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Chapter 1
Hello my name is Isabella Swan and i am 15 years old. I live in the small town of Forks Washington with my father Charlie and twin brothers Jasper and Emmet Swan. We are one of the richest family in Forks because of charlie he is a famous doctor. I am a sophpmore in Forks High School and my brothers are juniors. You must be saying that having brothers in high school well it is if you are constantly being bullied by people because i am not as pretty as the other girls. I cant even walk for 5 min without people making fun of me. But it has worn down because of my brothers but the people that stilll constantly bully me are the Cullens. Edward is a sophomore like me and his Twin sisters are Rosalie and Alice. My brothers cant do much because they are going out with the girls. Emmet with Rosalie and Jasper with Alice. But now thinking about it the girls haven't been bulling me only edward since elementary.

First Day School
Oh no another school year of people teasing me. I got up and got into my bathroom to take a shower i took some time in the shower to relax. I got out and put some jeans,a blue shirt and blue converse. I distangled my hair and let it down so it can dry by itself. I went downstairs into the kitchen to eat some cereal. Well nobody is awake in this big house. i know right you should make a good inpression for high school well i dont care really even though i try dressing myself pretty people just keep teasing me so why do i even try. Well why dont i use daddy's money to make me pretty right, not i dont want to be someone that im not. Well i guess my brothers are up i hear the shower. Twenty minutes later my brothers come down smelling like colonge.
"Well someone is well dressed fo school"
"Shut up Bella how come you dont dress up just fo the first day of school so people can actually stop teasing you"
"Well Jasper i dont wanna be someone i am not and i dont want to be a fake barbie and by the way i am a brunette and i do have brain cells you know."
"It's okay Bella we just want you to be okay you know"
"Thank you Emmet"
"Anytime little sis"
"Shut up Emmet I go enough of you last night you just couldn't shut up about Rosalie"
"It's not my problem you dont want to see Alice Jasper"
"Dont say that because you know i really miss her "
"Oh sure lets see what she is going to say when i tell her u didn't miss her "
"you wouldnt do it "
"try me Jasper just try"
And that's all it took for them to start fighting. Of course i had to stop it or e were going to be late.
"Ladies Ladies all of us know that both of you miss your girlfriend or dont you" i asked with my eyebrow raised.
Both of them started giving me hugs.
"i cant breath" and thats all i took for them to stop.
"okay if we dont hurry up we are going to really late" I said .
"okay lets go " Both of them said at the same time.
When we steped outside our house we saw a brand new car in the driveway. Both of my brothers were so happy . It was a chrysler 300 , while my brothers were hyperventilating i went to see th car from the inside. In the ignition was a key i guess for the car and also a note it said
Emmet Jasper And Bella
This is a gift from me to you. Emmet and Jasper like you guys are old enough to drive and i have trained you very wll i give you this car i talked to the chief police and he was okay because he believes you are responsable boys. I hope you guys like it but please go with the speed limit and take care of your sister. See you guys in a month or so. And Bella dont let your brothers starve you could use the credit card to buy food or anything you need. Pleae call if there are any problems please.
"Hey Charlie says the car is for you guys and to be very careful and he hopes you like it"
"Hopes we like it we love it " Jasper said getting in the car but arguing that he sould drive to school first and Emmet could do it coming back from school. Emmet agreed. Jasper then started the car to school or better said HELL.

** Please tell me if i should keep going or if just stop. Please Comment its my first Fan Fiction**

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