The Twilight Saga

Scarlet is an extremely rare human being. Nothing that would be obvious to any other human, or even to some of the supernatural world. She was born immune to vampire venom. This means that vampires can drink from her multiple times without her turning like most humans. She's brought into the Volturi by Felix, to be his personal "bloodbank" and entertainment. Felix never imagined that he would fall in love, and especially not with this human.


I do not own any of the Volturi members, nor the idea of the Volturi. Both belong to Stephenie Meyer. I do however, own the character of Scarlet. I will to the list if I create anymore characters.

Chapter 1: The Prison Cell

     Scarlet woke up drearily, sitting up slowly. Her bright red hair tumbled in curls to her mid-back, tangled and unkempt. She rubbed her eyes, letting out a small yawn. After blinking heavily a few times, she looked down at her lap. And she froze. The blanket on the bed was one that she had never seen before. Her heart being beating faster as she looked around the bed and the room, realizing that she had never been here before. And she had no idea how she got here. 

     She began retracing the night before, most of it coming back clearly. Her friend Hannah had drug her to one of the football player's parties, because some guy that Hannah was "so in love with" told her that he was going. Scarlet had only stayed for about 20 minutes; parties really weren't her thing. She had told Hannah that she was just going to walk home, and she had left. She remembered walking, it was only about six blocks to her house from the party. She remembered walking the first half, and then...nothing. She sank back into the pile of the pillows on the bed, letting out an exasperated sigh. Why couldn't she remember how she had gotten here? She went to tuck her had underneath her head, and as her arm passed her face, she paused. There was a small, crescent shaped mark on her forearm. It looked like a scar from years ago, but she had never seen it before. She closed her eyes tightly, and it suddenly all came back to her.

    First, the soft thud that she heard behind her when she was walking, the barely audible footsteps behind her. She had whirled around, hoping to catch her follower off guard with a hard punch in the face. The man-she thought it was a man at least-instead caught her wrist so fast that she didn't see him move. Before she could look at him, her arm burned and the pain in her arm seemed to block out all of her other senses. After a moment, even the burning faded.. She assumed that she had passed out then.. She bit her lip softly, tracing a finger over the crescent shaped mark. It was the same place that the burning had come from, she was sure of it. 

     Scarlet sat up, slowly sliding out of bed. She walked around the room, checking both the door and the window. Both were locked, and the window was barred. She ran her fingers through her hair as she paced, trying to think of a way out. She didn't know who had put her in here, or why. Or even where "here" was. It was like being inside of a prison that didn't actually exist. She didn't know anything about the place, her kidnapper, or anything. She turned to go back to the bed, and heard the lock on the door click.

     She whirled around as the door opened, her dark blue eyes meeting a pair that were bright, bloodred.

[[Sorry that it's so short, most will be longer. I'm going to a friend's house in a few minutes! Feedback and criticism are both welcome :3]] 

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Thank you! Future chapters will be long and more detailed, so I'm hoping they'll be better :)

kdfhgjdskl;dkfjhgs;ldkhfgsakfjhgriui I love it! :)

Thank you!

I'm not sure when I'll post chapter two, I have a big debate meet coming up and I have a ton of schoolwork, so it's hard to find time :3

a interesting start,planned good plots,a potential great story........i did like to hear more.


Sound's like a very well planned story plot & will be very intresting to read. Keep up the good work & good luck with your debate meeting.


-Weeping Fairy


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