The Twilight Saga


Alaya, and her best friend Kyle aren’t your typical teenagers. They’re on the run from something bigger than any human. Can they find sanctuary with the Cullen’s? And what happens when jealousy takes over? Could an imprint mean impending doom for the wolves and the vampires? 

Chapter One

Alaya POV.


“Shh,” I called out, quietly as I could. Looking back, I saw Kyle nod. I sniffed the air. “We’re definitely near something.” Lifting his head, Kyle sniffed, and crinkled up his nose as he inhaled the stench of wet dog.


Sounding bored, and impatient, he asked, “can we get out of here, now?” I smirked, and led the way. Now, normally the guy would be protecting the girl. But, see, with our kind, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or girl, we’re all very strong. And fast. And some of us, if we’re “lucky” , have special abilities. I, for example, have extraordinary senses, even for a vampire. I’d usually be first to hear, see, etc. any kind of danger, which was why I usually ended up going ahead. Oh yeah, not to mention I had some freaky elemental type thing going on. Don’t ask, you’ll find out in time,


I paused, midstep. All it took was that one, short, quiet breath, hardly detectable, to make me stop in my tracks. Next thing I know, I hear several snarls, and paws hitting the cold ground. Kyle and I snap our heads back, in time to see 5 large, extremely large, wolves running at us. Instincts take over, and we beat it out of there. They chase us, not giving in. Adrenaline pulses through me as I take flight, making sure Kyle is right beside me. We’re faster than the wolves, and I think they’re about to give up.


Just when I think we’ll be fine, my foot catches on some undetectable root on the ground, and I crash to the ground. With a giant snarl, one of the wolves is about to kill me, for good, when someone shouts out, “WAIT! NO!” I look up to the nearest ridge. There’s another of my kind standing on the top of it. She’s very small, and has short, dark hair. Her most striking future, I’d have to say, would be her gold eyes. “I’ve been expecting them. Let them go.” The wolves grumble and saunter off.


Kyle and I stand at the bottom of the ridge, looking up at the strange girl. “Well, are you coming, or not?” She turns and begins walking away. Shaking his head, Kyle runs up the hill, and I quickly follow him. We find her waiting, a few seconds ahead. “I’m Alice, by the way.”


“I’m Alaya,” I tell her.


“I’m Kyle,” Kyle says.


She smiles. “Nice to meet you.”


“Yeah, you too,” Kyle says absently. “You said you’d been expecting us?”


Alice smiles again. “Yep! I’ll explain it to you when we get back to the house.”

A/N Okay, so that's the first little bit of my story :) let me know what you think!

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Sounds interesting!

thanks :) 


Chapter 2

Alaya POV

We got back to the Cullen's house in a matter of time. The thing was the nicest house I'd ever seen---top of the line floors, furniture, everything. It was amazing. And extremely elegant. Alice takes us into the living room right away. We find ourselves surrounded by vampires, a werewolf, and a small child. "Okay, guys, this is Alaya, and that's Kyle."

"I'm Carlisle," a older, blonde-haired vamp stands up and shakes our hands. A pretty woman with curly brown hair follows him, introducing herself as Esme. After her we're introduced to Emmett and Rosalie. I'm shocked by Emmett's sheer power and strength, he's built like an ox! And Rosalie's a very pretty blonde. Edward, who was much scrawnier than Emmett, and Bella, his wife. The kid was their daughter, Renesmee.

"So, how did you see us coming?" I ask.

"Alice has, uh, very special abilities. She can see the future."

"I saw that you two would be coming to Forks. You need our help, don't you?"

Kyle looks at me, somewhat pleading with his gorgeous, lightish brown eyes. Did we need their help? Yeah. Was it something I was ready to admit? No. You see, Kyle and I had been on the run for a while now. The Volturi wanted us to join them. Problem was, we didn't want to join them. So, of course, their plan is to find us, ask us to join them, and then kill us if we don't join them. "Yeah, we need help." he says.

"I'm not sure how much help we'll be to you, but your welcome to stay here for as long as you need."

"Thank you, so much. I promise we won't overstay our welcome," i reply.

A/N okay it was just a quick little update but let me know what you think! :)

Loved it. Keep me updated?

definitely! i'll be posting more today :)

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On the run from the Volturi! Things are getting more and more interesting!


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