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Sorry guys, the other one got deleted i think, so now i gotta like, continue on this....and i lost all my comments =((((((((((((((((((( so, heres the next chapter!!!!!!!! And for new readers, just start here, youll be able to catch on!

Bella's POV

We were driving to the hospital.

I’d never thought time could pass so slowly.

But it still passed, I know, Alice should be the main one worrying and all, but if we loose Jasper,
we loose a part of our lives.

I can't imagine how Alice feels, I mean, I just love him as a brother, she was going to marry him

I walked over to Alice and hugged her, she was still sobbing.

A doctor came out, walked over to us, and said something we all really wish he hadn't. "Ma'am,
Jasper Hale is leaving us; you should come in quickly to say your last words."

This hit us hard. The actual thought of one of us dying, just never seemed clear, then this
happens, and...

We walked to Jaspers room, and it seemed to take forever, I had to help Alice walk, she didn't
want to face this.

If it wasn't for that...Rosalie, we wouldn't have to face this.

I let everyone walk in before me, when I come in, Alice's holding jaspers hand, and jasper...he is
pale and sickly, looking like a corpse.

"Don't die, don't die" Alice kept muttering.

Edward was standing against the wall, not wanting to look at jasper, but he always took a quick
glance, which was then followed with a look of pain.

Emmett, his usual happy, joking self, was now replaced with sorrow; he was standing a few feet
from jaspers bed, biting his lip, and trying to keep himself from crying.

Jasper, he just lies on the bed, looking at Alice, the care in his eyes was immeasurable, even
though he was dying, and he was worried about her.

then I started to think about how, Edward was doing the whole, staying away from me thing,
because he was worried, but, I pushed that thought out of my mind.

"I love you" jasper muttered to Alice.

"I love you too" Alice whispered.

Jasper's heart rate started to lower.

Edward took in a quick breath.

Emmett's eyes got wide.

Jasper closed his eyes, and then the heart rate got slower and slower, till there was just one long

Alice looked down and was sobbing uncontrollably.

Jasper Hale was dead.

Tears were running down my face, this wasn't supposed to happen, this is not how life is
supposed to go.

Edward put his arms around me and I started crying into his shoulder.

Emmett couldn't keep it in; he put a giant hand over his face and let the tears run.

Alice leaned over and kissed jasper on his cold, dead lips.

The only sound in the room for several minutes was the heart monitors one long sound.

Then, I heard a beep.

We all looked at jasper.

The heart monitor, the beeping got faster, and faster, until Jasper had all his color back, and that
sickly look was gone.

Jaspers eyes fluttered open

Alice could not believe it, none of us could.

"Jasper Hale you've cheated death" I said.


Edward was in my room, he had just come in, said he wanted to talk to me.

"Bella, I know, I sound like a rollercoaster here, but, I really do love you."

"Yeah, you do sound like a rollercoaster" I said.

"Bella, please, hear me out, I need you" Edward said "I don't care if we're brother and sister, I need

I smiled.

Edward then leaned over and kissed me.

The door creaked open, and then I heard a shocked gasp.

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wow crazy chapter, wow. can't wait for more, sorry about the rest being deleted... so are we going to find out why Jacob Black tried to kill Jasper??? THANK SO MUCH FOR CONTINUING YOUR STORY, its got to be hard having it all deleted, sorry.. hope you find out what happened, and why it was deleted
thanks, and i will continue this story no matter what!
*screaming!* ahh! U have 2 keep going! Who's @ the door! & y tha hell did jacob shoot jasper? I'm sorry all the beginning got deleted, hope u find out what happened & that nothing else happens after this. PLZ keep me updated! This is getting really good!!
Im on the verge of crying when jasper heart had a last beep and then he came back to life like nothing happened...
Edward must follow her heart and bring back Bella to him. I doubt Bella will forgive him after all what he said to her.
very deep, my friend
Omg. almost cried there and can't wait to find out who's at the door.
plz update soon
keep update soon
i'll die waiting plzzzz
i wanna meet my edward nd die
keep me updated and why was the story deleted i cant wait for more :)
keep me updated and why was the story deleted i cant wait for more :)
[:i wonder who is @ the door and edward better stay with bella now lolz post more soon && sorry about ur chapters:]


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