The Twilight Saga

Chapter Eight

Lauren's POV


"All right you love birds, make out time in the forest is over with," a voice said. I could tell it was one of the Rez boys because of his rough and deep voice.

We looked at each other and blushed. Collin removed his arm from my shoulders, even though I didn't want him to. We laughed silently as we heard a couple of the other people laugh at the boy's comment.

I started to walk out of the forest, when Collin stopped and let out a soft groan. I turned to see him holding his left arm up, as if it were in pain. Then he suddenly grabbed his right leg, his abdomen, then his neck. I watched in horror as I realized what was happening. They said they wouldn't hurt any of them. Why were they doing this?

Finally, the pain he was suffering from became too much. He fell to his knees and screamed a blood curdling scream, it hurt my heart to see him in so much pain. Then he fell and his breathing became staggered.

Then I heard a woosh and a zoom. There they were, all standing in a row, right behind my love. Yes, I said it. He's my true love, he's Mr. Right. I blocked these thoughts for the time being, knowing the one with the grey hair could read minds.

Why would you do this? I thought. You promised you wouldn't hurt them!

"Ahh, but Gri Bir, we told you not to become emotionally attached. So, you are at fault," Aagha answered my thoughts.

"But you have. We told them not to get close, either," Henry said.

The tears began to fall. They would take me away now, and do God knows what to me. Maybe they'd kill me. It would be better then living without Collin.

"I hate you," I whispered.

"So does everyone," said Cory.

Then Greg ran up to me at lightning speed, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and they all began to run at their fast pase. I did not scream, knowing the wolves would come look for me. I didn't want them to get hurt, too.

"You did get to attached, Gri Bir," Aagha said.

They all laughed then every thing went black. As I was unconscious, I dreamt of Collin and how it would feel to be in his arms...




Collin's POV


The pain sub sided some, but didn't end. I could hear things, but the pain was almost unbearable. But thinking of Lauren made me feel better. She had to be some where by me... I wish I could move my arms to touch her. To hold her close would make everything seem better. As I tought of her, the hushed conversations broke through and suddenly became very loud. With what they said, it was painfully loud.

"Where is she?" Kevin sounded very angry.

"We don't know. You shouldn't talk too loud, you might worry Collin." A little too late for that.

"You think that I'll worry him? I'll worry him? Are you kidding me? I'm her brother! He's just some summer romance that Lauren's having," Kevin sounded very angry. Lauren's missing? 

Just some summer romance? He thinks of me that way? Just some summer romance. I sighed mentally.

"Would you stop actin' like he's just some sort of pawn in your game? He has feelings, too you know. Feelings for your sister. All that's important is finding her to please both of you," Jacob sounded just as angry. Go Jacob!

"Jake? I think we found..." I couldn't hear any more, I didn't want to. They could have found her body, or a peice of torn clothing, whatever. I didn't want to know.

Instead, I thought about my favorite memory we had together.




I threw another rock.

"Psst," I whispered, so as to not wake up her friends.

I heard her groan and get up off of her creaky Inn bed. She threw the curtain back on her window. When she saw me, I watched her face instantly light up. She quickly opened the window and slowed down when it creaked.

"What?" She asked in a mock harsh tone.

I cleared my throat, stood up straighter and pretended to fix a fake tie.

"Would thou fair maiden like to have a moonlit picnic with a fool like me?"

She laughed. "Hmmm," she placed a finger on her chin as she thought.

"It would be a mighty jest!" I pretended to juggle.

She gigled silently. "OK, since you put it that way. I'll go."

She disappeared into her room and came back in jeans, a shirt, sneakers on her feet, and a light jacket in her hand. She tossed the jacket to me and then she climbed out of her window. She grunted as she hit the ground.

"Where to, my fine jester?" She asked playing along with my joke.

"Well, my lady, I was thinking we walk this direction to my fabulous truck and then we'll see from there." We started walking to the woods where I had a picnic set up in the back of my pick-up. We talked about random things as we walked. Why the sky was blue, why birds were so annoying, why... well, basically anything. We just talked. I found out that she was very smart. As we walked, she put her arm through mine and layed her head on my shoulder.

Sooner then I'd like to have, we reached my parked truck in the middle of the woods.

"Ahh, here we are, fair maiden. Now we shall have a feast big enough to feed the kings army!" I raised my right arm to show off my truck, as if I were a game show host.

She giggled. "How'd you get your truck here?"

"I can to very mistyrious things, my love." She looked at me funny. Oops, did I seriously just say that? CRAP!

"What did you call me?"

"Um, The dove?" I offered.

"Oh, OK," she seemed bummed.


"That's OK."

It was awkward for a few minutes. We just stood there.

"Well, sir, I think you promised me a picnic. Am I mistaken?" She said looking at the ground.

"No. You are absolutely correct." We walked to my truck and climed in the bed of it.

"Why the bed of the truck?" She asked as she smiled up at me.

"Well, the ground is always so squishy and wet, so I figured that we eat up here."


We ate and talked about each other. We took turns asking questions about one another. She asked one, then I did.

After we were done, we laid back and looked at the stars. She pointed out certain constellations while I just watched her. I picked a good spot. She seemed to be enjoying the stars.

"Collin?" She asked, suddenly serious. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything. Before you ask anything, I just want you to know that yes, Paul can be an idiot some times."

She laughed. "But, no, seriously. Can I ask you something seriouis?"

"Sure, I can be serious."

She bit her lip. "Actually, can I ask you two things?"


"OK, one: do you like me?"

I thought for a second, even though I didn't need to. I knew the answer immediatly: yes. I was just worried about her reaction.

"If I answer, you have to promise that you won't freak out."

"I promise."

"Yeah, I like you a lot."

She smiled. That made me smile.

She took a deep breath. "Then, two..." She paused and looked at me.

"Yeah?" I prompted.

"Will you kiss me?"

I was shocked. Will I kiss her? I wanted to. But should I?

"Do you want me to?"


I moved my body slowly towards hers and she leand toward me. Our lips met. Her's were soft and warm. They tasted like cherries. They were delicious and oh so tempting. My left hand came up and locked on the side of her face. Her hands came up and locked to my face. She dragged her body closer as our kiss intensified. She let out a soft moan and I followed suit. Her breath tickled my face.

*End of flashback*


Thinking of our first kiss made my arms yearn for a hug from her. I thought of her cherry lips, her soft hair, her hazel eyes, the way her body shook when she laughed... Just her. Then the sleepiness consumed me as the heat raged on in my body.

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Sorry guys, I forgot to add the Turkish words:

Aagha (name meaning)- Master, lord, chief, brother
Gri Bir- Grey One
i love it!!!
Ok I don't get it when did that happen? They just met that day. And they weren't even holding hands yet.
Sorry, I guess I didn't make it clear, did I? MY BAD!! =) They've known each other for a couple weeks at this point. SORRY! 0=)


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