The Twilight Saga

umm i wrote this story just for fun ! :D

it is set after breaking dawn ..



renesme`s point of view


oh my god ,  i cant believe it , after 3 months ill turn immortal , this is unbelievable !!

i was sitting on my bed admiring myself {somthing i learned from my untie} , in this stage i look like a 15 year old girl , i didnt have alot of time to admir myself , my parents interrupted me by nocking on the door..

"oh honey , you look gorgous"momma said.. actually even if i wore garbage , my mom will think im gorgous,  dad chuckled at that though ...

"come on lets go to the big house " i said , i cant wait to see my jacob

"but first lets get you something to eat " dad said

"cant we hunt on our way??'i asked

"no honey , we`ll be late like that "dad replied

"ok" i said and followed them downstairs , but i went to the living room instead pf the kitchen , i wanted to gather some nice movies for us to watch at the big house , after i finished gathering some movies , i went to the kitchen , dad was cooking some eggs , mom was giggling while she was getting a small bottle containing blood from the refrigiator, i sat on the chair while dad gave me my plate and mom pured some blood into a meduim sized cup.

after i finished my breakfast , mom said, "ok then lets go "

"ok"both dad and i said at the same time , i giggled , he just smiled

dad took mom`s hand and both of them led the way . when we were half way to the big house , i smelled an old smell that i used to love soo much, mom grined at dad and dad smiled at her , oh my god , i just recognized the smell , really ? i asked my dad in my mind  , i looked at him and he nodded , "zafrina" i shouted and went running to her , i hugged her , she hugged me back . " i miss you "i murmurd under her hair. "i miss you too "she replied ..

"ok kids lets get inside"grandma said , but when i was approching inside i noticed something that really made me disappointed , i mean he always wait for me , is he late ? or he`s just lurking somewhere ?

i started spinning my head left and right ," he`s not here "uncle jasper said

"yet' i said , becuase i new that jacob cannot stand a day without seeing me ..

"ok lets wait for him inside then " he said

"come renesme , there is alot of things i want to tell you "zafrina told me

i spend the whole pretending to hear zafrina ,while i was actually worried about jacob.. the more minutes passed, the more worry started to show on my face , at 4 pm , still no show , so i went to my parents , they  were sitting on the porch

i slammmed the door open and before i could speak, dad said "sweetie , jacob didnt arrive yet , sweetie i dont think he`ll come today "

"but why?"

"honey , you can ask him if he comes tomorrow "mom said

"if he comes tommorrw?"i shouted at her face

"RENESME CARLIE CULLEN  you dont shout at elders espically your mom , do you understand?" dad shouted at me ..

dad NEVER shouted at me.....

i backed away and started running back to the house to the only person that can sooth me , untie rosalie, i went running into her room and hugged her , when she saw me like that, she jumped out of her place and started babbling about what happend and who did this to me but the only i could do was cry ...

then she made me sit on her lap and she started rubbing my back ,

"now who made my grandchild cry?" grandpa said while coming into the room , he stoped at the door frame, then dad came in and stood beside grandpa without saying anything ..once untie rosalie realized that dad came she exploded in his face.."edward how dare you shout at your only daughter"?

"edward your in a big plight"uncle emmett said from behind while coming to the room followed by uncle jasper "nessie if you want revenge , were here for you "

this time it was untie alice who spoke "orr , we can dress up your father and take pictures of him , and make fun of him , you just choose"

"no seriosly my  dad has the right to shout at me , because i shouted at my mom , sorry daddy "

"im not the one who your supposed to apologize for "

i new what did he meant by that , so i went to where mom was, she was in grandpa`s office sitting alone giving me her back..

"mom"i said

she spun around and i saw something that i didnt expect , her face was filled with torment

as soon as i saw her face i went running to her and hugged her , " im sooo sorry mom , i really didnt mean to shout at you , momma please forgive me , please , i promise i wont shout at you again"

"its ok sugar , its gonna be fine"

"momy please forgive me "

"honey i forive you" after all the hugging , dad came in and hugged us both , then all three of us went downstairs , then dad said to me  "ok renesme go wish everyone goodnight "

when i saw my watch it was passed my bedtime so i understood and went kissed and hugged and wished everyone goodbeye..

we went to our small cottage , i went to my room  and mom and dad went to their room , i really sometimes wish i can  be a kid again , i started to remmber when daddy used to sing me my lullaby until i sleep and mom stay by my side either rubbing my back or kissing my head or sometimes they would both tell me stories  , i wished he could sing for me today and she would sit and rubb my back , after  i wore my pjm`s and got out of the bathroom , i saw mom and dad sitting both on my bed smiling ..

"so lullaby or story?"dad said , i giggled , and went to sit on my momma`s lap while daddy sang my lullaby until i slept dreamlessly....



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AWW, I LOVE this story :) :)
Please add me as a friend, if that is an easier way to Update me!!
Great job, lol

ok i added u ! ill keep u updated!
hope u liked it !!
chapter 2
when i woke up , it was around 10 am , wow , my parents never let me sleep that much , i went downstairs but no one was in the house and there was no note, so i figured that they will be at my grandparents house i went upstairs and took a shower, brushed my teeth and went downstairs again , i didnt bother to eat breakfast , grandma would probably make me my favorite ..and i was too eager to go and see jacob , since i havent seen him yesterday !
when i went near the big house a feeling of jubilant and happiness was filling me , jacob was standing on the porch waiting for me .. i ran into his huge arms , he lefted me up easly as if i was nothing ...i managed to take control and pretend angry , "why didnt you come yesterday?"i said , i expected my voice to be harsh but it wasnt at all
"sorry nessie but there was some new coven the same as you guys in town that killed one of our tribe , so we had to deal with them "
"why didnt you tell me ?"
"because i new you wont let me go "
"oh ok that was true"
he chuckled but i noticed something purple on his chest , no way , was that a bruise?
"jake is that a bruise"
"umm ya but dont worry it will go "doesnt want me to get worried?oh well ill let that pass
we went inside but to my suprise nobody was in the house and again no note !!
"jacob were did everyone go?"i asked
"i dunno they werent here when i arrived " he told me , now i started to get worried,but hey maybe they all went hunting .. i heard someone calling me from behind so i spun frantiqually but no one was there..
I do like, the only thing i don't like is how it's short lol but it's good tho, great job
g00d job agin smiles
I personally think its awesome keep me updated please
add me as a friend please obviously if its easier to keep update

i lovee ittt!!!!

great storyy!!
Thnx all I think ill post some for today
And ill try to make it long
chapter 3 -- part 1

jacob`s point of view

at last i saw my angel running into my arms , i scooped her and hugged her tightly ,
"where have you been?"she asked,, from the way she looked like a small angel trying to fool me by pretending to be angry ..
"sorry nessie but there was some new coven the same as you guys in town that killed one of our tribe , so we had to deal with them "i answered her
"why didnt you tell me ?"
"because i new you won't let me go "
"oh ok that was true"she made a face that made me chuckle but then she noticed something i didnt want her to notice
jake is that a bruise?" she asked in her angelic voice"
"umm ya but dont worry it will go " i new she will still worry , but to change the subject i suggested to go inside and as we both went inside , she asked were all of the family went but i couldnt tell her , i mean , if i told her,, rivers and lakes and who knows maybe oceans will be filling her beautiful eyes , after a minute of thinking to tell her or not , she spun around and looked confused ! then she saw my face , the moment our eyes met , i changed the direction and started staring at the ceiling thinking of a way to start a discussion until i found a stupid idea ...
"so nessie….. , what did you do yesterday?" i asked sounding interested."
"umm nothing really just watched some movies and talked with zafrina " she answered
"ohhh zafrina came yesterday" i felt really stupid and guilty for acting innocent ..
"jacob cut the whole crap, i now you hate zafrina"
"oh well "
"jacob "
"can i ask you something?"
"shoot '
""what are you hiding from me ?" i froze, i couldnt move , she new ? no no no i dont want to explain for her , i now ill struggle alot saying the words in my nessie`s face !
jacob what are you hiding " she repeated "
umm what do you mean honey?" i tried to be confused but she didnt buy it"
"jacob were are mmy parents?"
"umm i dunno "
oh my god i wish i didnt say this sentence , wouldnt it be better if i stayed silent??
she started crying , i opened my arms for her but she pushed them away and ran into blondie`s room and closed the door on my face
"nessie , you now i can break the door with a finger "
"you wont "
'what makes you too sure ?"
"because im asking you not to break the door , jacob i need to be alone " need to be alone ? i mean what will she do if she new that her whole family is kidnapped by the same coven we are trying to kill ...
after some seconds she opened the door and gave me a huge hug , i tighten my arms around her because i new that she will ask right now about her family ...
i loosed the grip and backed away to examine her face but before i could speak she said
"jakey please tell me where are my parents "
"nessie i dont think i should tell you "
it will break your heart " she looked at me in shook , oh no , she misunderstood it ,
"no no no its not what you think ,, their just-"i new it , i new ill struggle getting the words out
"spit it out" she said"
"hh ok first let me get you something to eat "
"that doesn't have to do with anything"
yes it does because i now that when I'll tell you, you'll break into hundred peaces and you`ll loose your appetite.
"jacob your really make things hard"
"hmm, im used to it " so we went to the kitchen she made us something that looked good but the taste was not what i expected , anyway we ate it and when we both finished she eyed me very clearly telling me to start talking , i had a lot of struggles in my life and this was one of them .
""your family is kidnapped by some dangerous blood-suckers" I spited it out just the way she asked ,,,,,she gulped and froze , she didn't move , i watched her very carefully but she never moved , didn't even blink , so i went by her side and placed my hands on her was the only soothing i can do at that moment ....

sorry guys i didnt complete it , its just becuase of alot of h.w`s !! comment and tell me if i should continue , and i promise that it will get more and more exciting!!!:D :P
keep me updated plz
wow this is great!


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