The Twilight Saga

The Cullens risked everything to save the child they claimed was innocent, harmless...But what if they were wrong?

What if the growth, the heartbeat, the blood was all an illusion. Nessie can project visions into people's heads...does she really have to be touching them?
Bella wanted it, so Edward wanted it. Rose wanted it, so Emmett wanted it. Esme wanted it, so Carlisle wanted it. Alice and Jasper love their family, so they want it too. Jacob imprinted on her, so the pack (which was really his, remember, despite the fact he handed leadership to Sam) couldn't see the deeper danger: they couldn't betray their brother like that.

Carlisle said he'd seen covens decimated, completely destroyed over immortal children they refused to surrender. Well this one is no different.


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Pg 5: Chap 1 (pt2)
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Pg 10: Chap 5 *Nessie*

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awwww, now i feel really bad for Nessie.....:(
Poor Nessie. I feel really sorry for her. She thinks she is a monster.
Wow !!!! Very insightful!!! Nessie got a lot of explaining to do......Very Good story!!! until you post again
Poor Nessie. I feel so bad tat she almost killed Emily! She would have felt TERRIBLE!
Poor Nessie.
Update soon.
I love it :)
I've finally caught up, and iHave to say that Team C+E, i'm still a fan ! this story is so different from most & iThink that's what draws me in . . But it's your writing style that keeps me here. Your thoughts flow, and iThink that is extremely important for any story. i♥ it

- - ♥ x x
aww I'm touched :)

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Just like all your fanfics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy you like it Sam! When I get some free time (hols coming up Thank God!) I will hopefully update all my fics


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