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This is my new fanfic. I started it with a question.

What if Carlisle died. Where would Esme be.....what would happen to the kids....what kind of trouble would everyone get into.

This is after Breaking Dawn so Renesmee is alive. I hope you enjoy it! It's very heartbreaking and meant to be confusing in the begining.



Immortal Tears

Chapter 1

Pleas of a vampire



Esme’s Pov,

    “I HATE YOU! I’M NEVER COMING BACK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I slammed the door in his face and ran away! I hated him for what he had said about me!

I ran out of the house and into the crisp spring air. Small flowers that twirled off of trees and bushes fell around me and lay there like nothing in the world could ever go wrong. I once was like that. But I never will be ever again.

As I walked farther into the forest I realized the stillness it brought. The birds were not chirping their happy tunes and nothing stirred in the bushes except for a few squirrels. I looked up to see the trees forming a canopy, shielding the sky from my sight. All I could see was a few bit of the bright blue sky that I had come to enjoy.

I slowed down as I came across a small meadow. It looked very peaceful. I smiled slightly as I sat down on a fallen tree on the far edge of the meadow.

I had never thought Carlisle would ever say something like that….apparently…I had been wrong.

I sat for a while and thought of nothing. Nothing was really doing anything. I didn’t expect Carlisle to come running after me. I would be a fool to even think such a thing! I sighed and looked over at a deer that had made its way into the meadow with its fawn and ad begun grazing. I smiled but quickly frowned again.

I couldn’t stay mad at Carlisle forever. Besides….t was probably a misunderstanding. I should go back and talk to him. Tell him I’m sorry….. Then it hit me.

It hit me like a thousand bullets had just smashed open my skull and were killing me from the inside out! I gasped quickly and breathed in the air again. Just to make sure. Smoke….it was clear in the air….

Fear struck me! I ran as fast as my legs would carry me back to the house! I HAD to warn Carlisle! Nothing could stop me!

Nothing but the sight that stood before me as I exited the forest!

My eyes scanned my family as I watched my house erupt into a much larger flame! I panicked! 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…… Only eight…..

NO! I searched them even more closely! Edward….Bella…..Jacob….Renesmee….Rosalie….Emmett…..Alice……..Jasper……

I panicked as the house began to collapse!

   “NO!” I screamed! I ran as fast as I possibly could in an effort to try to save my beloved whom was probably burning inside the house!

Emmett grabbed me and held me back! “NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” I cried!
“Esme, it’s too dangerous! I can’t let you!” He replied calmly trying to calm me down!

“NO! CARLISLE! I HAVE TO SAVE HIM!” I protested with all I had and tried to pull away from his massive hands!
“I’m sorry Esme…’s too late…” Almost as soon as he spoke the house collapsed and everything inside with it! I didn’t even notice as my legs failed! And I fell to the blazing earth beneath me! I buried my face in the grass and let all of my emotions flow! I never even got to tell him I loved him! Let alone ask for forgiveness! But…..there was one…last thing I could do for him… last gift…to my only reason for living…

“OH God! I’m sorry…I’ve always had my back turned! I…I never really understood! I don’t think I ever will! Never in my life would I ever….ever wish for this to happen!” I sobbed then paused trying to regain myself….Then I continued.
“I will forever remember all you have brought upon me. Never again will I do any harm to you or your purpose. All I ask is not for myself……but my loving husband….whom…has tried….over…and over again….to get me to turn back…to you…..But it was me…me who refused….not him…..Please! I’m begging you! Please! Please except him into heaven! Let him walk through the pearly gate with happiness! Let him walk through the streets of gold! Please! He really loved you…..and deserves much more! But….I know you probably can’t even hear me……for I am bound to the deepest darkest depths of hell! But please…..if you do anything…….please…….please….do this…..he deserves it…”


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Sounds great! I love it so far! Please add me as a friend and keep me updated!
Love RussetWolfLuv
Ps. I can't wait to see all the trouble everyone gets into!
thank you! I will keep you updated!!!! Don't worry there will be a ton of trouble!
Haha I hope so! Trouble makes a great story...and I can tell this will be an amazing story:-)
Love RussetWolfLuv
awwww..thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreceate( i can't spell oh well..that's what spell cheak is for right?) you reading my story!!!!
I will! I know! I'm a horrible person!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO! NOT CARLISLE!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CRUEL MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and here's a banner for you:

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW I HATE MYSELF!!!! I promise to make it better with the next chapter!
oh don't worry! you'll still see him! Trust me! Here's the next chapter!
the next chapter!!! A special thanks to Mrs.Sky Cullen for the awesome banner!

Chapter 2
His Esme

Carlisle’s pov,
I watched as the fire blazed around me! I felt no need to get out. I looked to the ground that was going to collapse in about two minutes anyways…and remembered Esme’s painful words.
“I HATE YOU! I’M NEVER COMING BACK!” then she stormed out, and it was all my fault…
“NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” I heard her sweet voice ring through the air like the black smoke!
“NO! CARLISLE! I HAVE TO SAVE HIM!” But it was too late.
Almost as soon as her lovely voice spoke those words I so dearly wanted to hear the house collapsed under my feet! Taking me into my death unwillingly! I watched my Esme collapse from under piece of wood. I was too weak to lift up. Then slowly I began to burn alive as my dear wife cried. Alice hesitated to walk over to her, then didn’t. Same with Rosalie. I wished with all my burning heart that I could walk up to her and comfort her. Tell her I was sorry. But I couldn’t. Not anymore. I would just have to hope that the last 100 years were enough to tell her how much I did truly love her. I know she made it clear.
Suddenly, I wasn’t in Forks. I was in a very bright place. It was white. I shaded my eyes to hopefully see better…it took me a couple minutes. Then I saw him! He was as bright as an angel and when he spoke his words were as smooth as honey.
“Carlisle, You’re wife has asked me a simple request. She’s asked me….if you would be allowed to come and join me and my angels in paradise…and I said yes.”

Esme’s pov,

I just stared at the midnight sky in wonder. I hoped with all my heart that he was up there. Nothing could change my mind about that. I could feel small sobs trying to sneak out of my throat to see the air of this beautiful night Carlisle could never enjoy with me. The flames had died down and the house and my husband were nothing but ash.
I was sitting next to where our bedroom was, and everyone else had left me to morn on my own.
One good thing about Carlisle’s death… he took everything else with him….no sad memorable things like the balcony where he first proclaimed his love for me and asked me to be his bride. No pictures to remind me of his amazing beauty….and best of all…… no white rose.
I looked back down and my hand. At my ring. It had such a delicate look to it. But I loved it. Then I remembered our vow.
“Forever and Ever.” Instead of “Till death do us part.”
We should have never changed it.
I knew it would take a lot of courage to continue on. Probably more courage then I had. But, I wouldn’t let Carlisle down. I refused. He would want me to get up right now and go to where the rest of our family is and tell them all everything was alright. But I was glued to the spot.
I didn’t have the strength to get up and be the brave woman I once was. I didn’t have the same strength I had when I left Charles. Or when I jumped off the cliff. Or all the battles I had fought with my family. Or even the time I said yes to the best request in my life.
I would give myself today.
Today I would sit here and cry. I would remember how much he actually meant to me before I would have to put him behind me.
Little did I know, this thought was probably the bravest I’d ever had. Not many can jump back as quickly. But I was determined too. I would make him proud. I would make sure he was happy and could enjoy whatever after life was chosen for him.
I would be Esme! Carlisle’s Esme!
Aww I love it! It's so sad...but I'm glad Carlisle got to go to heaven. It where he belongs:-)
Thanks for the great chapter, and please add more as soon as you can.
Love RussetWolfLuv
I'm working on it currently! I should get it to you today or tomorrow. it depends on how much my music helps me!


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