The Twilight Saga

please read and tell me what you think :) oh and by the way, im team edward but i thought this might be intersting to write about. plus if i wrote about edward, there would be no story, just me going on about how gawguz and beautiful and stopping now


Chapter One: Hunting Trip
"Nessie! Just get over it. Who cares what he says?! You're not getting any older, or younger for that matter." Jacob smirked at his little joke.

Gosh, he was so annoying. Technically, yes I looked old enough to get married but I was only seven in truth! How could he spring this on me? And in the middle of our weekend hunting trip? He was spoiling our alone time!

"Jake, my dad would go mental! Do you not care about that at all? Plus, Charlie would know how old I am really wouldn't he?"
"Charlie and your dad would get over it." he muttered
"Jake, I love you," I told him earnestly, "and I want to marry you more than anything in the world." he smiled
"But..." he said quietly, the grin falling from his face.
"But, can't we just wait. I mean, like you said, I'm not getting any older or younger."
"Ness, it's like this baby," he sighed, "I heard your parents talking today. We're leaving Forks in a few months honey." I shook my head.
"No, no they would have told me. And anyway, you'd be coming with me right?" my voice had a hysteric vibe to it.
"Of course, of course love. You couldn’t keep me away…ever. It's just that, I thought you'd want Charlie to be around when we do get married. Plus, Carlisle and Esme have already left. Your Dad and Mum miss them."

I couldn’t believe it. He always found a way for me to feel guilty for him. He didn’t fight fair, ever.
"Ok," I said quietly but with confidence. I always had confidence in Jake, no matter what my vampire father Edward said.
He picked me up and twirled me around in the air.

"You know I love you right?" he quizzed me. His brooding eyes full of fake seriousness
"Shut up you, of course I do. Do you think I would be getting married at seven for anyone else?"
"Babe, you don’t look seven. And you are more mature then seven. You're smarter than me love."
"That's not hard, you never go to school."
"Wow, a low blow, we aren't happy tonight." he laughed.
"Of course I'm happy. I'm just,” I let out a sharp breath, “angry at you." he chuckled, throwing his head back with this action.

I refused to believe anyone could love anyone as much as I loved Jacob Black right then and there. He annoyed me so much, yet it somehow made me love him more. Stupid werewolf. ‘Shape shifter’ I mentally corrected myself.
"Loser." Imuttered under my breath.
His finger caught under my chin. "Yeah, but I'm a nice loser right?" he emphasised the word 'loser.'
He words were playful, but his eyes locked on mine, refusing me to even look an inch side ways.
I didn't reply with my words. My mouth locked onto his with a sudden fierceness, and I didn't think about angry parents or white dresses for the rest of the night.

"Well, he said getting up. We might want to think about heading home..." he looked at my expression and was suddenly backtracking.
"I mean, in a few hours. We have to break the news to your folks."
"And your Dad." I said simply.
"Already done. Where did you think I got the ring?" I looked down at the ring he had slipped on my finger sometime last night, as he spoke.
The band was thin and gold. The silver rock was simple and beautiful.
"I thought I could buy you something real special but then I thought that maybe you'd like my mother's instead. If you don’t like it, I'll buy something." he started to speak quickly.
"Jake, it's beautiful. I love it, now shut up and let's bag a few mountain lions before we go home, ok?"
"That's my girl.”
“Don’t you forget it, you crazed wolf.”

Chapter 2: World War Three
"What?" Edward bellowed. "You can not be serious, you're only seven years old Renesmee Carlie Cullen. No way, no way in hell am I letting this happen!"
This is going swimmingly, I thought to myself. I glared at Jacob, but he didn't see. He eyes were too busy accusing Edward. I told him this would happen.
"Love," my mother Bella cut in between my dad's screams, "she may be only seven, but she's not going to want anyone else. We of all people, and vampires," she added with a smile, "can understand that, surely."
"You were almost nineteen, this is not the same! We were not the same! Stupid dog! She's my little girl!"
"Hey," Jacob snarled, "she's not little anymore! She's not going to grow anymore and she's heaps mature!"
"I can't believe my daughter's going to marry someone who says 'heaps mature'." Edward muttered.
"Marry?" Jacob, Bella and I all chorused with confusion.
"I won't be able to stop this. Alice is listening and has seen." a smile broke out on Jacob's face. Mum grinned and Dad muttered, "Can't believe this is happening, stupid dog."

Jacob picked me up and kissed me with enthusiasm and Mum laughed. At that moment, Alice flittered down the stairs.
"I'll need to know the date, your preferred colour scheme, location-" I cut her off.
"Alice what?" was all I managed.
"I'm doing your wedding Ness, I've been planning this ever since you were born. Don’t you dare fight me on this, I'll win. Even if I see that I don’t win, I’ll pretend to predict that I will win, therefore changing my vision so that I will win.”
“What?” Jacob said
“I’ll win no matter what ok? Ask your mother if you don’t believe me."
"Just do what she says and no one will get hurt." Mum said with a sheepish smile.
I laughed, as did Jake.
"Oh, you think she's joking." was all Alice said.

“Well, that went better than I expected.” I said to Jacob.
We were on our way to his house. There was a bonfire tonight.
“Yeah, better than I thought it would go down.” I couldn’t believe my dad was actually being quite reasonable.
“So,” I asked casually, “who’s your best man going to be?”
“Seth, he’s in my pack and plus, he doesn’t mind the stink of leeches.” I smacked his arm.

But it was true. Seth was always so blasé’ when it came to the whole vampire and werewolf/shape shifter thing. He just was friends with everyone. Many people didn’t like it…his sister Leah in particular, but she was easing off. Reason one, because she was in Jacob’s pack. Reason two, because she had finally imprinted. It had just been a guy who had come to work at a small shop in La Push. She’d seen him and, well, love at first sight.

It had been a hell of a lot different for Jake and me. I was just a baby, but I can remember his face the first time he saw me with poiont clarity. The way his angry and repulsed expression moulded into a gleaming, toothy smile of ore. I never really thought that I deserved someone so thoughtful and selfless. But he wanted me, and there was no way in hell that I was ever going to let him go. No matter what the cost.

We slowly made our way across to the cliff head. As we came into view there were hoots and laughing of congratulations. Paul came up first. He grabbed our heads and knocked them together. Not realizing us straight away, he gave up a noggie.

All the pack and the imprints congratulated us. I muttered embarrassed thanks, but Jake was beside himself. He refused to release his arm from around my waist. This means a lot to him. I thought to myself. More than I thought it did. I could see it in his eyes. I didn’t believe it for a minute that Charlie was the only reason why he wanted to marry me. Of course it wasn’t. That was so Jacob. The campfire, as usual went from a gathering of friends, to a magic circle full of history and full of love. I had heard the same story many times, but I still could never get over the brilliant and true story that the brave, loyal and loving characters played.I was starting to nod off towards the end. It had been a long day.

I mentally noted that I liked feeling tired sometimes. Yeah, it was annoying most of the time, but I was glad that I could escape the world sometimes. I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes I was in Jacob’s room. I peered over the side of the bed and noticed that the blow-up mattress had been arranged for someone to sleep on it. I sighed. There was no way he was sleeping on the floor. I quietly got up and flopped myself on the mattress.

That’s when I heard Jacob talking quietly, yet harshly on the phone. It must be to my Dad.
“Get over it Edward, she’s asleep. She can spend one night here.”
He was quiet for a minute.
“I’m sleeping on the blow-up mattress-“
He was quiet again.
“Oh just put Bells on the phone please.”
“Hi, Bella, can you talk to your husband please. Just tell him that Ness is staying the night and for him to stop being so uptight.” He paused.
“Thanks, I will. Goodnight.” He placed the phone back in the cradle.
“Good father my a***.” He muttered to himself.(sorry but I want to keep it on fan fic)
“Hey.” I said groggily as he came into the room.
“Sorry, did I wake you honey?”
“He is a good father, just over-protective.” I said, not wanting to be sidetracked.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean it.” I knew he did but he was trying to avoid an argument and plus, he looked as tired as I felt.
“Never mind. Just go to sleep before you pass out. Hey!” he had picked me up and placed me on his bed before I could even move, and was lying on the blow-up mattress, pretending to snore.
“Rotten dog.” I heard a few chuckles in amongst his fake snores.
I rolled over and let unconsciousness consume me.

Chapter 3: Vampire
Jacob was still snoring loudly when I woke up in the morning. I glanced at his digital clock on his dresser. It read 6:03 am. It was a little early, well by Jake’s standards anyway. He hardly ever had a really good night’s sleep.

I silently got up and stepped around Jacob and walked out of his small bedroom and into the kitchen. I quickly pulled out a few rashes of bacon and the carton of eggs. I wouldn’t be eating any of the food anyway, but I would be cooking a lot for him in a few months time, regardless, and I was surprised to find that I didn’t mind in the slightest. I pulled the frying pan out of the cupboard below the sink, turned of the stove and began cooking.

Jacob’s hungry won over his drowsiness as he came stumbling out of his room and plonked himself onto a stool. He was so cute, even in a non-coherent state. I was glad that Alice had finally convinced him into letting her give him a hair cut, although, I missed his shaggy hair sometimes. Now it was sticking up in different directions.

He interrupted my awe-gazing.
“What’s for breakfast, bab-e?” he was such a dork.
I flicked his ear.
“Ouch, my lobes.” He smirked.
“Stop quoting Enceano Man.” I said causally. (if you haven’t seen it, you have to!! Stony is awesome!)
“Sorry, bud-dy.” I just laughed.

I turned my attention to the toaster and began loading it up with bread. Out of nowhere, his arms wrapped around my waist.
“I love you.” He whispered in my ear simply.
“I love you too.” I said, as I turned around. His arms moved to my back, pressing my against his chest. He carefully pulled my chin up with his index finger, so I was staring into his soft, brown eyes. It made my legs go all jello-ish.

His mouth crushed down on mine softly and he parted my lips.
‘Ehemm.” Billy cleared his throat.
Jacob stopped kissing me, but his eyes never left mine.
“Morning, Dad.” Jacob said.
I giggled. “Hey, Billy.”

I gracefully turned out of Jake’s hands and went to butter the toast. Jacob pulled three plates out, looking at me, his eyebrows raised. I shook my head at him. He grinned and put one back.

After I had dished out breakfast, I excused myself. I wasn’t in the mood for human food and even though I didn’t need one, I took the opportunity to take a shower. Vampires don’t usually have showers, but I wasn’t a full vampire and I liked the feeling of the on water on my skin.

After I was finished, there was a knock on the bathroom door.
“Yeah, it’s me. Um, did you want some of my clothes to wear? They’ll be heaps big, but they’ll be clean and fresh.
He was right, my clothes from last night had ash and gravel stains on them.

I creaked open the door slightly and a tan hand holding grey fabric popped through the door.
“Thanks.” I said.

After I was dressed and presentable, I got all my things together, and with a quick thank you to Billy, Jake took me home. It seemed funny riding in his car, after we had been running all yesterday, and the day before. I couldn’t believe that his rabbit was still is good shape, although it had gotten a little slower over the years. Usually this annoyed Jacob, but today, it didn’t seem to. I briefly wondered why, but I didn’t care enough to ask.

As we pulled up outside of my house, he looked at me. His expression was sad.
“Jake,” I said instantly, “what’s wrong? Are you ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine it’s just, well, we’ve picked up a new scent.”
I took me a while to understand. “A vampire?” I asked.
”Yeah, a lot of people have been going missing. That’s why your Dad didn’t want you staying at mine last night; people are getting taken from everywhere. He just wanted to make sure you were safe.”
“Ok, but Jake I still don’t understand.”
“Oh, well my pack and Sam’s are going to try and coordinate and work together to catch this thing. I won’t be around a lot until we catch it, that’s all.”
I realized why he looked unhappy. I hated when we had to spend so much time apart.

“When are you leaving?” I asked quietly.
“As soon as I get back home. But trust me, we’ll end this soon ok, you don’t have to worry about anything.”
I shook my head, he thought my Dad was a worry wart.
“Just be careful ok?” I pleaded. It sounded pathetic, even to me.
“Sure honey. Plus, I’ve got a wedding to attend soon.” He smiled and leaned over to kiss me.
I stepped out of the car and waved to him until I couldn’t see his car anymore.

I opened the door and said a quick ‘hi’ to my parents and the rest of my family that I could see. Alice was waiting for me in my room.
She had started talking before I walked through the door.
“I really hate doing this wedding blind. I don’t know how it will turn out.”
“Probably like any other normal wedding, Alice.” I smiled at her.
“Well I just hope nothing goes wrong. Now, do you want a big wedding?”
When I didn’t answer she asked. “Lots of guests and all that or a family wedding? It doesn’t matter, either way, I’ll still make you the most beautiful bride and you will have the most magnificent wedding in the history of weddings.”
“Um, I haven’t really talked to Jake about it yet. We’ll get the guest list together, when he gets, um, back.” I smiled half-heartedly.
“Gosh Nessie, you are exactly like your mother. Always worrying about stupid things. Everything turns out fine most of the time but you two are just so damn pessimistic.”

I let her cease her little rant. After she had finally finished, she began going through colour schemes for the wedding, pamphlets of cakes, even though that half the guest wouldn’t be eating any of it. Half-way through Mum and Rose joined in. I had fun. It took my mind of everything, for a while. But the worry was always tugging at me in the back on my mind. Tonight was one of the nights that I couldn’t wait to get to sleep.

Chapter 4: Impatient

It had been a whole week since I had seen the focus of my life. The person I would die for. Jacob Black. How long did it take to kill a troublesome vampire. A new addition to the pack, Cameron, was too young to hunt just yet. He was keeping everyone updated on the packs process. I think I was starting to annoy him. I had already called him 3 times in the past hour and 5 more before that.

I dialled his number, he answered on the third ring.
“Hey Cam, it’s me. Hows-“
“Everyone is fine, they haven’t caught the bloodsucker yet. You’ll be the first person I call when there’s any progress.” He cut me off.
I sighed. “He misses you too, a lot. It’s making everyone go mental.”
“Thanks Cam.”
“I’ll talk to you in another, oh ten minutes or so?”
I laughed. “Probably. Talk to you soon.”

Now it was back to worrying. I thought about biting my nails. Last time I did that Alice almost killed me, I thought to myself. Besides, you were growing then. They won’t grow back.
“Argh!” I jumped off my bed and started pacing.

This is endless! It thought to myself. I was saved by a knock on the door.
“Renesmee?” Mum called from behind the door, “Are you ok love? Can I come in?”
“Sure.” I muttered.
I heard the door creak open, and the whisper of her feet entering my bedroom.

“You got that from me.” She laughed.
“What from you?” I asked.
“Being so worried that you can’t even think straight for one,” she caught me in a hug, “but you should probably stop biting your lip before it falls off.”

Oh, I hadn’t realized that I was doing it. I took a deep breathe in to try and relax myself. I wasn’t successful. Mum laughed at that.
“He’ll be fine. He’s a big boy.”
“I know, but still…” I trailed off.
“But still.” Mum said.
“I don’t know why I’m acting so…crazy. He’s been away doing this kind of thing before and I didn’t worry like this.”
“Mmm, well, he’ll be fine. You can trust me on that.” She smiled.
“But it’s been a week.” I moaned.
“I know, I know.”
“Cameron said that he been home a few times to sleep, check on me and eat but that’s all.” I flopped back onto the bed. “Why couldn’t he have woken me up?”
He’s so annoying, I thought to myself. Who cares if I miss a couple of hours of sleep, I certainly don’t.

“I’ll tell him to next time he comes ok? It won’t be long now, just stay positive. Your Dad and I were about to go hunting, but if you’d rather I stayed…”
“No, no of course not. You guys go, have fun.” I put on my best fake smile and she saw right through it.
“He’s fine. I’ll see you in a few hours ok?”
“Ok, bye Mum. Love you.”
“Love you too.”

I must have gone to sleep for a while because when I woke up, the sun was starting to retreat behind the mountains, and I was hungry. I didn’t like eating human food much but I definitely not in the mood to go hunting. Although I didn’t like human food, I wanted it. It was a pathetic reason, but it made me feel closer to Jake. I didn’t even understand it

I pulled some bread out of the pantry and chucked it in the toaster. A few minutes later it was done. I grabbed a plate and the butter from the fridge and began nibbling on the toast. Eww, I thought to myself. It didn’t matter, after a few mouthfuls I was full. I put mu plate and butter knife in the dishwasher and went to have a shower.

There was nothing to do! I screamed at myself. I could always find Alice, but I didn’t feel like talking about colour schemes. However, I did pull a sheet of paper and a pen out and started jotting down names.


I didn’t know where to start with Jake. I didn’t know if he wanted to invite the whole pack or have it as a family thing. I felt bad. I probably should have added the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish, Olympic and Romanian Coven. Not to mention some of the nomads. They all helped me out when I was just a baby, but I would only add them to the list if Jacob wanted a big wedding. Maybe not even then. They weren’t all vegetarians and I’d hate to think I was putting people in La Push and Forks in trouble for the sake of my wedding. I shuddered at the thought.

I always seemed to be able to ignore the scent of human blood. At first it only a little bit hard to control myself when I was a baby. But I coped. It wasn’t difficult at all. But now, I never feel the need to attack someone. It made me sick just thinking about it.

It was later than I thought. The sun wasn’t out at all anymore. I made my way up stairs and into my bedroom. I was tired but I didn’t feel like going to sleep. Instead, I looked up a few wedding songs on the internet, not finding any that I liked anyway. This is probably pointless anyway, I told myself, Alice has probably picked it out and bought the CD. She was great at being creative. I was glad she was there to do all of the flowers and stuff.

I got up and went to my bed. I would wait up for him tonight. Mum had already told me that he had been over to check on my every night so far. I pulled a familiar book from my beside table, and began reading.

Chapter 5: Finally
I was beginning to doze off towards three o’clock in the morning. Where is this boy? I thought to myself. My parents have been home for what felt like ages but there was no sign of Jacob. I sighed. Was this boy going to show up?

Right on que, I heard the door front swing open, a husky voice talking to my mother, the sound loud, thudding footsteps on the stairs and an earthy, musky smell. The door creaked open a little and Jacob’s face popped into view. He smiled.

“Your Mum told me you were awake.” He walked into my room and closed the door behind him. I patted my bed and he came and laid down with me.
“I can only stay for an hour or so honey.”
“It’s ok, it’s so good to see you, Mr. Sneaky. Why haven’t you been waking me up?”
“You look to beautiful when you’re asleep.” He replied plainly.
I shook my head and he laughed. His action shook the bed.

I shuffled myself closer to him and curled up against his chest. His hands made cradles around my face softly, and began to kiss me. I’m not sure how long the kiss lasted for. Maybe a minute, maybe an hour, but it felt like forever, which suited me fine. I wasn’t going to stop kissing him. His warm mouth was on mine and that was all I could think about. All too soon he pulled away.

“I have to go.” He whispered in my ear. As he drew back his expression was pained.
“Can’t you just stay a few more minutes? You haven’t even been her for that long.” I could feel my lips forming into a pout.
He pecked my quickly on the lips.
“It feels that way, doesn’t it? But I can’t. I’ll come back tomorrow night. We just have to kill this vampire. He’s tricky, like that ranga, Victoria. Although, he doesn’t smell as strongly of a vampire. More like you Ness.”
“Thanks for calling me a smell, mean vampire Jake.” I said jokingly, “It’s good to see you.” I said seriously.
“Love you Nessie.”
“Love you more.” I said smiling. He just shook his head.

He got up to leave, but then turned around and kissed me. I refused to let him go. I know I was being childish, but I wouldn’t see him until tomorrow.
“I have to go.” He said in between kisses.
“Ok.” I sighed, “Bye.”
“Bye honey.”

He got up and left then. I heard him mumbling something to Dad, but I couldn’t hold on anymore. I fell asleep before I heard the door click shut behind him. I had a dream that night. A giant, russet wolf was facing off a strange looking man. He was a vampire; that was obvious. But he looked familiar. I had seen this man before. He stalked towards Jacob. Wake up! I told myself, wake up! I didn’t in time. The man had lunged for his throat.

I woke up startled. If I a vampire could sweat, that was what I would have been doing. Sobs broke out in my chest. I tried to contain them. I heard anxious whispers from downstairs.
“I’m ok, just a bad dream.” I said quietly, knowing that they could all hear be clearly.
“Do you want me to come up?” Mum called from downstairs.
“I’m alright.” I got up, hoping that would shake the dream.

I couldn’t remember it very clearly, only that I was glad that I had woken up. I shivered. What on earth could have scared me so much? I shook my head. It was only a dream you idiot, I told myself.
I got changed and glided downstairs. Everyone was lounging around or standing up, talking in their own little groups.

“ Ness-ey!” Emmett grinned.
“Hey Emmett.” I giggled.
“Listen, today, we just might be playing a little baseball. You in?”
“Yeah sure. Who’s on what team.”
“Well my young niece, you will be playing on my team, along with Alice, Jasper and Carlisle.” He paused. “Your parents however are the opposition, along with Esme and Rose.”
“Five on four?” Dad asked.
“Well, we get Ness, she only counts as half.” He said smiling at me.
“Pi** off to the Volturi.” I said jokingly. He threw his head back and laughed.

I was really glad to have an Uncle as cool as Emmett. I thought to myself. He’s just like a big kid and full of life.
“So when are we leaving?” I asked.
“I’m bored, let’s go.” Emmett said.

Everyone started to file out the door. I ran back to the phone. Mum looked back at me, her expression puzzled, and then it changed to understanding.
‘You guys go; I’ll catch up in a minute. I’m just going to ring Cam, ok?”
“Don’t be too long.” Was all she said.

I held the phone in both of my hands. I stood like that for about five minutes, wondering whether or not to call Cameron. He did say I’d be the first to know if they had found anything new or there was anything to update. I decided I would, just incase. I missed Jake so much already.

I was about to punch the number into the phone when I heard someone running. Really quietly running.I could only think of one thing that could move so silently. A vampire.

I tried to think clearly through the sudden waves of panic that were rolling over me. Mum, Dad and the rest of my family would have arrived at the clearing by now. And of course the phone was no good. It wasn’t like I could just call the police about a vampire situation. Think Nessie, think! I all but screamed mentally at myself.

I heard the sound of silent footsteps behind the front door. There was a pause. It was then that I realised it was too late. No one could help me now. I whirled around as I heard the sound of the door creaking open. Standing in the doorway was Nahuel.

Chapter Six: Tension
“Nahuel?” I asked. Surprise covered my tone. He nodded and smiled
“Hey Nessie. Wow, last time I saw you, you were only a baby.” I smiled at him.
“Yeah, I’ve changed a little bit over the past couple of years.”
“Yes, you have.” He said looking me up and down. I suddenly felt self-conscious.

Then, something clicked over in my mind; people disappearing from everywhere, Jake saying this ‘vampire’ smelt like me and it being so tricky. Almost like it knew that there were protective wolves about.
Nahuel drank human blood, Nauhel had know about the wolves after the time he saved me and my family’s lives, and Nahuel was a half-vampire, just like me. He would smell similar to me.

My epiphany took all but a few seconds. It might have been interpreted as an awkward silence.
“I came to visit your family, he said with a strong accent. “And, to visit you.”
“Oh,” I said in surprise, “Well, you just missed them actually. They just left to play baseball in the clearing.” I smiled, but I felt fear twist in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t feel safe to be around the non-vegetarian vampires by myself. I didn’t trust them completely.

“So, um, do you think that we could go and join your family together?” I didn’t like it how he said ‘together.’
“Sure,” I said flawlessly, “follow me.”

It only took a short time for us both to run to the clearing.
“Nahuel?” Dad asked
“Edward, Bella.” He said, first nodding to my father and then turning to my mother. “It’s great to see you again. Hello Carlisle.”
“Wow Nahuel, it’s good to see you too.” Carlisle said happily.
Emmett acting like nothing out of the usual was happening causal said over his shoulder, “There you are Jaz, he can play for your team now.”

After everyone had greeted the new comer, we started to arrange ourselves in our baseball positions.
Dad, I said in my mind. He looked up swiftly and looked at me. Stop being so obvious, I thought. He sharply turned his head in the opposite direction. Subtle, I told him. I then went over the discussion I had with Nahuel prior to arriving in the clearing and all the thoughts I had had at the time.

He looked at me and nodded once quickly in agreement. Mum looked back and forth between us. Her expression puzzled. Dad looked at her then started at Nahuel for a brief period of time and then let his eyes drop. Mum was still confused but she nodded and went back to playing.

After we had just begun playing, there was a loud noise of many padded feet running fast. The smell came second. The pack was coming. Nahuel had brought his scent here. Suddenly, a pack of humongous wolves broke threw the trees and stopped dead. All of them cocked their head to the side in the same moment. It would have been funny if all their eyes weren’t angry. I couldn’t look at them all as a whole for too long. My eyes focused on a russet coloured wolf. His black eyes were looking at me in sudden comprehension. We approached each other, both shape shifter and vampires took a step forward.
“I should have recalled the scent.” It was obvious that Dad was translating for Sam.
“He was the one who saved Renesmee right?” Dad said again.
”Yes,” Carlisle spoke up. “Has he been the scent you have been following?”
“Indeed.” Dad said again.

Everyone looked at Nahuel.
“I would have been here sooner if it weren’t for them.” He said pointing a finger at the pack of wolves. “I didn’t realize that they were such good friends of yours. I was trying to get around them to come here, to see Renesmee.”
Dad turned to glare at Nahuel, clearly hearing something in his mind that he didn’t like very much.
The russet wolf let out a low growl and took off, disappearing into the trees. Jacob returned in his human form a few seconds later.

The rest of the wolves trotted over to where my family and Nahuel were grouped together to continue their unusual discussion.

“Jake,” I almost screamed, launching myself at him as I did so. I would have fallen if Jacob didn’t catch me in his arms.
He chuckled, “Hey honey. Playing some baseball I see?”
“Yeah. Good to see you Jake.” I said, reaching up to kiss him. He bent down and softly touched my his lips to mine for a few seconds and then broke away.
“Good to see you too, Ness.”

He looked up suddenly, his eyes angry. Nahuel was looking at us. His expression heart-broken.
“What’s his problem?” Jacob muttered darkly.
“I don’t know, doesn’t matter.” Jacob was still glaring at him intensely. Nahuel was glaring back.
“Hello? I’m sorry that I haven’t seen you in what seems like forever and you find him more interesting to stare at than your fiancé.” His gaze flickered back to me.
“Sorry love, but that leech has got the hots for you. I want you to stay away from him, ok?”
“He does not,” I protested.
“Renes-“ he began.
“Ok, ok fine. He doesn’t but I will if it makes you happy, ok?”
“I love you.” He said pulling me into his chest.
“Let’s get out of here. We can go now right? No vampire needs to be killed.”
“I don’t know. I know he saved you and everything Ness, but he killed on our turf, and many other places to. Plus, I wouldn’t mind rip-”
“Jacob.” I said sternly. He looked at me and sighed.

“Mum, we’re gonna take off back to the house ok?”
“Sure love, we’ll be back there soon. We just have to straighten a few things out.”
With that, Jacob picked me up and ran quickly back to the house and up into my room.

“So what’s going to happen know?” I asked him.
“I don’t know, let’s just wait for your parents to get back. They can tell us then.”
“We thank you Captain Obvious.” I muttered.
“Someone’s not happy I’m back.” Jacob laughed.
I smacked his arm. “Of course I’m happy your back. I’m just worried. Nahuel did so much for us and if something happens…” I trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.
“Don’t worry Nessie, everything will be fine with regards to that.” I raised my eyebrows in confusion.
“If he tries to crack onto you, then thing may not turn out so well for him.” Jake smiled but I had a feeling he actually might do something if Nahuel pushed the friendship.

“Now that we are on the subject of you worrying about, oh let’s just say, everything.” He laughed, but when he continued he turned serious. “You need to stop Ness, it’ll drive you insane. When I’m away you gotta stop worrying and calling Cameron every five minutes of the day, ok love?”
“So let me get this straight, I’m not allowed to worry about you when you are risking your life.” He was about to protest but I shot him a dark look and continued. “But if I was out hunting vicious vampires for weeks at a time, you wouldn’t be worried at all?”
“That’s different,” he mumbled.
“Of course it is.” I said sarcastically.
“Ok, I sorta see your point, but guess what, you won’t be chasing vampires anytime soon so there is nothing to debate about.”

I was about to object but his lips met mine and I forgot all about our little bickering session. All I could think about was the warm taste and his hands on my waist and back, pulling me closer to him. We were far from finishing when there was a knock on the door. Jacob sighed and pulled away from me.
“Come in Bells,” he said.

Mum entered my room, closing the door noiselessly behind her.
“Sorry to er interrupt,” she said, “but I just thought you guys might want to know that Sam’s letting Nahuel off the hook because of how he helped us out in past, um, events. Sam just told him to refrain from hunting while he’s staying with us. If he does kill in La Push they will have to terminate him though. Sam made that very clear.”
“Wait, staying with us?” I repeated.
Mum took in my horrified expression. “Yeah, your father isn’t too pleased about it either for reasons he is explaining to me later…” her expression changed to confusion and then she shook her head, a smile replacing her dumbfound expression.
“Well, Jake are you staying the night?”
“Yes please Mrs. Cullen.” he laughed.
“Ok well everyone’s going hunting. You know where the food is.” She waved and the door shut gently behind her.

“Wow, she’s so smooth.” Jake chuckled.
“Haha, what do you mean?’
“Never mind.” He laughed. I just rolled my eyes.
“So, what are we gonna do tonight?’ I asked.
“Oh, I can think of a few things.” He chuckled, picking me up and dumping me on my bed. He began kissing me and I relaxed instantly under his warm touch.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” I said breaking away from him, “We need to get a few things sorted out?”
“Sorted out?” he asked in confusion.
“For the wedding you loser. All Alice needs from us is the guest list and she’ll do the rest.” He sighed.
“Ok, so big wedding or small wedding?’ I asked him.
“I don’t mind, as long is it’s you walking down the aisle.” My cheeks turned pink and he kissed me briefly. It was sweet.

“I’ll be back in a moment. I said as I dated downstairs at an inhuman speed.
I searched around until my eyes finally focused on my guest list I had created a few days ago. Standing beside it was Nahuel.

“Wow, not many people on this list of yours. I’m cut. No invite for me?” he said as his features twisted into a sly smile.
“I thought you were hunting with the rest of my family.” I said, refusing to be sidetracked.
I was annoyed, this was supposed to be Jacob and my together-alone time.
“Oh, I am. I just needed a few things first.” What on earth would you need to take hunting? I thought to myself. He continued.
“Plus, I didn’t know if the dog would still be here or not. I was going to offer you my company” he said simply.
“Whatever, just hurry up and leave. And by the way, the ‘dog’ has a name. It’s Jacob. Use if from now on.” I snapped.
He put up his hands in serenader. “Sorry, I’ll be getting out of your hair then.” He flashed a smile then disappeared out the front door.

I let out a huff and walked back up to Jacob. What did he mean, offer me his company. Suddenly, I didn’t want to know. As I entered he was grinding his teeth in frustration.
“I told you he had the hots for you. Stupid leech.”
“Hey,” I walked over to him and unclenched his fists. “You’re the only guy for me. You know that right?”
He relaxed a little as I fitted myself cosily into his lap.
“Yeah,” he sighed, “I love you Nessie. More than anything.”
“Love you too Jake.”
“Ok, so he continued, let’s have a look at this list.” I handed it to him.
“Do you know what? Let’s just forget about this tonight, yeah?” I placed my hand on his cheek and replayed for him the night he asked me to marry him with my unusual gift. He chuckled and threw my list on the floor and began kissing me once more.

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