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I’m Only Me When I’m With You



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Chapter 1 First Day (Part 1)

Bella’s POV


Beep! Beep! Beep!


I was woken up by the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned as I went to hit the snooze button. My attempts at a few extra minutes of sleep were ruined when my phone went off, Taylor Swift lyrics blaring into my ear. Ugh. I knew who it was before I even answered it.


I flipped my phone open. “What could you possibly need this early in the morning, Alice?” I demanded. We both knew how grumpy I was in the mornings.


“What kind of question is that, Bella?” I cringed away from the phone. Her voice was just too loud for me to handle this early. “It’s the first day of school and I was just making sure you were up.”

“Why does it matter to you if I’m up yet?”


“Because I’m on my way over to your house right now,” she made it seem as if it were obvious.


“Why?” I asked, dreading the answer I knew was coming.


“Bella, you should be used to this routine by now.” I guess she was right. Practically every day before school, Alice would come over to dress me and do my make up and hair. It was like I was her personal Barbie doll.


I didn’t have time to answer her as the doorbell rang.


“EMMETT! Can you get that?” I screamed out to my brother, hoping he would hear me.


I didn’t get a response, so I was forced to get out of bed and trudge down the stairs.


I opened the door to find a smiling Alice bouncing in her spot. “Are you as excited as I am for the first day of junior year?!” she screamed at me.


I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. “I don’t think anyone could be as excited as you, Alice.”


“That is so sweet, Bella! I just know we are going to have the best year ever!”


“I hope you’re right.”


She dragged me upstairs and went straight to my closet. I decided to wake Emmett up. It would probably take Alice days to find something in my closet that she approved of, anyway.


I entered Emmett’s room and shook his sleeping form. “Wakey, wakey, Emmett.”


He didn’t budge. I knew that I would be in trouble if I decided to dump water on him like I did last year, so I only had one other option.


I started searching through his stuff until I came across what I was looking for. I took the speakers that were connected to his huge stereo system and put them right next to his head. I turned the volume all the way up before turning the radio on.


It was perfect. He had it set to some station that was playing screamo music. Emmett sat straight up with the funniest look on his face. He kept looking around his room, but stopped when he saw me doubled over laughing.


After a few minutes, I stopped laughing and Emmett finally seemed to realize what I had done.

”Bella! What the hell? Was this really necessary?”


“I just didn’t want you to be late for school again.” I knew that Emmett could be really irritable when you woke him up, so I didn’t push my luck too far.


I ran back to my room only to find Alice tapping her foot impatiently.


“What took you so long?”


I rolled my eyes at her impatience. “I had to wake Emmett up, and you know how hard that can be.”

She gave me a look that said ‘this is so much more important.’ “Here, put these on, then come right back so I can start on your hair,” she said, throwing clothes at me.


I ran to my bathroom and took my pajamas off. Thankfully I had showered last night, so I didn’t have to now. I didn’t look at the clothes Alice had picked out for me; she never wanted me to see what I looked like until she was completely finished.


I walked back to my room, dressed in what I realized too late was a cami and shorts, to see Alice had changed her clothes, too. She was now wearing a tank and a miniskirt.


“Alice! What are you thinking? This shirt is sleeveless. And these shorts are way too short! This is in no way appropriate clothing for Forks! And you’re outfit isn’t any better.”


“Calm down, Bella. I checked the news and it’s supposed to be really nice out today. And everyone’s dressing this way. I already called Nicolette, Gigi, Mary, and Rosalie. I helped them pick their outfits, too,” she explained with a smug smile on her face. “And just wait until my brother sees you,” she continued, “I think Edward will realize he’s in love with you as soon as he sees you.”


I sighed. Edward was my best guy friend, but I had stronger feelings than just friendship. I knew I was in love with him, but I also knew that he didn’t like me that way. He’s had many girlfriends in the past, but even that didn’t stop me from falling for him. My best girl friends, Alice, Gigi, Mary, and Nicolette, all knew I liked him. It was something I couldn’t keep from them.


I suddenly was anxious to get to school. I really wanted to see my friends; it’s been at least two weeks since I’ve seen them all. Gigi had gone to Hershey with her family, Nicolette had gone with her family to her shore house, and Mary had been grounded for the last two weeks of summer. She was so upset.


And, of course, Edward would be there.


I tried to distract myself from him by focusing on the makeover Alice was giving me. She was currently curling my hair. I figured this would take her a while, considering how thick my hair was, but she finished in twenty minutes. Never underestimate Alice.


She started working on my make up, putting on eyeliner, eye shadow, and even lip gloss to match the outfit I was wearing. She was amazing when it came to this stuff.


When she finished, I was finally allowed to look at myself. I already knew I would look great, since Alice had dressed me. Still, I gasped when I saw myself. Whenever Alice got to dress me up and give me a makeover, I was transformed into a completely different person. On the outside, anyway.


“Thank you so much, Alice! I love you so much for this!”


She laughed as she hugged me. “Anytime, Bells. I love you too, for letting me do this.”


We walked downstairs to have breakfast. I noticed that Emmett hadn’t made anything—there’s a shock—so I put a few Poptarts in the toaster. Alice and I waited for them to be ready and talked about the upcoming year. We were both going to be juniors, as were Mary, Gigi, Nicolette, and Edward. Emmett, his girlfriend Rosalie, and her twin brother Jasper, were going to be seniors.


The toaster went off and we ate as quickly as we could. We only had twenty minutes to get to school.


“Hey, who’s driving today?” I asked her.


“Out of the two of us, who do you think could get us to school faster?” she asked sarcastically.


“So we taking the Porsche?”


“Duh! It’s my baby.” Alice was addicted to her yellow Porsche. She loved it like a child.


“We better leave soon. We’re gonna be late.”


We gathered up our stuff and made our way out the door, nearly walking into Emmett.


“Oh, hey girls. In case I don’t see you later, good luck on your first day. And have fun,” he said.


“Aw, thanks, Em. That’s so sweet. And good luck on your first day of senior year!” I said. I tried not to think about the fact that he wouldn’t be here next year. The very thought brought tears to my eyes. He was the best brother anyone could ever ask for; he was goofy, protective and caring. Sure, he seemed scary because of his size but he was just a big teddy bear. I loved him to death.


He gave me and Alice a hug before walking out to his car.


“We’d better go,” Alice said. “Come on.”


We grabbed our bags and walked outside the house. Once we were in her car, she sped off, going much more than the speed limit allowed. It used to scare me, but now it was kind of fun.


We made it to school in record time. Almost everyone was there already. We picked up our stuff and started making our way into the building, when Alice stopped, dropped her bags, and screamed.






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thank youuu!!
Chapter 9

Mary’s POV

“Mary. Mary? Mary!” Gigi yelled in my ear.

I snapped out of my daze and blinked, looking at her. “What?”

“Welcome back,” Alice said.

“Wait, what?” I asked, sounding like a complete idiot.

They giggled. “We were talking about the summer reading test, and you completely blanked out. We didn’t know what was wrong with you for a while there,” Bella explained.

“Oh.” They stared at me, waiting for a real answer. “I was just thinking…about tonight.”

All four of my best friends smiled. “You’re so lucky! Justin is so cute for you!” Gigi squealed. Almost everyone else agreed with her.

Nicolette looked sheepish. “What?” I asked, a little annoyed.

She shrugged. “He just seems a little…fruity to me.”

Alice, Gigi, Bella and I simultaneously gasped. “Excuse me?” I said, baffled.

“You heard me.”

“Why would you say that?” Gigi asked.

“Because his voice is so high-pitched. I’m just saying what’s on my mind.”

“Well there’s no need!” Alice screeched.

“God, excuse me for voicing my opinion,” Nicolette said. I swear she was smoking something because no “best friend” would ever say something like that!

“Just shut up,” Bella cut in. “Everyone.” I didn’t know what the hell just happened. One minute I was all excited for my date later, the next, I was being told that the guy I was going out with was ‘fruity,’ by one of my best friends, no less. The only coherent through that crossed my mind was what the hell?

“Way to bring my mood down,” I mumbled.

Nicolette rolled her eyes. I felt so angry that I had to get up and leave. Gigi, of course, followed. She was always there to help. I loved her.

“Don’t listen to her,” she said once we were in the bathroom.

“She’s one of my best friends. How can I not listen to her?”

“Because she’s wrong. She’s wrong to even say that, no, to even think that!” I smiled. “I mean, seriously, do you how pissed she’d be if one of us insulted Alex? She should think about other people’s feelings for once.”

I let her get it out, because I knew how mad she was. Probably as mad as I was. I knew I couldn’t go back to the lunch table and sit next to her like nothing happened, so we stayed in the bathroom until the bell rang.


“Don’t let her bother you,” Gigi said to me as we stood by the Biology door.


“Don’t lie to me, Mary.”

I giggled. “I swear, once I see Justin, I’ll be fine.”

She broke into a huge grin. “Good,” she said, hugging me.

“Thanks, Gi. I can always count on you.”

“Anytime, girl.”

She walked away, and I took a deep breath before going inside. This seemed to be customary.

I was the last one in the classroom, and when Justin saw me, his face lit up. He smiled brightly, and behind him I saw Bella nodding encouragingly at me.

I took my seat next to him and smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey, Mary,” he seemed extremely happy about something. I hope it was the same thing I was happy about.

“So, any chance you’ll tell me where we’re going tonight?” I asked.

He laughed goodheartedly. “Not a chance. But I’m sure you’ll have a good time.”

“I’ll take your word on it.” I said. “So what time are we meeting up?”

“Um,” he thought about it for a minute. “How about six? Do you wanna meet at the Port Angeles mall?” he leaned closer to me, making my head swim.

I couldn’t find my voice, so I nodded my head. Until I realized how stupid I was.

“Wait, I don’t think I can. My sister Keri has a school dance then that my mom has to take her to, and my dad’s working.”

“You don’t drive?”

I frowned. “No. My birthday’s not until September 26. That’s when I get my license.”

“Oh,” he mumbled, upset that we would have to meet later.

“But, one of my friends can bring me,” I said. I hoped that Gigi still didn’t have any plans.

“That’d be great,” he flashed me his perfect smile.

We got to work and finished the lab. I could feel Bella watching me the entire time, and it was nice to know that my friends would always be looking out for me. I really loved them, well except Nicolette right now, but that was beside the point.

He hugged me again as we left the room, and I could tell that he purposely made it linger. I don’t think either of us wanted to let go.

“I’ll see you later,” he said.

“Yeah, bye.” He said, flashing me a smile.

Once I got to gym, I could finally speak. I told Alice and Gigi everything that we said and Bella gave her intake on it all.

“Oh, and Gi? Are you busy later?” I asked in an innocent voice, giving her puppy dog eyes.

She rolled her eyes. “Why?”

“Because I need someone to drive me to Port Angeles. To the mall. I figured, if you’re already going there, then you can just take me?”

“No. Absolutely not.” I gave her a look. She sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know why you even ask anymore. Of course I’ll take you.”


“But this doesn’t mean I like you or anything.”

“Shut up, Gigi.”

“Actually, I’ll be able to stalk you guys to see how far you get.”


“Oh my gosh, I’m just kidding.”

We all laughed. I finally became aware of my surroundings and asked, “Where’s Nicolette?”

Everyone shrugged. “I don’t know, but she better get over this pissy mood if she wants me to make her look good later,” Alice said.

She walked in then, and I saw Alice skip over to her. They both made their way over to us, and I heard Alice ask Nicolette what time she was coming over tonight to get her makeover.

“Oh, about that, I can’t go.”

“What?!” Alice screamed.

“I said I can’t go.”

“No duh, I’m not deaf. Why the hell not?”

I almost laughed. Almost.

“Because my mom said I have to stay home.”

“To do what?”

“Jeez, what is this, Twenty Questions? Why do you need to know?”

Alice looked hurt. I don’t blame her. “I was just wondering. We did make plans for this, you know.”

“I know, but I can’t make it. Sorry. And it’s none of your business why I can’t go.”

“Alright, Nicolette, you seriously need to calm down. You made the plans with Alice, so don’t be mad at her because you broke them. And another thing, don’t insult Mary’s boyfriend, or crush, or whatever he is right now, because you know you’d be pissed if any of us insulted Alex. Think about others for a change,” Bella scolded.

The rest of us stared at her with our mouths hanging open. Bella was always so laid back and reserved. She almost never raised her voice, and she certainly never told anyone off. This was shocking.

“Fine. If that’s how all of you feel, than whatever,” Nicolette said. I didn’t see her again for the rest of the day, but I knew she’d probably be at Gigi’s house tomorrow for our sleepover. We’d definitely have to talk things out and get over this. I hated fighting with my friends.


“Alice, are you almost done?”

“Don’t rush me.”

“How long does it take to put on mascara?”

“Well, you wouldn’t know, since you never wear it.”

“Shut up. And I do to.”

Ten minutes later, after Alice curled my eyelashes and tweezed my eyebrows—I really thought all of this was unnecessary—she finally allowed me to get changed. Of course, I couldn’t pick my outfit, but I knew that if she chose it, it would be cute.

She dressed me in a sundress and heels, and I had to admit, I looked good.

“Hey, Alice? How do you know what kind of clothes I should wear? Justin wouldn’t tell me where we’re going.”

“I know, but he told me.”


“Yeah, I ran into him in the parking lot yesterday and gave him my number so he could call me because I couldn’t stay and talk.”

“He got your number before he got mine?”

“Chill. I don’t like him. Not like that, anyway. And yeah, he called me, and told me where he wanted to take you, and I said that I had the perfect outfit for that.”

“Well, where’s he taking me?”

“Can’t tell you. I promised him I wouldn’t. Swore, actually.”

“I hate you.”

“Love you too.”

I looked at the clock. It was five thirty. I still had an hour before I had to leave, but my hair wasn’t done yet.

“Gigi? Come here,” Alice called.


“I need help with her hair. I didn’t realize how thick it was. Here, take this curling iron. You do that side, I’ll do this side.”

“You would have two curling irons that are the same size,” I commented.

“You know me well.”

Gigi and I laughed. Forty minutes later, Alice was bouncing up and down, squealing, obviously delighted with her work.

“His jaw is going to drop when he sees you!” she exclaimed.

“I know! He won’t be able to keep his hands off you!”

“Gigi!” I yelled, terrified and excited by the thought at the same time.

“Let’s test out the effect you’ll have on a guy,” Alice said. She disappeared for a moment then came back in, tugging Edward along with her.

“Alice, what’s this ab—“ he stopped midsentence when he saw me. “Whoa.”

Gigi rolled her eyes. “You’re lucky Bella isn’t here, Eddy.”

“Don’t call me Eddy.”

“Alice, can you please tell me where he’s taking me? Please?” I begged.

“No way! I told you, I swore.” I huffed.

Gigi looked at her cell phone, probably checking the time. “Come on, Mare-Bear. We should get going.”

A million butterflies filled my stomach, making me more nervous than I had ever been. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now let’s go.”

I said goodbye to Edward and Alice, and followed Gigi out to her car.

Hopefully this would be a night I would always remember.

(Mary's outfit)

So it's been almost 2 months since I've updated. To make it up to you all, I'm posting again sometime this week! Yay! Lol I'm about halfway through the next chapter!! It's gonna be a good one :) and I understand if you don't read this because of how long I took to post, but I'm really going to try to post more frequently. Love you guys :)
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you updated!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as always!! NOW CAN U UPDATE SOON!

haha thanks :) and it'll be up soon I promise!!

LOL eddy your lucky Belly isnt there more ASAP!!!!!!

haha there will beee :D

this is great!

thank youu!

hey Gianna I love your story and hope you update soon

Aww thanks! I meant to update sooner but something came up :( it will be up soon though!


Chapter 10 Date…Finally

Mary’s POV

A thought occurred to me as we drove to the Port Angeles mall. “Oh my gosh! I’m so stupid!”

“Why?” Gigi questioned.

“Well, we’re meeting at the mall, so obviously that’s where our date is!”

“Yeah, you are stupid. That’s not where your date is.”

“How would you know?” I asked, sounding pretty immature.

“Because Alice told me.”

“Ugh. I hate not knowing. Can you just tell me?”

She shook her head. “Sorry, but I can’t. Besides, it’ll be so much more special when he surprises you.”

“I guess…”

“You’re really lucky. I wish I had a guy,” Gigi said, pouting.

I laughed at her ridiculous face. “You will, don’t worry. One day Taylor’s gonna wake up and realize he’s in love with you.”

She snorted. “Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

Soon enough, we pulled into the mall parking lot. The butterflies had returned to my stomach.

“You okay?”

I couldn’t answer, because I didn’t know. I think Gigi understood. “Look, Mary, you need to get your butt out of my car and go in there and see Justin. When you see where he’s taking you, you’re going to be speechless. But it won’t happen if you stay inside my car.”

I took a deep breath and walked outside. I still hadn’t found my voice.


If I thought I was nervous before, that was nothing compared to how I felt now. I turned around and saw Justin leaning against an old Toyota, smiling. As soon as we locked eyes, I felt my insides melt. He started walking towards me.

“You look great,” he said, somewhat shyly.

“Thanks, you too.” I sounded so weird! I had to try to keep my voice even.

He grinned again and took my hand, leading me to his car. I turned back and saw Gi waving crazily from her car. I smiled half-heartedly at her.

He opened my door for me and shut it once I got in. he was a true gentleman, something I always looked for in a guy, and rarely found.

“So, everyone seems to know where we’re going except for me,” I started, once he was seated in the driver’s seat.

He laughed. “Your friends didn’t say anything to you about it, right?”

“Nope. I tried to crack them, but they said they swore to you.”

“Well, they did. I didn’t want you to find out before we got there.”

“Can you give me any hints?”

He thought for a minute, before looking over at me. “How about, you’re dressed exactly right for where we’re going.”

I blushed, but said, “I knew I would, with Alice picking out my clothes. I don’t usually dress like this.”

“You should more often,” he said, making me blush even deeper.

He asked about my sisters and brother, since I had mentioned to him about them before. We talked about them for a while, and I was so distracted I didn’t notice where we were going, until I saw a sign that indicated we were going to La Push.

Immediately I thought of Nicolette. She said Alex went to school up here. I tried not to get angry at her, and I looked out the window so Justin wouldn’t notice anything was wrong.

A few minutes later, he pulled into some parking lot. It wasn’t paved, it just had rocks, and it didn’t look like it led to anywhere special. I felt my hopes sink a little bit.

“This way,” he said, taking my hand again.

He led me through the high grass and branches. “Where are we?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“You’ll see,” he said.

We walked in silence for a few more minuets, before I saw an opening in the trees. I don’t know how, but I knew this was where we were going.

“It’s right over here,” he said.

As we climbed through the opening, my shoe got stuck. “Uh oh,” I said, completely mortified.

“What happened?”

“My shoe got stuck on a branch. Ow! Uh, I told Alice I didn’t need to wear heels!”

I just slid the shoe off and untangled my foot. I had to lean on him for support, and he steadied my arms. I ended up taking my other shoe off for fear that that one would get stuck too, and carried both of them in my right hand, since he was holding my left one.

I looked up and gasped. It was so beautiful. The grass was much lower here, and there were flowers all around. It was like a little field. “It’s so pretty,” I whispered. Justin smiled.

In the middle of everything was a picnic basket and a blanket. There were a few candles placed there too.

“Did you do all this?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yeah,” he said sheepishly.

“It’s amazing.”

He broke into a huge grin. “Are you sure? I thought maybe it was too much—or maybe not enough. Because if you want we can go to a fancy restaurant or something—“

I cut him off. “No, this is perfect.” I smiled, and he returned it.

We ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he prepared, and laughed and talked. We talked for so long, the sky got dark. Time was really flying.

He checked the time on his cell phone and looked at me. “What?” I asked, curious.

“There’s one more thing I want to do before we go.” For a second I thought he was going to kiss me, but he got up. I felt my heart sink a little, but tried not to let it show. He came back with a guitar, and sat down next to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, sounding like an idiot.

“I wrote this song, and I thought you’d like it.”

Before I could answer, he started playing, and then he immediately started singing.

*There's gonna be one less lonely girl
(One less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl
(One less lonely girl)

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
(One less lonely girl)
One less lonely girl

How many I told yous and start overs and shoulders
Have you cried on before?
How many promises, be honest girl
How many tears you let hit the floor?

How many bags you packed, just to take him back
Tell me that how many either ors
But no more if you let me inside of your inside your world
There'll be one less lonely girl

Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you, you
Now all I see is you
I'm coming for you
(I'm coming for you)

Don't need these other pretty faces like I need you
And when you're mine in the world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you first
I'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worth
That's what I'm gonna do, if you let me inside of your world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

Christmas wasn't merry, 14th of February
Not one of 'em spent with you
How many dinner dates, set dinner plates
And he didn't even touch his food?

How many torn photographs I saw you taping back
Tell me that you couldn't see an open door
But no more, if you let me inside your world
There'll be one less lonely girl

Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you, you
Now all I see is you
I'm coming for you, I'm coming for you

Don't need these other pretty faces like I need you
And when you're mine in this world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you first
I'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worth
That's what I'm gonna do, if you let me inside your world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I can fix up your broken heart
I can give you a brand new start
I can make you believe, yeah
I just wanna set one girl free to fall, free to fall
She's free to fall, fall in love with me

Her heart's locked, and know what, I got the key
I'll take her and leave the world with one less lonely

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

There's gonna be one less lonely girl
One less lonely girl
One less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you first
I'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worth
That's what I'm gonna do, if you let me inside your world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
I'm coming for you, one less lonely girl
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

I'm coming for you, I'm gonna put you first
I'm coming for you, I'll show you what you're worth
That's what I'm gonna do, if you let me inside your world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl

Only you shawty*

There were tears in my eyes before he even finished the song. It was so beautiful, and I enjoyed the lyrics much more than the other one I heard him sing.

He put his guitar down, and looked at me. I couldn’t resist, and I got up and hugged him, holding on tight. He hugged me back, and my heart soared.

“So I guess you liked it?” he whispered in my ear.

“I loved it,” I whispered back.

What came next is something I could’ve only dreamt of. It was too perfect. His lips met mine, and they shared the sweetest kiss. It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I smiled when he pulled back, and we kissed one more time, just as tender as the last one. This was the best night ever.







AHHH! So it happened. And just so you guys know, I took Mary to a J Biebs concert for her birthday! She was so happy :D and let's relationship down, four to go! lol hope you guys liked the chapter! comment! love you all!

loved it!!


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