The Twilight Saga

The Cullens risked everything to save the child they claimed was innocent, harmless...But what if they were wrong?

What if the growth, the heartbeat, the blood was all an illusion. Nessie can project visions into people's heads...does she really have to be touching them?
Bella wanted it, so Edward wanted it. Rose wanted it, so Emmett wanted it. Esme wanted it, so Carlisle wanted it. Alice and Jasper love their family, so they want it too. Jacob imprinted on her, so the pack (which was really his, remember, despite the fact he handed leadership to Sam) couldn't see the deeper danger: they couldn't betray their brother like that.

Carlisle said he'd seen covens decimated, completely destroyed over immortal children they refused to surrender. Well this one is no different.


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Pg 3: Chap 1 (pt1)
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Pg 5: Chap 1 (pt2)
Pg 6: Chap 2
Pg 7: Chap 3
Pg 8: Chap 4
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Pg 10: Chap 5 *Nessie*

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Ooooooooooh!! I want to read it RIGHT NOW! lol
ooh, sounds good, even though i am jake fan, xD
glad you approve kel

woah! you guys were quick! i'll try to have the 1st part up today. MAN i can't believe i never thought of this before!!
lol, ur welcome
if anyone wants to make a banner that would be AWESOME!!! *hint hint nudge nudge*
Man, I would make you a banner but my banner-making computer is kind of out-of-order :(
Hmmm... i wonder how this one is gonna turn keep me updated

Mistakes! Simple mistakes! That's all they were!
Errors made by a child; a growing, learning child. We all make mistakes once in a while, don't we? Why must this poor young child pay so dearly for hers?
I refuse to let this injustice pass. This punishment will not go by without opposition. We would fight until every last one of us was dust, because this child deserved it.
"I'm scared," Renesmee said, her voice trembling. "Will you protect me?"
"Of course we will; we love you," I promised. Renesmee smiled, and I felt happy too.
"I love you too," she assured me. I lived for those words.
love it
awwwww, ;')
It sounds so good! And I know you will write it amazingly:)
thanks guys! oh i love having readers like you. *wipes tear*


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