to look down at her.

"Why are y'all holding my arms and legs?"

We quickly let go.

"Oh, no," she groaned. "It happened again?"

"Yeah," Kevin said. "Why didn't you take your medicine with you?" He held up the little orange bottle.

"I thought I didn't need it. I mean, I hadn't had a seizure in a while. I thought I didn't need it."

"It was because of these that you haven't had one. You need to keep it with you."

She sighed. "I just want to go lie down."

"I'll take you to the Inn." He motioned for her to follow him.

She sighed again. "I just want to go lie down."

"You already said that. I'll drive you to the Inn."

She groaned again. "I hate this. I didn't know I said that already."

"It's OK. The doctor said it was common."

"I know," she sighed.  

"C'mon." He motioned for her to follow him.

She stood up. "I'll be there in a minute."

"OK." Then he walked out the door.

She turned to all of us. "You know something about those wolves. I know you do." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. She walked out the door to follow her brother.

"SHE KNOWS!" Jacob yelled once they left.

"What was all that about?" I thought out loud.

"I can't wait to see Kevin tonight," Leah sighed.

We all looked at her like she was crazy.

"What?" She snapped.

"We need to figure this out." Jacob thought aloud.

"I'll help," Brady offered.

"No!" Jacob snapped. "You've done enough already."

Everyone, but Brady and I, left to have a discussion about this "problem". Is this the begging to our shunning? I hoped not.




Lauren's POV


"Are you sure you're OK?" Kevin asked for the millionth time.

"I said I was fine the first nine hundred ninty-nine thousand nine hundred ninty-nine times you asked. I'm gonna be fine now." I snapped.

"Sorry. I'm just worried about you."

"I know," I sighed. "You're just trying to be an over protective younger brother."

"HEY! I'm only three minutes younger!" He defended himself.

"Yes, but you could have been older if you hadn't kicked me out." I shook a finger at him.

"You're still not gonna let that go, are you? I was a fetus! I didn't want to leave. Get over it."

I laughed.

As we turned the corner, I saw that ALL my friends were in the driveway, waiting for us.

I groaned.

"Sorry, but they heard my conversation, and they were wondering what was going on. While I was trying to find your medicine, they wouldn't leave me alone. So I told them." He gave me a childish grin.

"One of these days, I'm gonna get you back."


When they saw that we were coming, they stood and came running. My brother had to slam on the brakes so he wouldn't hit one of them. Once we stopped, they came to my door and it flew open. With my objections, they undid my seatbelt and dragged me out of the van. Once my feet hit the ground, I was hugged to the point that I couldn't breathe.

"Um... guys... can't... breathe," I gasped out.

"Oh, sorry." That's when I realized that everyone had tears.

"I wasn't dying guys."

"It's just that you hadn't had one in a while," Katy's tears caught her voice.

"And we immediatly assumed the worst," Johnathan finished for her. He was the furthest one from me.

Looking at him brought tears to my own eyes. I walked over to him with tears in my eyes and my arms streched, waiting to hug him. I reached him and gave him a huge hug. It took him a minute, but he hugged me back.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"It wasn't your fault. You can't control them."

Then, from the woods, came a huge and pain filled howl. Everyone, including me, gasped.

"I guess that's our cue to go inside," Kevin said. I thought of the Quileute boys. What did they know of these wolves? It was mind boggoling to me.

We went inside. Once we were inside, it started to rain, again.

"I wonder if this puts a damper on the party?" Katy asked with a smile.

"Probably not. You should have seen those guys! They were HUGE! They seemed like the type to not care about rain. And there was this girl, she was smokin' hot." Kevin was such a guy.

"Dude, clue us in and we just might go," Eddy patted Kevin's back. They walked into the other room, leaving me and all the girls together.

"So, what about the guys?" Katy raised her eyebrow at me.

"I guess they're OK." I thought about him and smiled.

"OOOOOOOOOKKKKK. Lauren's got the love bug. Lauren's got the love bug," Katy began to sing and the other girls joined her and they pranced around the room.

"I do not," I threw a pillow at them. They laughed.

"But, seriously," Katy sat down again, "what about the guys?"

I gave and leaned in. "OK, so..."



Brady's POV


"Dude, is there any left for the rest of us?" I teased Paul. He just stuffed six hot dogs down his throat, barely breathing in between each.

"Oh, there's loads more," he said around the hot dog in his mouth.

"Cookies!" Emily sang as she came up from her kitchen down below the cliff. Noah and Daniel came running by her, almost knocking her and the cookies over. "Boys! You have to listen to your mother and slow down!" She called after them as the ran down to the edge. "Be careful!"

"Honey, they're just kids. Let them have some fun." Sam murmured in her ear as he came behind her and wrapped his arms around her very pregnant body and kissed her neck.

"Sam, you know that tickles," she giggled.

"Where? Here?" He kissed her neck again and she giggled.

I turned my head. Seeing them happy together reminded me of the problem that both Collin and I have with Lauren. How could he do this to me? She was mine first! Maybe she wasn't, but I had as much right as he did, if not, more.

From behind me, came a twig snap and some gigles. I turned to see Lauren's group. I stood to see her. I couldn't, though. Some of the guys in the group pointed over to Leah. Oh, she's not gonna like this!

The guys made their way to where most of the girls were, and that left the girls. Then I spotted her. She was wearing a very pretty dress that was black with white polka dots and a red waist band with a red flower on it. It was a strapless. I was suddenly very thankful to whoever came up with the strapless. It did have it's perks, and she was no exception.

Then, all in one moment, my night was ruined. Collin came up and she smiled at him! She smiled at him! I cannot beleive this! It wasn't a fake smile that said "I don't really want to talk to you" ,either. It was a genuine smile.

I got mad and knew that if I didn't control myself, I was going to change. I couldn't control myself. I turned and ran to the woods to shift.

"Hey, Brady," Jacob laughed as I passed him. I ignored him and kept running, on all foours now, to my house.

As I was running, I howled. A howl of pain. 

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Sorry guys! I don't know what happened to the color of the letters. You might have to highlight to see! SORRY!
i love it!!
That just proves that Collin imprinted with Luren not Brady cause she doesn't even like Brady.


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