The Twilight Saga

Would you read it?
If I get enough readers, I will start it for sure.
Jensen Ackles is Dean Winchester from Supernatural. :]
It might be a little different from Supernatural though.
You'll have to read it to find out. ;)

Comment this, if you will read it!
It wont be like super duper long. :]

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I would. I love him. We share a birthday!! Then Justin Bieber has the same b-day but he doesn't count! ((sorry if yo ulike him))
Thanks! That means a lot!!
I want to meet that man. [sigh] :]
who justin or jensen? = )
my mom told me the brithday thing like...last month.

hey will u read my story and see how it is. i wrote it in like...5 minutes
Jensen, baby! [laughs!]

And, yeah! Of course!!

I'll have to do it tomorrow though, cause I'm extremely tired.
I will definitely read this! I'll let you know when I'm done. <3
if you want a sneak peak of Chap. 2 tell'll never guess what it's called...*smiles wide*
Augh! The link isnt working. [frowns]
AHHHHH NO!!!!! *kills link*Bad! hold up i'll try again!!!

If it's about Jensen/Dean I will surely read this. I love Jensen Ackles ♥♥
Thanks! [smiles]

I love him too! Obviously... [laughs]


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